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Chief Technology Officer (cto) Resume

Washington, DC


  • Cutting - Edge Innovation/ Leadership/ Strategic Vision/ Execution/ Process Improvement Program Management
  • Results-driven, Innovative and motivated executive with a proven track record of leading organizations.
  • Extensive experience with C Level leadership at the national level intelligence center - Confidential that comprises of 28 Law Enforcement departments & agencies.
  • Comprehensive experience in senior-level leadership of advanced information systems and cutting-edge emerging technologies , industry standards and best practices in both commercial and Federal government.
  • Certified IT professional with 19 years of hands-on IT experience in all aspects of software engineering lifecycle, IT security, financial management, resource management, project management, process management and risk management.
  • Proven thought leader and skilled in structuring strong high performance teams to drive innovation .


Languages: Java, C, C#, Groovy, XML, UML, HTML-4/5, SQL, WSDL, JSP and AngularJS.

Distributed Technologies: WebServices (JSON, BSON, REST & SOAP)

GIS: ESRI, Google Maps & Bing Maps.

Internet Applications: JMS, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Grails, Tiles.

Web Application Server: Weblogic, JBoss, ATG Dynamo, Tomcat, TomEE, LifeRay, IIS.

IDE: Visual Studio, Netbeans, JBuilder, Toad, MyEclipse, Eclipse, RAD, STS and IntelliJ.

Methodologies: Agile, Extreme Programming, Kanban, SAFE and CMMI.

Scripting Languages: ReactJS, JQuery, AJAX, Ext.js, DOJO, TinyMCE and AngularJS.

Markup Languages: HTML5, CSS3, XSL, XML, DHTML, SAML, LEXS and JHTML.

Version Control Tools: Atlassian, GIT, Jira, Bamboo, Rational, CVS, Jazz, SVN & MS-TFS.

Database Servers/Protocols: Hadoop, Oracle, Sybase, MSQL, JDBC, ODBC and DBCP

Operating Systems: UNIX (Solaris, Linux), CentOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, AWS


PKI tools: OpenSSO, Keytool, CertUtil, Encryption Algorithms, AWS KMS

Identity Management: Sun Access Manager, WSO2, Oracle Access Manager, AWS IAM.


Confidential, Washington, DC

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


  • Architected a hybrid multi-tenant cloud-hosting platform, which provides interoperability between AWS and Azure government clouds.
  • Collaborated with USCIS, USPTO and CIA to migrate cloud best practices and Continuous integration/ Continuous Deployment pipeline to the US Courts infrastructure.
  • Authored operational cloud requirements, which led to the procurement action for the most strategic cloud platform to be hosted within judiciary.
  • Led multiple Research & Development efforts to develop artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing modules to be consumed across probation courts.
  • Authored multiple implementation plans to support containerization and provide scalable solutions across the entire US Judiciary.
  • Architected and managed the container orchestration leveraging OpenShift to ensure scalability, availability, performance and security to support the US judiciary.
  • Presented National Briefs at the annual judiciary conferences to outline the technological direction of the Judiciary and the adoption of best practices as part of my recommended migration strategy.
  • Authored the technical roadmap for the program and leveraged serverless AWS footprint using Lambda functions with a scalable micro-service architecture.
  • Designed and architected for the entire AWS infrastructure for the target GMM platform to ensure an agile Continuous Integration (CI)/ Continuous Deployment (CD).

Environment: Maven, Atlassian - Jira, Confluence, Stash, GIT, Spring Boot, Azure, Akamai Amazon Web Services, Cloud architecture, ReactJS, Hadoop, Kafka, Micro-service architecture, Jenkins, Vert.x, lucidChart, Eclipse Oxygen, S3, EC2, Kubernetes, OpenShift, DynamoDB, VPC, VPG, IAM, DMS.

