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Sr. Business Objects Developer/ Lead Resume

Chesterbrook, PA


  • 8 years experience in Business Objects (BI 4.0, XI 3.1, XIR2, 6.X and 5.X) including Administrator, Designer/Information Design Tool, Desktop Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Info View/BI Launch Pad, ZABO, Broadcast Agent/Scheduler, Publisher, Import Wizard, Central Management Console, Central Configuration Manager, Performance Manager (Dashboards, KPI’s), Dashboards 4.0/Xcelsius 2008 using Live Office, and QaaWS, Crystal Reports (2011/2008/Enterprise).
  • Extensive Experience in Data Warehousing and thorough understanding of OLAP and OLTP System architecture, Analysis, Slowly Changing Dimensions and E - R modeling. Developing Database Schemas like Star schema and Snowflake schema used in Dimensional modeling.
  • Strong Knowledge in all phases of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) such as developing, testing, Migrating, Administrating, security management and production supporting on various platforms.
  • Domain expertise of working for Communications, Healthcare, and Human Resource.
  • Extensively involved in BO Installation, Creating Repository, adding Users and Groups, Assigning Privileges using CMC.
  • Experience in designing universes and reports for analysis using Information Design Tool/Designer.
  • Expertise in retrieving data using Business Objects Universes, personal data files, stored procedures and free hand SQL.
  • Created Crystal Reports using Crystal reports formulas, Grouping, Parameters, Selection criteria to handle the customers' requests from Tables, Views and Command Objects.
  • Expertise in creating canned /Ad Hoc Reports using Business Objects Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports tools and also experienced in creating the information spaces using Business Objects Explorer .
  • Experience in creating dashboards using Dashboard Builder/BI Workspace, Dashboard Designer and Xcelsius using QAAWS and Live Office connections.
  • Experience in performance tuning of the Business Objects Reports.
  • Migrated Business Objects Universes/Reports from Development to Test environment and finally into Production environment after UAT using Import Wizard. Also migrated Business Objects from XIR2 to XIR3 and XIR3 to BI 4.0.
  • Good Programming skills in SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Extensive Knowledge on Unit, Integration and System Testing.
  • Trained and Managed Users in report development and running ad-hoc queries in business objects. Provided extensive support for users on Web Intelligence in BI4/ BO XI R3/R2/6.5 usage.
  • Self starter with good communication skills, interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with end-users, managers and technical personnel, goal oriented approach to problem solving issues and technical documentation skills.


Reporting Tools: Business Objects BI 4.0 ((Information Design tool, CMC, WebI Rich Client, BI Launch Pad), BusinessObjectsX1R3/XIR2/6.x/5i (Designer, Administrator, Supervisor, ReporterInfo View, Web Intelligence Rich client, Desktop Intelligence, Broad Cast Agent)Crystal Reports 2011/ 2008/ XI/ X/ 9, Dashboards 4, Xcelsius 2008/4.5, Business Objects Explorer XI 3.1, Data Federator XI 3.0, Live Office, InfoBurst.

Languages: C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL.

Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Windows NT and Windows 2007/XP/ 2000/2003/98.

RDBMS: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, DB2, Teradata, Sybase, My SQL, SQL Server 2005/2008HP Neo view.

Data Modeling Tools: Erwin3.x/4.x,MS Visio, Rational Rose.

Web Technologies: HTML, XML.

Oracle Tools: SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, Toad, DB Visualizer.


