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Business Center Manager Resume

Columbia, MO


I am a self - starter with the inborn desire to do what is best balanced with what is right. I want to work in an environment where I am empowered and equipped to succeed. My desire is for a career challenge that includes efficiency and optimization with reasonable resources.


Technical: Routing, switching, Wi-Fi, VoIP WAN.

Management: I am able to manage and monitor performance well and tend to confront any issues that must be addressed quickly as well as motivate for success.



Confidential, COLUMBIA, MO


  • This role was offered me out of my technical management experience.
  • My role is managing the business center department at Socket where I am responsible for a support call center, and business account coordinators.
  • My team here supports all of Socket's business customer base.
  • This being my first role on the provider side, I have learned much to add to my knowledge base and gained experience in a very fast paced and growing company.


Confidential, JEFFERSON CITY, MO


  • This role changed my focus from highly technical to one of management and administration of both tech and media.
  • Here I managed a group of 10 providing print graphics, web development, A/V, mobile/VoIP telephony, and IT for a staff of 70 as well as statewide large events.
  • Though not in title, I acted in many instances as CIO for the organization.
  • I successfully led in maintaining or improving our services and products and leveraging technology to boost efficiency while saving the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars during my tenure.




  • I was first titled Project Manager and primarily coordinated product absorption as we won virtually all of Wal-Mart's routing/switching business.
  • Later, I was given the title of Network Consulting Engineer with specialties in WiFi and IP telephony along with routing and switching.


Confidential, IRVING, TX


  • Working in a Cisco sales office I managed office phone systems, LAN, PC and printing support.
  • I also had responsibility for maintaining and pre-configuring a large pool of Cisco equipment as well as a lab used for customer demonstration.


Confidential, IRVING, TX


  • For the first 1.5 years, I worked in assembly of medical diagnostics devices.
  • My aptitude for design, mechanics and manufacturing processes was noticed by my manager and he moved me toward mechanical design.
  • I later interviewed for a mechanical design position and worked my remaining tenure in that position.
  • In that time I also got involved in our FDA required documentation.
  • I helped develop and deploy a networked computer system to speed and simplify FDA requirements for up to date manufacturing instructions.
  • This was my introduction to networking.

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