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Sr. Microstrategy Architect/developer Resume

Columbus, OhiO


  • About 9+ years of professional experience in Design, Development and Implementation of Data Warehousing applications, with proficiency in Data Modeling, and Data Architecture.
  • And worked on different domain like Retail, Health Care, Telecommunication, Media and Financial.
  • About 7 years of experience using MicroStrategy Suite (Intelligence Server, Administrator, Architect, Desktop, Transaction Service Report, Web, Mobile Server, Distribution Services, Multisource, Command Manager, Object Manager, Integrity Manager, Dashboards and Visual Insights).
  • Extensive knowledge of MicroStrategy and SQL experience with creating schema objects, application objects, and performance tuning.
  • Experience in creating and integrating MicroStrategy reports and objects (Attributes, Facts, Hierarchies, Transformations Filters, Metrics, Prompts,).
  • Designed and Developed complex reports in MicroStrategy Desktop using features like
  • Templates, Filters, Metrics, Prompts, drill maps, Consolidations and Custom groups.
  • Adept in Dashboard and Documents, worked extensively on panel stacks, widgets and customized the web
  • Worked Extensively on Visual Insights, Dashboards and Scorecards and used several widgets like Bubble Grid, Micro charts, Media, Fish Eye, Heat Map
  • Experience with end - to-end development of MicroStrategy dashboards and report services documents.
  • Experience on VLDB Properties for performance tuning.
  • Extensively worked on delivering reports and business intelligence solutions on the web using MicroStrategy Distributed Services.
  • Participated in designing of Multidimensional Modeling regulating Star and Snowflake Schemas, Physical and Logical data modeling.
  • Extensive experience in dealing with a variety of Databases like MySQL, Teradata, Oracle, DB2, and SQL server.
  • Expert in Database development skills using SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Worked closely with the business (Users/Customers) to Gather, Review, Validate and Documents the Business Requirements.
  • Achievement oriented with excellent management skills and proven strength in problem solving, coordination and analysis. And ability to work in groups or alone, ability to work on tight schedules.


Reporting Tools: MicroStrategy 10.8/10.4/10.3/9.3/9. x/ 8.1/8.0/7.5/7 i/7x.

(MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Architect, MicroStrategy Web, Visual Insights, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, Business Objects, Microsoft Excel) MS OLAP Services

Data Modeling: ERwin, Case Studio, ER Studio, Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio

Databases: Oracle 10g/9i/8i, SQL Server 2016/2012/2008/2005/2000/7.0/6.5 , DB2,Teradata V2R5/R4/R3/R2, MS Access

Languages:: SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, VB, ASP, HTML, XML.

