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Sr. Servicenow Developer Resume

Yardley, PA


  • A Qualified IT Professional with more than 9 years of experience including 6+ years of experience as a ServiceNow developer and Administrator.
  • Extensive experience of integrating ServiceNow with 3rd party tools.
  • Good knowledge and hands on experience with Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Idea, demand, project portfolio, time card, Service Catalog, Service Level Management (SLM), Workflows, Email Notifications
  • Good knowledge and hands on experience on ServiceNow in Import sets, Data loads, Workflows with manual and dynamic approval groups, Data lookup and Assignment lookup rules.
  • Worked on schedule jobs, events and triggers to manage business needs and created service catalogs and its workflows.
  • Experience in translating business case analysis into functional requirements.
  • Utilized Orchestration to extend workflows to interact with systems and applications outside the ServiceNow instance and automated the process.
  • Experience in migrating between various environments in ServiceNow using Update sets.
  • Experience in Integrating External Web Services and SOAP based Web Services, API and
  • Emails.
  • Good knowledge and hands on experience on Confidential , Discovery and Asset management.
  • Good knowledge on Report modules, Custom Reports, Transformations, Update Sets and System Clone, upgrade.
  • Understanding of Confidential (ITSM) and the ITIL business process. Maintain service level agreement (SLA) and monitor an SLA workflow.
  • Good grip on Performance Analytics several script objects for use in scripts such as formula scripts, as well as APIs for querying Performance Analytics data which includes PA Scorecard API and PA Snapshot API.
  • Act as a single point of contact for continuous process improvement on Service Catalog, Request Fulfillment, Incident, Performance Analytics, Problem to ensure process maturity and onboarding of IT Services on ServiceNow platform.
  • Customized executive Performance Analytics dashboard which shows performance against business goals.
  • Worked extensively with complex mappings using different transformations like Expressions, Filters, Joiners, Routers, Union, Unconnected / Connected Lookups and Aggregators.
  • Worked on Domain separation and Operational Intelligence.
  • Implemented ServiceNow Discovery to populate the Confidential and make ServiceNow Confidential as true source of data.
  • This includes developing and implementing remediation plans to fix discovery issues that caused failure for some of the devices in the network, and establish the relationship between CIs in the Confidential .
  • Experience on DISCOVERY and setting up MID servers and populating Confidential .
  • Using top - down approach I have discovered almost everything that falls under the whole infrastructure.
  • Became an expert in troubleshooting Discovery tool.
  • Orchestration task were performed on remote computers using certain probes.
  • Performed integrations and process automation using ServiceNow Orchestration.
  • Worked on Orchestration to automate the top and frequently used service requests.
  • Developed the following Orchestration integrations/custom activities
  • Utilized Orchestration to extend workflows to interact with systems and applications outside the ServiceNow instance.
  • MID Servers and MID Server distributed clusters for Operational Intelligence.
  • Experience in integration of various data sources with Multiple Relational Databases, ie. Oracle, SQL Server and Worked on integrating data from flat files like fixed width and delimited.
  • Well-rounded experience in development of Business Objects Reports.
  • Well acquainted with OWB Designer Components - Location, Global navigator, control center, property inspector.
  • Made basic configuration changes to the UI using Branding Editor and other components of Service Portal using Angular JS.
  • Edited and extended portals, pages, and widgets using Angular JS.
  • Created and configured metric type registration
  • Worked on Configuring Operational Intelligence anomaly score thresholds
  • Worked on anomaly alert promotion rule
  • Extensively used Informatica Designer and Workflow Monitor Client edition.
  • Experience in debugging mappings. Identified bugs in existing mappings by analyzing the data flow and evaluating transformations.
  • Worked on anomaly alert promotion rule blacklist
  • Hands on experience in Performance Tuning of sources, targets, transformations and sessions.
  • Worked on configuring metrics to monitor
  • Experience in documenting the ETL process flow for better maintenance and analyzing the process flow.
  • Well Versed with Oracle Utilities- Customer Care application and Meter Data Management.
  • Worked with Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, Indexes and Functions.
  • Motivated to take independent responsibility as well as ability to contribute and be a productive team member.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, documentation skills, team player and ability to work across organizations to achieve results with minimal handholding.
  • Strong leadership and project management skills.
  • Exposure to several industry verticals including in, Utility government, manufacturing and finance.
  • Enthusiastic and project-oriented team player with good written and oral communication skills.


