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Senior Business Objects Consultant Resume

Plano, TexaS


  • Confidential has worked as a Senior Business Objects consultant with complete development life cycle experience (Requirements gathering, Solution Design, Building and Testing Application followed by production deployment and issue resolution through Root Cause Analysis / Complex Performance Tuning) of Business Objects universe/reports/visualizations/backend systems.
  • Confidential has worked as a consultant for about 10 years with well - known clientele.
  • Confidential is extremely interested to work for your organization.


Expertise in Business Objects Universe building/Lumira and dashboard visualization/ complex Canned/Adhoc Web Intelligence reports involving section-detail report, synchronized multi data provider reports using merged dimensions, aggregated reports using breaks and with advanced reporting techniques such as calculation context, Slice and Dice Reports, Cross tab reports and Trend Analysis Charts.


BI Tool Kit: SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 4.2/4.1 SP3 /4.1 SP2/4.0 SP9/XI 3.1 SP2/3.1/R2, 6.x, Information Designer Tool (IDT), Universe Designer Tool(UDT), BI Launch Pad, Web Intelligence 4.1 SP2.2 /3.1 SP2 / XI R2/6.x/ Rich Client, Desktop Intelligence

SAP Lumira /SAP Design: Studio/BIAL Scripting/HTML 5/CSS3 Scripting/ Narrative Sciences Integration/SAP Business Objects Dashboard 4.0/ Crystal Xcelcius Enterprise 2008

SAP Crystal Reports: 2011/2008/XI R2/XI

SAP BO: Upgrade Management /Promotion Management, Report Conversion Tool/Salesforce

RDBMS/Database: Netezza (Aginity Workbench), Greenplum 4.3.2, Teradata 14.0, Oracle 11G/10G/9i, MS SQL Server 2012/2008, DB2 UDB, Access


Senior Business Objects Consultant

Confidential, Plano, Texas


  • Received multiple appreciations from Business Managers and IT team leads for consistent and committed deliverables over several 4-week project iterations in an agile project setup.
  • Developed and Delivered various Lumira Visualization stories for Digital channels (dotcom, mobile. Confidential .com, mobile apps, Voice line) vs MSR channel performance over the last 3 years for various CoSAs such as Bank, PnC, Life, FASG, Enterprise.
  • Developed and enhanced PACO Digital and Salesforce universes iteratively based on various wireframe requests on reports and dashboards.
  • Developed and Delivered close to 40 (medium to complex) Canned web intelligence reports for answering:
  • Performance management on actual vs plan vs forecast/target on Acquisition, Servicing (Key Servicing, Total Servicing), Channel Traffic, Digital task completion etc.
  • Member Activity, Member Behavior and Member Experience.
  • Various claims leakage and quality control reports for storefront key performance indicators and their rates such as Sessions Usage Quantity, Quote Starts and Completes, App Starts and Completes, Sales Product Acquired.
  • Frequently validated PACO deliverables against source systems such as MAAC (Member Activity Across Channels), MCID (Member Centric Interaction Data), ESF (Enterprise Sales Funnel), ICM.
  • Attended Agile Initiatives sponsored by Confidential for understanding Agile Project/Iteration/Story writing and task breakdown and resource allocation.
  • Attended internal best practices sessions for SAP Design Studio and Lumira visualizations.
  • Mentored college hires, new / junior consultants within SAP Business Objects tool suite and extended need based Adhoc help to team members and other project teams across Confidential .

IT Environment: SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.2 SP3 Patch 5 (Information Designer Tool (IDT)/Web Intelligence /Rich Client/ /SAP Lumira/SAP Design Studio (BIAL scripting/CSS3/HTML5) Netezza/Salesforce/Adobe Site catalyst and Internal project management tools such as CMDB/RTC/SharePoint/IT Wiki)

Senior Business Objects Consultant

Confidential, Nashville, TN


  • Developed an Aggregated Reporting Package combining multiple metrics and various reports replacing the legacy PowerPoint reports
  • Used datasets provided by Truven Health Analytics to build Business Objects Universes and Reports and performed Proximity Analysis reporting using Confidential /Clinic Latitude/Longitude.
  • Built reports against Electronic Medical Records (EMR) datasets involving Patient Information, Clinic Information, Patient Visits to Primary Care/Nurse/Lab Visits, Patient Diagnoses (ICD 10/ICD 9 codes), Procedures, Medications and Referrals
  • Performed financial reporting against provider specific General Ledger Data to aid Return on Investment (ROI)/Cost Benefit Analysis.
  • Converted multiple row level Diagnoses code information to Comma Separated Single column for better reporting using Derived Tables in Information Design Tool (IDT)

