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Senior Microstrategy Consultant Resume

Gaithersburg, MarylanD


  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing certified professional with 13+ years of experience, specializing in MicroStrategy Enterprise suite, among other BI tools in development, integration and administration.
  • MicroStrategy experience includes:
  • Design and develop MicroStrategy BI solutions
  • Implement and integrate BI product Suite
  • Maintain and support BI product Suite
  • Upgrade and enhance up to and including v 11.2
  • Exceptional analytical and troubleshooting abilities with past experience as overall systems Tier 3 support
  • Data Science experience in Big Data and Transforming Petabytes of slow big data into GB’s of “agile - ready” data.
  • Expertise in data architecture, integrity and maintenance
  • Easily able to function in a client-facing role and serve as liaison between client and technical teams
  • Strong oral and written communication abilities, including deep technical documentation experience
  • Adept at both end users and technical teams as well as mentoring new team members


Databases: MS SQL Server 2008,R2/2012, Oracle 9/10/11g, Sybase, Greenplum, Hadoop.

BI Platform Tools: MicroStrategy v10.6, SAS v9.4, Spark/Cognos, Tableau.

Operating Systems: Windows 9x/XP/2000/Server 2012, UNIX, Linux, Active Directory, Mac OS X

Languages: SQL, HTML5, XML, Java/ JavaScript, PHP, Perl, C, C++

Hardware Platform: Cisco, HP, VMWare, Blackberry, VPN\Citrix, Remote Support and Microsoft products


Confidential, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Senior MicroStrategy Consultant


  • Supported optimization of Redshift database for MicroStrategy Server and developed an implementation plan on enhancing performance on the Server/Application and Database level.
  • Setup/configure REST API Server to extract metadata information to deliver to mobile users.
  • Developed a Metadata and File Audit Extractor and Reporting utility. The Utility provides a mechanism to query and load the MicroStrategy configuration metadata into a friendly and reportable format to allow for easier system management, auditing and transparency. The extraction process is composed of 3 technical components, which work together to produce the final reports: (Command Manager procedures to query the metadata, PostgreSQL tables to hold the metadata in a relational form, MicroStrategy reports to visualize the results).
  • Work with Quality Assurance (QA) team to ensure quality software is delivered to the customer Other responsibilities include presenting ideas to the team in well-organized and concise manner.
  • Upgrade MicroStrategy product suite to the latest 11.2 version.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Business Intelligent Architect