SERVICENOW: ServiceNow Confidential, Service Request Management, Incident Management, Asset Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Problem Management, Service Catalog, Customer Service Management, HR, Performance Analytics, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Security Operations, Field Service Management, Facilities, Project, Domain Separation, Release Management, And Discovery, SLM, Web Services For 40,000+ Users Within The Service Desk, Engineering, Facilities, Network Operations (NOP) And External/Internal Divisions.












Confidential, Yardley, PA

Sr. ServiceNow Developer

  • Experience on the Implementation, Configuration and maintenance of Business Rules, Data Dictionary, Client Scripts and UI Policies, Script Includes.
  • Knowledge on ITBM modules like Demand Management, PPM Suite.
  • Experience in scripting UI Policies, UI Actions, Client Scripts, Business Rules, Workflows Activities and ACLs
  • Configure Service Portal using the Service Portal Configuration page.
  • Hands on experience in creating Users, Roles, and User Group.
  • Experience in configuring the Confidential 's in ServiceNow.
  • Configuration of Email Notification and Alerts to notify users about specific activities in the system such as updates to Change and Problem requests.
  • Experience in migrating between various environments in ServiceNow using Update Sets.
  • Worked on Confidential data import using transforms maps and created an event rule to map metrics to specific CI.
  • Configured Operational Intelligence anomaly score thresholds
  • Created configuration settings rule in Operational Intelligence
  • Override upper and lower bounds for a metric
  • Working on Operational Intelligence, analyzed event management events, identifying and indicating anomalies.
  • Components installed with Operational Intelligence.
  • Also analyzed operational metrics infrastructure that might cause service outages in premises and multi cloud environments.
  • Created anomaly alert promotion rule
  • Created anomaly alert promotion rule blacklist
  • Lead the design of Performance Analytics dashboard to provide real time reporting for IT leaderships on services owned by them using defined metrics.
  • Act as a single point of contact for continuous process improvement on Service Catalog, Request Fulfillment, Incident, Performance Analytics, Problem to ensure process maturity and onboarding of IT Services on ServiceNow platform
  • Act as a point of contact for escalations around IT processes in the organization
  • Define strategic KPIs for metrics used to evaluate & improve performance of IT services in real time basis to align data, people and goals for driving business outcomes.
  • Track and perform ITSM process performance review across IT, provide status to IT leadership & recommend improvement.
  • While working in Performance Analytics, modified available widgets on change management dashboard.
  • Lead the design of Performance Analytics dashboard to provide real time reporting for IT leaderships on services owned by them using defined metrics.
  • In Performance Analytics dashboard calculate incident’s duration by creating new field and writing script accordingly.
  • Working with and functional requirements within ServiceNow for CMS, Catalog Management, Incident, Web services and interfaces.
  • Strong Skill set of Web Services, Discovery and Confidential .
  • Manage data with tables, the Configuration Management Database ( Confidential ), import sets and update sets.
  • Consults with business analyst/project manager to develop appropriate technical solutions
  • Worked on implementing new applications like Notify and Customer Service Management (CSM) in ServiceNow.
  • Design and engineer solutions leveraging all appropriate components offered by ServiceNow to answer the needs for business workflows, ticketing or other ITSM requirements.
  • Worked on Orchestration which enables an IT organization to automate complex tasks on remote.
  • Identify complex problems and review related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.
  • Managed and lead end to end implementation of ServiceNow ITOM modules, Service mapping,
  • Discovery, Confidential and Event Management
  • Good Knowledge on installing, configuring and setting up of data in Confidential .
  • Functional knowledge and implementation experience of Confidential (ITSM) frameworks and demonstrated project management skills and experience working directly with Customers and Clients.
  • Experience in loading data into ServiceNow using Import Sets.
  • Configuration of Email Notification and Email Integration.
  • Experience in configuring Discovery Schedules and worked on Discovery and set up MID Servers and check for the connectivity.
  • Configuring the Changes/Requests and handling the general updates.
  • Developed solutions using JavaScript, Web Services, SOAP and other web technologies to integrate Service Now with internal/ external systems and tools
  • Strong knowledge in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for enterprise applications
  • Strong experience in working in various software development practices like Waterfall, Agile.
  • Developed ServiceNow Software solutions using Web Services, MYSQL, XML, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Experience in creating the custom ITIL Applications, Modules in ServiceNow as per client's requirements.
  • Experience in working on the ITIL Process like Incident and Problem Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Service Portal, Confidential Management in ServiceNow.


