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Cognos Administrator Resume

New Jersey, NJ


  • Around 9 years of hands on experience in Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Deployment of Business Intelligence, Web and Data Warehouse Applications.
  • Experience with Cognos Business Intelligence tools like Cognos8/10, Cognos ReportNet, Framework Manager, Report Studio, Metric Studio, Go Dashboard, Go Office, Transformer, Impromptu, Impromptu Web Reports (IWR), PowerPlay, PowerPlay Enterprise Server, Upfront etc.,
  • Expertise in Installation, Configuration and Security Implementation of Cognos 8/10 including dashboard, ReportNet and EP Series 7 environments
  • Extensive experience in Designing and development of OLAP Dimensional models, Catalogs, Reports and publishing of Impromptu web (IWR) and Power Play web Reports.
  • Experience in developing lot of complex business reports, cubes, dashboards and scorecards
  • Hands on experience in requirements gathering, analysis, functional and technical specification documents design
  • Expertise in source identification, modeling and designing Models/Packages, Catalogs, and Cubes using Cognos Framework Manager, Cognos Impromptu, and Transformer
  • Knowledge of developing automation scripts for automatic cube builds and deployment processes
  • Experience in working with various databases that include Oracle, SQL Server and MS-Access Databases.
  • Experience in developing Conceptual, Logical, and Physical data models for Data warehouse to use in reporting systems.
  • Expertise in database design using both ER modeling and Dimensional modeling (Star and Snowflake schema) methodologies
  • Experience in working with ETL tools such as Microsoft DTS and Informatica
  • Knowledge and experience in performance tuning of queries, writing stored procedures and UDFs for improved performance
  • Working experience in both Windows and Unix environments, and writing Shell scripts and batch jobs
  • Has the ability to quickly understand and work on complex business and technical environments.
  • Flexible, adaptable, hard working individual with proven communication and interpersonal skills and has the ability to work well in a team or as an individual

I look forward to use my software experience and talent to increase the efficiency, scope and flexibility of software solutions, using clear and structured development methods.


BI Tools Cognos 8.x (Report Studio, Metric Studio, Framework Manager, Analysis Studio, Event Studio, Transformer, GO Dashboard, GO Office), REPORTNET 1.1 MR3 (Report Studio, Framework Manager, Query Studio), Cognos Impromptu 7.x, Cognos PowerPlay Transformer 7.x, Impromptu Web Reports (IWR), Access Manager, Cognos Architect, PowerPlay Enterprise Server 7.x, Cognos Server Administration.
ETL Tools Microsoft DTS, Informatica 6.0
Languages JavaScript, HTML, Shell Script, C, C++, PL/SQL
O/S UNIX, Windows XP/2000/NT/95
Database Oracle 10g/9i, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, MS Access
Packages MS Office, Microsoft Visual Studio.Net, Noetix Generator for Cognos


Confidential, (Jan’ 2012 – Current)
Title: Cognos Administrator/Lead

Confidential,is one of the nation\'s largest online and offline leisure travel companies which delivers remarkable vacation experience for thousands of travelers with cruises to the world\'s most popular destinations. The project basically involves upgrade from earlier version of cognos to the latest version and development of new cubes and reports besides supporting regular day to day activities for the entire user base.


  • Involved in user requirements gathering meetings to talk to the users and identify the requirements.
  • Developed sample reports in Excel to give a better understanding for the users to get a feel of what they will be looking in cognos reports.
  • Providing users with information about what cognos is capable of and what they can expect out of reporting.
  • Occasionally trained users in Query Studio, Report Studio express reporting and Analysis Studio for ad hoc reporting purposes.
  • Involved in meetings with DBAs and other technical teams to develop models and understand the relationships between the various entities of the databases.
  • Experience installing the latest version of Cognos for sandbox purposes and later doing the upgrade.
  • Involved in helping network administrators install the needed systems for installation of cognos and databases.
  • Experience identifying the systems configuration as needed based on the user base and the data size of the organization.
  • Experience maintaining several security groups and distribution lists for constant bursting purposes.
  • Experience developing PL/SQL packages for loading of data from transactional DB to the warehouse.
  • Developed several crosstab reports, multi-page reports, accounting reports using singletons, master-detail reports, multi-query reports etc for best serving the purposes of the requirements.
  • Developed Cubes using Packages, Reports and delivered them to the users for analysis reporting purposes.
  • Developed models with star schema grouping and different levels of security including data level, user level and at the package level.
  • Experience writing complex queries to validate the data and then deliver it for UAT.

Environment: Cognos 10.1/8.4 (Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio), Framework Manager, Cognos Transformer, Oracle 10g, Cognos Configuration, Access 2007, Excel 2007.

