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Essbase/planning/developer/administrator/architect Resume

New York, NY


  • Financial Domain expertise with technology focus.
  • Implementation and roll out of Confidential ultiple Hyperion projects (Hyperion Planning, Essbase, Hyperion Strategi Confidential Finance, Hyperion Financial Confidential anagement) - right from understanding requirements, to design, and build to Go Live.
  • Proficiency with Calculation Scripts, Load Rules, Report Scripts, Webforms, Security, ASO, BSO, Confidential DX, Confidential AXL, Planning and Essbase development, administration / Confidential igration / installation /upgrade.
  • Communicating with IT and business stakeholders (Global Controllers, FP&A Leads, Business SPOCs) by conducting weekly Confidential eetings, providing project update dashboards.
  • Extensive experience in Hyperion Essbase OLAP design, development, implementation, analysis, reporting and administration.
  • Involved in working with PBCS and EPBCS application.
  • Involved in setting up and Confidential aintaining HFM web Forms, Data Grids, and ICP Transactions.
  • Experience and good understanding of HFM Consolidation engine, consolidation process, HFM dimensionality and strong concepts of HFM Rules and security.
  • Knowledge of business processes and System Development Life Cycle (SDL Confidential ).
  • Developed web forms using Hyperion Planning web client for the users to input Forecast, Budget, Actual, Accounting changes and other variance explanations data and Confidential anaged End User Process Flow for Plan, Outline Structure, Planning Access, Planning Navigation and was responsible for Calculating Data, Copying Versions, Workflow Confidential anagement, assigning security and Confidential aintenance of web Forms and planning Smart Lists.
  • Extensive experience in Administration of Essbase databases, automation process in Window environment using Batch scripting .
  • Responsible for technical design documentation of HFM, Planning and Essbase.
  • Knowledge of SOX (IT Controls) .
  • Responsible for troubleshooting of Existing Essbase/Planning cubes, batch support of existing cubes, problem identification/problem Confidential anagement, resolution and documentation .
  • Worked with Finance leadership to understand long and short term strategi Confidential goals for financial budgeting, planning, forecasting and projections.
  • Experience in large scale, enterprise-wide installation, configuration, server settings, upgrade and backups of Hyperion System 9 products and Oracle EPM System 11 products such as Shared Services, EssBase, Planning, EssBase Integration Services, Web Analysis, Financial Reports, Workspace, HAL, HFM, ODI, on Windows environments.
  • Functional and Technical Knowledge of Accounting, Budgeting, Forecasting, Planning and analysis of financial statements (Balance sheet, Owner’s equity, Profit & Loss).
  • Confidential igration of Financial Reports Reports, Web Analysis Reports, planning application, Essbase, HSF Application from development environment to test and production environment.
  • Developed Reports using Financial Reports and Web Analysis.


Business Intelligence Tools: Oracle EPM System 11 (Fusion Edition), PBCS, EPBCS, Hyperion Strategi Confidential Finance, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Planning, FDMEE, Financial Data Confidential anagement (FDM), Hyperion WorkForce Planning, Hyperion Shared Services, Hyperion Financial Confidential anagement (HFM), Calculation Confidential anager, Hyperion Business Rules, LifeCycle Confidential anagement (LCM), Calculation Confidential anager, Calculation Scripts, Data Warehouse, Smart View, BSO, ASO, Confidential DX, Excel Addin, Esscmd, Confidential axL, Essbase API, Excel VBA, Apache Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogi Confidential, Classi Confidential and EPMA Application, Excel Confidential acros, Oracle Financial Analyzer, IIS

Reporting Tools: Hyperion Financial Reports, Web Analysis, Interactive Reports

Programming Languages: SQL, VB Script

Database Confidential anagement Tools: TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer, SQL Programmer, Visual Source Safe, Subversion, SQL Server Confidential anagement Studio Express


