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Sr Managing Consultant / Delivery Manager Resume

San Mateo, CA


Lean methodologies process improvement and strategy leader with 15+ years’ experience in product development, Software Development, Architecture, BPO delivery and support, API Management, Cloud Integration and Analytics.


Lean process improvement, IPAAS/SAAS Cloud Integration & migration, Product development, Software Development/Architecture, API Management, Business Intelligence, Project Management & Operations, Strategy and budget planning, Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving, delivering maintainable and scalable systems.



Sr Managing Consultant / Delivery Manager, San Mateo, CA


  • Led the Pre - Sales solution design and delivered custom business process and cloud integration IPAAS Solutions.
  • Collaborated with core leadership and cloud evangelist team within Confidential to create IPAAS and SAAS cloud integration best practices and framework for better governance, reducing risks and being compliant to industry standards policies and procedures.
  • Led Confidential and Confidential team to create Security CRUD models and Confidential models in conjunction with roles and responsibilities for Confidential cloud integration platform.
  • Used lean methodologies to streamline processes for IPAAS Cloud integration and development by working with stakeholders to create and improvise process flows for successful cloud adoption.
  • Led the change management initiative to reduce risks by channelizing and matching need and wants to requested work by creating an idea to implementation journey for successful project completion.
  • Helped create an Audit framework for auditing all cloud integration work and take corrective action as needed in case of any deviation from the norm.
  • Create a Master Data Management strategy for Data Governance to integrate legacy and on cloud databases with a focus on Scalability and Maintainability.
  • Led architecture team to integrate and implement a cloud integration strategy with Anaplan, Tableau, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and Amazon Redshift.

Director of Software Development

Confidential, Scottsdale, AZ


  • Implemented a new product line for Credit Card Auto updater-POS software to automatically update Customer credit cards by auto updating Visa and Master credit cards.
  • Led team to Architect an API enablement platform for e-commerce and Payment gateway integration with payment merchants like Confidential Card processor and BridgePay.
  • Created and maintained a product roadmap, interfaced with BOARD, CEO, Franchise Board and senior leadership to provide quarterly updates and strategize initiatives to scale & automate business processes.
  • Developed a Scrum team for Agile application development, monitored scrum of scrums, revamped helpdesk delivery by combining scrum and Kanban. Mentored development managers to create a technology stack, SDLC processes and an Idea to implementation journey for initiative management. led a Cloud management initiative to migrate Confidential SAAS application from Rackspace to Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. This cloud platform would also connect to Microsoft Office 365 for document management, communications, SharePoint portal for a unified cloud platform. This initiative had a potential save of more than $500K/Yr.
  • Collaborated with business partners and created a product roadmap enabling business for mobile app enablement, digital mobile form intakes, customer marketing ROI integration using Xamarin, user identity management using Microsoft cognitive services. This was a positive save of more than a $1M/yr.
  • Advanced Security and Risk management initiatives through auditing 375+ Franchise clinics for PCI Compliance. This helped in better visibility, preemptive threat management essential for continued success and company growth.
  • Create a data management and API Management strategy for Microservices architecture to create an ESB.

