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Senior Business Intelligence Architect/developer Resume

Orlando, FL


Hardware: PC & Compatible, IBM Mainframe & Compatible.

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX & MVS.

Languages: Structured Query Language (SQL), PL/SQL for Stored Procedures and Functions, COBOL, JCL.

Databases: Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server, DB2, Informix, XDB, IDMS, IMS and VSAM.

Data Warehouse: MicroStrategy's Decision Support System (DSS).

Data Transfer Protocol: FTP, AFT, RJE and NDM (Direct Connect).

PC Client/Server Software: ERWin, E/R Studio, VISIO, Toad, SQL Navigator, Queryman, DataStage, Informatica, and MS Office .

Methodologies: DMR's Productivity Plus, Yourdon, Origin's Power Methodology, Agile and Kimball.


Confidential, Orlando, FL

Senior Business Intelligence Architect/Developer


  • Worked with stakeholders, end - user community and team members throughout the projects’ development lifecycles to deliver new and maintain existing projects covering Sales, Finance, Tax & HR subject areas for different business units to effectively leverage the Business Intelligence platform.
  • Gathered Business Users' requirements, created documentations and translated them into technical requirements documentations. And prioritized functional requirements and information needs.
  • Analyzed source systems to align the available data with the requirements, through the development of SQL queries.
  • Based on the requirements and the results of the source systems analysis, designed logical business dimensional/hierarchical logical models. After obtaining the sign-off on them, developed physical Snow Flakes data models, using Erwin & ER/Studio.
  • Developed Source-to-Target data mapping and transformation logic to help with the data Extraction, Transformation & Loading (ETL) efforts.
  • Used MicroStrategy Developer to architect Attributes schema objects, and established their dimensional, hierarchical relationships, based on the physical models.
  • Created Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Metrics from Facts schema objects, to produce accurate results. As well as the required dates Transformations, Filters, Prompts, Custom Groups, Consolidations and Templates.
  • Worked with IBM DataStage, and coding PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions & Triggers, to help perform ETL to integrate/migrate data from different sources to the target Data Warehouse databases.
  • Developed MicroStrategy Intelligent Cubes, Grids & Graphs reports, and used them to develop Web Static/Dynamic Documents and Visual Insights Dashboards, with some Web customizations using Software Development Kit (SDK). As well as XQuery and Webservice calls.
  • Participated in Unit, QA/UAT testing, before and after promoting objects to Production.
  • Supported issues tracking for enhancements and change requests and developed solutions to debug, test and implement fixes through Release/Change Management/Control & Compliance Initiatives.
  • Partnered with Infrastructure & Network Security Teams to implement MicroStrategy Security Models.
  • Had exposure to Tableau & Crystal Reports to convert existing reports into MicroStrategy.
  • Using Agile project management methodologies, facilitated meetings and kept business stakeholders & management informed about support activities statuses and critical issues.
  • Played the Administrator role to monitor/maintain MicroStrategy the Intelligent & Web Servers stability & usage, Integrity Manager.
  • Provided work estimates and ensured that systems and production support issues related to data and/or MicroStrategy are resolved, by working on-call, off-hours & weekends to ensure that Service Level Agreement (SLA) is met.
  • The environment consisted of MicroStrategy v9.4.1, upgraded to v10.7 clustered environment, Oracle v11.2 with Toad v12.7, DB2 V7R1 and IBM InforSphere DataStage v8.7.

Confidential, Miami Lakes, FL

Senior Business Intelligence Architect/Developer


  • A managed service provider, workforce consultancy solutions.
  • Acted as an interface between business partners and information management teams.
  • Gathered business & functional requirements from users at different levels. Created technical design specifications from them and obtained Users’ sign-off on them.
  • Performed source systems analysis to align available data with requirements, through the development of SQL queries.
  • Designed logical business dimensional models for the presentation layer using Visio.
  • Developed physical hierarchical data models for several subject areas using ER/Studio and/or ERWin.
  • Completed source-to-target mapping with Transformation logic for the ETL team, and supported their efforts.
  • Architected the physical model in MicroStrategy by creating all schema objects.
  • Participated in source and target data validation using SQL scripts to capture source results and generated SQL from MicroStrategy reports, compared source to target data and reported results with 100% accuracy.
  • Coordinated work with off-shore teams and tracked tasks within time & budget.
  • Acted as internal customer support role, to answer procedural and data questions, assisting with report development and use of the MicroStrategy tools.
  • Developed series of grid & graph reports, implemented them into canned/ad-hoc documents/scorecards/visual insight dashboards and delivered them in Web, iPad & iPhone platforms.
  • Reviewed and prioritized requests on a regular basis, documented, developed, tested, and implemented requests.
  • Participated in coding complex SQL Server Stored Procedures to ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) data.
  • Walked through the logic of the final deliverables with the Users, to obtain their sign-off..
  • Performed reviews and quality assurance in system & integration testing to ensure that technical configurations are thoroughly unit-tested prior to delivery.
  • Worked in an Agile/Scrum team-based Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) environment. And communicated clearly and appropriately with all levels of the organization.
  • Completed Technical Design Documents as part of the deliverables.
  • Prepared and presented tailored Proof-of-Concepts (POC’s) rapidly for new Prospects/Audiences, some with Hadoop Big Data.
  • Trained the users and trainers on MicroStrategy Web interface, functionalities of deliverables.