DEA Section Chief/ Chief Information Officer

Confidential, El Paso, TX


  • Implemented proven design patterns and cutting edge technology stacks while architecting Confidential ’s technical platform. With these modernization efforts, I was able to successfully transform my directorate as the only Innovation Section within the entire DEA.
  • I was invited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission to provide mentoring to the Australian law enforcement teams in Canberra by sharing with them the technological best practices that I have implemented in my organization.
  • Nominated as one of the 4 core members of the White House led Steering Technical Advisory Committee.
  • Provided numerous executive briefings to high-level audiences ranging from senators, C-level leadership, congressional delegates, department heads, large conferences and the White House Situation Room.
  • Pioneered both Agile development methodology and Agile Enterprise Architecture approach within Confidential to streamline the development process.
  • Designed and architected the modernization effort for the Confidential portal and delivered a cutting edge mobile ready portal in a record time of just 2 months.
  • Implemented high-grade security architecture by leveraging PKI infrastructure facilitated through high government grade encryption algorithms.
  • After successfully convincing the HIDTA Directors about the cost advantage of migrating SAFETNet to Confidential, I successfully orchestrated the migration of those de-confliction instances to Confidential .
  • Collaborated with external de-confliction organizations like Regional Information Sharing System (RISS) and Washington Baltimore HIDTA to integrate their respective backend systems with SAFETNet using the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) standards. The integration effort was a huge success and now provides enhanced officer safety throughout the nation.
  • Designed and architected a DOJ wide SaaS implementation to facilitate the hosting of software services on a DEA hosted private cloud.
  • Deployed the first Identity Credential Access Management (ICAM) System in the Confidential using standards defined by Program Manager of Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE) Office, which provided enhanced security and meets compliance standards for FICAM and HSPD-12.
  • DEA administrator recognized my accomplishments and provided me the opportunity to present my accomplishments right after her opening speech at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).
  • In order to support high availability, I architected the network and Infrastructure COOP leveraging the world’s largest web content distribution network.
  • After successfully delivering a highly secure external facing platform for Confidential, I was entrusted to lead the development of DEA’s overall Internet Facing Architecture.
  • Developed and launched the user provisioning system - UAM and had it integrated with the ICAM solution. This modernization effort significantly streamlined the user provisioning process for Confidential users.
  • Integrated the Confidential portal with Akamai’s edge computing platform to enhance security and performance. This integration laid the groundwork to federate with other law enforcement partners.
  • I successfully architected the integration efforts with Confidential - HSIN and FBI - LEEP to federate with the Confidential portal for more effective law enforcement information sharing.
  • Led Confidential ’s IT security to reach the DOJ’s highest security rating amongst all of the 40 DOJ programs.
  • Identified and coordinated the implementation of DEA’s first in-memory reporting capability and integrating the capability with Confidential ’s portal, Geospatial Intelligence System (GIS) and mission critical applications.
  • Architected DEA’s first fully integrated GIS platform that was recognized by the commercial industry and presented me with the International Special Achievement Award.
  • Initiated the first internship program at Confidential and made alliances with the major educational institutions to attract the best local talent.
  • Presented Confidential ’s new set of capabilities at numerous national and international level conferences and meetings to encourage reusability and promote law enforcement officers to leverage Confidential ’s modernized capabilities to meet their operational requirements.
  • Architected DEA’s first private mobile app store, which will provision mobile applications managed through the Mobile Device Management/ Mobile Application Management.
  • Architected the modernized National Seizure System with mobile ready capability that also included the ability to record seizures leveraging a WebGL API based 3-Dimensional interactive user interface.
  • Designed Confidential ’s first configuration management platform with automated continuous integration build processes and leveraged multiple architectural patterns including reactive (Self Monitoring, Self Growing, Self Healing) and strangler design patterns.
  • Designed and architected Confidential 's first Big Data Analytical solution with state of the art technological capabilities.

Environment: TomEE, JBoss, IIS, Spring, ESRI/Google maps, Maven, Atlassian - Jira, Confluence, Stash, GIT, Visual Studio, Spring MVC, Spring Workflows, LifeRay, Akamai, Sharepoint, Cloud architecture, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, PTS, PIN, P2PE, Appcelerator, Qlik, AngularJS, WSO2, Unity modeling, LEXS, NIEM, Hadoop, Redis, Accumulo, Solr, Zookeeper, Docker, Splunk, Containerization.