Web Technologies: HTML, XML, Java Script

Operating Systems: Windows 2012/8/7/XP/2K/NT/98/95, Linux, Ubuntu, Solaris


Confidential, Columbus, Ohio

Sr. MicroStrategy Architect/Developer


  • Involved in the meetings with users to know more about the Requirements and understanding the Business Requirements.
  • Created Mockup/framework in Excel, PPT and worked on developing a pilot Dashboard in Visual Insight for reporting the Business Requirements.
  • Involved in Documentation and End-user training on using of existing templates for Ad hoc reporting.
  • Using MicroStrategy Bi Tool (Templates, Filters, Metrics) to generate advanced Reports in Grid, Graph and SQL mode, consisting of data analysis by combining a template with filters. The end users were able to generate ad hoc report by drilling up, down, within and across dimension or anywhere.
  • Created Ad-hoc reports with dynamic prompt answers for the end users to generate.
  • Customized the tooltips and labels, to user understandable format, the numerical measure was changed to its appropriate formats like representing the revenue, expense and margins as currency values
  • Consulted on MicroStrategy server performance enhancements; upgrades from version 10.8V to 11.1V of MSTR 2019 and server reconfiguration based on workbook complexity and data extraction
  • Fixing the landing page issue zoom in and out of Huntington Nation Bank called OnePoint (MicroStrategy).
  • Customized the MicroStrategy landing page with site listing as icons, edit links and descriptions.
  • Uploading the files into MSTR I - server through Linux machine. Installing new plugins to support the usage of MSTR D3 visualizations in existing Dashboards and VI.
  • Designed the Project from Scratch such as creating Schema Objects like Attributes, Facts, Defining Relationship such Hierarchies, Transformation and Public Objects like Reports, Ad hoc reports, Documents, Dashboard, Metrics, Filters, Prompts, Consolidations, Custom Groups, Drill maps and Templates
  • Managing Schema Objects and Application objects across the project by using Object Manager.
  • Used Pass through Functions like Apply Simple, Apply Aggregation, Apply Comparison to meet the report requirements wherever it’s necessary.
  • Extensively worked on creating Dynamic Dashboard with multiple Layouts/Panel Stacks, Selectors and used custom widgets such as Funnel, Waterfall, Micro Charts, Gauges, Grid and Graph combinations
  • Tested all the reports by running SQL queries against the warehouse using SQL Server and compared those queries with MicroStrategy SQL engine generated queries.
  • Optimize existing reports and Intelligent Cubes response time, also optimize SQL using the VLDB properties and create appropriate aggregate tables, indexes and table partitions in data warehouse.
  • Wrote SQL queries in MS SQL Server that will extract data and compile it into meaningful reports. And identified data issues and provided recommendation for resolution to ensure optimal performance.
  • Documented and maintained (Excel, Word) database system specifications, diagrams & connectivity charts.
  • Finally, responsible for attending project meetings , understanding requirements , designing reporting solutions , work closely with Data warehouse team , build reporting models, develop KPIs/Scorecards/Dashboards, coordinating with other support teams like testing , production support etc.

Environment: MicroStrategy 10.4/10.8, Microsoft (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS) Microsoft Excel 2016.

Confidential, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

MicroStrategy Architect/Developer


  • Worked with Business Users and involved in gathering business requirements and defining appropriate Attributes, Facts, Transformation and Metrics from the same and documented them in manner.
  • Participate in daily standup and monthly planning meetings.
  • Worked on schema development changes & enhancements effectively. Created various objects on the schema side such as Attributes, Hierarchies, Facts and Relationships between various attributes and developed perfect logical models for reporting development.
  • Created Table based, Formula based - Transformation for using in comparative reports like patient history this year to previous year, YTD, MTD, QTD, PQTD.
  • Trouble shooting Many to Many relationships between the attributes and identified the one to one, one to many relationships between the attributes.
  • Designed and developed Report Templates, Filters, Metrics, and OLAP reports using MSTR 10.4.
  • Created Auto Prompt Filters/Reports that give user a choice of different filtering criteria each time when they run the reports/dashboard.
  • Worked extensively in creating Metrics (Compound metrics, Level metrics & Conditional metrics), different Filters.
  • Used Pass though function like Apply Simple, Apply Aggregation & Apply Comparison.
  • Used Tableau reporting tool to develop Custom SQL workbooks based on the business needs(logic).
  • Customized reports, Documents/Dashboards and deployed them to Microstrategy web.
  • Involved in creating custom Documents/Dashboard in Microstrategy to combine the multiple Data sets of reports.
  • Extensively worked on I-cube reports for creating documents/dashboards. Monitored and Governed I-cube for best performance.
  • Tuning the performance of report by taking advantage of VLDB settings like SQL global optimizations and by interacting with DBA’s and designers, reduce the running time.
  • Extremely worked on Subscription for generating reports and documents to users in PDF or Excel.
  • Very proficient in working with large database like Oracle, Teradata by using tool Toad, SSIS, SQL developer. Performed testing by executing SQL Queries and checking SQL Plan.
  • Worked on object manager to move objects between DEV, QA/Stage and Prod environments.
  • Guided the business users by creating prototypes for the documents/dashboard and reports.

