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Salesforce Consultant Resume

Salt Lake City, UT


  • Over 5 years experience Salesforce CRM as a Salesforce Developer and Administrator.
  • Experience in various stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including analysis, requirement gathering, development, enhancements, testing, deployment and maintenance of standalone object oriented enterprise applications.
  • Experienced in implementation using Apex Language, Classes, Controllers & Triggers, Web Services, Visualforce Pages, Components, Tabs, Analytic Snapshots and Dashboards.
  • Hands on experience knowledge on Administration setup and Force.om, Eclipse IDE, Apex, Visualforce and integration tools like Cast Iron, Apex Data Loader, etc.
  • Experience in realizing the business requirements to design on Salesforce.com platform, by designing the required entities like custom objects, creating the relationships/ junction objects like Master - Child, lookups, Entity Relationship data model, Pages, Classes, Interfaces, Workflows & Workflow rules, triggers, Email alerts and business logic.
  • Strong Knowledge in Salesforce Customization, Workflow Approvals, Data Validation, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Support Administration.
  • Good experience in working on Eclipse IDE with Force.com Plug-in for writing business logic in Apex programming language using cloud platform.
  • Experienced in Service Cloud, Sales cloud, Collaboration Cloud for All partner portal, customer portal.
  • Extensive experience using SFDC Administration, Creating Roles, Profiles, Page Layouts, Workflow Alerts, Approval Workflow and Report generation.
  • Expertise in developing UI Components using Visualforce Pages, Visualforce components, Apex Controllers, HTML, DHTML, Java Script and CSS.
  • Experience in using Force.com Web services API for implementing web services in the application for access to data from different users.
  • Excelled in working with various Salesforce.com standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Products and Price books, Cases, Leads, Campaigns, Forecasting, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Experience in using different data tools - Apex Data Loader, SOSL, SOQL Workbench, Import Wizard, SFDC Data Export, and Mass Delete etc.
  • Proficient in Data Migration from Traditional Applications to Salesforce Using Data Loader Utility.
  • Experience in writing SOQL and SOSL queries in Force.com technology for Visualforce and Apex.
  • Experienced in training and mentoring team members with product knowledge and business processes.
  • Strong work ethic, taking ownership of all duties and responsibilities and meeting management objectives.
  • Strong business acumen, analytical, problem solving, interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to keep executive staff and team members apprised of goals, project status, and resolving issues and conflicts.


Salesforce Technologies: Apex Classes/Controllers, Apex Triggers, SOQL, SOSL, Visual Force Pages / Components, Lightning, Apex Web Services, AJAX, Workflow & Approvals, Dashboards, Case Management Automation, Custom Objects, Integration using REST and SOAP APIs, Marketing cloud Social studio

Salesforce Tools: Force.com, Apex Data Loader, Force.com Excel Connector, Lightning