Confidential, Chandler AZ

Software Development & Engineer


  • Led the architecture and design for a MDM (Master Data Management) Data Governance strategy for Data Warehouse to integrate multiple data sets for use in ETL, Business process orchestrations, web services and API enablement. Migrated legacy infrastructure to AWS and Azure for cloud integration of business processes.
  • Led the migration to create roadmaps for cloud management strategy for SqlServer, MySQL and Oracle Database migrations to AZURE for real-time integration with Informatica Cloud and Mulesoft.
  • Led the architecture team to create a strategy for decommissioning Legacy infrastructure and a roadmap with templates for cloud integrations and migrations to AWS, AZURE and Informatica Cloud.
  • Delivered an API Management and business process orchestration strategy using Mulesoft and Informatica. Delivered an ESB and partnered with enterprise BI teams to deliver business process automation & orchestrations.
  • Led the CRM conversion project from NetSuite to Salesforce CRM by partnered with CMO, CIO, CFO, Implementation vendor and internal stakeholders for delivering a SAAS Salesforce solution integrating legacy and cloud applications.
  • Led an ordering optimization project for IPAAS offering using Informatica which help reduce the ordering time by a factor of 200%. This helped propel customer satisfaction with a positive baseline impact.
  • Led Architecture and Software Development and Business Intelligence teams to implement a Cloud based IPAAS & API Management strategy using Informatica and Mulesoft for Integrating cloud applications with enterprise systems like NetSuite, Salesforce, Avalara, DocuSign, Marketo and StrikeIron.
  • Delivered an ESB Platform and API management strategy for enterprise using SOA Architecture using cloud integration platform like Informatica to connect CRMs like Salesforce, NetSuite, Marketing technologies like Marketo, Cloud databases like Amazon, legacy MySQL and SQL Databases using Informatica as an IPAAS Integration platform. This helped create an ESB with a single source of truth API for any key information within the enterprise. Advocated as SOA and API Cloud integration approach for scalability and maintainability.
  • Co-led team to create use cases and POC to evaluate vendors like NetSuite, Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics for replacing existing CRM and led cross-functional 23-member team comprising of onsite developers from different business units and CRM Implementation vendor (Topline) to migrate NetSuite CRM to Salesforce.
  • Delivered a device independent mobile ordering solution for taking customer orders over the web to be used across multiple device platforms like iOS, Microsoft and Android. This was a huge win for expanding our customer base.
  • Researched branding and lifecycle marketing space to create strategies for lead scoring and capture and collaborated with leaders to identify opportunities for fine tuning processes, modelled lead scoring and implemented changes by working with leadership and vendors like LeadMD and Marketo.
  • Strategized with stakeholders to create product and operation’s roadmaps for IPAAS Integrations and API Management, testing management strategy and Marketing technologies for lifecycle marketing.
  • Advised leadership and reduced systems chaos by finding opportunities and consolidating systems like meetings workspace with Cisco WebEx, documentation storage for the enterprise with Google Docs. Metrics and reporting with Tableau. This in turn had a positive baseline impact on Revenue per Employee (RPE).
  • Co-lead major IT Governance initiatives and creating scorecards for Data Management Strategy, unified Integration and API management strategy, program portfolio management for enabling business to be IPO ready.
  • Worked closely with Marketing CMO and VPs and led a Data quality management (DQM) initiative with a focus on “data as a service” to create a strategy for address email and phone validation, customer & business segmentation and evaluated vendors like Data.com, StrikeIron and AddressDoctor for DQM.
  • Actively participated in conferences like Informatica World and Dreamforce and maintained partnerships with vendors like Informatica, Salesforce, LatticeEngines, Everstring, Data.com, NetSuite, Marketo, and LeadMD.
  • Played a leadership role in enabling SAFEHARBOR program and advised International business unit, legal department, consultants and CFO in reviewing current systems and creating business processes making Confidential SAFEHARBOR ready to do business with European Countries.
  • Lead SWOT Team (Strength, Weakness, and Opportunity & Threat) Analysis with 30 representatives of 150-member team for prioritizing company initiatives.
  • Participated in strategy planning and team builder activities with Executives and VP’s for prioritizing company initiatives and creating a strategy for Operations.
  • Co-led a process maturity project “Idea to Implementation Journey” to streamline any initiative from Inception to closure. Collaborated with process owners, VPs, Team Leads, Business Analysts, senior directors and developers with the goal to enhance company processes from a level 0 to levels I or II.
  • Formulated and deployed long term strategy plans, restructured and created teams for managing business areas in Salesforce development with focus on SAAS, Internal Development with focus on API and IPAAS and Marketing Operations with a focus on lifecycle marketing.
  • Owned and led company priorities and collaborating with senior leadership and teams with a focus on CRM, Partners and Lifecycle Marketing technologies. This helped Confidential enable a smooth transition from NetSuite to Salesforce.

