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Salesforce Administrator/ Qa Resume

Norwalk, CT


  • Over 6+ years in Salesforce CRM analysis, administration and development experience.
  • Single handedly managed & responsible for 70% setup, configuration and custom development in Confidential.
  • Extensive experience as a Quality Assurance Analyst, set up test environment, test procedures, test techniques, test resource and document management, test design best practices, preparation of test artifacts, resource scheduling, task management, change management, defect management and resolution of concerns related with different level of documents.
  • Written test scripts, test strategy, test plans, test cases, test scripts, review test documents, traceability matrix, daily status report of each members, defect tracking and resolution, status reporting, lead agile scrum meetings.
  • 4+ years of experience with Salesforce customization, Security Access, Workflows, Data Validation, Marketing, Customer Service and Support Administration.
  • Proficient with HP Quality Center/HP Load Runner 8.1,9.1,11.0/HP Quick Test Pro/UFT 8.2,9.1,10.0, Selenium IDE/WebDriver, Salesforce.com, CRM, JIRA, Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • Extensive experience in designing of Custom Objects, Custom Fields, Picklists, Role Based Page Layouts, Workflow Alerts and Actions, Workflow Approval, Validation Rules, Approval Processes, Custom Tabs, Custom Reports, Report Folders, Report Extractions to various formats, Design of Visual Force Pages, Snapshots, Dashboards, and Email generation according to application requirements
  • Good knowledge of Service Cloud and Sales Cloud and Chatter.
  • Experience in querying Salesforce.com database using SOQL & SOSL queries using Force.com Explorer.
  • Experience in one way integration and bidirectional integration of App Exchange application with Salesforce.
  • Experience in Administration, Design, Development, Configuration, Implementation and support experience with salesforce.com platform.
  • Expertise in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including analysis, requirement gathering, architecture design, development, enhancements, testing, deployment and maintenance of standalone, Multi - tier, web-based and portals based object oriented enterprise applications.
  • Strong business knowledge in sales force automation, Opportunitymanagement, lead management and customer portal functionalities .
  • Experience in Configuration, Implementation and Support of Salesforce CRM and Salesforce SFA applications based on Apex Language and leveraging Force.com Platform world’s first commercial Software as a Service (SAAS) application running in Cloud Computing Environments.
  • Experience working with Force.com IDE and Salesforce.com Sandbox environments.
  • Experience in performing page layout customization, created custom links based on user requirement.
  • Experience in working with various Salesforce.com standard objects like Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities along with Campaigns, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Experience in SFDC related technologies such as Apex, Visualforce.
  • Extensive experience over creating workflows, approval processes, validation rules and sharing & security rules.
  • Working knowledge in generating Reports, Dashboards, customized reports and analyzing the data in Salesforce.
  • Experienced in developing and administrating projects on Salesforce platform.
  • Work experience in using different data tools - Apex Data Loader, Excel Connector, Import Wizard, SFDC Data Export, Mass Delete etc.
  • Experience in middleware technologies - Client side technologies like HTML and CSS.
  • Experience in preparing Test Strategy, creating Test Plans, Test Cases, and Test Reports for Manual and automated testing for various business applications.
  • Expertise in Business Analysis methodologies and iterative Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in relation with all the phases of Rational Unified Process (RUP).
  • Possess excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills have proven to be highly effective in interfacing across business and technical groups.


Force.com: Apex Custom Controllers and Extension, Classes, Apex triggers,SOQL, SOSL, workflows & Approvals, Reports & Dashboards,Apex Web Services, Custom Object,Visual Force Pages / Components, S Controls

SFDC Tools: Eclipse, Force.com Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Workbench, Force.com Data Loader, Force.com Platform (Sandbox and Production)