Software Architect/ Team Lead/ Contracting Officer Representative

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Led the complete design, development and deployment of various Confidential custom application development engagements including Confidential ’s financial management system - Future Years Homeland Security Program (FYHSP), Management Business Intelligence Tool (MBIT), component specific - Web Content Management as a Service (WCMaaS), USCIS-SelfCheck, Confidential ’s Agile Configuration Management Platform and many other mission critical Confidential applications.
  • Chaired the Technical Working Group at Confidential HQ to identify technical initiatives with Confidential components and to determine the most optimal development course for those business requirements.
  • Chaired the Agile Working Group at Confidential HQ to align the Agile methodology with existing business process in the Federal Government. As a result of my efforts, I was able to align the lifecycle of all 33 successfully delivered Confidential projects to the Agile methodology.
  • Led the design and development of the Identity, Credentials, and Access Management (ICAM) initiative for the Cyber Security &Communications - Network Security Deployment (NSD) unit.
  • Implemented security controls across multiple Confidential networks and application fabrics, leveraging PKI encryption and edge platform security.
  • Led and managed the modernization and development effort for Confidential ’s CyberScope application, which is a web-based application that allows all federal agencies to provide monthly security and vulnerability data feeds.
  • Designed and developed the Confidential HQs SaaS platform to be leveraged across all 16 Confidential components.
  • Led the effort to identify and develop the Cross Domain Solutions across the different Confidential classification fabrics.
  • Collaborated with Applied Physics Lab - John Hopkins University in the identification of the most optimal technology stack for the various cyber security initiatives.
  • Proactively worked with the risk management team to identify any project risks and proposed remediation plans for the identified risks.
  • Partnered with component heads by representing Confidential HQs at the Confidential Agile Working Group to draft the Agile development roadmap. As a result of these efforts the team was able to finally deliver the roadmap to the Confidential CIO.
  • Developed multiple Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) to identify the most optimal technological solution and worked with the budget office with the procurement process of these multi-million dollar acquisitions.
  • Worked with numerous Confidential components with their migration effort to the Confidential Public Cloud at DC1 and DC2. Based on the feedback received, I actively worked with the cloud vendor to ensure the most optimal deployment of the virtualized development platform.
  • Led development teams to establish robust enterprise architecture and manage delivery of the software modules in the private/public cloud.
  • Led the design and development of common components for cross cutting concerns like logging, security and exception handling.
  • Spearheaded the deployment of the IBM Rational Application Lifecycle Management Jazz suite to support the Agile methodology within the department.
  • Authored and reviewed various SELC/ Agile document deliverables for software projects.
  • Led and represented the department in efforts for base lining Agile Development standards for projects.
  • Configured continuous integration using Rational Build Engine to automate deployments, security scans to various different environments.
  • Led the mobile development effort for the Confidential HQ to in corporate security scans as part of the mobile deployment process through continuous integration and partnered with external departments like FAA and GSA so they can leverage the reusable service.

Environment: JBoss, IIS, Grails, Spring, Microsoft Bing maps, Gradle, Rational Jazz, SpringSource Tool Suite, Visual Studio, Spring MVC, HIPAA, Spring Workflows, Drupal, Akamai, Sharepoint, CRM, Cloud architecture, PhoneGap, Sencha, TLS, PKI, OTP, SAML, IAM.

Confidential, McLean, VA

Associate/ Chief Architect/Program Manager


  • Chaired the project Architecture Working Group and coordinated with Confidential architecture for compliance.
  • Led the team to successfully overcome the complex integration involved with the distributed project architecture.
  • In my effort to optimize performance, I spearheaded the design and development of Spring web services for JUnit test cases, which will determine the performance throughput of the application and identify potential latency points.
  • Led the automation of workflows through the development of WebSphere Process Server (WPS) Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) workflows using JDBC adaptors.
  • In order to achieve robust application integration, I orchestrated the desktop Single Sign On (SSO) for the RAMP application using Kerberos and also configured the WPS SSO using Lightweight Third Party Authentication (LTPA) managed through the DataPower appliance. As part of the integration effort, I was also able deliver the Oracle OBIEE SSO through data-sources.
  • I authored various SDLC deliverables like the System Design Documents, Version Description Document etc. to ensure process compliance.
  • Designed and developed project automation through continuous integration using Cruise Control and Hudson.
  • Integrated ESRI GIS functionality within the enterprise application to support Confidential HSIP data map layers and leveraged the geo-coding service provided by ESRI to geo-code Confidential address data.
  • Led the Access Management task and provided the security architecture to Joint Chief of Staff applications.
  • Led the configuration of the Single Sign On (SSO) initiative for all Joint Chief of Staff mission critical infrastructure by leveraging the Sun Access Manager suite.
  • Accomplished complete integration with Joint Chief of Staff mission critical systems by federating Access Manager with Microsoft Active Directory and Sun Directory Server 6.0.
  • Led the effort of designing and developing the JTP data move module for the JTIMS application, using the underlying Spring and Hibernate framework.
  • Leveraged the Agile scrum stories to provide an accurate level of effort and provided team members the best practices of detailing user stories.

Environment: J2EE, Sun Access Manager 7, Policy Agent 2.2, Weblogic 10, IIS 6, Tomcat, Eclipse, Sun Directory Server, OpenSSO,, Oracle 10, MySQL. JBoss, Hibernate, Struts, Spring, Acegi, JMS, IntelliJ.

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