Database: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, MS Access

Web Technology: HTML, JavaScript, XML, JSON, CSS

Methodologies: Agile, SDLC


Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT

Salesforce Consultant


  • Involved in requirement gathering from the client location, knowledge transfer and setting expectations on project progress at the client end.
  • Worked on various Salesforce.com Standard objects, Custom Objects, Triggers, Classes, Pages, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Designed, developed and deployed the Custom objects, Page layouts, Custom tabs, Components, Visualforce Pages to suit to the needs of the application.
  • Designed and Developed Dashboard to monitor case activities based on geography.
  • Developed and Customized User interface in Salesforce.com using Visualforce, Apex controllers and Force.com IDE.
  • Integrated external financial systems for synching data in Salesforce.
  • Developed Visualforce Pages to include extra functionality and wrote Apex Classes to provide functionality to the visual pages.
  • Developed mobile optimized and responsive visualforce pages using open architecture standards like HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • Involved on creating Lightning Pages inside Lightning community Builder.
  • Worked on Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning.
  • Used Salesforce Automation (SFA) for Sales Lead Management, Campaign Management, Opportunity Management, Account and Contact Management.
  • Provided business solutions to clients nationwide, ranging from Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Salesforce Mobile Development.
  • Created Visualforce pages that could be rendered as PDF's , build dashboard components and define email templates.
  • Worked on Salesforce1 Platform to build Mobile App by enabling Lightning Components for use in Salesforce1 mobile platform to make Lightning Application mobile.
  • Retrieved some data and its functionality from Third-Party API's and displayed within the lightning component.
  • Created multiple Lightning Components, added CSS and Design Parameters that makes the Lightning component look and feel better.
  • Administrated and monitored the company's Salesforce CRM application.
  • Worked closely with senior management on a Specific track to meet goals and Documented process work flows reflecting interactions between all software within IT identifying how information is processed and what forms of communications are used.
  • Created Profiles, Roles based on Organization role hierarchy and implemented Record-Level and Field-Level security and configured their sharing settings.
  • Developed and Customizing salesforce.com application based on the user needs.
  • Developed field & page layout customization for the standard objects like Account, contact, Leads.
  • Involved in Working with Standard Salesforce features like Objects, Workflows, Record Types, Page layouts, Validation rules, Profiles, Roles, Reports, Dashboards, etc.
  • Created new custom objects, assigned fields, custom tabs, components, custom reports.
  • Created custom Reports based on business need and associated them to Dashboard.
  • Customizing Company Profile, Security Controls and Communication Templates of the organization as per the organization requirements.
  • Designed different custom dashboards for various user groups based on their business functionalities and needs.
  • Created a support portal using Sites concept in Salesforce.
  • Built Apex Classes implementing SOSL & SOQL statements within Eclipse to manage interaction with the database.
  • Implemented Sales cloud and incorporated the enhanced features as required to streamline the business process.
  • Designed and developed Service cloud and integration.
  • Implemented the requirements on Salesforce.com platform and Force.com IDE Plug-in using Eclipse.
  • Created workflow rules and defined related tasks, time triggered tasks, email alerts, filed updates to implement business logic.
  • Used Force.com developer toolkit including Apex Classes, Apex Triggers and Visualforce pages to develop custom business logic.
  • Performed tasks for Data Migration like Data mapping and Data loading.
  • Developed Custom Objects, Custom Reports and configured the Analytic Snapshots to dump the data on regular basis for the sales performance and lead generation statistics.
  • Created various Reports (summary reports, matrix reports, pie charts, dashboards and graphics) and Report Folders to assist managers to better utilize Salesforce as a sales tool and configured various Reports and for different user profiles based on the need in the organization.
  • Participated in the training sessions provided by the Salesforce team.

Environment: Salesforce.com, Apex Script, Apex Classes, Triggers, Controllers, Lightning, Visualforce, Web services API, Data Loader, Data Migration, Sales cloud, Service Cloud, SOSL, SOQL, Reports, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Email Services, Security Controls, Page Layouts, HTML, Reports, Dashboards, JIRA, Windows.


Salesforce Developer


  • As SFDC developer interacted with various business areas to gather requirements and develop data model to suit complex business needs
  • Customized standard sales force objects like opportunity, contact, accounts, products, price books, case management, solutions
  • Created pick lists, dependent pick lists, lookup relationships, record types, formula fields.
  • Created page layouts, links, custom buttons, Visual force for complex business requirements and integrations
  • Created custom objects like realtor, warranty, agent, household, policy
  • Used complex validation rules, cross object formulae, lookup relationships, workflows and dynamic approval processes to implement business logic
  • Used Apex classes, triggers, web services to integrate with multiple legacy systems.
  • Used data loader and scheduling tools to automate bulk data loading to keep systems in synch with legacy systems
  • Mainly worked with Lead Management in SFDC.
  • Worked on Email handling requirements for assigning the leads to Agents.
  • Worked on Apex Classes and Pages to make enhancements on the existing functionality.
  • Worked with various Salesforce.com objects Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity, Campaign, Cases, Solutions Standard objects & Custom Objects.
  • Created Custom objects, fields according to the requirements of business which are useful in the validation of entitlements .
  • Created custom Profiles , Roles , and Public groups to restrict the data access to the unwanted internal users depending on their job responsibilities.
  • Created Page Layouts for various profiles to make the CSS people comfortable for inputting data into the CRM from customers.
  • Implemented Formula fields , Validation Rules, Workflow Rules , and Workflow Approvals .
  • Developed Reports and Dashboards , validation rules , formula fields for the application.
  • Developed and configured Custom Reports to planning monthly, quarterly and annually and for forecasting .
  • Written SOQL , SOSL query language necessary for the application in Apex Classes and Triggers.
  • Worked with various Salesforce.com objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, Reports, and Dashboards.
  • Developed and configured various Custom Reports and Report Folders for different user profiles based on the need in the organization.
  • Developed Custom Objects, Custom Reports and configured the Analytic Snapshots to dump the data on regular basis for the sales performance and lead generation statistics.
  • Implemented Web-to-Lead and converted Lead to Custom Client Object (aka Account object). Maintained system interface diagrams and functional designs.
  • Used Data Loader for insert, update, and bulk import or export of data from Sales force Objects. Used it to read, extract, and load data from comma separated values (CSV) files.
  • Created VF Components used repeatedly in VF pages to reduce the redundancy when needed.
  • Developed interactive VF pages using JavaScript, jQuery and JavaScript remoting targeting mobile devices.
  • Created Visual force and HTML Email templates to be sent to the customers depending on the action they perform after they log into the portal.
  • Developed VF pages and associated Apex classes to allow the customers to register, login and submit their service requests which are resolved by CSS people.

