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Business Analytics Developer Resume


  • Highly effective web developer with expertise in creating data visualization applications and user interfaces to customer specifications.
  • Talent for leveraging a background in data analysis and large, complex data structures with a strong understanding of objects and arrays.
  • Track record of a consistent high level of customer satisfaction with the look and quality of my applications.


  • D3.js
  • JavaScript jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JSON
  • Node
  • Bootstrap Responsive Design
  • REST
  • GIMP
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • R
  • Python
  • VBA
  • MS Access & Excel
  • Agile



Business Analytics Developer


  • Contracted for agile development of a web based data analytics dashboard of dynamically generated graphs of key metrics used for crop analysis at Confidential .
  • Data transmitted using RESTful Services and Ajax
  • HTML user input form built with Material Design, AngularJS, CSS and bootstrap responsive design
  • Custom graphs built with D3.js to customer specifications with custom controls for width, png download of SVG, chart formatting, and deletion.
  • Chart formatting controls dynamically generated for line interpolation, line and bar width and color.
  • Web based graphing prototypes in JavaScript with D3.js, R with R Shiny, and Python with Bokeh.


Data Analyst/Programmer


  • Hired to develop a space assessment and modeling tool in MS Access for use in the analysis of facilities needs for higher education institutions and educational systems.
  • Initiated and implemented D3.js online interactive data visualization portal for client accounts
  • Built the Space Assessment and Modeling (SAM) system with extensive automation of data analysis and data visualization using SQL, VBA and D3.js
  • Developed the SAM user interface including:
  • Forms to customize the data analysis for each space assessment
  • A color selection form to control the colors of the reports and graphs
  • Dashboards for real time report generation
  • Developed automated unbound reports for display of related data sets using VBA, SQL, and D3.js
  • Developed automated benchmarking process customizable to client data and initiatives
  • Built reports and prototyping using Tableau and R
  • Managed system development and development consultants


Chief Operations Officer


  • Hired for the management and operations of the Confidential WorldView institutional investor seminars.
  • Increased revenue by 500% by changing business model to focus on seminars in China.
  • Updated company website using HTML and CSS to include photos, events, marketing materials
  • Implemented and tracked business website with Google Analytics
  • Designed, constructed and automated the marketing database
  • Designed, created, and disseminated marketing materials

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