Confidential, Chandler, AZ

Software Development Manager


  • Led teams to migrate legacy applications to AZURE Cloud, by creating a strategy for Application discovery, security and compliance issues, data management, backup continuity planning and Messaging.
  • Envisioned and worked with executives to architect an Employee self-service tool in .NET and Microsoft technologies which resulted in 10K/month call reduction and had a positive baseline impact of $1.5M/Year.
  • Provide leadership and created business processes to handle production support of 20+ applications and envisioned tools for providing Knowledge management self-service.
  • Managed the transition of HP Voice Response application achieving a save of $3M for Wells Fargo.
  • Worked with Microsoft and senior level management teams to resolve VPN issues affecting about 50k remote users in aggressive timelines and fetching prestigious recognition s.
  • Provide leadership in creating business processes to automate the BMC PAC2000 ticketing process by engaging cross functional teams for process creation and feedback. Researched and proposed best strategies for Software development, development tools, Enterprise testing strategies for applications from product inception to release. Researched and created a Source Code Management strategy for consolidating Source Code Management Tools and migrating to Team Foundation Server and Documentum.
  • Led the migration of SharePoint by auditing sites by creating lists, document folders and sites moving backups to Documentum based on retention policies.
  • Worked with Confidential Group and various SME for Server compliance and managing patching for 65+ Servers for TCAS group. Worked with development team to create Security plans, IT Audits, Business continuity plans.
  • Led the migration of legacy servers and applications to F5 infrastructure and virtualized 80+ servers and applications using VMware, created BCP and Disaster recovery plans for managing Risk and compliance.
  • Supervised and coached development team to identify needs, project feedback, resolve technical issues and provide quarterly evaluations.
  • Handled team Performance measurement, team conflicts & success planning.
  • Created a Confidential (Responsibility Assignment Matrix) Model Request process and chair meetings with managers and business analysts to allocate resources based on priority, work load and project experience.
  • Establish strategic alignment between business and technology in support of organizational objectives and department strategies. Work with Executive Management and Development teams to formulate a Technology roadmap for customer service delivery of network hardware by forecasting organic growth. Plan for Technology Infrastructure based on projected organic grown to ensure quality software delivered on time and within budget.
  • Research new tools and technologies for Enterprise adoption.
  • Work with offshore teams with responsibility to adhere to service level agreements and business continuity in case of natural disaster by creating Disaster Recovery Plans.
  • Chair weekly meetings all hands meeting with business analysts for reviewing and assigning initiatives to developers.
  • Streamlined business processes for IT Change/Release Management (New product or enhancements).
  • Worked with Vendors to evaluate new tools for Content & Knowledge Management (Self Service).
  • Created Business Continuity disaster recovery plan for production applications.
  • Improvised Software Quality Assurance (Planning and process improvement)
  • Product Development and Management (channelizing feedback on new products)
  • IT Risk Management (auditing and resolving risks for technology projects and processes)
  • Worked with Project management teams to create a Change Management strategy and Service level agreements.
  • Production Support Technologies (HipLink On call support, paging, BMC PAC 2000)
  • Partnered with internal teams to complete IT Security and SOX Compliance Audits.
  • Was instrumental in creating SAAS Service platform for Confidential used across 20+ Production apps.
  • Worked with development teams to resolve issues due to conflicts and propose resolutions.
  • Created budgets by using models to forecast organic server growth for infrastructure updates.


Sr. Solutions Management Consultant, Scottsdale, AZ


  • Managing and Leading International Technology projects and teams for industries,
  • Worked as technical and project lead to interface with multiple stake holders, CIO and SME, managers and team members from diverse engineering fields including design, layout, processing, product, quality & reliability and developed and refined businesses process.
  • Developed and implement disengagement strategies for application migration roadmap at Confidential, lead project at Palo Verde to interface thermal camera with wearable computers. Managed migration of SharePoint at Intel and created Project Management tools for interfacing EMC Documentum to SharePoint.

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