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Sr. Middleware Developer Resume

Baltimore -, MD


  • E xtensive Experience in TIBCO Activematrix Business Works, TIBCO Business Connect, TIBCO Smart Mapper, TIBCO Hawk, TIBCO Rendezvous, TIBCO EMS,, TIBCO Administrator, TIBCO Active DB Adapter, TIBCO Adapter for Files, TIBCO Active Spaces, Rest Json etc
  • EAI experience using TIBCO Suite of Products and specializing in implementation of designing event - processing architecture, designing of rules and rule engine, structuring of concepts and cached objects
  • Analyze and establish Detailed Designs for applications
  • Have implemented POC’s on AMXBPM and Tibco MDM
  • Designed a full failsafe, robust enterprise service bus including fault Tolerance, load balancing
  • Experience the full life cycle of the software design process including requirements definition, prototyping, design, interface coding, debugging, testing and maintenance.
  • Designing and Implementing Workflow and messaging solutions using TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO EMS, TIBCO Business Events.
  • Introduced MAR File concept for migrating the Hawk rules from one environment to other.
  • Implemented SSL certificates with PolicyManager
  • Strong Cultural Intelligence with experience in managing Onshore and Offshore teams.
  • Experience in Development, Maintenance, and Administrator & Support projects.
  • Extensively worked on Relational databases including Oracle, SQL Server and Informix
  • Good knowledge of XML, Web services and SOA technologies with complete functional experience in all the areas of Enterprise Integration.
  • Good experience in working with ORACLE 8i/9i/10g, SQL & PL/SQL Programming.
  • Worked closely with various stakeholders to understand and document Business Requirements, Functional and Non Functional Requirements & Design specifications.
  • Strong skills in project documentation, tracking, reporting and stakeholder communication.
  • Implemented multiple best practices by introducing various process documents and checklists to improve delivery excellence.
  • Proven experience in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle. Good understanding of Waterfall and Agile (Scrum) methodologies.
  • Proven experience in coaching, mentoring teams to achieve project goals/objectives.


Tibco Products: TIBCO AMX Business Works, Business Events, AMX ServiceGrid, Active Spaces, Hawk, RT View, Policy Manager, Smart Mapper, Business Connect, CLE and TIBCO Active DB Adapter, AMX BPM and MDM

Operating Systems: Windows series and Unix

Messaging solutions: TIBCO Rendezvous and JMS.

Tools: /IDE: TIBCO Designer, TIBCO Business Studio, SQL Developer, Eclipse, Visual Studio

Programming Languages: Java, HTML, XML, XSLT, Java Script, SQL and PL/SQL.

Databases: Oracle /9.x/10/11, DB2


Sr. Middleware Developer

Confidential, Baltimore - MD


  • Developed business processes by configuring shared resources, creating process definitions, Creating activities, configuring message transports.
  • Involved in identifying current production issues and mapping them to future state application designs.
  • Involved in business meetings for new requirements.
  • Worked on root cause analysis and trouble shooting in the deployed projects.
  • Configured Siebel adapter for according to requirement client need.
  • Involved in setting up Host-Partner Business Agreements in Business Connect.
  • Developed BW processes to automate daily support tasks.
  • Used Tibco utilities like domain utility, AppManage, buildear.
  • Developed deployment scripts for new services.
  • Worked with UDC’s.
  • Researched production issues and identified fixes in existing code.
  • Deploying whole packaged integration solution using business works and administrator.
  • Used XSLT & XPath for mapping and transformations.
  • Developed various XSD schema objects as a part BW process development.
  • Developed different web services which will be part of service oriented architecture.
  • Used Service palette, SOAP and WSDL palettes extensively as a part of Web Services development.
  • Involved in regression testing of the code.
  • To create the test cases of business works project.

Senior Tibco Developer

Confidential, Plano, Tx

Software Used: Business Works 5.x, TIBCO EMS 5.x, TIBCO Adapter for MQSeries 5.x, Active DatabaseAdapter 5.x, TIBCO Business Events 3.x, XML, XSD, SOAP and WSDL, Oracle, AIX UNIX, HP-UX, Windows and Main Frames.


  • Developed the technical design document and interface design document based on requirements document.
  • Involved in the configuration of ADB adapter publication services to get the data from databases.
  • Involved in the developing interfaces which are part of Sterling to MQ integration pattern.
  • Involved in the developing interfaces which are part of Sterling to .NET integration pattern.
  • Involved in developing various mapping matrix documents for data transformations.
  • Developed various TIBCO BW processes by using TIBCO designer.
  • Developed the Business Works processes by using various activities and resources.
  • Implemented the data transformations by using XPATH expression language.
  • Involved in creating and using various queues, topics and bridges in EMS.
  • Created various web services by using TIBCO BW as a part of service oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Developed the BW processes to utilize the common error handling processes and File Transfer processes.
  • Developed various test harness projects to test the projects in UNIT testing, Integration testing and partner testing perspective.
  • Provided the production support to different TIBCO projects and involved in trouble shooting and solving the day to day problems.
  • Deployed the application onto various environments by using TIBCO BW, Administrator

