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Assistant Vice President Resume

Memphis, TennesseE


  • Multi - faceted, efficient, and reliable financial institutions and management professional with over 13 years of experience in the banking, credit union, and insurance industries primarily supporting the risk management programs and operations to enhance safety, soundness, and efficiency.
  • Diversified skill sets include, but are not limited to, department management, fraud loss prevention and mitigation, auditing, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ( Confidential ) best practices, ensuring adherence with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLBA) Acts, conducting over 20 unique risk analyses for insurance bonding, fidelity risk assessments, physical security, internal and external investigations, adhering to regulatory compliance and governance, interacting with and responding to internal and external auditors during audits and exams, change control management, anti-money laundering (AML) detection, investigations and filings, as well as, providing guidance for following all other facets of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).
  • Excellent communication skills, whether face-to-face, phone, or through e-mail, to fit today and tomorrow’s ever changing real world technological environments.


Work experiences, skills, and technology used include, but are not limited to, Banking; Insurance; Risk Management; Auditing; Compliance; Identity Theft; Fraud Prevention; Investigations; Interviewing and Interrogation; Physical Security; Regulatory Review; GLBA and SOX adherence; Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering monitoring; Research; Data Analysis; Project Management; Fair Lending; Community Reinvestment Act; Legal comprehension and delivery; Consumer, Commercial, and Mortgage Lending; Management; Employee Banking Human Resources; Information Technology & Security; Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance; Fidelity Risk Assessment; Robbery Prevention & Real Time Management; Law Enforcement Liaison; Change Control Management; Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Access); Cognos Impromptu; Typing; Calculator; Public Speaking; Case Management System Administration; ADA computer programming; Falcon; Patriot Officer; BSA Yellowhammer; Fraud Detective; Vector: Kite; and Microsoft Project Portal.


Confidential, Memphis, Tennessee

Assistant Vice President


  • Assessed compliance for the Confidential best practices project in meeting governance set by the Confidential for mortgage lenders and their settlement agents.
  • Reviewed bank reconciliations and trial balances looking for comingling of funds, mistakes and potential fraud in potentially certifying the settlement agents.
  • Conducted information security risk assessments with particular interest in protecting consumer private information.
  • Audited closed mortgage loan files for adherence to Confidential ’s best practices guidance to settlement agents in conducting business with lenders.

Confidential, Buffalo, New York

Assistant Vice President


  • Investigated high risk customer base to determine appropriate risk level by reviewing internal bank supporting documentation and external investigation tools.
  • Made a determination to file a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) and recommendation on whether or not to maintain the customer relationship.
  • Prepared and documented these cases under the guidance of Quality Assurance and Executive Management of the Bank.

Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia

Credit Union Protection Risk Manager


  • Performed various risk management audits and insurance reviews at member credit unions in the six state territory of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee.
  • Made initial contact with the President/CEO or appointed Executive Management member to schedule the review and explain the forthcoming process.
  • Interviewed appropriate staff at main offices and branches, reviewed all pertinent policies and procedures, and tested the data in selected member files and system fields.
  • Generated a report of exceptions to review with the Management of the subject credit union based on the findings of the comprehensive audit.

Confidential, NA

Assistant Vice President


  • Supervised day-to-day operations of Fraud Department, controlling workflow to assure team and individual goals are met, fraud losses are limited, and all policies and procedures are maintained.
  • Handled all types of Fraud Prevention and Investigations for the bank with a heavy emphasis on Deposit Fraud.
  • Partnered with Information Technology to help manage GLBA and SOX compliance requirements, as well as, handling the prevention of security events and those that transpired.
  • Led team in the acquisition of a fraud detection system in making the case to bank management for the justification of the system.
  • Managed Department issues including staff supervision and annual budget.
  • Supported Mortgage division by implementing and maintaining mortgage fraud controls including and loan file audits. Assisted with implementation of a new mortgage fraud product, Interthinx by FraudGuard, to assist catching fraud prior to closing.
  • Maintained Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) - Red Flags program, policy, and procedure with the purpose of protecting consumers and customers from identity theft.
  • Used Cognos Impromptu data mining tool to write reports for identifying fraudulent transactions through data analysis.
  • Provided monthly presentations with statistical analysis and trends to bank senior management.
  • Took a leadership role in several large projects for the bank regarding risk management functions, whether bringing in new software vendors or creating new processes for the benefit of meeting safety and soundness.
  • Held on Compliance, Fraud, and Security matters to update and educate employees and line of business managers.
  • Served as back-up to the Director of Corporate Security in the handling of investigations, physical audits, and staff in accordance with the Bank Protection Act.
  • Served as the Compliance Department Team Leader and Coordinator in developing, maintaining, testing, and continually updating the department’s business continuity plan in case of disaster.
  • Performed as the Custodian of Records serving as bank witness at trials, including but not limited to Grand Jury hearings.

Confidential, Birmingham, Alabama

Fraud Analyst


  • Managed process for new account deposit fraud and reporting the results to the appropriate investigator and market region.
  • Trained new hires on products and services, Direct Center processes and procedures, and system navigation while motivating the new hires to offer sales and referrals.
  • Served as back-up Supervisor.

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