  • Support the modernization of applications for deployment to the Confidential HQ Managed AWS Cloud environment
  • Migrated Confidential ’s with SAP Business Objects and Migrate Crystal/BO Reports to MicroStrategy BI Platform. System for International External Relations Agreements (SIERA) crystal reports and Headquarters Action Tracking System (HATS) Business Objects BI reports to MicroStrategy Platform. The deliverable included printing Open Overdue Executive Orders Reports from the White house and automating delivering it to all the recipients’ Federal department/agency's POC.
  • Responsible for designing and developing components used by all applications that are integrated into Confidential ’s new single sign-on system, a process called Access LaunchPad.
  • Work with Quality Assurance (QA) team to ensure quality software is delivered to the customer Other responsibilities include presenting ideas to the team in well-organized and concise manner.
  • Reverse engineer the data warehouse, to pinpoint and fix pre-existing issues and ensure data integrity prior to product releases.
  • Using the existing technology infrastructure and business intelligence software application(s) for continuous improvement of REAC’s business processes. This includes the enhancement of the capability for HUD more accurately identify troubled housing authorities, ensure the optimal use of HUD resources for the benefit of Americans to meet PIH’s needs and provide high quality NASS Business Support that expands REAC’s capacity that serves as a diagnostic information management tool for PIH & it’s customers.
  • Provide and promote the effective use of accurate, timely, and reliable information assessing the condition of HUD’s portfolio; to supply information to help ensure safe, decent, and affordable housing; and to restore the public trust by identifying fraud, abuse and waste of HUD resources. And to ensure REAC’s “product” is information; accurate, credible and reliable information assessing the condition of HUD’s housing portfolio.
  • Developing MicroStrategy Reporting from IMS/PIC (DataMart that contains the PHAs Portfolio’s information) to accurately report and deliver the PASS Physical Inspections of all public housing piece from the National Level to the Public Housing Authority (PHA) detail-level to enforce all business rules and regulations to apply to PHA’s Final PHAS Score for both Un-Audited & Audited Release.
  • Developed next Generation Management System (NGMS): Portfolio and Risk Management Tool (PRMT). The Portfolio and Risk Management Tool (PRMT) architected provided a singular view of essential elements of program performance information used to make real-time business decisions including:
  • A centralized location for all program performance information;
  • A system that will allow for analysis at all levels of the program (i.e. national, state, congressional district, PHA)
  • Greater public transparency of HUD program performance;
  • An environment for reliable, consistent, data - driven analysis; and
  • A tool for improved program administration.
  • Lead a team to program, develop, and maintain the Performance Measurement Information System (PMIS), and supporting applications. The enterprise system allows TSA headquarters to collect and analyze mission critical performance, operational, and security information from over 450 airports and 14,000 users throughout the United States. The system consists of SQL Server databases, front-end web interfaces in ASP.NET, web services, mobile interfaces, desktop support applications, and ETL processes.
  • Worked on a large enterprise database used by over 450 federalize airports. The database consists of over 450 tables, 1500 stored procedures, collects millions of data records of data monthly, and has ETL processes transferring information into TSA’s Oracle data warehouse used for Business Intelligence reporting. Utilized best practices in database design by implementing keys, relationships, indexes, triggers, functions, views, and stored procedures to maximize database performance and data integrity.
  • Supported the request of custom reports and data extraction by using complex ad-hoc database queries and the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Tool. Created MicroStrategy Objects such as Reports, Dashboards, filters, and metrics. Many of these reports are used in presentations to Congress, press releases, and TSA headquarters/field airports to determine airport policies and operations. The MicroStrategy implementation used at the TSA was ranked by Computer World to be among the top 5 implementations of Business Intelligence, and saves the TSA over $100 million annually.
  • Built Intelligent Cubes and set them up for optimal complex document performance in need of 20,000,000+ records.
  • Gathered, analyzed, and documented functional and technical system requirements for enhancing existing application modules (Used enterprise manager).
  • Supported the performance optimization of data aggregation and real-time reporting (Analyzed SQL at run- time).
  • Coordinated the development and migration of new application capabilities for deployment into the production modules (Used object manager, system manager, and project merge).

Environment: Microstrategy v10.1, Oracle 10/11g, DataStage 9.1

Confidential, Mclean, VA

Sr. Business Intelligence Consultant


  • Architected and developed 36 dashboards and 69 reports that seemingly integrate and smoothly provide a user - friendly and easy to manipulate real estate engine that provides high-level overviews as well as detailed data.
  • Lead the implementation of one of the company's largest multi-retailer demand signal repository solutions for numerous Fortune 500 companies including PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Bayer, Heinz, Rubbermaid, Danone, Closet Maid, Kellogg's, Frito-Lays, Quakers and Nestl . Coordinate design reviews and validate that solutions meet requirements and service-level agreements.
  • Lead the Analytics and Data Integration teams to provide high levels of customer service and alignment between technology solutions and customer business goals and objectives. Solutions developed included: Identifying lost Sales opportunities, Promotion Execution, New Product Introduction, On- Shelf Availability, Exception Alerts.
  • Configured and prepared 2 MicroStrategy Mobile's iOS SDKs for integration with MobileIron.
  • Research and develop best practices in using business analytics to drive quantified business value.
  • Provide thought leadership by actively presenting solutions to identify gaps and address business needs.
  • Develop case studies capturing business value realized by customers.
  • Implemented solutions that housed over 60 different retailers and distributors point of sale, shipment and inventory data.