Confidential, (Jun’ 2011 – Dec’ 2011)
Title: Sr.Cognos Developer

Confidential,is an apparel and accessories retailer that operates more than 1,000 retail stores in the United States and Canada, and online at ae.com. The project implemented here is called Air v Freight which basically helps users identify the potential where the orders that are been placed Air can be shifted to Freight when there is enough lead time.


  • Participated in user requirements gathering meetings to identify the data points and understand their expectations
  • Worked with the database guys to understand the all the necessary tables and their relationships for all the existing databases
  • Talked to the Cognos Team to understand and identify the company’s already existing projects related to the information we are dealing with thus to avoid redundancy
  • Created a Mockup report to give users a look and feel of the report
  • Worked with the analytical and technical teams to identify all the calculations needed
  • Suggested the creation of a cube instead of a report to avoid potential performance issues based on the amount of calculations involved
  • Created the IQDs based of the Framework Manager model created from multiple datasources
  • Created the transformer model from the IQDs and created all the calculations and dimensions so they all can be created in the cube
  • Identified the duplicacy in categories for the dimensions and suggested solutions to avoid the same
  • Created the Reports (Summary, Detail, Drill Through) using the cube as the source and flagged the user needs using conditional formatting
  • Scheduled the summary report and emailed to the managers to advise them of multiple scenarios to make appropriate decisions

Environment: Cognos 8.3 (Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio), Framework Manager, Cognos Transformer, Teradata 12, Oracle 10g

Confidential, (Aug’ 2010 – Jul’ 2011)
Title: Sr.Cognos Administrator

Confidential, is the world’s leading suppliers of large drives over 170 countries for AC, DC or special machines with the product and system spectrum from the business large drives. SDLC partners L.P. has increasingly been intimately involved in providing BI technical support and expertise for BI Solutions at Siemens. The various projects include Cost of Nonconformance, Billing Plan, Product Schedule Adherence, Labor Utilization and Sales Analytics for which SDLC simplied the processes by automating tasks, doing enhancements and designing dashboards.


  • Worked closely with users to understand informational and analytical requirements
  • Worked with data modelers and the ETL architect to understand the design of target environment data structures
  • Defined a roadmap/design for the new Business Intelligence architecture that ensures flexibility, scalability, support capability, and strong principles of usability, and performance
  • Developed architecture standards for future code design, team based-development in the new architecture
  • Served as the primary thought leader on Cognos and its capabilities
  • Generated detailed design documentation for the BI solutions
  • Developed Relational models and Dimensional Models in a 3 tier architecture using Framework Manager
  • Designed cubes and reports in a re-usable fashion aligned with the architectural direction
  • Developed drill through definitions to create drill throughs between Analysis studio and report studio report
  • Consolidated multiple dashboards into one making use of Conditional blocks and Self-drill throughs
  • Created Burst reports by creating multiple security groups and distribution lists and scheduled them to send reports as emails to the managers to provide information about their departments
  • Developed Models and Cubes using Transformer based on packages and used them to create dash boards
  • Worked closely with the deployment team to ensure a smooth transition from development to production operation and support
  • Unit test, integration test and document solutions developed
  • Provided end user training on Analysis Studio to help create their own ad hoc analyses
  • Suggested use of corporate template for standard use and use of component layout references in template
  • Worked on migrating the backend databases from MS Access to SQL server for some of the reporting

Environment: Cognos 8.3 (Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Query Studio), Transformer, Framework Manager, Access 2003, SQL Server 2000, SAP

Confidential, (Oct’ 2007 – Jul’ 2010)
Title: Cognos Administrator

Confidential,is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing antiinfective therapies for the acute care environment. The assignments include building of various daily Invoice reports for the Decision Support and Finance Teams, Summary Reports for the Board of Executives, building of Cubes for the Company Sales Reps, Monthly Reports on Calls/Events with the Clients, Reports based on Oracle modules like OPM and HR and several other day to day maintenance activities along with the upgrade of Environments from 8.1 to 8.2 and then to 8.3. The whole Cognos Environment is dedicated to serving cognos needs for individual groups like Commercial and Corporate and synching them both to latest.