Confidential, Hanover, MD

Business Intelligence Architect/Developer


  • Initiated some projects by interviewing, gathering and documenting business requirements from VP’s, Management Teams and Lead Analysts of Marketing, Sales, and Revenue Assurance.
  • Maintained and modified existing MicroStrategy projects, applications and reports.
  • To facilitate the business intelligence reporting, participated in analyzing source systems’ data.
  • Modeled snowflakes logical and physical dimensional models. Helped mapping data from source to target.
  • Contributed in developing PL/SQL stored procedures to ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) data. And in testing ETL results.
  • Installed MicroStrategy v8.x, and upgraded to v9.x. Used MicroStrategy Desktop to architect projects and create the required Schema Objects, like Attributes, Facts, Hierarchies & their relationships and Public Objects, like: Consolidations, Custom Groups, Drill Maps, Filters, Prompts and Metrics.
  • Participated in designing and developing series of canned & ad-hoc reports as well as Documents & Dashboards covering the Marketing, Promotions, Sales, Inventory and Finance subject areas.
  • Installed and configured Narrowcast sever and developed services for static and dynamic subscriptions.
  • Worked with the QA teams to ensure that the results of the reports are 100% accurate before promoting them.
  • Prepared presentations and training videos on both the application and project web interface. And trained the trainers.
  • Supported Narrowcast Server Administrator to troubleshoot issues pertaining to failure of Services.
  • Conducted JAD (Joint Application Development) sessions with business units for new requirements. Analyzed and documented the new requirements.
  • Created User Groups and Security Filters, and sat up Enterprise Manager in three tiers for the business manager and director to access required reports.
  • Lead the requirement gathering sessions and documentations. And designed conformed and non-conformed business dimensional (hierarchical) model, based on Snow Flakes schema.
  • Coordinate with the client Project Management Office (PMO) and facilitated defining users’ needs to prioritize data requirements. And managed the assigned tasks to meet PMO’s set release dates for the first iteration.
  • Participated in the Business Requirement Definition phase and prioritization sessions, driven by business community.
  • Installed and configured MicroStrategy 7.1 suite of products Intelligence Server and Web Server, on Windows server, and Developer/Desktop on clients.
  • Architected projects using MicroStrategy, and trained the development team on the architect.
  • Participated in the design and development of the ad-hoc and canned reports including Metrics, Filters, Prompts, Templates and Reports. Those reports were based on the requirements gathering documentations to answer Performance Management, Cost Allocation, Profitability Analysis and Labor Scheduling.
  • Installed, configured and implemented Enterprise Manager to monitor & analyze Usage and Users.
  • Submitted recommendations to improve performance by scheduling some reports based on Time, and others based on Events. Implemented the recommendations in MicroStrategy Scheduler and developed Procedures to execute them.
  • Optimized Very Large Database (VLDB) properties for Big Data tables with several terra bytes in size.
  • Completed Guest Satisfaction Survey (GSS) project; extracting, transforming and loading survey results from the Web into the OLAP. And prepared statistical reports design and development in MicroStrategy.
  • Built an Escalation processes for the survey results to complement the CRM application.
  • Designed the logical and physical Metadata model, managed its repository and ETL activities.
  • Monitored and reported on data interface efficiency.
  • Balanced optimization of data access with batch loading and resource utilization factors.
  • Established effective partnerships with key users in assigned functional areas to develop shared agreements on systems enhancement activities.
  • Ensured production applications have the appropriate support after office hours.
  • Assigned and assisted team members to document, develop, test, and implement systems on time and within budget.
  • Played the Intelligence Server & Web Server Administrator role, and setup Warehouse Monitoring and Scheduler.
  • Created/updated MS Project time-line and monitored the development progress.
  • Transferred knowledge and educated the team members.

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL



  • Analyzed user's requirements and their legacy IDMS hierarchical database to extract the required data.
  • Prepared high level and detail design documentation for internal data extraction based on predefined conditions
  • Developed programs to perform the data extraction.
  • Participated in developing the relational data model including mapping for the data warehouse project.
  • Built historical records for the missing data to align them with external data collected from the field.
  • Communicated with the vendors to extract data collected from the field as per the Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • Identified data requirements, standards, processes for data usage, metadata definition, data quality rules and data verification processes.
  • Designed and maintained applications data architecture to allow scalability for growth.
  • Transmitted files from vendor’s sites using FTP for further cleansing and processing before inserting into Informix.
  • Analyzed VSAM source data using FileAid.
  • Used Extra to connect from Client to MVS and coded programs to extract data from IDMS, and VSAM files after performing a series of sorting and merging using SyncSort.
  • Downloaded the extracted data files from the mainframe into UNIX server, converting from EPCIDC to ASCII.
  • Loaded the extracted data into relational database, then into the target dimensional database.
  • Recommended establishing a development environment that consisted of Windows NT and UNIX, development edition of Informix server and Micro Focus with ESQL.
  • Played significant part in establishing a new Fiscal Year End processes.
  • Established data interface standards, monitored and reported on data interface efficiency.
  • Trained the new team and supported both the present and the previous teams on the system.
  • Built automatic data transformation via AFT, FTP, NDM and RJE protocols for the feed and reject files.
  • Maintained programs written in COBOL with DB2 in the MVS environment, using TSO/ISPF connecting Client through Extra to the Mainframe.
  • Tested data using FileAid, and ran SQL queries in SPUFI to analyze DB2 tables.
  • Developed new automated process to email reports.
  • Responded to Trouble reports, Change Requests and maintained production Legacy System.
  • Developed in Micro Focus Workbench with XDB server and uploaded back to the mainframe. And
  • Used SyncSort extensively to sort, merge and analyze data.
  • Supported and maintained the payroll Generic Batch Interface system (GBI).
  • Established feeds transmitted from several clients across the USA.
  • Setup automatic jobs to start processing feeds and perform validation before sending data to payroll cycle.
  • Built automatic data transformation via AFT, FTP, NDM and RJE protocols for the rejected files.
  • Participated in splitting applications and data between AT&T and Lucent Technologies.

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