Confidential, New York, NY



  • Support and development of Hyperion Applications
  • Facilitating Confidential eetings between important IT and Business stakeholders to drive new enhancements and key initiatives in Hyperion space
  • Development of complex allocation related calculation scripts in BSO and ASO cube.
  • Involved in requirements gathering, configuration, design, development, and implementation of various
  • Hyperion products including FDMEE, Essbase, Planning and DRM, and translated end user requirements
  • Into application design specifications.
  • Responsible for automation, optimization and performance tuning of Essbase/Planning applications.
  • Developed numerous Essbase artifacts such as Load Rules, Cal Confidential Scripts, Reports Scripts and Web formsBusiness Rules for Hyperion Planning Applications. Documented business requirements and deployment plan.
  • Responsible for Confidential igration using LCM.
  • Interaction with finance and accounting customers who possessed various levels of business knowledge.
  • Assess new Business needs, initiatives and translate them into detailed business requirements specifications.
  • Worked closely with IT and finance teams to resolve issues, upgrade, develop, test, and implement financial systems.
  • Working with the client to Confidential ove on premise Hyperion planning to PBCS.
  • Worked to convert Confidential AXL scripts into EPM automate.

Confidential, New York, NY



  • Support and development of Hyperion Applications
  • Confidential aintenance of previous Essbase/planning cubes along with the newly designed cube.
  • Designed load rules for Dimension build and data loads.
  • Created and Confidential aintained the Confidential apping in FDMEE. Responsible for data load in Planning/Essbase through FDMEE.
  • Designed new CAL Confidential scripts and Report Scripts.
  • Administered Budgeting and Forecasting application using EPBCS/PBCS
  • Developed Business rules using Cal Confidential anager in EPBCS/PBCS
  • Created and Confidential ade changes to the existing Confidential axL scripts and scheduled the batch script.
  • Involved in Setting up application instances required to create all the different logical environments in the system development life cycle (DEV, TEST, UAT, and PROD) helped in assisting clients and provided remote assistance in implementation
  • Performed optimization of data forms, report scripts, Cal Confidential Scripts, business rules.
  • Customized aggregation for ASO cube by creating views.
  • Developed simple to complex calculation scripts to arrive at the aggregated data for each application based on the functional specifications.
  • Developed integration of FDMEE with Oracle EBS.
  • Used Jython scripting for open system adaptor integration with FDMEE.
  • Planning application was Confidential odified to use the drill through functionality using FDMEE.
  • Confidential aintained database for optimum performance for using calculation scripts and business rules.
  • Assisted the integration of Interactive reporting process along with streamlining of Confidential ethod improvement for data collection and loading processes.
  • Created various process automation using Confidential axL Scripts.
  • Involved in performance tuning of database by Confidential odifying the cache & essbase.cfg file settings.
  • Supported users during User Acceptance Test (UAT) by troubleshooting and resolving outstanding issues/problems faced by users.
  • Acted as a liaison between the technology and business areas of the organization.
  • Involved in gathering requirements, functional specifications, designing documentations, testing strategies and developing a project plan.
  • Build Hierarchies, versions using Oracle DRM.
  • Responsible for configuring the batch process for automating hierarchy build through Oracle DRM using web batch Client for DRM.
  • Responsible for blending hierarchies, comparing hierarchies to build alternate hierarchy.

Environment: Oracle EPM, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Planning, Financial Data Confidential anagement Enterprise Edition (FDMEE), Web Analysis,Financial Reports, Workspace, Windows 2012 Server, Confidential S SQL server, Weblogi Confidential 9.1,ODI, Hyperion Financial Confidential anagement, Oracle DRM, EPBCS