Confidential, Chesterbrook, PA

Sr. Business Objects Developer/ Lead


  • Gathered, analyzed and documented business requirements, clarify business rules and data design requirements, functional requirements and data specifications for Business Objects Universes and Reports.
  • Migrated Universes, Connections, WebI Reports and Personal/Inbox documents from the existing version XIR3 to BI4 using Upgrade management Tool.
  • Created Enterprise Level Security Setup in BI4 Enterprise environment using Central Management Console and Performed administrative tasks related to migration BO XIR3 to BI4 such as setup of users, groups, folders, and security using Central Management Console.
  • Worked on creating the Universes using Information Design tool and Universe Design Tool in BI4 and also using Designer in BO XIR3.1.
  • Created Universes, Classes and Objects for management systems using designer functionalities (@select, @aggregate aware, @where, and @prompt) to overcome the problems with database when integrating with Business Objects.
  • Created Aliases and Contexts for resolving the loops to increase the performance by checking Check Integrity.
  • Created classes and objects and logically grouped them together and defined business names for the classes and objects including Pre-defined conditions and exported the Universe to the Repository to make resources available to the users and groups.
  • Implemented Access restrictions for the users at the Universe level using Information Design Tool.
  • Created several WebI reports using multiple data providers, Union, Intersection, minus and Master/Detail, cross tab, Charts and Dashboards for graphical presentation.
  • Worked on Creating the BICS connections for SAP Bex Queries and created Webi Reports using this BICS Connection.
  • Extensively used Calculation contexts, Variables, Drill down, Slice and Dice, Breaks, Sections, Ranks and Alerts in the creation of reports.
  • Created reports on web using Info View Portal and published the reports on the World Wide Web to different users and scheduled these reports based on events, Calendar based and On-Demand.
  • Created and customized existing reports using cross-tab reports, and charts by using Crystal reports 2011.
  • Created Dashboards using Dashboard designer in BI4 for business executives.
  • Updated and maintained Universes based on changing user requirements and data source changes.
  • Resolved the Performance issues/Data issues with Reports.
  • Migrated Universes and reports from Dev to Test and from Test to Production Environment using Promotion management in BI4.
  • Interacted with the end users and updated the reports based on changing requirements at report level or Bex Query or Data Level with the Change requests as part of the Production Support.

Environment: Business Objects BI 4.0 (Information Design tool, CMC, WebI Rich Client, BI Launch Pad),Crystal reports, Dashboard Designer, Business Objects XIR3.1 (Designer, Web Intelligence Rich Client, Infoview), SAP BW 7.x, Windows 2007/XP, Unix, Oracle 11g/10g, SQL, PL/SQL.

Confidential, Collegeville, PA

Sr. Business Objects Developer/ Lead


  • Involved in gathering the requirements from Business users and Participated in project planning sessions with project managers and team members to analyze business requirements and outline the proposed solution.
  • Involved in planning and creating the Common Data Repository Data Model along with the Data Architects, from different source data files.
  • Participated in modeling the Datamart tables for each country from CDR to satisfy the reporting requirements.
  • Created views and tables required for Dimensional Data security and to provide shadow roles of different managerial levels.
  • Created single and Multi source Universes Using Information Design Tool based on the Datamarts for Different market Users.
  • Created Derived tables in the universe to create the shadow role security with in the universe based on the Business Requirement.
  • Worked on resolving the Loops by creating the contexts for each Aggregated Fact tables.
  • Created Users and User Groups within CMC and provided access to the reports and universes based on the requirement.
  • Extensively worked on creating the Security Profiles (Business Security Profile, Data Security Profile) for assigning the Row Level, object level, and business view Security.
  • Worked on creating the List of Values within the Data foundation layer and created the Parameters based on these LoV’s.
  • Worked on creating the hierarchical prompts with in the Business Layer and Exported the Business layer to the Repository to create .UNX Universe and made the universe available to all Users.
  • Created Ad-hoc Universe for the Power users for their own reporting needs.
  • Created Standard Canned reports and distributed these reports to all the users across different markets.
  • Worked extensively on the functionalities like linking Blocks within the Webi Report, Hiding Reporting Blocks based on the variables, input controls including slider, Breaks, Sections, Ranking, Merging Dimensions, and Calculation contexts.
  • Worked on creating the information spaces by connecting to Universes and also Excel files and provided access to the business users to create exploration views.
  • Scheduled the reports on Weekly, and monthly basis using BI Launch Pad.
  • Scheduled the WebI/ Deski Reports in InfoBurst in different formats and emailed to users based on the requirements.
  • Worked on Testing the reports and universes for data and performance.
  • Worked on Upgrading the Reports and Dashboards from XIR3.1 to BI4.
  • Worked on testing the reports, Universes and Dashboards in BI4 by comparing them with the XIR3.1 environment as part of the BI4 Conversion Project.
  • As part of Remediation Team worked on applying the fixes to the modified and broken reports at report level and universe level.
  • Resolved the Issues assigned to me in QA and UAT.
  • Provided the Post production support to the Users by resolving the issues(Reporting, Access, Software) assigned to me in Service Center.

Environment: Business Objects BI 4.0 (Information Design tool, CMC, WebI Rich Client, BI Launch Pad), Business Objects XIR3.1 (Designer, Web Intelligence Rich Client, Infoview), Xcelsius 2008, Windows 2007/XP,Unix, Oracle 11g/10g, Toad 10.6, Erwin, SQL, PL/SQL.