ServiceNow Developer


  • As ServiceNow expert with experience on implementing end-to-end Service Catalog, Incident Management, Configuration & Asset Management, Change Management and Release Management with Knowledge of Content management
  • Created many standard workflows which are being re-used and propagated and handled many custom events.
  • Responsible for the ServiceNow tool administration module and creation of new Users, Groups, Roles, IT Services, Application, Business Services, Routing rules and Blackout Freeze rules
  • Created many scripts which includes, Business rules and also modified OOB.
  • Worked extensively on LDAP integrations. Very good understanding of Integration with these varieties of protocols: SOAP, JDBC, and ODBC.
  • Good knowledge on Single Sign on and Event Based integrations.
  • Setting up Configuration Management from scratch defining the CI classes and their relationships.
  • Configured multiple Catalog Items Front-end web / GUI components using JavaScript, CSS, HTML5.
  • Worked on order guides for Order guide, to arrange them in sequential order to make the user comfortable while raising a request.
  • Maintenance of variable sets by required variables in different Catalogs items and as per the Catalogs item requirements.
  • In Performance Analytics, create required breakdowns where field and type choice is available.
  • Navigate to Performance Analytics and then automated breakdowns.
  • Good grip on Performance Analytics several script objects for use in scripts such as formula scripts, as well as APIs for querying Performance Analytics data which includes PA Scorecard API and PA Snapshot API.
  • Worked on Performance Analytics.
  • Modified Performance Analytics dashboard for a specific workgroup.
  • Worked on building KPI reports and dashboards in ServiceNow Performance Analytics tool for various business groups.
  • Configured Performance Analytics for IM, SLM and additional ad hoc reporting requirements
  • Development of Knowledge Management activities include: creating knowledge articles and multiple knowledge bases, publishing articles, and retiring articles; configuring knowledge workflows and knowledge properties; configure social Q&A. Upgrading the knowledge management module from Eureka to Istanbul.
  • Development of Service Level Management application includes: monitoring SLAs, configuring data sources for CI Outage service targets and request - based, availability, compliance service targets, goals, service target groups, agreement owners, contract owners, performance SLA updates, availability updates, and ps. Tracked time by support teams. Configure templates for conditions, measurement criteria, goal and cost schedule, milestones, and actions.
  • Design and Implementation of service requests through service catalog in service now.
  • Check the change management document and verify the changes.
  • Involved in redesigning the workflows using ServiceNow workflow editor.
  • Designed email templates by using HTML and jelly scripting and used them in notifications.
  • Developed workflows and in customizing the applications in ServiceNow using Java script, AJAX, HTML.
  • Manage ITIL Processes monitoring overall system performance using the System Performance and System Diagnostic dashboards.
  • Involved in Production Support for all the ServiceNow related issues.
  • Assist in Release Management during product and patch releases.

Confidential, Reston

Business Objects Developer

  • Assisted the client, in revamping Excel based reports into Business Objects.
  • Participated in meetings to understand and confirm business objects reporting requirements. Conducted workshops to confirm the sample report layouts.
  • Created documentation for installation of Clear case.
  • Revamped Daily matrix Excel report with free hand SQL in Business Objects XI R3.