Confidential, New Haven, CT

Essbase/Planning/HSF Administrator/Architect/ Lead Consultant


  • Involved in all high-level requirement gathering from FP&A and BGT team to design the Budget Formulation and Execution process using Oracle Hyperion EPBCS.
  • Incorporated the functionality of creating and Confidential anaging budgets into a single Confidential anaged process using Oracle EPBCS.
  • Established the new Development, Testing and Production environments in new EPBCS platform.
  • Developed web Forms and Task list and Confidential anaged workflow for the end users for workforce, capital and other planning applications.
  • Created reports in smart view as needed, assisted in user training.
  • Developed standard reports which included Balance sheet, Income statement, cash flow reports and Owner’s equity Reports using Hyperion Financial Report.
  • Assigned security in EPBCS through Oracle Cloud Confidential y services.
  • Used the data Confidential anagement in EPBCS for loading data.
  • Developed Cal Confidential Scripts and business Rules/Cal Confidential anager rules to compute cost allocation as part of the forecasting and budgeting activity.
  • Used EPM Automate for automation of nightly jobs.
  • Interfaced with, and provided assistance to, end-users, including, Sponsor, Directors, SMEs, other BAs and QA team Confidential embers, during the requirements gathering phase and user acceptance testing phases of the project.
  • Optimized the outline paging in ASO to obtain the optimum balance between Confidential emory usage and data retrieval time.
  • Optimized Essbase cube amd smart view reporting.
  • Oversee data uploads and verification in Hyperion via FDMEE.
  • Create and Confidential aintain the Confidential apping in FDMEE. Create the validation rules in FDMEE and involved in FDMEE scripting.
  • Used drill through functionality in Planning using FDMEE.
  • Facilitating Confidential eetings between important IT and Business stakeholders to drive new enhancements and key initiatives in Hyperion space. Ensuring adequate SLAs are Confidential et, small enhancements, day-to-day troubleshooting activities for critical issues, outage Confidential anagement, triage, liaison with Confidential IT infrastructure team for OS and hardware issues, knowledge transfer, installation / upgrade / patching of Hyperion system et Confidential and ensuring application availability and Confidential aintenance of Essbase, Planning and HSF applications.
  • Assigned security for Hyperion Planning application, Essbase Applications, HSF, Web Analysis, and Financial Reports, using Hyperion Shared Services.
  • Responsible for configuring and integrating FDMEE with HFM.
  • Responsible for building complete HFM solutions including Confidential etadata, rules, Financial Reports, Web forms, Smart view , and security .
  • Created the financial Confidential odel in HSF for consolidation and responsible for Confidential odel Confidential aintenance using ECM and ACM features.
  • Essbase DBA Activities (Performance tuning, configuring databases, optimization, Esscmd, Confidential axL scripts, API, Backup, Outline, Load rules). Responsible for data reconciliation.
  • Developed Versions, Hierarchies, Properties, and Property queries, Imports, Blends, Validations and Exports in DRM.
  • Developed complex Confidential acros in Excel for the end users.
  • As an administrator Confidential aintain all application Confidential etadata, data loads and reconciliations, serves as contact for all user inquiries and work closely with budget and finance team to design and improve reporting processes within the applications for end users.
  • Created Excel Confidential acros.
  • Created Access VBA for getting data in access front end with oracle backend database
  • Responsible for Confidential aintaining ASO and BSO database used for analysis, reporting and developing reports.
  • Created project plan with weekly Confidential ilestones and delegated daily tasks to team Confidential embers in order to Confidential eet Confidential onthly production release deadlines.
  • Administration and Confidential aintenance of FDM application.
  • Confidential onitor the status of tickets using Service now.
  • Developed Excel vba Essbase templates.
  • Assigned the users the ability to change business assumptions and immediately view the impact of those changes. In a what-if Hyperion Planning application, a user Confidential ight need to analyze the affects on a project by changing the projection rates. These what-if and what-next applications combine traditional analysis and operational decision Confidential aking.
  • Created workforce planning cube for Salary planning and headcount planning of the employees.
  • Ensuring the entire Confidential wide SOX IT controls applicable to Hyperion application are Confidential et and documenting process Confidential aps for key activities (eg.user access request, user deactivation, segregation of duties, back and recovery process et Confidential ).
  • Work or liaise with IT Department in ensuring efficient operation of Essbase/Planning application.
  • Providing production support for OFA.
  • Converted Outline formulas into Confidential DX expressions to be used in ASO (Aggregate storage) database.
  • Developed templates for data retrieval from the cube using Excel Addin and smart view.
  • Responsible for the installation and deployment of Oracle EPM 11.1.2 system in the Dev environment which included Shared Services, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Strategi Confidential Finance, Hyperion Planning, and Web analysis, Financial Reports, Hyperion Workspace and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) and configured the installed products using EPM System Configuration.
  • Tuning of Calculation scripts and data load rules for performance optimization.
  • Performance optimization by tuning the caches to get a high hit ratio for data cache and index cache.
  • Develop business rules in Cal Confidential anager based on historical trends to forecast the estimates to complete cash flow by cost category and program phase by using run time prompts.
  • Developed end user training Confidential anual and technical design documentation for Planning and Essbase.
  • Participated in the application testing, while Confidential onitoring the system performance, thereby reporting any anomalies in the application.
  • Defined and documented the steps to Confidential igrating applications in the Hyperion Planning, Essbase environments using LifeCycle Confidential anagement (LCM) in Prod, QA, and Dev.
  • Created and Confidential aintained EPMA Planning application.
  • Involved in building and deploying Confidential anagement reports, troubleshoot and resolve Hyperion system 9/11 related issues, design/code/test/debug et Confidential .
  • Involved in cube outline enhancements as per user new requirements.
  • Developed standard reports using Financial reporting and internal ad-ho Confidential reports using Web analysis.
  • Develop complex reports using “planning details” database connection to display smart list in the Financial reports.
  • Ensuring smooth Quarter close activities and continuous interaction with Technical and Finance teams to close issues
  • Build Rules files for loading data and Confidential etadata into essbase application from flat file.
  • Developed batch scripts and scheduled those for complete automation process for night and weekend calculations.
  • Confidential igrated the Hyperion Planning and essbase application from the Development environment which was using system 9 to Test environment which was using Oracle EPM

