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Big Data Engineer Resume

Dallas, TexaS


Over twenty years of progressive Data Warehouse experience in database administration and programming of financial, costing, human resource, and operations applications using Teradata Tools & Utilities, DB2, ORACLE Management Console, Vertica, TOAD for ORACLE, GQL, BI Query, HOLOS, AtanaSuite, Erwin, COBOL, Smalltalk, Informatica, Business Object, Netvault, Linux CentOS, Linux Redhat 7.5, Hadoop Apache, structured programming and design techniques in both batch and on - line environments.


Hardware: IBM 3090, UNIX (MP-RAS, AIX), DEC, VAX/MVS, OS/2, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Client/Server, Windows XP, NCR3600, NCR4700, NCR4800/4850, NCR5100, NCR5250, NCR5380, NCR5400, Dell PowerEdge R720xd.

Software: COBOL II, DB2, Teradata V2R3, Teradata V2R4, Teradata V2R5, Teradata V11.0 - V14.1, Micro Focus Cobol II, SQL/QMF, IMS/DLI,C, C++, Assembly Language, MVS/JCL, TSO/ISPF, VSAM, SPF/2, File-Aid, SAS, Erwin ERX 3.5.2, Erwin ERX 4.2, Erwin ERX 9.1, Teradata Tools & Utilities 7.0 - 14.1, GQL, BI Query, HOLOS, Smalltalk, Pinecone, BEZ, Netvault 7.0/7.1/7.3, Informatica 7.1.2, ORACLE 9i, Business Object, Teradata Miner, AtanaSuite Pro 2015 V13.1, Vertica V6.1 - V9.0, Ambari, Hadoop Apache, MySQL 7.6, MySQL router 8.0, Snowflake.


Confidential, Dallas, Texas

Big Data Engineer


  • Central Point of Contact (POC) for Data questions for a specific subject area.
  • Works closely with Solution Architects and Development teams to introduce new data sources and address and resolve data issues.
  • Mentors and provides data insights to others in work area.
  • Coordinates across multiple departments. Uses Big Data programming languages and technology, writes code, completes programming and documentation, and performs testing and debugging of applications.
  • Analyzes, designs, programs, debugs and modifies software enhancements and/or new products used in distributed, large scale analytics and visualization solutions. Interacts with data scientists and industry experts to understand how data needs to be converted, loaded and presented.
  • Works in a highly agile environment. Participates in POC and evaluate new software.

Confidential, Dallas, Texas

Sr. Database Administrator


  • Responsible for application DBA (database administration) work including development and design of the Teradata and Vertica databases that support our business applications.
  • Also responsible for database configuration, reliability, recoverability, performance, and the installation, maintenance, and upgrade of database software and related components.
  • Responsible for providing operational database support for databases on many different DBMS (database management systems) software levels and versions, utilizing a wide variety of DBMS features, on many different operating system platforms for applications of differing complexities, disaster priority, mission critical designation, strategic initiatives, degree of standardization, practices, and usage of third-party software.
  • Such responsibilities typically include advanced featured databases for complex environments for high priority applications.
  • The operational database support responsibilities include those related to availability, performance, currency, integrity, security, and confidentiality of the database instances, database backups and recoveries, database disaster recovery, data replication, database growth and disk space utilization, database problem analysis and resolution, configuration files, operating system account and system level schemas, table spaces, database patches, database upgrades, database compatibilities, database bugs and workarounds, database vendor support process, database documentation, new database release features and enhancements, special features associated with the physical DBMS (such as clusters), applications consultation, SQL tuning and object management, automation, and project implementation activities, such as physical design and installation of database environments and database.

Confidential, Alpharetta, Georgia

Database Administrator


  • Manage the data modeling process for the Business Marketing Group (BMG) team.
  • Duty includes gather the business requirement, translate the business requirement to logical data model (LDM), create an extended logical data model (ELDM) from the logical data model. Convert the ELDM to physical data model (PDM). Create the mapping workbook to match the logical model. Perform logical and physical database activities.
  • Design, develop, implement, tune and transport database objects.
  • Conduct application tuning, data volume and space analysis, capacity planning, schema, user, and security procedure.
  • Performed logical and physical database design activities for Teradata Database environment.

Confidential, Nashville, Tennessee

Consulting Database Administrator


  • Perform logical and physical database activities.
  • Design, develop, implement, tune and transport database objects.
  • Conduct application tuning, data volume and space analysis, capacity planning, backup/recovery, schema, user, and security procedure.
  • Interact with vendor to resolve the Teradata hardware/software issues.
  • Manage and lead the Teradata Tools & Utilities certification process.
  • Duty includes create project plan, coordinate testing process, schedule to upgrade client and servers, schedule to deploy software, document the certification process, and create the report for the certification process.
  • Perform administration backup software.
  • Responsible for software installation, creation and scheduling of backup jobs, monitoring and troubleshooting, interaction with vendor, review and recommend new software upgrades, and create the backup/restore strategy documentation for the Enterprise Data Warehouse.
  • Perform physical database activities and on-call support for ORACLE & Teradata environments.

Confidential, Fort Worth, Texas

Consulting Database Analyst


  • Developed, conducted, and promoted proactive procedures to improve the availability and support of data warehouse databases.
  • Performed logical and physical database design activities for both Teradata and DB2 Databases environment.
  • Designed, developed, implemented, tuned and transported database objects.
  • Conduct application tuning, data volume and space analysis, capacity planning, backup/recovery, schema, user setup, and security procedures.
  • Promoted physical database design standards, procedures, methods, tools, and provided cross training.
  • Leaded a staff of five programmers/analysts on major migration and enhancement Marketing and Finance projects for the Decision Support Systems.
  • Duties consist of coordinating the meeting, developing the project plan, assigning the tasks, monitoring the project plan, performing the project risk management, and assisting project team members.
  • Participated in all phases of systems development life cycle with emphasis on the gathering of business requirement, analysis, design, plan, system testing, and coordinate the migration of data from development to production.

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