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Project Lead And Lead Consultant Resume


  • Project Implementation Manager/Consultant with extensive experience in the SAP ASAP methodology along with functional and technical expertise in ( MM) Materials Management, (WM) Warehouse Management including SAP Console, (PP) Production Planning, (SD) Sales and Distribution, (QM) Quality Management, Project System (PS), Plant Maintenance, (PM), and (FI/CO) Finance in SAP R/3. I have successfully managed six successful full - cycle implementation projects, primarily in the consumer products, chemical, public sector, and high tech manufacturing sectors. Overall SAP experience is 17 years.
  • I consider myself to be a highly motivated and proactive individual who possess’ strong supervisory and motivational skills.
  • I have extensive knowledge in most applications of SAP R/3 and also exhibit various technical skills such as the ability to write ABAP code, ABAP Query, LSMW, and SAP Script .
  • The combination of both functional and technical skills, combined with proven upper level management experience makes me a rare and valuable find in this industry.
  • Order to Cash Team Lead responsible for a full life cycle implementation of SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 for 10 distinct operating units.
  • Responsible for managing 8 order to cash consultants during this engagement.
  • Lead SAP consultant responsible for implementation of Purchasing, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Sales and Distribution, Quality Management, Project System, Production Planning, and limited Finance/Controlling on 3.1, 4.0, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 systems.
  • Project Implementation Manager responsible for implementing SD, MM, PP, PM FI, CO, WM and SAP Console on various ERP implementation projects.
  • Project Implementation Manager responsible for supervising project teams with 5 to 20 consultants.
  • Lead configuration specialist specializing in MM, WM, and SAPConsole.
  • Configuration specialist in other modules including SD, PS, PP, PM, QM, FI/CO, and SRM.
  • Experienced in product costing integration within production planning.
  • Technical skill set includes: SAPscript, ABAP query, ABAP code, report writer and report painter
  • Lead LSMW analyst responsible for material master, bill of materials, routings, customer master, pricing, vendors, purchasing info records, qualitative and quantitative characteristics, and inspection plans.



Project Lead and Lead Consultant


  • Lead consultant responsible for the overall architecture of a web based preventative maintenance system with real time integration into SAP.
  • Real time creation of notifications from the Department of Facilities website.
  • Main systems architect in redesigning the overall preventative maintenance procedures for the CSG division of MIT.
  • Mass upload of task lists and maintenance plans
  • Implementation of maintenance strategies and packages.
  • Responsible for the creation and execution of the project cutover plan.
  • Responsible for the preventative maintenance solution for the Central Utilities Plant on campus. Solution includes new functional location design, new equipment master design, and overall end to end business process redefinitions.


Sales and Operations/Finite Scheduling Project Lead


  • Responsible for overall design and architecture of a custom master production scheduling system.
  • Development includes dashboard design, custom Z tables, production order sequencing logic user exit, custom production line assignment, and enhanced MRP procedures.
  • Responsible for the design of capacity planning and finite scheduling master production scheduling items.
  • Lead configurator for material requirements planning, master production scheduling, and capacity management.
  • Planning strategy configuration an implementation for make to stock, make to order, and planning materials.


Production Planning / Materials Management / Sales and Distribution Architect


  • Responsible for system review with the goal of making existing business processes more efficient using standard configuration from within the system.
  • Work center, routing, and product cost review for a newly established US based manufactured product.
  • Process improvements include: quality inspection for incoming receipts, repair order processing leveraging existing production design and customer return functionality, production order work in process analysis using standard reporting, inclusion of intercompany stock transport orders with the focus of transfer pricing and inventory-in-transit, vendor return process, customer material information records for unique customer requirements, available to promise review for produced and saleable product, automatic purchase order creation and elimination of unnecessary steps in the procurement process thru ABAP automation.

