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Build And Release Engineer Resume



  • Talented and flexible, with strong analytical and technical skills.
  • Technically skilled dev ops engineering professional with solid history of solving business problems with leading edge technologies.
  • Demonstrate deep skills and experience, including extensive hands on experience working in AWS, software and application product support in production environments.
  • Highly motivated, a team player with excellent people and communication skills, contributing a keen understanding of source code management principles and systems, specifically GIT and branching strategies using GIT FLOW.
  • Oversee and maintain provisioning and managing software versions on servers, in addition to CI/CD pipelines, and producing AWS solutions.
  • Provisioning and Management of Software Versions / Integrating Code Quality Tools / CI/CD Pipelines and Build, Test, Deploy / Configure new Applications /
  • Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution /Dashboards


  • Ubuntu, Windows, Mac OSx
  • AWS, Microsoft Azure
  • SAP Business Objects, Informatica, Callidus TrueComp
  • Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Ansible
  • Ant, MAVEN, Jenkins, Artifactory, Nexus
  • Bash/Shell, Python, PowerShell, Groovy
  • ELK (Elastic Logstash and Kibana), Nagios, Splunk
  • GIT, SVN, TFS (Team Foundation Server)/VSTS/AZ DevOps Repo TFVC
  • Rally, Azure DevOps Boards, JIRA, Confluence, Junit
  • MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, oracle
  • AWS (cloud formation, cloud trail Cloud Watch, EC2, EBS, Elastic beanstalk, IAM, Security Groups, Ops Works, Route 53, S3, Cloud Front, Glacier, SQS, VPCs, Dynamo DB, Elastic Cache, Lambda)
  • Docker, Kubernetes


Build and Release Engineer

Confidential, Bellevue

Technical Scope: Jenkins, VSTS/Azure DevOps, Gitlab, Git flow, code quality tools (SonarQube, Fortify, Mob - SF in CI/CD pipes), code and configuration management tools (Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet), Kubernetes, Docker, Jira, Kibana


  • Created Jenkins server and building jobs delivering continuous automated builds predicated on polling the Git and integrating Git with Jenkins, employing Jenkins pipeline and multibranch pipeline.
  • Automated repetitive tasks, rapidly deploying critical applications, and proactively managing changes, employing Ansible as Configuration management tool.
  • Oversaw GIT branching strategy in alignment with GIT FLOW branching strategy.
  • Employed Kubernetes and Docker for runtime environments for CI/CD system in build, test, and deploy. Oversaw Kubernetes charts using Helm.
  • Created multiple dashboards for different types of metrics in Kibana.
  • Packaged JARs and WARs into PM employing spec file and uploaded into Jfrog artifactory server.
  • Developed Grafana monitoring dashboard for CICD build pipeline to integrate with Jenkins application and fetch the data for total build count, sonar scans, fortify scans, maven builds and deployment builds.
  • Executed AWS solutions employing EC2, S3, LAM, RDS, EBS, Elastic Load balancer, auto-scaling groups, VPC to provision secure build, highly scalable and flexible systems handling expected and unexpected load bursts.
  • Configured S3 versioning and lifecycle policies to and backup and archive files in Glacier.
  • Delivered daily build and deployments in pre-prod and production environments.
  • Created additional Docker Slave Nodes for Jenkins employing custom Docker Images; launched docker containers using Puppet.
  • Expertise in using Microsoft Azure including Azure CLI, Azure Management, Azure Porta, Azure PowerShell, CloudMonix, Azure Management PowerShell Cmdlets.
  • Configured MobSF security framework for iOS app, Fortify and SonarQube for Android.



Technical Scope: Jenkins, subversion, Docker container and Docker file, MAVEN, AWS, VPC, EC2, S3, Glacier, EBS, Cloud Watch, IAM, SNS, Route 53, ELB, RDS, EC2, subnet, security groups Elastic IP, Linux, RedHat, Windows.


  • Built and configured Docker container employing Docker file.
  • Utilized MAVEN as build tools on java projects, creating build of artifacts on source code.
  • Launching AWS services (VPC, EC2, S3, Glacier, EBS, Cloud Watch, IAM, SNS, Route 53, ELB, RDS, Network related task setup of VPC, subnet, route table, Security Groups, Elastic IP.
  • Constructed and released Ec2 instances Amazon Linux, RedHat, and Windows for POC, development and production environment.

Graduate Assistant


Technical Scope: Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, LabView, sql, Accessibility


  • Developed Algorithms using National Instruments LabView, assisted in research on CTFM (Continuous Transmission Frequency Modulation) test in robots.

DevOps Engineer


Technical Scope: Ansible, Github, Change Management, Oracle sql, Linux, Shell script, Nagios, Jenkins, Callidus TrueComp


  • Supported applications and resolved daily operational issues via ticketing tool (requests for change, incident management and standard service request).
  • Automated manual process in operations (migrations, database restores, and upgrades). Executed code in Hotfix and Upgrade into live environment.
  • Contributed to build, development/pre-production/production adhering to compliance standards and client criteria; employed Nagios to monitor, identify, and resolve infrastructure problems.
  • Scheduled and executed change requests and incidents, resolving production outages.

Technical Product Support Engineer


Technical Scope: Informatica, Crystal Reports, MySQL database, Callidus TrueComp


  • Organized product engineering teams in prioritizing bug fixes, change request, liaise with cross-functional and 3rd party teams analyzing and solving customer issues.

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