Languages: Apex, Java, J2EE (Servlet, JSP, HTML), C, C++

Methodologies: Scrum, Waterfall

RDBMS: Oracle SQL, MySQL Server

WebTechnologies: HTML, JavaScript, CSS


Confidential, Norwalk, CT

Salesforce Administrator/ QA


  • Worked on various objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns and Cases.
  • Trouble sheet common user access and visibility issues on a regular basis, Created workflow & flows to automatically deactivate/freeze users on a certain date.
  • Analyzed security requirements, organized profiles, role hierarchy, permission sets, OWD, and sharing rules to apply appropriate security controls, which were earlier in a disarranged state from initial org setup by another organization.
  • Analyze best tool for data import, update, export, deletion, Analyzed & implemented best practices for improving & enriching data quality, Cleaned up tons of dirty data in org using de-duping tools and cleansing proior to import, created almost 100 validation rules to ensure data quality & integrity.
  • Responsible for process automation, automated 80% of our manual processes using declarative tools like workflows, process builder flows, approval processes and folmulas this reducing significant manual effort across all our internal teams.
  • Determine the appropriate reporting/analytic tool, created almost 50 reports and dashboards each to meet complex reporting requirements.
  • Created Apex triggers to automate the process of updating multiple objects and seding out emails using apex when a change to the primary object was made, saving our QA team tons of effort and ensuring data integrity via automation.
  • Created scheduled apex class to enable auto renewal of contracts that auto renew based on date fields - saving team the effort of manually updating contracts post expiration thus ensuring data integrity and quality.
  • Automated the process of loading data from our test automation tool in to salesforce using apex email services and other configuration that involved creating an apex class to parse the email received from the automation tool and updating account data with extraced information.
  • Build reporting dashboards for enabling team to view real time and historical updates from automation tools.
  • Created an interactive UI for the sales team using flows and visualforce to help them create a pre sales questionnaire before a client demo, data entry process was optimized for filling data across numerous fields on an opportunity.
  • Executed automated performance, functional and regression testing with emphasis on SOA testing.
  • Ensured that quality processes are carried out through all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle
  • Worked on testing SOAP and REST API using testing tools like SOAP UI - Experience with constructing SQL statements on relational databases ( SQL Server or Oracle)
  • Communicated software defects using JIRA or in-house defect tracking system. Provide ongoing status, risk-analysis and coverage reports to management.
  • Performed functional testing of new software builds and verify technical documentation is correct prior to release. - Prioritize and schedule work and meet deadlines. Report priority of open issues and communicate with outside departments as necessary.
  • Performed other duties or changed duties as needed or directed by the Test Manager.
  • Involved in designing and deploying a multitude applications utilizing almost all of AWS stack including EC2, Route53, S3, RDS, Dynamo DB, SNS, SQS, IAM
  • Creating Requirements document, Test plan and Test strategies.
  • Creating Test Scripts based on the Business Requirements Specification documents in HP Quality Center.
  • Interact with various Business Analysts and Developers to design better test plan and strategies based on the requirements of the business.
  • Executing Test Cases in QC and logging defects.
  • Prepare documentations like Testing Progress, Test coverage and providing status to Project Manager.
  • Recommend some enhancement features to the system.
  • Helping the Business team in carrying out the User Acceptance Testing.
  • Extensively worked on QA using Force.com, Apex Data Loader, HP - Quality Center 11.0
  • Created User Acceptance testing and Field mapping document for various objects like Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Opportunity, and Lead.
  • Worked on Design testing and objects like Territory management, Forecasting, Multi currency, Assets and Opportunities.
  • Perform various testing of custom fields, approval process, validation rules, field dependencies, formula fields, triggers, and workflow functionality.
  • Perform ad-hoc testing without requirement knowledge to provide end user feedback.
  • Work in multiple sandboxes simultaneously to evalutate gaps and system readiness.
  • Designed and developed a scalable automation framework using selenium suite for a comprehensive regression testing of the core functionalities to reduce test execution time and error.
  • Lead overall UAT testing assistng business users with functional process and collect feedback alongside business analyst.
  • Involved in early stage of product development and testing to ensure the progress and reducing the bug discovery in upper sandboxes.
  • Executed various type of testing including UX, GUI, smoke, integration, negative, user management, security etc
  • Worked on regression testing using Eliminate duplicate Accounts after merging parent and child organization data, using fuzzy match.
  • Created and modified test plans, test scripts, user scenarios and perform regression testing.
  • Executed manual test cases in development, staging and production environments.
  • Perform automation testing, created test scripts by record and play and/or hand coding.
  • Managed the scripts to maintain/perform the future regression testing.
  • Performed back end testing for data server warehouse.
  • Documenting and reviewing defects using test director.
  • Created UAT test strategy and led overall UAT testing efforts along with business users.
  • Created multiple Lightning Components, added CSS and Design Parameters that makes the Lightning component look and feel better.
  • Analyzed the Scope of the Requirements, and managed requirements to avoid Scope Creep.
  • Created page layouts, search layouts to organize fields, custom buttons, custom links, related lists, and other components on a record detail and edit pages.
  • Designed, developed and deployed Apex Classes, Controller Classes, Extensions and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application using the Eclipse IDE.
  • Developed Visual Force Pages, Visual Force Custom Controllers Components, Advanced Search Functionality, Custom Objects, Analytic Snapshots, Tabs, Tags and Components.
  • Developed SOQL & SOSL with consideration to Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application using platform database objects.
  • Implemented WSDL in the application for access to data from external systems and web sites using Force.com web services API.
  • Load/Manage the data using Apex Data Loader.
  • Created Custom Objects and defined lookup and master-detail relationships on the objects. Also created junction objects to establish connectivity among objects.