  • Involved in user requirements gathering meetings and converted all the functional requirements into technical details
  • Involved in creation of several denormalized views in order to develop a warehouse model to help users identify daily needs and create their own ad hoc reports using Query Studio
  • Participated in the creation of company’s source dimensional model with different layers like Business View, Database view etc for different packages with the help of segment links
  • Responsible for creation of Burst reports using Report Studio, removing several individual versions of the same report for individual levels in the company’s hierarchy using Email addresses and Security groups.
  • Involved in the strategy design for the upgrade of organization’s Cognos Environment from 8.1 to 8.2
  • Responsible for changing several Configuration settings in order to customize Cognos to suit the corporate needs
  • Designed the company’s own custom templates for creating List, Crosstab and Chart Report types
  • Created the Event Studio alerts in order to let the administrator know whether the daily jobs are successful or not
  • Involved in the creation of daily and monthly sales OLAP cubes to improve performance for the users to create their own analytical reports using Analysis Studio
  • Developed several standard Summary Reports using Analysis Studio and created drill throughs to Detailed Report Studio Reports
  • Responsible for creating report studio reports using Master Detail Relationships, Custom SQL, Unions, Conditional Blocks, Bookmarks etc
  • Involved in writing and validating the test scripts of several views created for adhoc reporting purposes
  • Involved in creating batch scripts to remove output dump files from time to time to save disk space in Production Environment
  • Involved in the strategy design for the upgrade of organization’s Cognos Environment from 8.2 to 8.3


  • Participated in the Noetix training in order to publish several oracle books into cognos Environments using its own Noetix tool
  • Involved in publishing Oracle modules like AP, PO, GL, FA, HR and OPM into different packages into Cognos Connections using Noetix Generator for Cognos
  • Involved in the Noetix Security design of Oracle Roles and Responsibilities into Cognos Environment
  • Involved in the change of several Query item properties in Framework models such as Prompt Info Reference, Filter item reference etc to change the Prompt Type in Query studio
  • Developed several Report Studio reports based on oracle modules like OPM and HR and created reports like Lot Genealogy, Current employees and Salaries, Vacation Summaries etc

Environment: Cognos 8.1/8.2/8.3/8.4(Cognos Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Cognos Framework Manager, Cognos Connection, Cognos Transformer), Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Noetix
Confidential, (Jun’ 2007 – Sep’ 2007)
Title: Sr. Cognos Developer

Confidential,researches, develops, manufactures and supplies pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals primarily focusing on Human Pharmaceuticals including treatments for respiratory, cardiovascular, central nervous system, urological and viral disorders. The Boehringer Ingelheim group is the fastest growing company and is the largest privately owned pharmaceutical company in the world. The assignment is totally migration of all the existing reportnet version of cognos to the latest version and this includes upgrading all the existing models, deploying the content stores, upgrading the packages, upgrading the reports and fixing them and some development of new reports in Cognos 8.
Migration :

  • Involved in migrating all the reportnet models and packages to Cognos 8
  • Upgraded all the Framework manager models and modified them accordingly to enhance the performance
  • Deployed different reportnet packages and imported them in Cognos 8
  • Responsible for fixing all the reports in the newer version and resolved different issues like BLOB data types, unsupported database versions etc
  • Recreated several complex old reports in the new version to resolve some unknown errors.
  • Documented all the upgrades, changes and developments made for every model and package migrated, for an easy understanding for the users.

Developmet :

  • Gathered all the user requirements and analyzed them
  • Developed a multi level snow flake schema model and provided Database view and Business view per the requirements
  • Created different list, crotsstab, adhoc and drill-through reports using query studio and report studio
  • Involved in unit testing all the reports and documented all the test cases worked on
  • Involved in installing and configuring Cognos on new servers and moving the content stores between the servers.
  • Worked with different complex queries and tested results using TOAD
  • Responsible for creating a company standard document for Framework Manager modeling standards

Cognos 8.2 (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio), Reportnet 1.1 MR3, Impromptu 7.4, PPES 7.4, TOAD, Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server.
Confidential, (Scottsdale, AZ) (Nov’ 2006 – May ’ 2007)
Title: Sr. Cognos Developer / Analyst

Confidential,is one of the leading waste management company providing recycling and disposal services to different Customers in United States with operations in almost 37 states including Puerto Rico. The assignment is a combination of production support and development of two separate BI solutions. The objective of the first BI solution is to develop various scorecards and provide secured access to users to analyze the KPIs of Allied Waste on monthly basis. The second project is provide users an ability to analyze the spending patterns of Allied Waste on vendor primarily focusing on Preferred Vs Non-Preferred vendors. The project scope is to extract data using Microsoft DTS, and Build models, metrics, scorecards, reports, and using Cognos 8.0 suite of products.