IT Environment: SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.1 SP4 (Webi 4.1/Rich Client 4.1/Universe Designer Tool (UDT)/ Information Designer Tool (IDT)/Promotion Management/BI Launch Pad), Teradata 14

Business Objects Consultant



  • Developed Business Objects. unx universes in BI 4.0/4.1 Information Design Tool against Greenplum database (modeled as both star and snow flake schemes) with various custom hierarchies, resolving loops/traps through Contexts/Aliases, performance tuned through Aggregate Navigation with Table/Object Incompatibility setup.
  • Developed very complex Business Objects Summary/Detail Web Intelligence Reports with Drill Down and Open Doc Functionalities with Conditional Formatting/Input Controls etc.
  • Worked on State Regulatory projects (South Dakota/Illinois) developing Business Objects Universes and Reports for periodic State Regulatory filing requirements following standard SDLC procedures followed by Application Integration Testing/Systems Integration Testing and Production Deployment.
  • Worked on proof of concept dashboard projects (using SAP Business Objects Dashboards 4 .0 ) such as Product Performance (using Query Browser Against Universe as a Source), Agent Diagnostic Dashboard with Business Intelligence Web services(BIWS) as the connector against Web Intelligence report blocks as data source published as Query as a Web Service.
  • Used Combo Boxes/Spread Sheet tables/Bullet charts/Combination charts/Colum Charts/Image Components/Push Buttons/Print Buttons/Labels/Label based Menus to display various Key Performance Metrics with Dynamic Visibility functionality.

IT Environment: SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.0 SP9/4.1 SP4 (Webi 4.1 /Webi Rich Client 4.1/Universe Designer Tool (UDT)/ Information Designer Tool (IDT)/Promotion Management/BI Launch Pad/SAP Business Objects Dashboard 4.0), Greenplum 4.3.2/PostgreSQL/pgAdmin/WinSQL, Oracle 11g, JIRA, Agile applications such as Rally, Clarity.

Business Objects Consultant

Confidential, Memphis, TN


  • Provided Universe Design Specification followed by design review and universe / report development based on user requirements
  • Developed new universes and included respective tables in existing universe for Shipment Operational Volume Reporting by including Tables/Joins/Contexts/Aliases/Derived Tables/Classes/Objects/Predefined Conditions. Also resolved loops and Setup corresponding Aggregate Navigation/Object Incompatibility
  • Converted existing Oracle based universes into Teradata based Universes
  • Performance tuned the universe by setting Aggregate Navigation on tables and by setting corresponding Object Incompatibility. For better performance, list of values are set either on dimension tables or custom coded if necessary
  • Used Change Source Wizard for converting reports from Oracle to Teradata
  • Using Information Design Tool converted the .unv universes to .unx universes.
  • Performed ‘Check Integrity’ on Business Layer (Business Filter/Expression/Mapping and Name) and on Data foundation Layer on Connection / Tables (Alias Table Derived Table/Table Structure/Isolated Table), Joins (Joins/loops/contexts and undefined cardinalities), Parameters/List of Values
  • Fixed the .unx universes by changing Qualifiers , updating /including new parameters and list of values , fixing the business objects expressions and other data type issues due to conversion changes
  • Promoted the changes between the environments (Development, Test and Production) using Promotion Management Tool
  • Provided unit test cases for universes/reports based on in-house reporting standards. Involved in functional testing on different environments from Development to Production.
  • Provided user documentation /design document for developed reports
  • Provided operational support to users for any universe/report issues through in-house help desk ticket resolution system

IT Environment: SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.1 SP2.2 /SP4 (Webi 4.1 /Webi Rich Client 4.1/Universe Designer Tool (UDT)/ Information Designer Tool (IDT)/Promotion Management/BI Launch Pad), Teradata 14.0, Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL Server 2008)

