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Business Architect, Data Scientist, Tableau Developer Resume


  • 16 years of IT experience, currently engrossed in developing data stories and business use cases by analyzing data sets from various sources applying benefit and predictive models under data science umbrella.
  • In 9 years of utility client engagement, has worked with Itron MDMS product from product testing phase till end to end 24x7 production support lead for 4 years. Has estimated over 40 project for their budgeting in pre requirements phase and submitted them to the project approval teams.
  • Has worked as Test Lead and Quality Assurance team member in a maintenance project for 2 years, performing various process improvements like Defect Prevention.
  • As a business analyst, travelled to client location for requirements gathering and returned office to educate the project team with new requirements.
  • Started work with information technology field as developer and has done process automation with small scale companies.
  • Supported 2 data science projects by gathering the data from various data sources like, Oracle, Teradata, OSISoft PI Historian, MS SQL server using PowerShell scripts
  • Has implemented Tableau Dashboards for final results of the business critical VVO benefits cost model and Smart Inverter voltage regulation regression model
  • Wrote efficient queries to aggregate the voltage data for benefits analysis over the year
  • Identified, analyzed and resolved data issues, conducting research to determine the best course of action for correction using efficient queries
  • Identified, analyzed, and interpreted various trends or patterns in complex data sets
  • Collaborated with business teams and organized data management output, including continual process improvement with documentation
  • Developed and maintained productive working relationships with other teams across Information Technology to facilitate development of cross - functional software deliveries
  • Has implemented 18 dashboards used by around 140 engineers in PG&E in 19 months
  • After joining 5 different data sources viz, Oracle DB, Teradata, SQL server, RData file and MS Access data file, generated a dashboard which optimized engineers work from 3 days to few seconds
  • Has setup a process to give customized accesses to 140 users.
  • Has setup a process to publish the Tableau Dashboards onto the Tableau Server for engineers.
  • Implemented the visualization standards like color schema for headers, filter standards, tooltips, legend colors.
  • Interviewed the business stake holders and SMEs to elicit business rules, understand processes, information and systems in use and detailing the consequences of making a business change. Generated System Requirements document based on these discussions.
  • Defined the end-to-end system flows for billing systems, voltage data visualizations and multiple legacy applications.
  • Created a blue print of billing system business data flow when MDMS was introduced in SCE.
  • Defined the defect status flow, roles and Defect management lifecycle when HP Quality Center was introduced in a PGE Volt-VAR optimization project.
  • Worked as the Scrum Master in OSISoft PI tag implementation. Implemented the 8 Sprints project with a UI representing the trends for PI tags like Amps, Volts, KW, etc
  • Has worked on project plans, cost estimates and budgeting, task board management in Agile methodology
  • Estimated over 40 projects in 1.5 years for overall efforts and taken to project review team for their reviews
  • Generated a Project estimation and dollar amount calculator in Excel to estimate around 2 projects per week as Pre-SOW
  • Worked on the Metrics creation design initiative, where around 10 data points were considered to capture and generate the Metrics based on these data points. The metrics were related to Effort Metrics, Stability Metrics, Test Execution Metrics and Defect Management Metrics.
  • All level document reviews for 15 projects having documents like requirements, high level design, low level design, code reviews, unit testing results, integration testing results, system testing results, user acceptance testing results, production release schedule etc.
  • Generate interface requirement documents for Confidential for SAP
  • Estimations for pre statement of work projects for various confidence levels like 0%, 50%, 75%, 90% based on the estimation model designed for SCE
  • Alpha testing support for GIS application updates
  • Onsite coordinator for offshore project work
  • As a Developer, implemented an intranet site for Disha Technologies using .NET framework. Used the previous requirement analyst experience to implement the site as a single person team. The site was used by all employees to maintain the timesheets.
  • As a software section head, implemented the Shift Management system for ISN operators, which will help them to manage the working shift, attendance and data entry job allocations. The whole automation for the company was performed from .
  • As a developer, developed screens used by Managing director of the company to monitor the profit and determine the selling cost of the end product. From, using PHP and MySQL, these screens were developed and factory members were trained on it to do the purchase order entries and stocks.


