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Data Science Analyst/admin Resume


Results - driven Senior Solutions Architect with extensive experience in spearheading the management, design, development, implementation and testing of IT solutions. extensive background in the HealthCare industry. Highly skilled with data warehousing, data mining and analytics. Adept at working with management to prioritize activities and achieve defined project objectives including Big Data initiatives. Able to effectively translate business requirements into technical solutions .


  • Database Architecture T - SQL/PLSQL Coding Oracle 11g/12c
  • LEAN/ SIX SIGMA MongoDB, Cassandra Server 2008/MSSQL
  • Agile Methodology Java, Python, Splunk SPL, .NET/C# Vulnerability Assessment
  • SAP/HANA Apache Hadoop Ecosystem AWS, AZURE, GCP
  • ETL/Data Processing Data Visualization/Statistics Big Data/MapR Cluster Admin
  • Power BI/Tableau/QlikView R/Python - ML/Predictive/Modeling Celonis/JDA



Data Science Analyst/Admin


  • Implement a Scrum platform and drive data initiatives to design solutions around proper inventory management.
  • Develop applications to move data from systems like Teradata, SAP Hana, JDA and SQL Server and process as needed using ETL tools and programming languages based on desired construct and data manipulation requirements - SQL, R, Python or DAX, Java, .NET, VBA
  • Identify and document high-level requirements for implementation
  • Map future state of a problem set solution and ensure that the system/solution meet business and user requirements while remaining compliant to organizations’ policies and mission
  • Support data extractions for the Data Science team to use in machine learning, data mining, natural language processing, signal processing, sensors and electronics, probabilistic inference, and/or computational statistics for the designed computational algorithms/Models and data visualization tools.
  • Involve in model design for Material Replenishment Planning stressing on re-order parameters; Safety stock and Planning horizon, Demand variability, Demand forecast
  • Devise mechanisms to better measure customer satisfaction from surveys
  • Design dashboards for mid/upper management in Power BI and deploy them to the Server shared across the organization. Also design other specific reports in Tableau and QlikView to be shared in PowerPoint slides and PDFs or organization report server.

Data Architect, Team Lead, Corrective Maintenance

Confidential, Eden Prairie, MN


  • Provided technical expertise and created software design proposals for upcoming components ensuring on-time delivery of all solutions are within budget leading to an increase in monthly productivity by 23%.
  • Led successful data initiatives, exploring all business data sources to determine convergence, redundancy and source of truth, and creating opportunities to yield business values; Hired and trained resources in the space as needed.
  • Actively took part in ServiceNow, MapR and Cloud based integration projects with other platforms like Tableau and Salesforce, for reporting capabilities.
  • Drove Enterprise SPLUNK design and implementation initiatives based on its common information model and security architecture, and managed Dashboards, Reports, Lookup Tables, and Summary Indexes that effectively correlated, analyzed and reported on processed events.

Team Lead - Sr. IT DevOps Tech

Confidential, Minnetonka, MN


  • Managed prototyping efforts and designed solutions to solve complex data problems using illustrations like FDDs, DFDs and other tools as needed, and incorporating upper-Case Tools for ER Diagrams, Structured Charts, Decision tables and Decision trees to address process capabilities and centeredness.
  • Downstream applications’ performance increase by 41% from benchmark.
  • Designed and Led the LOOKBACK offline file batch reprocessing process for member biometric data to trigger rewards in the backend, balancing/restoring enrolled member UI account within plan year.
  • Involved in the design of Workflows and data pipelines for Data collection, Data Lake Security, Big Data MapReduce job modules, ETL jobs, data visualizations and reporting, as well as other analytic requirements to enable data ingestion, compute and fault tolerance. Also worked on SSAS Data models on Azure with Visual Studio and SQL Server Data Tools extension.
  • Led a team of five onshore resources and served as a senior resource to six offshore team members in client on-boarding space.

Data Analyst

Confidential, Plymouth/Golden Valley, MN


  • Owned Data mapping, loading and integration efforts as well as monthly deployments for client configurations and testing.
  • Kept defect count lower that 3.4 defects per million per monthly deployment.
  • Reduced run time of weekend ETL job from 20 hours to 7 hours night job, enabling near real time data resync and saving on resource monitoring hourly cost.
  • Led change management efforts to capture changes in client’s release document to be implemented in production databases, enabling data driven design.
  • Actively involved in defining the implementation solution for projects related to Data Management, Acquisition, Ingestion, Standardization, Enrichment projects to provide end to end reporting and analytics capabilities as needed.
  • Enhanced SQL queries for DB tuning purposes; built data processing modules; performed data clean up and evaluated new analytic tools and methodologies for deployment enhancement to recommend to the business while constantly reviewing data models to ease workflow

Confidential, Bloomington, MN

IT Project Architect


  • Led innovation projects in IT Infrastructure and Telecommunication with software and hardware/Vendor recommendations, analyzing emerging technologies and the potential application in working environment and promoting solution concepts to technical teams as well as C-level executives.
  • Lessons learned eased the replicated implementation in four other locations worldwide.
  • With thorough understanding of middleware, groupware and client/server model, built code-behind reports in SQL Server Business Intelligence, Report builder, and deployed to report server with scheduling options while also creating Office automation programs in VBA, Python and ASP.NET, MS Visual Studio, ASP.NET, REST and SAP solutions.
  • Managed repositories in Quick Base web server, doc uploads and setup logical access controls for internal and external users - also maintained web linked servers, excel linked servers and other DB linked servers on MS SQL Server 2008 and 2012, facilitating ERD reverse engineering with DDL.
  • Led change management efforts to capture changes in client’s release document to be implemented in production databases, enabling data driven design.

QuickBase Programmer & Administrator (DBA)



  • Led a group of four core DBA’s and two APPS DBA’s responsible for the day-to-day operations on our environments.
  • Submitted a downtime schedule to the business to balance the extremely high availability of our clusters and avoid setting it as an expected standard.
  • The schedule quickly became a norm.
  • Led efforts for testing - mimicking/replicating test environments with production data for data mining, and to ensure testing is carried out as needed, supporting business decisions.
  • Scheduled jobs (scheduled task, DB job, Cron) on Windows Server 2008, MS SQL Server Management Studio and other Unix-like Oss, and scripted T-SQL/PLSQL queries and stored procedures for ETL routines.
  • Managed SharePoint sites for MSP region and setup distribution lists and automatic alerts to recipients for specific documents uploads; Monitored site administration

Confidential, Eagan, MN

Associate Engineer


  • Supported and maintained systems in our DEV Environment.
  • Regular maintenance/upgrades performed enhanced our systems’ and applications’ longevity and dependability to an additional seven months past migration/decommission cut-off dates.
  • Involved in the planning, configuration, and testing of new installations and regular maintenance
  • Determined environment problems and provided operational support, troubleshooting reported issues.
  • Provided daily support to the DEV and Support teams in setting up their software environments and also designed in-house automation tools to aid our processes and functional team functions while incorporating industry standard logical security access controls.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

SQL Developer / Programmer


  • Designed queries to answer business problems and for validate processes.
  • Was able to automate tasks that cut back 19 hours/week and avoid rework.
  • Wrote, reviewed and optimized queries used in the back end.
  • Designed database tables to enhance current data architecture while working with application developers to create optimized queries.
  • Programmed views, stored procedures, and functions to support business requirements.

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