Business Objects Consultant

Confidential, Madison, WI


  • Designed, Implemented and Supported Business Objects reporting architecture for Call Center Operations.
  • Worked with stake holders in Requirement gathering / Review session, functional /technical documentation/review, Design and Development, User Acceptance Testing and Production Support.
  • Provided Rotational On Call Support for the Business Objects Tickets in the Foot Prints Ticketing System
  • Developed/Supported Agent Performance Web Intelligence Reporting (webi) with Call Center Metrics such as Login time, Available time, Busy time/Break Time, Average Talk Time, Average Hold Time, Average Wrap Time and Average Handle Time.
  • Developed/Supported Call Counts metrics through Webi reports on number of Workgroup Calls/Inbound Calls/Transferred Calls/Abandoned Calls/Voicemail Call Counts.
  • Modeled Call Center Caller feedback Survey reporting tables and developed the corresponding Business Objects reporting efforts such as Universe/Report Creation and Delivery.
  • Converted the existing deski reports to the web intelligence reports using report conversion tool. Recreated some of the complex deski reports involving freehand sql.
  • Provided administration Support by creating users/folders/assigned user security /report bursting through publication. Also supported the administration efforts by running excel macros against the Audit database.

IT Environment: Oracle Contact Center Anywhere 8.1.3,Business objects SP2/ 3.1 SP3 (Webi/Webi Rich Client/Deski/CMC/Universe Designer/Report Conversion Tool/Import Wizard), Microsoft Sql Server 2008/IBM DB2 10/Oracle 11g, FootPrints Ticketing System)

Business Objects Consultant

Confidential, Memphis, TN


  • Provided reporting solutions for corporate analytics division through universe development, report design and development on agent performance metrics data.
  • Performed Business Object XI 3.1 SP2 FP 2.3 Application Installation on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 and implement the architecture planning for access levels (such as no access, view, schedule, view on demand, full control, and advanced) based on organization levels for various users/groups against folders/universe, folders using Central Management Console (CMC).
  • Worked in complete universe life cycle development for various data marts based on Business Requirement Specifications (BRS) by creating classes, object qualifications, conditions, joins/shortcut joins, defined appropriate contexts/aliases for resolving loops/fan traps/chasm traps in the universe and check universe integrity, fixed defects, bugs and change requests.
  • Employed universe optimization through designer functions such as @Aggregate Aware by implementing aggregate navigation and object of incompatibility concepts on aggregate tables.
  • Use @functions such as @prompt (for user defined conditions), @where (for creating conditional filters), and @select (to create duplicate objects) in building user specific universes.
  • Developed section detail report, aggregated reports at different levels using breaks, slice and dice (drill up/down, drill through), cross tab reports, trend analyses charts (mean square error, and curve of best-fit) using multiple data providers (same/different universes) through merged dimensions in Webi reports.
  • Utilized extensively advanced report development techniques such as calculation context, extended syntax, nested conditions and sub-queries, data providers with combined queries (UNION, MINUS and INTERSECT operators).
  • Developed customer service operations reports and dashboards through Crystal Xcelcius 2008 using BI Webservices (Webi rich client).
  • Handled various dashboard charts such as combination charts, area charts, line charts, and column charts.
  • Worked with various single value components such as sliders, dials, gauges, spinners and other components such as menu, list box, grid, trend analyzer, selector components with filtered row options.
  • Performed dynamic visibility on chart layers to display appropriate chart at appropriate time.
  • Used combination charts and sliders to answer what-if scenario business cases.

IT Environment: BO XI 3.1 SP2(CMS DB- Oracle 10g)/(OS - Linux 2.6.18-128. el5/Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2) (CMC, CMS, CCM, Universe Designer, Desktop Intelligence (Deski), Web Intelligence (Webi Rich client) Reports, BI webservices QaaWS, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, Teradata, TOAD 9.1/PL-SQL Developer 5.1, Sharepoint 2007, MS Access 2007