Visualization Tool: Tableau 9.1

Programming Languages: Powershell, .NET C#

Database: Teradata, Oracle, MS-SQL Server 2000/2005, MySQL

Tools: Itron MDMS, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, HP ALM, JIRA, TOAD, Tableau, OSISoft PI SDK Known for assertive communication between Business Analyst, Business/End User and Development / Vendor team



Business Architect, Data Scientist, Tableau Developer


  • As a Business Analyst, generate the System interface diagram between SMOC (Smart Meter Operation Center) and Teradata, Design the table structures in the Teradata, Generate the VVO overall interface related initiatives. Design the screens which will display the PI Points and their data flow.
  • As a UAT Tester, prepare the test plan for UAT, generate test scenarios and write test cases using TFS. Perform unit testing along with the development team to reduce the number of bugs. Perform the data comparison with PI System and historical legacy application using PI ProcessBook. Walkthrough and review the test strategy documents with PG&E project leads and managers. Use HP ALM QC tool for test cases maintenance and defect management.
  • As Data Scientist, analyze the data from various sources to generate the business reports for SolarCity to identify the best match homes to generate more Solar power for Grid to higher the low voltage lines. Also, compare VVO Enabled vs VVO Disabled grid lines for the generation savings in dollars to showcase the VVO benefits for stakeholders.
  • As a Tableau Developer, implemented various dashboards to visualize the data. Had to work with various data sources like Oracle DB, Teradata, SQL server, RData file and MS Access data file to visualize the data together.

Confidential, Southern California Edison

Production Support, System Architect, End to End System Tester


  • Look for improvements in existing Confidential methodologies, and billing process. Design and add the interfaces as needed.
  • Troubleshoot and identify the temporary solution for any identified production defect. Implement the temporary business workflows for all open issues and implement them in coordination with itron support team.
  • Automate the crucial verification tests using the powershell programs. These small programs are implemented to run various checkpoint queries used to gather the production verification point analysis data at the desired time.
  • Plan and implement the new releases in production. Perform sanity verification on production for the new features or fixes.
  • Plan and design system and regression testing and manage defects. Execute tests for the crucial business processes.
  • Guide testing teams to identify regression scenarios of production defects for future releases.
  • Lead and assign priority for defect testing to maintenance team.
  • Communicate with offshore for regression testing and production monitoring to be done overnight.
  • Educate offshore for quickly checking production issues and their mitigation plans
  • Schedule weekly meetings with offshore to share onsite knowledge with them and get status updates on offshored activities.
  • Use the structured outputs of automated queries to troubleshoot various production defects as well as gauge stability of the production processes.
  • Discuss and implement these temporary solutions to minimize the business impact and reduce the production recovery cost.
  • Work on client notifications like deleting the incorrect reads of the meter and removing the meters from interrogation requests.
  • Support the system downtimes by providing the MDM data load catch up plans. Also monitor and work to catch up the system due to this downtime.
  • Keep all the troubleshooting procedures documented so that the knowledge is shared across different teams and reused in defect testing.

Confidential, Southern California Edison

Designer, System Test Lead


  • Design the interface data points for CSS Service point Sync, Billing Request and Response.
  • Plan and execute System testing of MDMS which is a COTS package
  • Write and modify the test cases from test scenarios in HP QC
  • Participate in interface design and peer review the test scenarios
  • Create a regression suit for various builds as per the build release notes
  • Validate the interfaces between the legacy system (CSS) and MDMS
  • Report and maintain system testing reports on day to day basis
  • Validate the interfaces between the NMS and MDMS
  • Coordinate with offshore to get the status of various testing activities
  • Work closely with the project managers for issue tracking and testing activities using HP QC
  • Maintain the risk log of project activities and update in daily status meeting
  • Represent the testing team in triage meetings for various test results and defect reproductions
  • Maintain the testing progress by gathering the status of testing on daily basis

Confidential, Southern California Edison

Interface Designer and UAT Lead


  • Discuss the change requirement in the form of legacy functional specifications (LFS) with the subject matter experts (SME) and gather the product knowledge and design the interface.
  • Create the test plan and constantly update it as per the changes
  • Create the test conditions and test scripts using the discussion data
  • Review the unit testing results
  • Review the string testing results
  • Review the integration testing results
  • Update the Mercury Quality Center with the test conditions and test scripts

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