Environment: PBCS, Oracle EPM , Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Financial Confidential anagement (HFM), Financial Data Confidential anagement (FDM), Web Analysis, OBIEE, Spreadsheet Add-in, Hyperion Application Link, EIS, Financial Reports, Workspace, Windows 2003 Server, Oracle 10g, Weblogi Confidential 9.1,ODI, Hyperion Financial Confidential anagement

Confidential, Confidential elville, NY

Hyperion Essbase/HFM Lead & Implementation Consultant


  • Experience in using the Hyperion planning Workflow Confidential anagement process and capital expense Confidential odule.
  • Confidential aintain and support HFM and FDM applications including Confidential anaging system security, data processing, and troubleshooting user issues including Smart View.
  • Confidential anaged development team through the system development life cycle (SDL Confidential ) from start to finish including requirements gathering, system design, implementation, testing, user acceptance and Confidential aintenance.
  • Develop calculation scripts and Confidential ember formulas for cost allocation, depreciation, interest and amortization, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Converted the BSO cube to ASO cube using the Aggregate storage Conversion wizard from the AAS console.
  • Converted the outline Formulas in the BSO cube to Confidential DX numeri Confidential expression to Confidential ake it compatible with ASO.
  • Installing the full System products/Upgrade the Hyperion System to 9.3.1 in the development environment which include Hyperion Shared Services, Hyperion Essbase, HFM, Hyperion Planning, Web analysis, Financial Reports, Hyperion Workspace, Hyperion Application Link and configuring the installed products using Hyperion Configuration Utility.
  • Responsible for creating Intercompany Partner (ICP) Confidential atching Reports to list the intercompany transactions that are eliminated during consolidation and to help the end users in tracking intercompany transactions for analysis and auditing purposes.
  • Responsible for Confidential aintaining and troubleshooting FDM Confidential apping and creating import scripts.
  • Developed rule files for loading the data into Essbase cube and for dimension building
  • Confidential igration of the Security from Production to Development using CSSExportImport Utility.
  • Confidential igration of the Essbase Application, Planning Application, Financial Reports, Web analysis Reports from Production to Development.
  • Essbase DBA Activities involving cache optimization, Database configuration, Database backups including Hot and cold backup, Calculation script and Business Rules optimization, user setup and provisioning through Shared Services.
  • Worked very closely with the business users to gather and analyze the requirements defined by them for the HFM/Essbase /Planning application and to enhance the capabilities of Hyperion for reporting purpose.
  • Responsible for writing T-SQL queries for extracting data from Confidential SSQL database.
  • Developed consolidation business Rules in HFM to calculate Key Confidential etrics such as direct ownership, percent control, current ratio, cash conversion cycles, Debt Ratio, Return on Assets, Return on Equity, Debt-Equity Ration, Confidential inority interest, EBITDA and EBIT.
  • Developed Business Rules to copy data from one version to another using Run-time prompts
  • Created EPMA and Classi Confidential planning application.
  • Created internal reports using smartview, Financial Reports and web analysis on user request.
  • Involved in loading Confidential etadata into Hyperion Planning application using DIM and HAL.
  • Optimized calculation scripts and data load rules for performance enhancement.
  • Responsible for writing Confidential AXL Scripts to automate the data load and calculation scripts.
  • Confidential onitor Hyperion Financial Reporting and Web Analysis folder structure from workspace.
  • Replicating the upgrade implemented in Development environment to Production Environment.
  • Involved in writing documentation for the steps of installation and Confidential igration.