Business Objects Consultant

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Provided reporting solutions through universe development, report design and development followed by production deployment.
  • Performed Business Objects Application (called as InfoSource Business Intelligence system) Upgrade from XI R2 SP2 to XI 3.1 SP2 FP 2.3 in pilot, development, testing and production environments.
  • Established Secured Socket Layer (SSL) setup for Business Objects XI 3.1 SP2 application in development, testing and production environments.
  • Provided pre-upgrade and post-upgrade detailed procedures followed by detailed upgrade analysis and re-aligned security architecture in XI 3.1 SP2 (such as view access for ‘everyone’ group at top level folder and view SQL rights).
  • Fixed upgrade issues such as calculation context errors (report errors on ‘count’/’sum’ calculations and variable fixes), event-based scheduling/weekly scheduling issues, universe-report link errors, Webi reports with union query errors, and upgrade issues with universe prompts such as @prompt errors.
  • Generated well received customer centric reporting solutions by embedding report content in the user’s email message body using new publications options in XI 3.1CMC/Infoview.
  • Distributed the Crystal /Webi reports using new report bursting functionalities in XI 3.1 SP2 publications based on user profiles (profile targets/values) and the target report publication.
  • Set up bursting through dynamic recipient method.
  • Minimized user analysis by providing pre-analyzed reports using new data tracking options.
  • Enhanced universe-level optimization using new forced pre-defined filter options in the universe.
  • Provided reports with new reporting functionalities such as reports with fold/unfold options, input controls, and optional prompts.
  • Carried out feasibility analysis and developed proof of concept on BI widgets and Crystal Xcelsius 2008.
  • Designed dashboards with dynamic visibility on chart layers and what-if scenario options using various components through Crystal Xcelsius 2008 with Live Office and QAAWS connections.
  • Established several complex reports involving 20+ report blocks (with multiple queries having union/intersection/synchronized/merged dimensions) and trend analysis reports with complex logic involving calculation contexts, drill filters and other advanced reporting techniques.
  • Maintained security architecture of InfoSource application (BO XI 3.1 SP2) through folder-level accesses for groups/users.

IT Environment: BO XI 3.1 SP2/SP3 FP 2.3/3.4 (CMC, CMS, CCM, Designer, Desktop Intelligence (Deski), Web Intelligence (Webi) Reports, Publication, Infoview, QaaWS, Live Office Connector, Crystal Reports 2008,BI Widgets), Oracle 11i/10g, IBM DB2 UDB V8,SQL Server 2005, Access 2007,Oracle SQL Developer, TOAD 9.1, Windows 2003 Server, Tomcat Application Server, Crystal Xcelcius 2008, Sharepoint 2007

Business Objects Developer

Confidential, Downers Grove, IL


  • Provided reporting solutions to both global product (SCR 5.2.2) and US product for McDonald’s supply chain through Business Objects universes, Desktop Intelligence and Web Intelligence (Java report panel) reports.
  • Performed universe optimization based on aggregate tables using Aggregate Navigation.
  • Worked extensively on the Custom List of Values (LOVs) such as timestamp removal (in LOVS) for date objects, restricting the date, calendar objects sort in LOVs (for month, quarter, and week character objects), and LOVS with concatenated description for numeric objects.
  • Set up business naming conventions for classes and objects, and as a best practice, arranged dimension objects hierarchically to facilitate report-level multi-dimensional analyses (slice and dice and drilling).
  • Developed data mart-specific linked universes using confirmed dimension-base universe.
  • Created derived tables (with performance tuned queries and analytical functions) to satisfy complex business requirement specifications (such as moving average calculations) in scenarios where the table change/ETL change could not be performed due to administrative difficulties (change requests or time delays).
  • Ensured universe and report migration between development, scalability, product testing, UAT/MAT, bug fix and production environments through Import Wizard and tested universe connections after each migration.
  • Implemented query limits and execution time restrictions for a particular universe for optimized utility.
  • Established row-level restrictions for security purposes and user productivity at universe level based on various groups (demand planners and supply planners based on their hierarchy).
  • Developed various linked reports to traverse through 5 level bill of material structure using openDocument functionality.
  • Generated benchmark reports for major restaurant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as inventory, raw waste, Yield Correction Factor (YCF) and store transfers by market, distribution center (DC), restaurant and item by comparing baseline data (six months of historical data before restaurant implementation) and actual data after restaurant implementation (used alerts).
  • Handled report bursting of reports to various users by creating profiles and publications in CMC and Infoview respectively.
  • Created Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard applications through KPI specific metric universes (design principle based on time aggregated national level to daily item at restaurant level) for different markets, different DCs/stores in a market using metrics, analytics, alerts, goals, and rules.
  • Processed parameter passing from DC Source Analytic (IMT) to target store analytics (barometers, traffic lights, and speedometers) and reports of corresponding restaurants by openAnalytic.jsp and openDoc.jsp functionalities.
  • Configured dashboards using Crystal Xcelcius using Live Office and Query as a Web Service (QAAWS) as data source to display KPIs to verify the viability of proposed solutions.
  • Utilized experience in creating and executing business case test scenarios based on Business Requirement Specifications (BRS), Functional Design (FD) and Technical Design (TD). Tests involved lineage check of source table data loads, mappings between source and target tables (job test scenarios), testing ETL daily and nightly job loads for the target data warehouse tables, universe connection and integrity tests (checks involving loops, contexts, joins, conditions, object) and validation through Desktop Intelligence (Deski) and Web Intelligence (Webi) reports.
  • Performed Business Objects administration by defining authentication setups, added users and defined various user groups such as demand planners, supply planners, market super users, market users, and universe designers.
  • Supported and implemented the architecture planning for access levels (such as no access, view, schedule, view on demand, full control, and advanced) based on organization levels for various users, groups, objects, folders using Central Management Console (CMC) and Central Configuration Manager (CCM for Server restart).
  • Ensured universe object-level security (such as private, confidential, restricted, controlled and public) within CMC for both users/groups and respective universes.
  • Implemented access restrictions (object-level security) for specific confidential objects (database columns) within universe using BO XI R2 Universe Designer for a specific user or group.
  • Interacted periodically (through Webex, on call, and email) with SAP BO support team about new tool functionalities, fix packs and existing open tickets.

