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Senior Technical Consultant Resume

Brooklyn, NY


Over 20 years of comprehensive hands - on experience in analysis, design, documentation, development, implementation and support of automated information workflows in the mainframe environment.


HARDWARE: IBM mainframe, PC's, networks.

SOFTWARE: COBOL5, CICS/TS, VSAM, JCL, DB2 V.10 and tools, SQL, Stored Procedures, IEF (data model analysis), VISUAL BASIC / SYBASE (exposure), MQ Series, FRQS, XPEDITOR, INTERTEST, GTB, SDF II, IBM Debug, SyncSort, Z/OS DFSORT V1R5, QMF, Platinum, DB2 Move, File-AID, File-AID for DB2, CA FileMaster, INSYNC, Serena StarTool, ENDEVOR, Infoman, Changeman, ADP INFO/PDX, TSO/ISPF, ROSCOE, ICCF, Z/OS 1.9, OS/MVS, DOS/VSE, OS/2, MS WINDOWS, MS Office, Microsoft Visio, MS Outlook, LOTUS Notes, NIKU, Lotus Sametime, MS Office 365, VPN, CICSO Jabber, Skype for Business, Beeline, Jira15.


Confidential, Brooklyn, NY

Senior Technical Consultant


  • Automated daily Fixed Income releases from safekeeping to clearance account based on available excess provided by Cage with subsequent FTP of the instruction file to BDAS.
  • Financial industry initiative called Sheltered Harbor, which is designed to provide data security against possible cyber attacks and other breaches by creating EOD backupos in the Cloud. The created post-settlement Fails file can then be retrieved and used to restore BAU (business as usual).
  • Brexit project analisys and modifications of CAGE in preparation of planned UK exit from EU.
  • System analisys of CAGE modules being switched to a Holiday Schedule for the batch stream to allow CAGE processes run on Bank and Exchange holidays on a special schedule.
  • Creation of daily Memoseg File Control that checks early morning results of DTCC memo processing and notifies a group of business contacts and IT personal if the process completed, or there is a delay, by sending out an email with daily stats and/or warnings.
  • Modification to allow a new client’s access to a set of Fail reports based on B1 eligibility cards as part of a New client conversion project.
  • Introduction of expanded comments on online CAGE screens for Incoming and Outgoing Buy-In notices received or sent by The Street, which will allow the business area to access Deliverer and Receiver names, contact information and special instructions.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Senior Technical Consultant


  • Worked as a member of five different development teams over six years.
  • Broker Processing Services (BPS), Purchase and Sale (PNS), Bookkeeping, Trade Status Inquiry (TSIQ), Broker Processing System (BPSA), Real Time Trade Matching (RTTM), DASH, Ascendis, Automated Order Management (AOM), CAGE Settlement System, TLE (Tax Lot Engine), MAXIT (automated, real-time cost basis reporting platform built in Java - Oracle).

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