Environment: Saleforce.com platform, Apex Language, Visual Force (Pages, Components, Controllers & Extensions), Data Loader, Apex Triggers, Reports, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, SOQL, SOSL, Workflow & Approvals, Email Services, Security Controls, Eclipse IDE Plug-in.


Salesforce Developer


  • Interacted with various business user groups for gathering the requirements for Salesforce implementation and documented the Business and Software Requirements.
  • Used field level security along with page layout to manage the visibility and accessibility of fields for different profiles.
  • Worked on various Salesforce.com standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Developed Visualforce Pages to include extra functionality and wrote A pex Classes to provide functionality to the visual pages.
  • Developed mobile optimized and responsive visualforce pages using Salesforce proprietary technologies like visualforce remoting, AJAX API etc along with open architecture standards like HTML5, JavaScript, bootstrap and jQuery.
  • Designed, Developed & deployed various APEX Classes, Triggers, Test methods, Visualforce pages & also various Schedule, Batch and Future based Apex classes to implement the custom functionality. Developed triggers which added automatic templates to fire to the respective users.
  • Involved in deploying the AppExchange applications and integrating with third party applications.
  • Wrote triggers to process incoming service e-mail requests from customers to automatically create new case records.
  • Integrated the Web Services for extracting the data from external systems to display in the pages of Salesforce.com.
  • Imported data from excel sheets in to Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities using Data Loader and Import Wizard.
  • Implemented Web to Case, Email to Case functionalities to provide a better customer support to the customers.
  • Developed Assignment rules, Escalation rules to enable proper routing of cases to the case team members.
  • Developed Workflow rules, tasks, emails and alerts to track customer related tasks and activities.
  • Implemented and Consumed Knowledge Base Dashboards & Reports AppExchange for providing Reports and Dashboards that monitors the Knowledge Base.
  • Involved in data mapping and migration of data from legacy systems to Salesforce.com Objects and fields.
  • Involved in migrating the data from Oracle database to Salesforce application using Apex Data Loader
  • Wrote SOQL and SOSL statements within custom controllers, extensions and triggers by following the Governor limits in Salesforce.com.
  • Used Salesforce Lightning combines the new Lightning Design System, Lightning App Builder and Lightning Components to enable anyone to quickly and easily create modern enterprise apps build on Salesforce1 Platform.
  • Implemented SFDC Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Web Services, Created Group, Deal Rooms provisioning and marketing teams.
  • Used the Java Ant for testing and migrated the code to the deployment instance after testing.
  • Designed various types Email templates for auto response to customers.
  • Developed several custom reports to better assist managers and also report folders to provide report accessibility to appropriate personnel.
  • Conducted training sessions to the UAT users to use the Salesforce Knowledge application and developed a feedback custom report.

Environment: Salesforce.com, Force.com, Apex Classes, Triggers, Controllers, Visualforce pages, Custom Objects, Records, Page Lay outs, Roles, Work flows,, SOSL, SOQL, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Cast Iron, Dash Boards, Data Loader, Data Migration and Windows.

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