Confidential, Trenton, NJ

Sr. Business Objects Developer/ Sr. Data Mart Developer


  • Involved in gathering, analyzing, and documenting business requirements from all the divisions and prepared functional and technical specification documents for Business Objects Universes and Reports.
  • Gathered the requirements from end users, Performed Business Analysis and developed detail requirements for the Business Objects Reports.
  • Involved in Installation and Configuration of all products of Business Objects.
  • Involved in Creating the Enterprise Data Warehouse Data Model along with the Data Architects, from different source systems.
  • Involved in creating Datamart tables required to create the Universe and reports, from the Data Warehouse.
  • Created the Universes based on the Datamarts for different study areas.
  • Used Derived tables to create the universe for best performance, and resolved the loops using contexts and aliases.
  • Used various @Functions like @Prompt (for user defined queries), @Where (For creating conditional filters),@Variable, @Select, and also used @aggregate aware to improve the performance and to route the query objects through most appropriate path while selecting from multiple contexts..
  • Used Prompts, Conditions to restrict the data returned by Query and used Filters to restrict the unwanted data to be displayed on the report.
  • Created various canned Reports including scheduled and on-demand Webi reports using Infoview in Business Objects. Created different types of simple and complex reports like Master/Detail, Cross Tab, and Drill down, and using multiple Queries along with Union, Intersection, and Minus.
  • Created dashboards using Xcelsius based on the user requirement by connecting to webi reports using Live Office and QaaWS.
  • Provided access to the Xcelsius dashboards for the end users through Webi Reports using hyperlinks based on the requirement in Infoview.
  • Worked on Xcelsius Dashboards using different functionalities like Dynamic visibility, filtered rows, alerters and Drill down.
  • Worked extensively with the major functionalities of BO like Breaks, sections, Group values, Sorts, Pre-defined conditions, Calculation contexts, merging dimensions, and Ranking.
  • Scheduled the reports on daily, Weekly, and monthly basis using Infoview.
  • Worked on Testing the report performance and report output against the Database tables, and formatting of the reports before moving to QA.
  • Worked on Resolving the issues raised during testing in QA and also resolved the tickets created by the users in UAT before moving in to the PROD.
  • Provided the hand-off documents and to the users before migrating to the Production.
  • Provided Post Production support for the End users.

Environment: Business Objects XIR3.1 (CMC, Designer, Web Intelligence Rich Client, Infoview), Xcelsius 2008, Windows 2007/XP, Oracle 11g/10g, Toad 9.7.2, Erwin, SQL, PL/SQL.

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Sr. Business Objects Developer


  • Interacted with Business Users and Business Analysts to gather and document the Requirements and translate these to Technical specifications for Designing Universes.
  • Migrated existing BO XIR2 universes and reports to BO XIR3 using Import Wizard and users, groups, folders and Security using Central Management Console.
  • Extensively worked on designing Universes by gathering information from the users.
  • Applied row level and object level securities to different groups and users in the designer wizard.
  • Involved in Adding users, user groups and managed the access privileges of the user community using the CMC module of Business Objects XIR3.
  • Worked on creating Derived Tables, Indexes and used Aggregate Awareness concept to increase the performance of the universe.
  • Extensively used SQL and PL/SQL scripts to test the reports and create the reports.
  • Worked on creating the aliases and contexts to Resolve Loops in Designing the Universe.
  • Used the functionality of linking universes so as to have the flexibility to use the objects defined in one universe in another.
  • Worked on SCD Type-2 Dimensions when creating the Universe and Reports.
  • Created Universes Using the BEx Queries and modified the predefined filters also created calculated measures based on the Requirement and also Developed WebI reports and Xcelsius dashboards based off of these Universes.
  • Created DeskI and WebI Reports with multiple data providers.
  • Worked on creating various reports in different formats such as Master/Detail Reports, Charts and Cross Tab Reports.
  • Developed Complex Interactive Webi reports using the Input Controls and Drill Filters features of Business Objects.
  • Created Complex reports using complex operands like Prompts, Sub Queries and Unions etc.
  • Created various Crystal report formats such as Sub Reports, Cross Tab Reports, Standard Reports and also Created several complex reports with many sub reports (linked and unlinked).
  • Created dynamic prompts, cascading lists of values and also various types of sophisticated reports using the multiple section reporting capabilities in Crystal Reports.
  • Created complex Crystal Reports with various formulae, set parameters and conditions depending upon the selection criteria and exported these reports to Business objects Info view for the Users to access.
  • Created Business Views using Business View Manager and used in the Crystal reports.
  • Created complex Xcelsius dashboards by connecting directly with existing Crystal Reports, Webi Reports, Universe Using Live Office and QAAWS Connections and XML files.
  • Worked along with the Design team for the formatting (such as fonts, colors) of the dashboards as per the Business user requirements.
  • Extensively worked on creating reports using Business Objects features like Slice/Dice, Drill, Ranking, Alerter etc.
  • Formatted the reports as per the Users requirements using all the facilities in Business Objects, which allows the users to analyze the data.
  • Worked on performance tuning of all the reports before moving them into production.
  • Provided the Hand off documents and on Universes and Reports to the end users.