Confidential, Wilmington, MA

Order To Cash Team Lead and Senior Materials Management Consultant


  • Responsible and accountable for entire order to cash process flow for 10 operating units within Charles River. This consisted of numerous interfaces to legacy scientific systems, a highly customized order entry system used to sell a live/growing product, and complex distribution and packing requirements.
  • Responsible for all project planning and resource assignments for the order to cash team
  • Lead system architect for all abap custom development for a highly customized business unit at Charles River.
  • Configured output types for intercompany processing accomplishing intercompany sales EDI integration for triangular sales in stock transport orders.
  • Lead system architect for procurement and inventory management processes. This consisted of an interface design to an e-procurement system, Sci-Quest, along with a customized inventory management system designed for a live/growing product.
  • Major contributor in the development of all intercompany and intra-company solutions. The end result was the ability to automatically reconcile intercompany receivables and payables.
  • Assisted in the design and development of purchasing release strategies using characteristics.
  • Lead system architect for all distribution processes and solutions.
  • Configured automatic packing determination using packing instruction functionality for all material master records
  • Configured new delivery types for a customized inter-company solution.
  • Configured materials management organizational structure for the entire company.
  • Configured and designed subcontracting and vendor consignment procurement strategies.
  • Created numerous new movement types with new account grouping codes ensuring financial integration.
  • Responsible for material master characteristic development
  • Configured SD material determination to in order to implement a customized ATP solution.

Confidential, Lexington, MA

Project Implementation Manager, Lead Project System, Materials Management, Warehouse Management Consultant, Lead ABAP Consultant, and Lead Data Conversion Consultant


  • Created a project organizational structure needed to support the implementation of a complicated engineering/design fabrication process for an organization of greater than 100 people.
  • Created project implementation plan to support project milestones.
  • Responsible for the creation of the system design document used for the implementation of project system, materials management, and warehouse management.
  • Lead configuration specialist for project system (network orders), materials management, and warehouse management.
  • Other implementation specifics included IBASE design, batch management, batch management search strategies, material master classification, all LSMW related activities, form designs and labels, and hand held Symbol gun configuration.
  • Implemented Bill of Material Transfer within network orders that allowed for the control of hundreds of electrical components
  • Created new movement types to satisfy unique output determination requirements.
  • Implement serialization profiles for fabricated products.
  • Serialization profiles were customized to specific movement types.
  • Configured and implemented all warehouse management processes within SAP.
  • Configured and designed all work centers and prototyped a capacity planning model for the group.
  • Configured all output determination in MM and WM.
  • Created all label forms used on Intermec printers for kitting
  • Configured a unique kitting process for electrical components
  • Configured user status profiles assigned to network orders.
  • Created all LSMW routines for material master creation, initial inventory balance on the inventory management side, and initial balances for warehouse management
  • Compared and contrasted production orders vs. network orders
  • Integrated network order procurement with the SRM team.
  • Wrote all ABAP operation reports including a custom scheduling report by work center.

Confidential, Danvers, MA

Supply Chain rollout of vendor consignment, Production Support


  • Implemented an improved just in time scheduling agreement process for the automotive division of Osram.
  • Designed a finished goods vendor consignment model for the largest division (General Lighting) within Osram.
  • Designed stock determination rules as part of vendor consignment.
  • Developed a blueprint document, project plan, resource plan, and contingency plan for the implementation of vendor consignment.
  • Resolved numerous production support issues covering materials management, sales and distribution, warehouse management, and abap.


Director of Professional Services


  • Responsible for the development of a professional services organization from the ground up.
  • Successfully generated services revenue from $0 to over 1.5 million in less than 2 years.

Confidential, Newton, MA

Project Manager, Lead MM configuration analyst, and Lead data conversion specialist


  • Responsible for the overall implementation of 3 major manufacturing facilities. Modules included Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Production Planning, Quality Management, Plant Maintenance, Finance and Controlling, Product Costing, and Profitability Analysis.
  • Project team consisted of 50 full time team members from the client and 10 consultants.
  • Responsible for rolling out the ASAP implementation methodology that consisted of the business blueprint, business process master list creation, development of integration scenarios, BPP’s, playbacks, and data conversion simulation.
  • Also responsible for the materials management module that included: stock transport orders, subcontracting, external operations from material routings in production, vendor consignment, and release strategies.
  • Responsible for all data conversions including: material masters, bill of materials, routings, customer masters, pricing, customer material records, characteristics, inspection plants, and inventory balances.
  • Assisted in the development of the production planning module utilizing planning with final assembly, make to stock and make to order production strategies. This design also included various batch search strategies utilizing the classification system.
  • Assisted in the development of the quality management module.
  • Team lead in the Sales and Distribution module focused on supporting the overall distribution process. Activities included: delivery setup for stock transport orders, limited pricing setup, output determination and form development, and batch splitting functionality.