Environment: Business Objects XiR3, Oracle 11g, TOAD, SharePoint, Clear Quest

Confidential, Baltimore

ETL/Data/Business Intelligence Analyst


  • Interacted with Procurement and Operation/Maintenance business representatives for gathering the Business Objects Reports requirements and to define business and functional specifications.
  • Created detailed report technical designs that also included sample report layouts. Created ETL Mapping Sheets that included information regarding the source and target tables and the source to target join conditions as well as transformation rules. Based on the information in the ETL Mapping Sheets, created detailed ETL Technical Designs. All produced report and ETL designs were signed-off by the client with minimal to no re-work.
  • Extracted data from flat files and from oracle database over database links, applied business logic to load them in the central oracle database
  • Worked as an OWB admin/developer creating repository, workspace, registering users to workspace, migrating projects to different environment and reconfiguring the repository/workspace after clones using repository browser.
  • Worked with data modelers in preparing logical and physical data models and adding/deleting necessary fields using Sybase.
  • Implemented slowly changing dimensions to maintain current information and history information in dimension tables.
  • Used OWB control center to deploy/run mapping. Used control center to register, unregister locations.
  • Worked on different data sources such as Oracle, SQL Server, Flat files etc
  • Created complex mappings in OWB Designer using Aggregate, Expression, Filter, and Sequence Generator, Update Strategy, Union, Lookup, Joiner and Stored procedure transformations
  • Created process flows in UC4 to schedule OWB jobs and also created dependencies between jobs.
  • Created E-mail notifications tasks using post-session scripts
  • Worked with command line program pmcmd to interact with the server to start and stop sessions and batches, to deactivate sessions, install patches, monitor and recover the sessions
  • Performance tuning and optimizing mappings by identifying bottlenecks. Performance tuning efforts successfully enabled mappings to execute within the desired time range, both for the initial load during the cutover weekend as well as for the subsequent incremental runs.
  • Wrote SQL, PL/SQL, stored procedures & triggers, cursors for implementing business rules and transformations
  • Created procedures to drop and recreate the indexes in the target Data warehouse before and after the sessions.
  • Participated in the functional testing phase wherein I was involved in the resolution of defects specific to the ETL process.
  • Created mapping/ sessions/ workflows using Informatica 8.6.Well versed with different transformations in informatica
  • Migrated Informatica mappings / workflows from dev to higher tiers.
  • Solved ETL defect and did regression testing for code built in Informatica 8.6
  • Sole resource from the BI team to execute the ETLs during 4 Mocks and 2 Dress Rehearsals. Also execute the ETLs during the cutover weekend prior to go-live.
  • Played a mentor and lead resource role to a couple of junior developers. Reviewed their design and code and assisted them to adhere to standards and best practices.
  • Worked on TFS (team foundation server) for checking in OWB mappings/project and doing versioning of the project.
  • Created deployment groups, migrated the code into different environments
  • Wrote documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, testing, changes and corrections
  • Provided support to develop the entire warehouse architecture and plan the ETL process
  • Documented technical design documents based on the BRD and SRS
  • Providing production support and solving defect for code in Production.

Environment: Oracle Warehouse builder 11.2, Informatica 8.6, Oracle 11g, SQL developer, TOAD, UNIX, WINSCP, PUTTY, SharePoint, UC4, TFS, Business Objects, Mercury Quality center

Fifth Third Bank


Business Intelligence Developer

Project was for the Confidential . Worked on revamping the reports - essentially combine data from Treasury Management and Finance.