  • Involved in all the stages of the project SDLC and implemented different approaches based on the project needs from time to time
  • Responsible for gathering requirements from the Business partners (users) and identify the Key performance indicators (KPIs) for the business of the Business.
  • Responsible for the requirements analysis and documentation
  • Prepared the functional and technical specifications documents for modeling, reporting, metrics, cubes, and other non-functional needs of the business
  • Created different DTS Packages to load and format the data per requirements.
  • Created Framework Manager model which acts as a source for the Metric Project.
  • Implemented Dimensional modeling and Star Schema grouping in the Framework manager models
  • Implemented Object level and data level security in the models
  • Developed company’s standard template for all the Report Studio reports.
  • Designed reports with conditional blocks, multi-pages, cascading prompts, conditional styling, conditional data filtering etc.,
  • Developed Metric Designer Model to create different Metric extracts for different data loads into the Metric Package.
  • Created different Event Studio alerts for the nightly Cube builds which pages the particular developer if the build fails.
  • Created different checkpoints in the event studio for the nightly warehouse build which is critical to build all the cubes.
  • Created different Scorecards, Metric Types, UDCs and Custom groups in the Metric Packages.
  • Created different automated jobs which runs monthly to load data from AS400 to SQL server and there from SQL server to Metrics.
  • Created different Stored procedure events which updates the Metric Store tables to accommodate changes in the scorecard hierarchy.
  • Implemented Series 7 Security in Cognos 8 and provided different accesses to different users.
  • Created Data Layer and Business Layer using star schema in Cognos 8 Framework Manager modeling.
  • Developed PowerPlay cubes and Batch Scripts for automatic build process
  • Created many alerts for the cube builds and monthly data loads and saved a lot of daily maintenance activity
  • Prepared end user documentation on models, packages, cube builds, reports and data loads for end users and developers that help in using the developed reports.
  • Involved in installation and configuration of Cognos 8 suite of products on new servers and involved in moving the content store between the servers.
  • Participated in Monthly builds of the budget and other kinds of data based on which many reports were developed for the users to work on
  • Trained many of the inter-departmental users on Powerplay enabling them to efficiently use the cubes and reports
  • Defined Test plans and roll out plans for the projects worked on and performed testing.

Cognos 8 (Report Studio, Metric Studio, Framework Manager, Event Studio), Cognos Impromptu 7.2/7.4, Impromptu Web Reports (IWR) 7.2, Power Play 7.4, Power Play Transformer 7.4, PPES, Windows 2000/2003, Microsoft DTS, Microsoft SQL server 2000, AS 400
Confidential, (Portland, OR) (Feb’ 2006 – Oct’ 2006)
Title: Sr. Cognos Developer / Analyst

Confidential, is one of the leading electricity producers in the Northwest, providing more than 1.6 million customers with coal, hydro, wind power, combustion turbines, solar and geothermal energy with operations in states like Oregon, Washington, California, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. This Business Intelligence reporting project is aimed at providing OLAP analysis and standard BI reporting to various management users. The key information that needs to be captured for analysis and reporting includes day-to-day finance and transmission data. The OLAP cubes and reports gives the ability for the users to review and analyze the information pertaining to schedules, payments, transmission and reservations recorded from the customers. The project also involves in migrating the Series 7 BI content to Cognos 8 and building reports and cubes using Framework Manager, Report Studio, Transformer, and Analysis Studio.

  • Interacting with Business users and gather requirements
  • Analyze requirements and prepare Business Requirements Documents
  • Prepare functional and technical requirements documents
  • Identify data sources and build pilot reports and cubes to keep the requirements in sync with business needs
  • Develop dimensional data model to be implemented as part of reporting model development using Framework Manager
  • Develop low level design specification documents for reports, OLAP models and reports
  • Develop Models using Cognos 8 Framework Manager
  • Develop custom packages to be used by groups of users there by prevent unauthorized access to data sources
  • Implement Dimensional modeling and Star Schema grouping on Framework manager models
  • Developed models using Transformer with IQD data sources from IMR reports and externalized query Subjects from Framework Manager
  • Developed various business reports for the users using Report Studio
  • Reports included data from multiple data sources using UNIONS of query results
  • Designing reports that can be drill down from the cubes
  • Built various OLAP reports using Analysis studio
  • Worked on improving the performance for the complex reports and replaced some of complex reports with Stored procedures
  • Implemented common security architecture across Series 8 and ReportNet environments by sharing the security namespace
  • Conduct meetings with business analysts and end users to establish business rules, schedule deliverables and identify potential issues that could impact the development effort.
  • Implemented reports scheduling requirements using Cognos Portal and Event studio
  • Prepared end user documentation on models, packages, and reports for end users that help in using the developed reports and build ad-hoc reports using query studio
  • Responsible for Trouble tickets and production support

Cognos 8 (Report Studio, Framework Manager, Analysis Studio, Event Studio), Cognos Impromptu 7.3, Impromptu Web Reports (IWR) 7.3, Power Play 7.3, Power Play Transformer 7.3, PPES, Windows XP, Informatica 6.2, Oracle 9i, DB2 UDB 8.1, Unix


Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering

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