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Senior Gis Developer Resume

Miami, FL


  • Extensive experience and in - depth knowledge of developing desktop and web-based GIS applications using ArcGIS products (ArcInfo, ArcSDE and ArcGIS Server).
  • Over 10 years of hands on experience in object oriented programming using C# and VB.Net.
  • Experienced in developing GIS applications using MVC programming model.
  • Experienced in large-scale software development using Agile and Scrum methodology to deliver quality software on time.
  • Experienced in application development and distribution and application support and maintenance
  • Experienced in working with geodatabases and raster data in Oracle and Postgresql
  • Worked with both public and private industries in the fields of Transportation (road and railways), Land Use and Utilities


GIS software: Desktop ArcGIS (8.x, 9.x, 10.x) - ArcInfo (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcToolBox), ArcSDE, ArcGIS Server and Web AppBuilder, Insights for ArcGIS (Power BI Microsoft), StoryMaps, Collector for ArcGIS and Navigator.

Microsoft: MS Office, SharePoint, Visio, Visual Studio (2008,2010, 2012)

Languages: C#, VB.Net, Java Script, JSON, XML, XAML, KML, XSL, HTML, QT/QML and Python

RDBMS: Oracle (Oracle Spatial) and Postgresql

Technology: Dojo, Silverlight, ArcObjects, AJAX, ASP.NET, .NET Web Services, GeoDatabase, ModelBuilder

Concepts: OOPS, MVC, Agile and Scrum


Senior GIS Developer

Confidential, Miami, FL


  • Installed multiple ArcGIS Servers to support high usability and stability by establishing multiple ArcGIS sites and load balancing.
  • Installed/configured Web AppBuilder application on both development and production servers.
  • Developed widgets using Dojo/JavaScript to migrate legacy applications that can be easily configured and reused by any other web applications.
  • Developed Utility Coordination web application that consumes roadway improvements programs in Miami-Dade County and from various agencies in Florida. It presents intuitive tools for decision makers to see any projects with potential to coordinate with other agencies. Also built tools in C# to generate potential conflicts layers, to QC data extracted from various agencies and to generate application related business layers to be consumed by Web application. Established data requirements, format and work flow, by coordinating with all agencies involved in the project. This project would help various government agencies to coordinate and improve the implementation of various infrastructure improvement programs.
  • Developed Water and Sewer Tracing web application tools, using SOE (by programming ArcObjects in C#)/web service (by publishing Python script), to work with Water and Sewer Distribution Network. It helps agencies to determine nearest hydrants, valves, pump station and residents affected when a pipe is damaged or is being fixed. It also allows the agency to communicate with the residents quickly about any potential problems.
  • Trained in configuring and creating story maps to communicate accomplished and future projects with public.
  • Trained by ESRI to build mobile GIS applications using Collector for data collection and data synchronization.