Environment: MicroStrategy 10.4/10.3, Tableau, Oracle, Toad 4.5, Microsoft (SSIS, SSRS) Microsoft Excel 2010.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

MicroStrategy Consultant/Developer


  • Acts as a lead in providing application design guidance and consultation, utilizing a thorough understanding of applicable technology, tools and existing designs.
  • Analyzes highly complex business requirements, designs and writes technical specifications to design or redesign complex computer platforms and applications.
  • Provides coding direction to less experienced staff or develops highly complex original code.
  • Acts as an expert technical resource for modeling, simulation and analysis efforts.
  • Verifies program logic by overseeing the preparation of test data, testing and debugging of programs.
  • Oversees overall systems testing and the migration of platforms and applications to production.
  • Develops new documentation, departmental technical procedures and user guides. Leads projects, allocates and manages resources and manages the work of less experienced staff.
  • Assures quality, security and compliance requirements are met for supported area and oversees creation of or updates to and testing of the business continuation plan.
  • Used several new controls for dashboards like time series slider, radio buttons and dropdown menus for the Flash version of the dashboards . And also Designed Templates and Filters to generate reports in grid and graph mode. Auto prompt filter feature gave end-user a choice of different filtering criteria each time they run the report.
  • Delivered visualizations and Widgets including Bar Graphs, Pie Chart, ESRI Maps, Heat map, Time Series, Waterfall graphs, Micro charts.
  • Involved in creating MicroStrategy objects like Metrics (Conditional, Transformational, Dimensional and Compound), Filters, Prompts (Filter, Object), Templates and Reports.
  • Performance tuning of report by using Teradata. Executing the SQL in Teradata to check joins and indexes.
  • Testing the VLDB settings and Data validation of reports & Documents by using MicroStrategy.
  • Creating I-cube by using MicroStrategy helps to improve the performance of reports and Visual Insights.
  • Strong understanding of SQL and how to resolve issues within MicroStrategy.
  • By using Microsoft office 2010 prepared report specification documents, viewing the project plan and attending daily meetings using Skype or Lync
  • Heavily worked with end user to finalize the dashboard layouts and also worked on final detail formatting for desired look and feel.

Environment: MicroStrategy 10.4/10.3, Teradata, Microsoft (SSIS, SSRS) Microsoft Excel 2010.

Confidential, Dallas, Texas

MicroStrategy Architect


  • Design and built project to answer Healthcare, clinical and utilization requirements.
  • As per business requirement, designed developed and maintained the dashboards.
  • Worked along with MicroStrategy Knowledge Base and supported groups to troubleshoot some report and dashboard related issues. Designed and developed Dashboards using MicroStrategy Report Service and experience in converting business data need into creative visualizations in Micro Strategy
  • Extensively worked on Project Setup (Installing, configuring, managing and controlling).
  • Responsible for the complete Architecture and Data modeling.
  • Extensively worked in developing Metrics (Derived metrics, Compound metrics), Filters, Custom groups and Consolidations for complex reports.
  • Created Customized Auto Styles to allow reports in MicroStrategy Desktop and MicroStrategy Web to apply customized formats.
  • Created MicroStrategy reports, documents and dashboards based on the requirements.
  • Created cubes to increase the performance of the report and Dashboards.
  • Created the logical views as required.
  • Created numerous MicroStrategy objects which used features like metrics, Transformation metrics, Conditional Metrics, Relationship filter, pass through functions.
  • Created multi-layered Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards using panels, panel selectors, widgets and grids using multiple datasets.
  • Created Dashboards using various widgets like Micro charts, Time Series Slider, Heat map and Gauge and controls.
  • Setup the Test environment and moved the objects from DEV to TEST by using object manager.
  • Used Integrity Manager to Compare/Analyze the Data, SQL and Graph levels before project migrations and software upgrades.
  • Involved in the troubleshooting and Performance Tuning of the reports using VLDB properties.
  • Reduced the time taken for the reports to run by taking advantage if VLDB settings like SQL query optimizations.
  • Involved in Testing and Data validation of Reports.
  • Worked on administrative tasks like creating User and User Groups, Roles, and Privileges.
  • Communicated with End Users for gathering information and documenting the requirements.
  • Very good experience in working with business users and interactive sessions.

Environment: MicroStrategy 10.4/10.3 (Architect, Desktop, Administrator), MySQL, Microsoft Excel 2013.