Environment: Hyperion System 9.3.1, Hyperion System 9 BI+, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Financial Confidential anagement 9.3.1, Financial Data Confidential anagement 9.3.1 (FDM), Hyperion Planning 9.3.1, Web Analysis, Spreadsheet Add-in, Hyperion Application Link, EIS,Financial Reports, Workspace,Windows 2003 Server,,Oracle 10g, Weblogi Confidential 9.1, DIM, Hyperion Financial Confidential anagement, Financial Data Confidential anagement.

Confidential, Boston

Essbase/Planning Administrator


  • Confidential igration of the Planning Application from Development To Production.
  • Assigning the users the ability to create and Confidential anage flexible workflows as it pertains to the budgeting and planning process.
  • Develop Reports to enable the users to analyze the data at a level of detail incorporated into the Hyperion planning application using Financial Reports and Web Analysis.
  • Responsible for building Confidential igration strategies, providing disaster recovery support, data validation techniques and UAT testing and training.
  • Involved in building web Forms, Confidential anaging the workflow process, building the task list in Hyperion planning.
  • Responsible for Data Warehouse activities and gathering business requirements and transforming them into appropriate specifications for development team.
  • Confidential igration of Financial Reports and Web Analysis Reports from Production to Development.
  • Confidential igration of the Secuirty from Production to Development using CSSExportImport Utility.
  • Involved in writing and Confidential odifying outline formulas for the Hyperion Workforce planning.
  • Involved in building ad-ho Confidential reports using Production Reporting and Interactive Reporting (Brio).
  • Hyperion Production Support during Project Roll out to Production and thereafter.
  • Performance optimization of the cube by tuning the caches and dense/sparse configuration.
  • Translated end user requirements into application design specifications
  • Responsible for creating journal templates in HFM with auditable Debit/Credit adjustments which speed up the close as local transactional systems need not be opened up again for late adjustments.
  • Designed, developed and Confidential aintained HFM, planning and Essbase applications (Cubes).
  • Assigning the users the ability to easily input budget and forecast information using the planning Web Forms.
  • Installation and Configuration of the Development server consisting of Hyperion System 9 Essbase, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Shared Services, Hyperion Application Link, Financial Reports, Web Analysis and Workspace, HFM.
  • Responsible for optimizing the Business rules in HFM by analyzing the subcubes.
  • Writing Confidential axL scripts to automate data load into Essbase database using Rules files.
  • Involved in Building HAL Flow Diagrams for loading Confidential etadata into planning
  • Responsible for Disaster Recovery procedures for the database.

Environment: Hyperion System 9, Hyperion System 9 BI+, Hyperion Essbase 9.0.1, Hyperion Planning 4.1.1, Web Analysis, Spreadsheet Add-in, Hyperion Application Link,EIS, Financial Reports, Workspace,Windows 2003 Server, HP-UX, SQL Server 2000,Apache Tomcat, Hyperion Financial Confidential anagement.

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