IT Environment: BO XI 3.1/R2 SP3 (CMC, CMS, CCM, Designer, Desktop Intelligence (Deski), Web Intelligence (Webi) Reports, Infoview, Dashboard Manager, Performance Manager, Live Office Connector, Crystal Reports 2008), Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, Access 2003, Oracle SQL Developer, TOAD 9.1, Windows 2003 Server, Apache Web Server/Tomcat Application Server, Crystal Xcelcius 4.5/2008, Serena VMS (PVCS), Manugistics, Intuit Quickbase, Sharepoint

Business Objects Designer/Crystal Reports Developer

Confidential, Hoffman Estates, IL


  • Contributed to the full development lifecycle including requirements gathering, reports creation, testing, scheduling of reports and the end-user training.
  • Worked as a team member in the administration of central management console for implementation of security at report level and folder level.
  • Created users, user groups, roles, events and folders for different departments.
  • Established derived tables at the universe level to achieve complex reporting requirements involving variance calculations between plan, actual and forecast views for different dimensional hierarchy levels using Business Objects XI R2 universe.
  • Developed Canned/Adhoc reports with various features including multiple groupings, drilldowns, parameter fields, cross tab reports, sub-reports, formulas (date functions, dynamic column display, and shared variables), section expert and conditional formatting using Crystal Reports XIR2.
  • Generated reports with dynamic and cascading prompts for multi-dimensional hierarchies - merchandize hierarchy, location hierarchy and time hierarchy (minimum of three dimensions) through report-level dynamic prompt creation.
  • Set up complex inventory reports and finance reports (multiple data providers/views in a single report) showing plan, actual, and forecast calculations for key performance indicators (KPIs such as net sales, gross margin, store end inventory) for various hierarchy levels in a single report and published them from local desktop to development enterprise server using Publishing Wizard.
  • Migrated development reports to test environment and to production using Import Wizard.
  • Authored two different sets of reports called manual and automated reports based on different business user groups and scheduled automated reports as daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis based on user requirements in Excel and PDF.
  • Performed event-based scheduling based on periodic data loads in the reporting database.
  • Assisted in production support for troubleshooting, generation and timely scheduling of reports.
  • Helped with creating database objects such as views, stored procedures and functions and performed tuning using TOAD and Oracle SQL Developer.
  • Created and documented end-user manual (with job aids) on how to access the enterprise system and modify the settings based on ad hoc reporting needs (periodic report reschedule, creating report filters, best report formats setup such as Crystal and Excel with data only option for finance department and pdf for the rest, printing options).
  • Handled several reports development iterations (based on user enhancements and on the fly requests) followed by unit testing, UAT, UAT sign-off and successful deployment to production.
  • Used the Import Wizard to archive the reports as BIAR files.

IT Environment: Business Objects Enterprise XI R2-(SP3,CHF 15,MHF1) - (Crystal Reports XI R2, Business Views Manager, Business Objects XI R2 -CMC, CMS, CCM, Designer, DeskI, WebI XI R2, Infoview), Crystal Reports 2008, Oracle 10g/9i, SQL Server 2005, Access 2003, TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer, Windows 2003 Server

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