Environment: Saleforce.com platform, Apex Language, Visual Force (Pages, Components, Controllers &Extensions), HP LoadRunner, JIRA, Agile Accelerator, DevOps Contribution, Selenium IDE and WebDriver, Data Loader, Apex Triggers, Reports, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Email Services, Security Controls, Eclipse IDE Plug-in,, Service Cloud, HTML, Java Script, Java, Web Services, WSDL, Sandbox, Windows

Confidential, Chicago

Salesforce Administrator/ QA


  • Worked on various standard objects like accounts, contacts, leads, campaigns, opportunities, quotes, activities, dashboards.
  • Testing Salesforce.com, Force.com or Custom apps Manual / Automated testing Prepare Test cases, Test scripts, Testing plans Work on agile or traditional SDLC Bug reporting and tracking using JIRA Requirements
  • Developed test cases based on business and functional requirement for manual black box testing of the websphere application server.
  • Created necessary test data, stored and modify them in the share folders.
  • Develop test scripts and perform regression testing using mercury suites automation tool Quick Test Pro.
  • Analyzed the script and modify debug, enhance to broaden up the scop of automated testing.
  • Logged defects and worked on defect resolution using HP Quality Center.
  • Perform ad-hoc testing without requirement knowledge to provide end user feedback.
  • Work in multiple sandboxes simultaneously to evalutate gaps and system readiness.
  • Designed and developed a scalable automation framework using selenium suite for a comprehensive regression testing of the core functionalities to reduce test execution time and error.
  • Lead overall UAT testing assistng business users with functional process and collect feedback alongside business analyst.
  • Involved in early stage of product development and testing to ensure the progress and reducing the bug discovery in upper sandboxes.
  • Executed various type of testing including UX, GUI, smoke, integration, negative, user management, security etc
  • Migrate Child org customizations like Custom objects, Custom Tabs, Record Types and Page Layouts to Parent org using Eclipse IDE.
  • Migrated Custom fields, Public Groups, Custom Settings using Packages.
  • Migrate Child org Reports, Report types, Dashboards, Email templates to Parent org using Eclipse IDE.
  • Migrated Child org data like Accounts, Contacts, Activities to Parent org using Apex Data loader.
  • Involved in Retest and Regression Testing, Performing UI Testing and Functionality Testing.
  • Created Test cases for System testing and analyzed the user/business requirements. Involved in the system integration and validation portions of the system/product development life cycle.
  • Conducting the regression testing and database testing.
  • Responsible for Bug tracking and reporting.
  • Attend weekly status meetings and staff meeting discussing with developers and business analysts about bugsfinding the bugs, filing the bugs, coordinating with developers in fixing the bugs.
  • Managed users, Public Groups, Profiles, and Roles within the Salesforce CRM designating access to the applicable user within the user hierarchy.
  • Responsible for the creation of custom Apps, and Reports using the Salesforce CRM cloud computing model.
  • Generated different reports like standard, summary and matrix for quarterly and half yearly sales.
  • Customized the dashboards to monitor lead activities based on sales geography.
  • Developed classes and triggers using Force.com IDE.
  • Successfully migrated code to deployment after testing the code in sandbox.
  • Developed different Visual Force Pages to suit to the needs of the application using different Visual force components.
  • Mapped data sources and loaded data into Call Center application using Apex Data Loader.
  • Created Formula Fields, Validation Rules, Workflow and approvals for the flexibility and functionality of force platform application.

Environment: SFDC, Apex, Data Loader, Force.com, Import Wizard, Eclipse IDE, Controllers, Visual Force Pages, XML, HP LoadRunner, JIRA, Agile Accelerator, DevOps Contribution, Selenium IDE and WebDriver, Triggers, Security Controls, API,JavaScript, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Email Services, Security Controls, Sandbox data loading, Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Windows XP Pro.

Confidential, PA

Salesforce Admin/ Developer


  • Gathered requirements from business and users. Created the project documents, System Design and Technical Requirements documents.
  • Worked on HP Load Runner extensively to create and maintain update and running performance, load and stree testing script.
  • Responsible for using Mercury/HP performance center to execute/maintain test phases performing multiple Load Stree/Performance/Operations/reliability testing etc.
  • Responsible for design, build and test Load Runner scripts, scnearios.
  • Involved in creating multiple analytical reports, with varying degreee of complexity.
  • Created APEX triggers, classes, test methods and visual force pages to implement custom functionality.
  • Responsible for all the activities related to configuring Data Loader, uploading data in CSV files into salesforce.com, checking for integrity of the data.
  • Configured security and organizational hierarchy for sales for salesforce implementation.
  • Custom programming using Apex and Visualforce
  • Configured Reports for custom objects and associated them to Dashboard.
  • Involved in Design and development of Workflows rules, triggers, validation rules and other customizations with Salesforce.
  • Configured the Sales and Service standard objects such a Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Forecasts, Contracts.
  • Created a custom object and classes for capturing information needed to be collected.
  • Generated a WSDL and created a restricted profile to give the payroll system access to the new salesforce object.
  • Created Triggers and Classes for automatic generation of data related to user activities (e.g. Leads converted by a user) to be stored in the new object.
  • Wrote test cases using helper methods that met and exceeded the required code coverage.
  • Deployed the tested code from dev to UAT sandbox using change sets.
  • Trained the resident salesforce admin on how to leverage JavaScript remote and Confidential charts API to create more robust dashboards and charts.

Environment: Saleforce.com platform, SOAP, Eclipse, JavaScript, Apex Data Loader, Force.com, Import Wizard, Eclipse IDE, Controllers, Visual Force Pages, XML, API, Import Wizard, Apex Triggers, Apex Classes, Security Controls.

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