Environment: : Business Objects XIR3/XIR2 (CMC, CMS, Designer, DeskI, WebI, WebI Rich Client, Info View), Business Objects Explorer XI 3.1, Data Federator XI 3.0, Crystal Reports 2008, Xcelsius 2008, SAP BW 3.x,Oracle 9i/10g, SQL Server 2005, HP NeoView, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows XP and UNIX.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. Business Objects Developer


  • Analyzed business requirements, data specifications and functional design documents for Business Objects Universes and Reports.
  • Monitoring and Management of all Servers and Server groups in the Global Environment.
  • Design and implement BO system security including details security groups and access control list to meet business requirements.
  • Performed Administrative tasks like Setting up user profiles, assigning rights and privileges for groups, setting up categories using CMC, and maintain BO servers.
  • Involved in Recreating SIA in CMS during critical Database Failures.
  • Updated the Universe based on project requirements and reporting needs.
  • Created Universe based on the user requirements to develop adhoc reports.
  • Created Classes and Objects depending on the demand for report specifications using Business Objects XI R3.
  • Used @functions (@select, @where, @prompt and @aggregate aware) to create complex predefined conditions, complex objects and prompts to filter the data in the universes.
  • Edited Joins, resolved the loops using aliases and contexts in the universe and exported to the repository.
  • Created classes and objects and logically grouped them together and defined business names for the classes and objects. Also defined Pre-defined Conditions based on the requirements.
  • Exported the Universe to the Repository to make resources available to the users and groups.
  • Created Derived tables in the Universe based on the Functionality of the reports for the best performance of universe and resolved the Performance issues/Data issues with Reports.
  • Worked on Migrating Reports and Universes using Import Wizard between different environments like development, testing and production.
  • Created over 40 WebI reports in different functional areas like Formulary reports, Pharmacy reports, Field reports, Drug utilization Reports, Deputy Director Reports based on the User requirements.
  • Developed and Deployed complex reports using multiple data providers, Union, Intersection, minus, Cross-tab and Master/Detail.
  • Worked extensively with the major functionality of Business Objects like Calculation contexts, Breaks, Sections, Ranks, Alerters, Filters, Sorts, Query prompt in the creation of reports.
  • Created Report level variables by using Variable Editor.
  • Created complex reports using user defined functions, condition objects and used short-cut join functions for Query performance enhancement.
  • Published and scheduled reports by setting the run-time parameters using Infoview in BOXI based on events, Calendar based and On-Demand on monthly, weekly and yearly.
  • Exported Reports into PDF & Excel from Enterprise and resolved formatting issues.
  • Management of content and data migration through Dev, QA and PROD environments.

Environment: Business Objects XIR3 (CMC, CMS, CCM, Designer, Web Intelligence Rich Client, Info View, Import Wizard), SQL Developer, Sql Server 2005/2008, Oracle 10g/11g and Windows XP.


Business Objects Developer


  • Involved in gathering users requirements and worked closely with the Business Users.
  • Tested the upgraded universes/reports across the earlier version universes and reports before migrating them to the production environment.
  • Identified the issues in the existing problematic reports and resolved.
  • Modified the existing reports as per business user’s requirements.
  • Created various complex reports with multiple data providers.
  • Created variables, formulae and user objects at report level.
  • Organized data in the report inserting Filters, Sorting, Ranking and highlighting data.
  • Created reports in table, cross table, 2-D, 3-D Column, Line, Area and Pie charts.
  • Created Report Templates for consistency in the look and feel of the reports.
  • Scheduled and monitored reports using Broadcast Agent (BCA) on timely basis in various formats required for the end user community.

Environment: Business Objects 6.5 (Designer, Reporter), Web intelligence, BCA, Oracle8i, DB2, MS Access 2000, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows 2000 Server.

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