GIS Developer

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL


  • Developed advanced GIS applications in Enterprise-level environment using Agile and Scrum methodologies.
  • These applications are developed to generate and maintain spatial information of various CSX rail assets and rail network owned by CSX.
  • Developed GIS applications in C# using object oriented programming principles.
  • Developed GIS applications using ArcGIS products (ArcInfo and ArcSDE) to work with versioned database (Oracle spatial).
  • Developed applications to implement secured workflow for change management of rail network and rail assets owned by CSX.
  • Developed python scripts to reload EAM facilities data into Oracle database.
  • Multiuser Data Editing Environment. Worked with the client and developed tools to provide secured and simple means of editing base map feature classes. The Department of Statistics is responsible for maintaining base map. These tools, developed in .net, utilize versioning to allow multiple users simultaneously edit the database, in Oracle, and at the same time provide uninterrupted view of the existing database.
  • Successfully installed Postresql 8.4 and PosGIS 2.0 and explored the capabilities offered by open source products. Successfully created GIS database by importing shapefiles and Raster data. Explored the scope of accessing and working with PostGIS data with ArcGIS. Researched and experimented with Postgresql to improve the database performance and to analyze the essential capabilities like versioning and triggers required for multi-user GIS data editing environment.
  • GIS Application Distribution and Management System. This system provides developers with easy means of application deployment over the web and allows the developer to control over applications accessibility to the end users. For the end users, this system provides application updates and allows automatic application download, registration and unregistration processes. This system deals with both VB6 and .NET GIS applications and includes two developer end applications (built on .net framework), two user end applications (built on .net framework) and a XML document describing all applications deployed over the web.
  • Developer end applications include Add-ins in VB6 and VB.NET to export developed GIS applications and a macro in VB.NET to auto update application version and other attribute information.
  • End user applications include a standalone application which allows registering new applications and unregistering existing applications and a GIS application which provides with updated GIS application information. Web-based (GIS) Applications. Stand-alone/console applications were developed in .Net to provide updates on GIS/raster data. Both GIS (base map and other associated geodatabases) and raster data are periodically updated.
  • Such updated information/files are posted over the intranet to provide instantaneous updates. Some of the files that are updated constantly are raster files, base map and other roadway data.
  • Confidential is also responsible for providing roadway discrepancy reports to all district offices. A console application was developed to read the data from enterprise database and post the report over intranet dynamically given district number, month and year. This information could be accessed by other district employees and clients. Basemap Historic Data.
  • This web-based GIS application allows reviewing historic basemap data. This allows the user to see the changes of roadway data over a period of time. This application has been developed using ASP.Net, Dojo and ArcGIS Server 9.2.
  • Downloading Tiger Files. The purpose of this project is to provide an interface that will allow the user easy means of downloading various census data from census.gov. Some of the files that will be downloaded often are street files, tracts and blocks. Since 2008, Tiger files data files have proper naming convention which will allow downloading GIS data automatically with help of a stand-alone application.
  • A stand-alone application is being developed which exposes all available census data both at state and county levels.
  • The application automatically locates the file on the census website and downloads the data to the user’s local machine. It also adds essential data such as Florida state and county code values for the user convenience. Prepared a step-by-step procedure to include HTML help document with GIS applications with samples and updated previous applications.
  • This document provides guidance for GIS application developers at TRANSTAT in preparing and including HTML help documents to the GIS applications. This process will standardizes the way applications are being deployed and provides an easy access to help documents for all GIS applications. Layout Manager.
  • This application lets the user preserve, share and interact layouts by creating blob files. The user can simply export to, import from blob files to update or reuse layouts. These blob files can also be shared with other users.
  • This allows the user to save time by allowing the user to reuse/share existing layouts. Shield Manager. This application creates customized shields for routes of various functional classes (interstate/state/county/US/toll routes) and manages those application-generated shields by allowing the user to import/export the shields to an XML file and by offering some controls over the in-map shields to the user. These files act like annotation layers and could be used by any GIS user.
  • This application also includes many advanced functionalities such as smart labeling. Image Processing Tools.
  • These tools offer the user various clipping methods to create images. Image Review Application. Developed a GIS application to assist staff review statewide images before uploading into ArcSDE.
  • This time-saving application automates the review process while analyzing image quality. Spatial Reference Application.
  • This stand-alone application would allow the user to examine shapefiles in batch mode and project all inconsistent files to UTM-17. This application recognizes all coordinate systems available for Florida and projects them into UTM-17.
GIS Developer

Confidential, Oakland, California


  • Developed GIS tools and coordinated with various Metropolitan Planning Organizations and state agencies for data source information to develop transportation network for a 16-state coalition region and to populate HPMS and NHPN data for the Integrated Corridor Analysis Tool during Phase-I process. This combined network offers a single source of consistent transportation information for multistate transportation planning and helps coalition members coordinate multistate transportation planning, investment and operations planning.
  • Developed location query and network maintenance applications for Confidential which involves using the functionalities provided by linear referencing system and dynamic segmentation to query an event location, a portion of a route and other data information of a route feature using the associated event tables for the Confidential . This application provides the state officials various methods to locate an event along a route, creates dynamic line and point event shapefiles in the map with the help of associated event tables of the route and provides various graphic tools to create point, line and labeling those queried events.
  • This application also allows the state officials to identify erroneous mile points and calibrate the length of the segment in miles, create mile points in reverse direction and edit the network such as splitting the link, changing the shape of the link and updating the length of the segment in miles.
  • Along with this, user friendly tools are also integrated with the application such as map tip, labeling, querying routes based on various jurisdictions and identifying cross streets for any selected street.
  • Worked on developing statewide geodatabase design development and documentation for Confidential and Municipality of Anchorage. This involves geodatabase design development in UML using VISIO software, providing documentation of the data model and loading geodatabase and event tables.
  • Created model network by merging MTC, which has both transit and highway network and statewide network for Bay Area/California High-Speed Revenue Rail and Forecasting Study. The purpose of this task is to get detailed traffic information of regions that are affected by high-speed rail stations in California.
  • This requires including MTC region, one of the clients and other areas within a five-mile radius of stations in the state into the model. New node-link IDs created for the merged network are associated with the original individual network in order to populate traffic data associated with the each link.

Confidential, California

GIS Developer


  • Responsible for providing GIS support for all planning-related activities, database management and data analysis.
  • Created historic resources map, ABC licenses maps and geodatabase to identify areas eligible for Community Development Block Grant in the city to procure community development block grant funding for code enforcement in specific areas.
  • Played an integral role in Santa Ana Properties Information Network database clean-up project in order to integrate with the countywide geodatabase.

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