  • Participated in meetings with the business users to understand and confirm business objects reporting requirements. Conducted workshops with them to confirm the sample report layouts
  • Creation of mappings documents and doing enhancements to ensure the document adheres to the new requirements.
  • Creation of landing zone tables in database for comparing and filtering the unchanged data; staging zone tables where the data is cleansed and finally loaded into the EDW.
  • Worked with various transformations within OWB e.g. lookup, filter, router, rank, aggregate, expression, and joiner, generation of unique keys where primary key is required using sequence generator.
  • Coordination with Business Analysts and QA team
  • Documented and Reviewed Requirements to build the Business Requirement Document for the 1’st Phase of the Project.
  • Installed OWB 10.2 on Windows Environments. Created workspace, locations, registering/unregistering locations to control center.
  • Studied the ER Diagram to identify the Data Tables & Joins in tandem with the Business Rules.
  • Built Staging Area (Oracle DB) structure with Data Tables, Surrogate Key Tables & PL/SQL Procedures to implement Surrogate Key Generation and accommodate SCD Type 2.
  • Built OWB Mapping’s & Process Flows to populate the Staging & Data warehouse Tables.
  • Trained Business Users in handling Ad-hoc Reports and Dashboards.
  • Data Analysis on source systems before loading and target system after loading.
  • Extracted data from Oracle and SQL Server to load into Oracle.
  • Extensively used Views, Materialized views, Stored Procedures, DML and DDL commands in SQL
  • Fine tuning and optimizing the mappings to improve the performance thereby decreasing the run time.
  • Performing unit testing and fixing the bugs identified.
  • Did code reviews and provided inputs in order to maximize code read-ability and performance.
  • Identified bugs in existing mappings by analyzing the data flow and evaluating transformations.
  • Generating estimates of Change Requests for new and amended functionality.

Environment: OWB 10.2, Oracle 10g, Business Objects XI R3, Sybase, SQL Server, Ouality Center, Oracle SQL. Developer, Application Deployment Environment Windows XP Professional, Windows 2008 Server


Illinois, IL

Informatica Developer/ Business Objects Report Developer

Nextend is an industry-leading provider of IT Asset Disposition, Product Returns Management and Electronic Recycling.

  • Gathered business scope and technical requirements and created technical specifications.
  • Developed SCD Type-I, Type-II and Type III mappings in Informatica to load the data from various sources using different transformations like Source Qualifier, Lookup (connected and unconnected), Expression, Aggregate, Update Strategy, Sequence Generator, Joiner, Filter, Rank and Router and SQL transformations.
  • Deployed reusable transformation objects such as mapplets to avoid duplication of metadata, reducing the development time.
  • Fine-tuned existing Informatica mappings for performance optimization. Experience with high volume datasets from various sources like Oracle, Text Files
  • Interfaces are built and automated with Informatica ETL tool.
  • Debugged mappings by creating logic that assigns a severity level to each error and sending the error rows to error table so that they can be corrected and re-loaded into a target system.
  • Automated the jobs thru scheduling using Maestro scheduler, which runs every day by maintaining the data validations.
  • Provided support and quality validation thru test cases for all stages Unit and Integration testing.
  • Involved in the Unit testing, Integration testing and System testing. Analyzed existing system and developed business documentation on changes required.
  • Made adjustments in Data Model and SQL scripts to create and alter tables.
  • Extensively involved in testing the system from beginning to end to ensure the quality of the adjustments made to oblige the source system up-gradation.
  • Developed ETL Strategies using an ideal mix of Oracle Database based Loading Strategies and Informatica.
  • Experienced in Tuning Informatica Mappings to identify and remove processing bottlenecks, postproduction support, enhancements and performance tuning.
  • Created effective Test data and development thorough Unit test cases to ensure successful execution of the data & used pager for notifying the alerts after successful completion.
  • Worked on various issues on existing Informatica Mappings to produce correct output.
  • Efficient Documentation was done for all phases like Analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance.

Environment: Informatica Power center 8.1, Oracle 10g, UNIX, Teradata, TOAD, PL/SQL, Flat files


Jr. Developer

  • Created user accounts and privileges.
  • Worked under the supervision of Sr. Database Administrator.
  • Installed and Configured Oracle 7.3.4 on Test and Development Servers.
  • Created several Oracle Databases, cloning, cold and hot backups.
  • Extensively used Database exports and imports for backups and creation of test/dev/uat environments.
  • Created and administered users, indexes, views and synonyms under various schemas.
  • Developed SQL, Unix Shell Scripts for creating schemas, ftp files, creating Dev/Test Environments.

Environment: Oracle 7.3.4, Windows, UNIX, Windows NT SQL*Plus.

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