Confidential, Armonk, NY

Customer Engagement Manager, Lead functional analyst supporting SD, MM, PP, FI/CO


  • Managed support infrastructure for Fonda and Confidential .
  • Responsible for day to day post go live issues supporting all relevant modules.
  • Redesigned customer backorder process after go live.
  • Re-configured consumption based planning after go live in order to support sales and operations planning.
  • Identified and resolved incorrect cost element setup that resulted in being able to generate proper plant profit and loss statements.
  • Created numerous ABAP query reports covering SD, MM, PP modules.

Confidential, Enfield, CT

Project Implementation Manager and Lead SD, MM, FI/CO, QM, ABAP Query Consultant


  • Supervising a project team of 4 consultants to implement WM, SAP Console, and upgrade from 4.5B to 4.7.
  • Consultant responsible for all WM and SAP Console configuration.
  • Configuration included the following: entire WM configuration, entire sapscript development (numerous labels, etc), all SAPConsole configuration, authorizations, wireless printer setup, Georgia and softworks telnet configuration.
  • Configuration also included all data conversion efforts utilizing LSMW. Object converted included Material master, WM storage bins, IM stock and WM stock.
  • Provide post go-live and helpdesk support
  • Successfully configured material determination module for over 100 products.
  • Created various report painter/report writer reports.
  • Configured a new customer consignment process covering sales, pricing, sapscript, distribution, warehouse management, and billing modules. This entire process was configured and completed by myself.
  • Configured various new business processes for this account including a non valuated stock business process for a subsidiary company.
  • Configured a new inter company billing process and accounts payable process.
  • This configuration included: revenue account determination, MM account determination, new movement types created, new schedule lines, user exit functionality in SD (SAPMV45A).
  • This configuration allowed my client to recognize inter company revenue, cost of sales, AR, and AP by customer and vendor.
  • Configured a new discounted inventory process leveraging my knowledge of SD, MM, and finance. Specific configuration included the following:
  • New plant and warehousing organizational structure (warehouse number, storage types, etc)
  • Data conversion completed using LSMW. Objects included: Material masters, Quality management master inspection plans, IM stock load, and WM stock loads.

Confidential, Billerica, MA

Project Implementation Manager


  • Initial ERP project included a rollout of 10 sites in the US, Canada and Spain. Supervised 7 consultants in FI/CO, SD, MM, ABAP and Basis.
  • Provided post go-live and helpdesk support.
  • Project completed on-time and under budget
  • Lead authorization consultant responsible for creating roles and composite roles for three companies.
  • Lead consultant responsible for the development of all SAPscript forms. (Sales order, Invoice, purchase order, AR invoice)
  • Configured the purchasing module for all three company codes.
  • Configured all output determination for SD, MM, and FI.
  • Assisted in the configuration of Vertex.
  • Configured the sales module for UK, France, Mexico.
  • Conducted Global Rollout strategy meetings in France, Germany, UK, and Switzerland.
  • Focal points included US GAAP reporting, worldwide chart of accounts, consolidation, and global supply chain management initiatives.

Confidential, Cambridge, MA

Practice Manager, Consulting Manager


  • Supervised twenty consultants on the project. This project was the first MarketSet project in the World.
  • MOM (Marketset order management), EBP(enterprise buyer professional), BW, Content Engine - Catalog S/W, SAP Business Connector
  • Project included over 50 buyers, 15 suppliers who participated in the exchange.
  • Configuration support analyst for the SRM product.
  • Project funded by Georgia Pacific, International Paper, and Weyerhaeuser.

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