Environment: Microstrategy v9.4, Oracle 11g, SAS, Teradata, DB2

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Senior MicroStrategy Consultant


  • Audited the MicroStrategy environment and brought the application’s infrastructure back within compliance with the application’s license policies.
  • Configured the environment’s security to meet the client's requirements through developing and creating security roles and groups. In addition, through customizing individual user privileges.
  • Configured and connected a new intelligence server as the staging environment.
  • Successfully resolved numerous impediments to the SDLC by troubleshooting the intelligence servers’ configurations, the metadatas, and database connections (Oracle and Redshift).
  • Migrated all the application and schema objects as well as project source configurations throughout the SDLC using Project Merge as well as Object Manager. As an architect and developer, I have:
  • Pulled in new data warehouse tables as well as updated pre-existing ones.
  • Refined the environment by re-architecting attributes and facts and mapping them to the proper tables and table columns. Also, by rebuilding pre-existing metrics to ensure they display the correct values based on the required grain-levels.
  • Created various attributes, facts, hierarchies, transformations, table aliases, metrics, filters, and prompts for two complex dashboards.
  • Created a complex document dashboard per user requirement with multiple layouts, panel stacks, panels, selectors, grids, and graphs for a project. In addition, developed schema and application objects for another project.
  • Successfully performed troubleshooting on multiple reports and fixed them (through schema re-architecting, application objects re-developing, or re-configuring the VLDB settings).

Environment: Microstrategy v9.2, SQL SERVER 2008, Oracle 10g

Confidential, Arlington, VA

MicroStrategy Subject Matter Expert


  • Served as a MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Architect, Developer & Administrator. Responsibilities included analyzing & articulating complex system requirements, and subsequent development of reporting, analytical, and dashboard solutions for the Business intelligence (BI) platform spanning business domains across the Financial Consulting Firm.
  • Lead project management activities, such as scoping, estimating, planning to ensure critical milestones are met with high quality deliverables. Performed design, development, testing, validation, performance tuning and quality assurance activities of the individual business intelligence projects.
  • Served as an on call capacity to handle trouble shooting and other issues that arise when required during critical time - sensitive project deliverables.

Environment: MicroStrategy v9.2, SQL SERVER 2008

Confidential, Washington, DC

Sr. Business Intelligence Engineer


  • Developed highly visual dynamic Dashboards/ OLAP Report Services Documents that provided insight into Lead the implementation of one of the company's largest multi - retailer demand signal repository solutions for numerous Fortune 500 companies including PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Bayer, Heinz, Rubbermaid, Danone, Closet Maid, Kellogg's, Frito-Lays, Quakers and Nestl .
  • Lead the development of an inventory void tracking solution for a large consumer beverage company, resulting in the recapture of lost sales due to distribution voids across several retailers.
  • Oversaw the on-boarding and integration of extended offshore development teams, including the development of a new sprint based workflow process for capturing customer work, and assigning that work across a matrix team structure.

Environment: Microstrategy v8, v9.2 SQL SERVER 2008, Oracle 10g, Teradata, DB2, Informatica Power Center

Confidential, Tysons Corner, VA

Business Intelligence Support Engineer


  • Manage all technical aspects of MicroStrategy Business Intelligence implementation for high - visibility companies. Companies include Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Best Buy, E-Harmony and Guess.
  • Ensure the success of existing clients and cultivate relationships with prospective clients by highlighting value of MicroStrategy platform through customized demonstrations.
  • Facilitate the customer's continued familiarity and expertise using MicroStrategy software by: monitoring and supporting ongoing projects; solving business problems; delivering classes of up to 30 participants; driving innovation within the business unit.

Environment: MicroStrategy v8, v9.0.1, SQL SERVER 2005, Oracle 9g, Teradata, DB2, Sybase, MS Access

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