Confidential, New Jersey

Sr. MicroStrategy Developer


  • Engaged clients, supported discovery processes, and converted business requirements into technical requirements.
  • Managed development cycle in on shore and off shore. Conducted training for both technical and business users.
  • Create, maintain and modify Attributes, Hierarchies, Facts, Metrics and Filters.
  • Created schema, metrics, reports, and documents supporting client business goals.
  • Use the Warehouse Catalog to move and update tables in MicroStrategy.
  • Created drill maps for end users to drill down and recover data. Set dimensionality, conditions, filtering and grouping on metrics.
  • Extensively worked on creating custom Free form SQL reports, embedding prompts for complex report logic.
  • Build Freeform SQL reports and stored procedure to achieve transaction services. Create and maintain the intelligent cubes for dashboards
  • Create Transaction Services Input and Update Templates and created Transaction Services Dashboards.
  • Write and modify SQL scripts to update tables, views and materialized views and used insert statements, cursors and bulk collects to move new data into the database. For Transaction Service report (Connecting to the Data Source, creating a Query Report, creating a Transaction Report, Mapping Query Report Objects, Triggering the Transaction).
  • Implemented Mobile versions of Dashboards for iPad and iPhone.
  • Use free-form SQL reports and MicroStrategy transaction services to build mobile dashboards with write-back capabilities. Involve in whole life cycle of the project within application development and dashboard design to support sales people with intermediate and interactive feedback.
  • Designed dashboards using Transaction Services in MicroStrategy.
  • Used Object Manager to migrate objects (Schema/Public Objects) to different environments (Dev /Qa /Prod).
  • Strong understanding of SQL and how to resolve issues within MSTR
  • Extensively provide troubleshooting support and resolve all outstanding issues.
  • Worked with the DBA on issues of database performance and security.
  • Creation of new users, roles, privileges, shared folders, access controls Lists using security roles in MicroStrategy
  • Worked with business and technical teams.

Environment: MicroStrategy 10, Microsoft Excel 2013, Oracle SQl Developer 4.1.3, Microsoft Excel 2010, iPad, iPhone.

Confidential, Missouri, St Louis

MicroStrategy Consultant


  • Responsible for end to end Attribution product.
  • Responsible for the complete Architecture and Data modeling for Attribution product.
  • Extensively worked in developing Metrics (Dimensional metrics, Compound metrics), Filters, Custom groups and Consolidations for complex reports.
  • Configured Metrics, Attributes and Filters for each Report.
  • Used MicroStrategy functions such as Apply Simple, Apply Comparison, Apply Aggregation in the metric calculations and used in different reports.
  • Created Objects like Object Prompts, Documents & Reports.
  • Created various Auto styles and Templates that are project specific per the business standards/definition.
  • As per business requirement, designed developed and maintained MicroStrategy based reports.
  • Naming convention standardization across multiple projects for an enterprise level strategy.
  • Production support, trouble-shooting and fixing of reports was done in record time
  • Developed new reports and converted existing reports for the business line to satisfy the specifications using MicroStrategy Desktop.
  • Created many dashboards and report builders to meet the user requirements.
  • Used the VLDB properties for performance tuning and SQL optimization.
  • Used Object Manager to move objects from Dev to Test & Production Environment. Migration planning and implementation with all supported service packs, hot fixes, and patches.
  • Exclusively used Integrity Manager for doing the analysis of report usage and unit testing of multiple reports.
  • Responsible for managing many consultants in different time locations.
  • Responsible for the up and running of the application with clustered I-servers and Web servers.
  • Created the road plan for the upgrade from 9.3.1 to 9.4 and then to 9.5 and later now 10.
  • Implemented the Enterprise Manager to monitor the User and System usage analysis.
  • Created Single Sign on and External Security Module for the website.
  • Implemented ESM using the ping and Trusted authentication.
  • Created automatic User creation on login using Task Admin and SDK.
  • Worked closely with ETL people on data analysis.

Environment: MicroStrategy 10/9.4/9.3, SQL Server 2008/2012, Microsoft Excel 2010, Teradata, Oracle SQl Developer.

