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Senior Duty Non-commissioned Officer Resume

Washington, DC


  • Over 23 years US Confidential experience in t h e co mm un icatio n s, tech n ical, a n d management f ie ld s .
  • Organized and goal - oriented, with more than five years of experience in program / project management and a strong customer focus.
  • Managed the installation and life cycle support of deployed and fixed telecommunications systems.
  • Skilled in building trusted relationships with clients and team members.
  • Able to see the big picture, delegate effectively, and motivate team members to achieve on time project completion.


Project / Program Management Team Leadership RF Engineering Customer Service Quality Control Quality Assurance Risk Management RF Engineering Land Mobile Radio P25 Confidential Radio Systems Confidential Radio Systems Satellite Communications Systems Video Telecommunications systems HF Radio Systems Continuity of Operations Communications


Confidential, Washington, DC

Senior Duty Non-Commissioned Officer


  • Subject matter expert and program manager responsible for Confidential and Confidential radio systems and Confidential communication equipment used in a fixed and mobile environment.
  • Planned and designed Confidential and Radio communications systems architecture and systems infrastructure.
  • Oversee the evaluation, deployment, and administration of all Radio and Satellite communication systems within the Agency.
  • Acted as technical lead and supported the J-5 Project Manager in achieving project objectives on several projects that dealt with equipment upgrades and replacement, interacted with customers for the requirements, design, and deliverables.
  • Responsible for managing the mentorship and training for over 100 personnel and tracking their upgrade processes. Led and trained teams of three to eight personnel worldwide while installing satellite communication and Confidential radio network systems in support of the President, Vice President, First Lady, Senior White House Staff, and the United States Secret Service.
  • Provided critical logistical, administrative, and technical support of over 300 Presidential, 200 Vice Presidential and 20 First Lady Missions in the National Capitol Region and around the world, enabling the teams to provide flawless communications to the assigned principal.
  • Analyzed policies and procedures with regard to customer service and efficiency. Organized committees of multiple shareholders to rewrite and publish new procedures and guidance. Reducing errors, streamlined procedures, and increasing efficiency with information reporting to the Command.
  • Planed and scheduled customer support services for classified and unclassified networks, video teleconferencing, telephone, and radio systems used within and external to the agency with minimal impact to the customers.


Radio Technician Program Manager


  • Provided oversight, management, and system engineering for Confidential area and locations worldwide utilizing up to ten different networks.
  • Providing users with a primary, alternate, and contingency method of communications with near flawless service.
  • Advised and implemented designs for communications systems that supported Continuity of Operations, ensuring that systems meet the requirements of NCS directive 3-10.
  • Established Confidential and radio standard operating procedures and policies that were followed by teams of radio technicians deploying worldwide.
  • Ensuring that the principals being covered always had the same quality and quantity of services, no matter where in the world they were deployed.
  • Managed cross functional teams on the last phase of the narrowbanding project of Confidential radio systems.
  • Agency completed the Confidential 12.5kHz mandate years ahead of the deadline.
  • At the same time, radio systems were transitioned from Confidential encryption to Confidential encryption.
  • Received recognition from Motorola, in the name of the Agency, as deploying the first Department of Defense nationwide Confidential encrypted Confidential radio network.
  • Worked with commercial vendors and engineers to evaluate and test new technologies and equipment to analyze their fulfillment of agency requirements, identify any shortcoming, and offer improvements and solutions.
  • Utilized agency information systems to maintain configuration management for over 4000 pieces of Confidential radio and satellite communications systems.
  • Enabled users to properly communicate with one another in Emergency Actions situations.
  • Served as a focal point within the agency for customer advocacy in regards to radio communications.
  • Worked with external stakeholders to analyze, prepare, and document operational techniques, procedures and technical guidelines.
  • Managed Agency resources so that they were able to meet the requirements of our customers.
  • Provided mentorship and training to over 100 technicians.
  • Monitored and scheduled their upgrade training and testing. Enabled the Agency to deploy properly trained and capable personnel in the right jobs on travel missions.
  • Managed projects for lifecycle replacement of equipment and materials.
  • Was responsible for identifying requirements, selecting vendors, testing equipment, writing statements of work & requirements, controlling budgets, managing schedules, managing cross functional teams, testing and evaluating products for acceptance. All phases of the projects from cradle to grave.
  • Developed Confidential encryption material and distribution / management program that replaced Confidential provided cryptographic key material. Made the Agency, United States Secret Service and other users self-reliant for communications security.
  • Developed frequency plans for Confidential and Confidential communications systems that eliminated interference and intermodulation problems by coordinating with embassy Information Management Offices and spectrum mangers to get approved frequencies from host nations and Confidential .
  • Managed Key Management Facility (KMF) servers with over 4000 users.
  • Improved communications support systems for New York City, New York, by replacing temporary installed phone services with permanently installed services. Decreased Agency spending costs by over $200,000 annually, increasing system reliable and decreasing install times.


Radio Technician Lead / Technician


  • Accountable for the physically inventory and tracking of equipment valued in excess of $5 Million dollars with zero percent lost.
  • Developed database for the management of maintenance cycles and calibration of equipment, ensuring equipment was ready for all missions.
  • Trained and mentored over 30 people in roles of travel support jobs, resulting in them upgrading from technician to lead technician.
  • Mobilized on several short notice missions to austere locations. Worked with local law enforcement and military organizations to provide communications support when normal resources were not available by leveraging the use of and interfacing with their communications systems without our customers noticing any deviation from normal standards.
  • Deployed worldwide planning, installing, configuring, and testing Confidential radio systems with strict operating standards and mandatory coverage requirement to produce a system worthy of being used to provide protection.

Confidential, Fort Gordon, GA

Instructor / Writer


  • Trained over 2500 Confidential and Air Force recruits on basic and advanced electronic theory to include the concepts of AC / DC electronics, AM and FM communications, Digital circuits, and soldiering.
  • Created the training material, handouts, and presentations used in all five week long training classes in this division, enabled the school house to move forward for full accreditation.
  • Awarded the associates, instructor and senior instructor levels of certification from the Ordnance Munitions and Electronics Maintenance School.


Radio Repairer


  • Operated and maintained a high frequency (HF) radio system in support of the Confidential program.
  • Used packet messaging program and radio system to send and receive Confidential messages from soldiers in Korea to families in the United States.
  • Provided moral and contingency communications to troops and tactical operations center.

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