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Data Scientist - Consultant Resume

Louisville, KY


Confidential is a data scientist and much - followed influencer and SME with deep expertise in the fields of advanced analytics and data science. She advises Confidential 500 and 100 companies on ways to draw intelligence from data chaos, and frequently speaks to packed rooms of IT professionals at major conferences. Confidential has multiple degrees in Mathematics and Economics from the Confidential where she graduated tops in her class.


Technical Skills: R, Python, Perl, C++, Scala SAS, SPSS, SQL, MySQL, HTML, Java, Hive, PIG, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Hive, Kafka, Storm, Hadoop, All BI Tools (Power BI for graphics) Tableau, Tabular, etc

Specialties: Applied Machine Learning, Advanced Analysis, R&D, Predictive Modeling / Analytics, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Text Mining, NLP, Data Integration, Personalized and Behavioral Targeting, Algorithms, Data Visualization, High-Throughput Parallel Computing Environments/Clusters


Confidential, Louisville, KY

Data Scientist - Consultant


  • Lead, plan and execute all digital marketing activities, such as email marketing, social media, display advertising, content marketing, and SEO
  • Collect and report digital analytics from marketing campaigns (this also involves data cleanup)
  • Develop and implement new digital marketing growth strategies
  • Monitor campaign conversion rates and digital KPIs
  • Collaborate with a variety of teams to create and execute digital marketing initiatives
  • Stay on top of all current trends and technologies in the digital marketing space
  • Maintain corporate branding and messaging across all digital marketing channels
  • Statistical concepts to solve business challenges
  • Advanced knowledge of data warehousing.
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Predictive modeling, forecasting, and data mining.
  • Develop data strategy, analysis, objectives and business requirements
  • Build mathematical models to represent demand forecasting at various levels.

Confidential, Chattanooga, TN

Director of Analytics


  • Managed and QA our data warehouse and all its Cubes and Data Marts.
  • Led the effort to create and implement reporting structure to achieve business expectations, making refinements as necessary and within the timeframe required by the business.
  • Provided value-added reporting, performing ad hoc, detailed analysis to meet business needs, including explanation of variances and impact to business.
  • Provided reporting and modeling to turn information into actionable items.
  • Proactively drove new reporting/analysis (measures, key success factors, metrics) and made recommendations.
  • Performed ongoing data analysis while maintaining the integrity of the data.
  • Converted business problems into analytic projects with well-defined deliverables.
  • Managed data capture, ROI analysis, program analysis, and evaluation. Discover, analyze, and quantify trends and correlations.
  • Coordinated the various activities related to assessing and predicting business performance through business analysis and/or modeling, determining policies and strategies that maximize profits and growth and minimizes credit and/or operating losses and other risk exposures. Conducted win/lose analysis.
  • Worked closely with management to determine the key performance indicators and metrics needed to manage the business.
  • Effectively communicated results to management.

Confidential, Dalton, GA

Strategic Marketing Analyst


  • Analyzed and forecasted market conditions, evaluated regional demographics, economic fluctuations, identified market tendencies and risk factors and developed product commercialization strategies.
  • Provided research and data for sales team on current market condition and potential sales opportunities.
  • Provided reports and charts with targets that have a higher propensity to purchase.
  • Used research methods and 3rd-party list agencies to obtain “key contacts for decision makers” at each “end use/sales group” for use in sales, marketing and advertising.
  • Achieve all tasks given with the goal being to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and according to the requirements.

Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

Market Research Analyst


  • Responsible for reviewing, analyzing and evaluating business needs for the Research and Sales Department.
  • Conducted geographic and demographic market analysis of current promotional network and make recommendations for changes to improve the retail business with the aid of AC Nielson’s Spectra Applications.
  • Conducted analysis of retail business issues and challenges and create business solutions and prioritization. Provided market intelligence pertaining to the retail network.
  • Worked closely with sales to understand data, reporting and analysis needs. Developed and improved reports and processes to better understand our retail business.
  • Developed general research, positions and supporting reports pertaining to contract management operations.
  • Created internal and external presentations regarding retail business trends and opportunities.
  • Use retail experience and market intelligence to implement programs and solutions to enhance and expand the retail distribution network.

Confidential, Hoffman Estates, IL

Marketing Information Manager


  • Worked with CampusVue to create ad hoc and weekly reports as to measure and quantify the number of leads, enrollments, and starts for the schools maintained
  • Duties also included creating list for direct mailing and e-commerce as to stimulate interest and increase leads, enrollments and starts. Analysis of numbers as to define successful campaigns, create cross tabs and useable reports in SPSS and ACCESS for management decisions. Link and use programming to automate reports as to decrease the chance of human error. Train and teach via web-x on the importance of correctly using CampusVue.
  • Primary responsibilities include: Modeling, tracking, reporting, analyzing, and forecasting critical components of a learner's progress from matriculation to graduation/completion of desired outcome.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Research Support Analyst


  • Extracted and analyze prospect and customer data from multiple, large databases.
  • Provide consultation to management regarding the interpretation of data and analysis results, and recommend further uses of the data for marketing and planning purposes.
  • Created, wrote and maintained reports as needed for management preparation on output for presentation. Excellent oral and written communication skills; ability to work well under tight deadlines; direct marketing experience.
  • Dedupe/Merge Purge (data cleansing) accounts for mailings and or analysis. Set up test and control groups for use in backends. Performed backend analysis and ad hoc analysis.

Confidential, Oak Park, IL



  • Analyzed databases over 50 million for time or cost-benefit analysis.
  • Conducted data analysis, segmentation and target marketing.
  • Used SAS and other statistical languages to obtain information for direct mailings and ROI analysis.
  • Provided Customer Segmentation (behavioral and value based) Customer Profiling, Scoring, Customer Equity and Lifetime Value.
  • Acquisition -prospect targeting, prospect potential value, product positioning, key influencers, product awareness.
  • Worked on retention - loyalty, store choice, customer service, satisfaction, propensity to churn, attrition.
  • Cross-selling - product affinity, propensity to respond, propensity to consume, transaction rates, salesvalue, next purchase.
  • Optimize effectiveness of customer contacts and strategies as well as and service channel preference.
  • Assessing customer behavior over time for marketing event triggers to support automated marketing programs.

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