Tibco Developer


Software Used: TIBCO Business Works 5.x, Tibco Adb Adpator, Tibco EMS, Tibco Admin, SVN, Oracle, Linux


  • Installed and configured TIBCO components: BW 5.6, EMS 4.X.
  • Custom SDK Adapter: The SDK Adapter is programmed using TIB Adapter SDK Java APIs and Supplier management system. It received the purchase orders from the Confidential Capital’s proprietary Order management system and electronically transmitted them to SMS.
  • Active Database Agents: Active Database Agents are created on various tables in client’s database. The agents monitor the changes to the tables (creation of a Quote, creation of an Order, creation of a Purchase Order) and publish messages to the TIB as the Quote progresses through the above stages. When finally a Purchase Order is created, the active database agent published the PO to the TIB. The SDK Adapter received this PO and sends it to Cisco Integrated Commerce Server.
  • TIB/RV API: The Front End component of Confidential Capital’s Order management application was modified using RV APIs, and used Java to publish a Quote to the TIB RV.
  • Implemented HAWK rule bases for monitoring the interfaces.
  • Installed and configured TIBCO Active Enterprise products, ADB Adapter on Windows NT and SUN Solaris environments.
  • Developed Processes in TIBCO Business works for the transforming the data to from XML and proprietary formats.
  • Design and Develop Transaction on Database schemas and Data model.
  • Used TIBCO Hawk for System Monitoring & maintaining.

Tibco Daveloper

Confidential - Chicago - Illinois

Software Used: TIBCO RV, EMS, TIBCO Business Works, TIB/Adapter for Siebel, TIB/Adapter for Active DB,TIB/File Adapter, TIBCO Administrator, XML, TOAD, Oracle 9.x, Unix, Windows 2000.


  • Performed Unit testing, Integration testing of the Interfaces.
  • Worked on the Installation and Configuration of various TIBCO Components used in the project.
  • Identified bugs/issues and implementing the workaround.
  • Identified and implemented the transformations and mappings
  • Configured EMS transport for the messaging.
  • Configuration of File Adapter.
  • Worked on the Development, testing, staging and implementation phases of the project
  • Involved in analysis, process design, installation, development, deployment configuration, deployment of the EAI project.
  • Worked on Administrator Domain setup.
  • Designed various modules of the business process using TIBCO Business Works.
  • Configured ADB adapter to perform publish/subscribe and request/reply interactions with the business process activities.
  • Setup Business Connect to perform interactions to exchange EDI format data between trading partners.
  • Tested the business processes using the BW test & deployment mode

Tibco Consultant

Confidential - NY

Software Used: TIBCO BW 5.x, TIBCO Rendezvous 7.1, Tibco EMS, TIBCO Hawk 4.6, JDBC, JDK1.4, XMLSPY, TIBCO Administrator, Windows XP Professional. Linux, Sun Solaris, Tortoise SVN


  • Designing and Developing the Business Processes.
  • Developed interfaces processes to integrate legacy systems using File Adapter and Business Works processes.
  • Created error handling process using TIBCO Logging and Exception functionalities.
  • Utilized different pallets like XML, Parse File, File, JDBC, HTTP, JMS, etc., to implement processes in BW designer.
  • Used XPath for data Validation and used Turbo XML for defining the XML schemas and instances used in the Business processes.
  • Created Tables and Stored procedures used in the JDBC activities in Business works designer.
  • Involved in Deployment and Administration of the project, used TIBCO Administrator GUI to monitor and maintain BW process engines. involved in bug-fixing, Product customization and Production support

Tibco Developer

Confidential - Foster City, CA

Software Used: TIBCO Business Works, EMS, RV, JMS, TIBCO Administrator, SQL/Oracle, XML, XSD, TIBCO ADB Adapter, TIBCO HAWK, Win2000, UNIX.


  • Created the Technical design documents for the EAI project
  • Created the TIBCO Business works process flow for modifying data by applying various business rules. JMS Messaging was used to send and receive messages.
  • Followed best practices established by the EAI team for design, implementation, build and deployment of EAI services
  • Integrated Web Service using TIBCO SOAP Activity
  • Used SOAP/JMS and created appropriate WSDL to access the functionality of the web service
  • For Table to Table data sync created TIBCO ADB Adapter.
  • Create Error handling and validation processes using TIBCO Business works.
  • Set up the Queues, Topics, Connection Factories, and Bridges TIBCO JMS Server.
  • Created users and set up access management in TIBCO JMS Server.
  • Configured TIBCO JMS Server for Fault tolerance and Load balancing
  • Created XSD schemas for error handling and auditing process using XML Spy Editor
  • Generated unit test scripts and participated in integration and created the Unit Test Documents.
  • Configured Tibco Administrator to deploy the ear’s file for deployment for unit test
  • Created the SQL Script to create the new Database Schema for Job Management
  • Created deployment instructions documents, mapping document
  • Responsible for integration and functional testing of EAI services and integrations
  • Responsible for working with production support personnel from ERP, manufacturing, web portal and 3D application teams to analyze root cause for production problems and recommend a solution/workaround in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for working with the TIBCO systems administrator to troubleshoot issues related to EAI services in non-production environments.
  • Experience with testing and SQA processes

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