Confidential, Middletown, CT

MicroStrategy Consultant


  • Worked with Business Analyst to understand the Requirements.
  • Created many bridge tables to sync the data between different schemas.
  • Brought all the views and tables into the Warehouse Catalog.
  • Architected the schema needed for the reports.
  • Created all the Metrics, filters, Custom groups, drill maps.
  • Built many level Metrics, Compound Metrics and Conditional Metrics to satisfy the reporting requirements.
  • Created many filters, custom groups needed for the analysis.
  • Built the MicroStrategy schema to work between the environments on a relational schema.
  • Built complex reports querying the relational data tables from three different environments.
  • Create many Transformations to compare the data between the years.
  • Created all the reports needed for the users.
  • Created a report services document for user interactivity.
  • Trained users with different capabilities of MicroStrategy tool.
  • Created Command Manager Script to schedule the reports hourly on the Event day.
  • Built many reports to export to Excel and PDF formats.
  • Fine-tuned the reports for performance
  • Created email subscriptions to deliver the reports.
  • Created Event based Schedule to trigger the reports before the game time.

Environment: MicroStrategy 9.2, SQl Server 2008, Microsoft Excel 2012

Confidential, Grand Rapids, MI

MicroStrategy Consultant


  • Worked on different projects Pricing Scorecard, Vendor Performance, Black Friday Reporting, Promotions
  • Gathering the Business Requirements.
  • Developed the data model for Promotions project.
  • Work with data modelers for required data.
  • Architect the MicroStrategy Schema Objects.
  • Creating and/or enhancing report objects, metrics, filters and prompts.
  • Designing and building grids, graphs, scorecards, standard reports and dashboards.
  • Validating report results against requirement deliverables for accuracy.
  • Troubleshooting and analyzing data issues within reports.
  • Collaborating with business partners to provide technical report assistance
  • Following and enhancing MicroStrategy standards and best practices across the team.
  • Worked on Price reporting to provide improved analytics and competitive intelligence
  • Enhanced the existing reporting to use the new competitive shopping system data and the new PMM product hierarchy
  • Process the data and provide the Pricing Coordinators with the required information.
  • Worked with Data Modeling and Data Warehousing Using Multi-Dimensional Model, Star and Snow Flake Schemas.
  • Designed and implemented MicroStrategy Schema objects and Application objects using MicroStrategy Desktop and Architect.
  • Created transformations using Transformations by tables for YTD (Year to date), MTD (Month to date) and WTD (Week to date) analysis.
  • Used Customer, Product, Payment, Geographic and Time dimensions and generated reports like forecasting.
  • Customized reports, Documents and deployed them to MicroStrategy web.
  • Generated advanced reports in grid, graph and SQL mode, consisting of data analysis by combining a template with filters, using MicroStrategy Desktop and Web.
  • Database design employed highly complex data transformations including Slowly Changing Dimensions and a series of Stored Procedures, which made performance tuning and efficient mapping highly critical.
  • Used Report cache sharing and Data mart reports to enhance the Report response time.
  • Wrote command Manager Script to create large number of Users and apply Security Roles accordingly.

Environment: MicroStrategy 9.0.2, Teradata 12.0.3, SQL Server 2008, DB2, Windows XP Professional 2002, Microsoft Excel 2007.


Bi Consultant


  • Gathered requirements from the business users for MicroStrategy Reports.
  • Prepared report specification documents.
  • Created MicroStrategy Attribute, Facts and public objects.
  • Created Reports per the business requirements.
  • Created summary tables in Teradata.
  • Used report services to create documents.
  • Worked on the performance tuning of the MicroStrategy reports this included designing the summary tables, creating indexes.
  • Deployed custom widgets into MicroStrategy web and created Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards.
  • Used Compound Metrics, Custom Groups, and Consolidations to create reports to meet complex business needs.
  • Extensively used Object Manager to move objects from Dev to Test & Production Environment.
  • Created Various Prompts like Element Prompt, Value Prompt and Object Prompts to allow the end users to enter their own criteria.
  • Worked on the performance tuning of the MicroStrategy reports.

Environment: MicroStrategy 8.1/8.0 (Administrator, Architect, Desktop, Narrowcast Server, Object Manager, Enterprise Manager, MDX Adapter), Informatica, VB, Microsoft EXCEL Teradata V2R5, HTML.

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