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Sr.obiee/odi Developer Resume

Philadelphia, PA


  • Over 8 years of expertise in OBIEE 12c, OBIEE 11G/10G, BI Publisher and BI administrator Repository tools.
  • Played major role in upgrading from OBIEE to OBIEE 12C, OBIA , and ODI11g.
  • Installed OBIA , OBIEE and ODI on one sever and applied platform patches and installed OBIEE 12 C on the second server.
  • Involved in the configuration by running the Configapps.sh and Config.sh for the OBIEE and ODI.
  • Experience with Weblogic server and Enterprise manager in OBIEE 11g.
  • Performed Three - Way-Merge to embedding the new functionally of RPD which comes with OBIA with our custom RPD (OBIEE ).
  • Good knowledge on Data Warehousing concepts like star and Snowflake Schema Methodologies along with the Strong Banking domain skills and experienced IT project lifecycle in a banking environment as the OBIEE Report Developer and ODI Developer.
  • Responsibility includes involvement in gathering business requirements, analysis, design, data modeling, development, which include in designing ETL Process, building and configuring repository.
  • Complete Life Cycle (Gathering Business Requirements, GAPS Analysis, identifying & analyzing the source/feeder systems, Design & Data Modeling, Development, and Testing) implementation experience of Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) using Oracle BI.
  • Designed and developed the OBIEE/ Metadata Repository (.rpd) using OBIEE Admin tool by importing the required objects (Dimensions and Facts) with integrity constraints into Physical Layer.
  • Created the star schemas, dimensional hierarchies, Aggregations, Fragmentation in Business Model layer in OBIEE Admin tool based on the requirements for these Subject Areas.
  • Experience in configuring Security Settings (groups, roles, access/query/report privileges) and scheduling iBots/Agents for OBIEE 10g and OBIEE 11g.
  • Implemented Object Level Security for the objects like Dashboards and Reports, and Data Level Security using Session Variables.
  • Configured LDAP security in Console for the newly created provider as per as the business rules.
  • Involved in creating Master Repository and Work Repository for ODI .
  • In Topology layer involved in creating the Data Servers, physical server the Physical architecture, Logical architecture schema and Context in ODI .
  • Setup the Model for the source database and target database and loading the required Data Store by using Reverse Engineering Modules in ODI .
  • Created scenarios for the Interfaces, Packages, Procedures and Variables and used these scenarios in the load plan in the Topology to schedule the Agents.
  • Excellent knowledge on the ODI Knowledge Modules such as LKM, IKM, CKM, JKM, RKM, SKM.
  • Expertise with developing dynamic and interactive Dashboards with drill-down drill-across capabilities, and Web Catalog using Oracle Business Intelligence Tool.
  • Expertise in Business Model development with Dimensions, Hierarchies, Measures, Aggregation Rules, Time Series & Caching.
  • Worked with BI Publisher to report real time data to the users.
  • Implemented Data Level and Object Level Security using External Table Authentication, as well as Presentation Services.
  • Interacted with Business Analyst to understand the business requirements and also designed the ETL Mapping specifications for ETL Mappings of Data warehouse.
  • Experience with Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Source Analyzer, Transformation developer, Mapping Designer, Repository manager.
  • Designed many Multi Source Single Target mappings and vice versa.
  • Experienced with designing ETL execution plan and scheduling task using DAC.
  • Performed the Performance tuning to the ETL code at the Database, Mapping, Session and workflow levels.
  • Performed coordination with the offshore team for all OBIEE and ETL Informatica deliverables with daily status calls and follow up on gap items on daily basis.
  • Good at prioritizing along critical path, meeting project milestones and deliverable dates.
  • Active participation in Presentation of Project concept, status, plans and progress
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and is experienced in working with senior level managers and developers across multiple disciplines.


ETL Tools: ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) 11g/12c .

Data Modeling: Dimensional Data Modeling, Data Modeling, Star Join Schema Modeling, Snowflake Modeling, FACT and Dimensions Tables, Physical and Logical Data Modeling, Oracle Designer, MS Visio.

DBMS: Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i/8i, DB2, MS SQL Server 2005/2000, MS Access, Excel, Teradata (Fast-Load, Multi-Load, Fast Export, BTEQ), ODBC

Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL

OLAP/Reporting Tools: OBIEE 11x/10.1.3.x, BI Admin tools, BI Publisher, Crystal Reports XI R2, Business Objects11.1.1.5, OBIA 7.9.x, Scheduler (Agents/iBots)

Operating Systems: Windows XP/ 2008/2003/2000/ NT/98/95

Other tools: VISIO, SQL *Loader, Putty, SQL Navigator 5.5.


Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Sr.OBIEE/ODI developer


  • Participated in the Requirements Gathering of the various work streams by meeting with the business user and base lining the details. Installed configured and administrated OBIEE 11G.
  • Installation of Siebel Analytics/OBIEE and related components for development, QA and production environments.
  • Worked on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) within the BI environment which can be used as the catalyst toward driving more responsive interaction between users and data.
  • Worked on Configuration & Application Deployment Management.
  • Designed and developed Performance Measurement Dashboards/ Reports that are Dynamic & Interactive with drilldown, drill across capabilities split reports for summary & details information, and local & global filters using Oracle BI Presentation Services.
  • Developed different kinds of Reports (pivots, charts, tabular) using global and local Filters.
  • Enhance performance of Reports/ Dashboards by implementing the Aggregate tables, Materialized Views, Table partitions and managing Cache.
  • Worked on Metadata Repository objects and also Web catalog Objects which include Dashboards, Reports, Pages and Folders.
  • Customized Purchase Orders, GL, Account Receivables, Account Payables, Procurement and Spend Analytics, Order Management, Inventory reports using OBIEE 11g.
  • Implemented data level security (Location Managers, Sales Executives etc.) using Session.
  • Variables by creating content filter in dimension table in rpd.
  • Installed ODI. Set up the ODI connection with Oracle, oracle SQL Server and flat files.
  • Troubleshoot the ODI connection with oracle by fixing the tnsnames.ora file.
  • Implemented object level security for both repository objects and web objects by creating users and groups in repository and web catalog groups in the Presentation Services.
  • Created Dimensional Hierarchies and Level Based measures, worked on Expression Builders and Calculation Wizards to generate certain expressions.
  • Created ODI packages, scenarios using interfaces, variables, procedure
  • Performance tuned the OBIEE11.1.1.9interfaces.
  • Extensively worked on developing Data model based on STAR schema concept using OBIEE 11g Administration Tool for current and future reporting requirement.
  • Customized Oracle BIEEMetadata Repository using Siebel Analytics/OBIEE Admin Tool by importing some of the required objects with integrity constraints into Physical Layer.
  • Performed implementation from OBIEE11g to OBIEE12C.
  • Configured LDAP server to Authenticate users and implemented both object level and data level security based on roles and responsibilities.
  • Performed Unit, Integration and Regression testing to validate reports and mappings.

Environment: OBIEE,OBIEE 12C, ODI 12.2.1,BI Publisher, BI Admin tools , SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, Windows, Web Logic Server 11gR1 PS3, Financial Analytics, HR ( Human Resources) Analytics.

Confidential, LA, CA

ODI/OBIEE developer


  • Created and developed the ODI Interface metadata mappings to extract the data from Exhibition Event Master and EBS Apps to consolidate the data into Enterprise data warehouse.
  • Involved in system performance tuning to improve the performance from OBIEE report/dashboard wise and RPD.
  • Designed Aggregate Tables modeled the repository for improving performance of reports.
  • Identified Gaps by analyzing the Datamart instance and provision of alternative solutions as well as recommendation of changes to databases.
  • Designed ETL mappings for bringing in data from various data sources using ODI.
  • Identified the fact and dimension tables, designed the Kimball Matrix, created the data mapping field matrix
  • Developed multiple Dimensions with multiple Drill-Down Hierarchies in Business Model Layer and customization of Presentation catalogs in Presentation Layer
  • Configured more than 90 Measures in the Business Model Layer that are not critical to performance and mapped them to multiple logical source tables
  • Developed Time Series objects for computing Year Ago, YTD, MTD, WTD measures. Also created Fragmentation content for few fact tables
  • Involved in data model designs and assisted in ETL design mappings using Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) to extract the data.
  • Modify existing ETL jobs in Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).
  • Develop data extracts from the data warehouse environment using ODI.
  • Creating variables, sequences, user functions, scenarios, procedures, interfaces and packages in ODI.
  • Developed OBIEE dashboards using JavaScript and Cascading style sheets.
  • Created Roles/Groups in OBIEE to provide the access to multiple departments without relying on the responsibilities.
  • Integrated LDAP server in order to authenticate the users along with Native authentication. Maintained the groups in LDAP and applied the security on user level.
  • Built Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities, use of global prompts and Presentation variables
  • Extensively worked on complex Interfaces which involved slowly changing dimensions.
  • Created Complex procedures and used them in the interfaces to load the data to simplify the interface design. Automated the schema name using ODI interface function in procedures.
  • Customized requests and modified the OBIEE Dashboard using cascading style sheets
  • Created different types of Customized Reports (Drilldown, Aggregation) to meet client requirements
  • Performed Unit, Integration, and Regression testing to validate report and mapping
  • Respectively participated in weekly Project status meetings and communicated effectively with Project Managers

Environment: OBIEE, BI Publisher, Oracle 11g, ODI, SQL, PL/SQL.

Confidential, Columbus, Ohio

OBIEE Developer/Administrator


  • Interacted with Subject Matter Experts and Business Analysts for reporting requirements analysis and to define business and functional specifications.
  • Analyzed the Business Requirement Documents (BRD’s) and created the technical Specifications for the required Subject areas and corresponding Dashboards.
  • Monitored and documented change requests in requirements and ensured modified requirements are met during BI development.
  • Designed and developed metadata repository that consisted of Physical layer, Business Model and Mapping layer and presentation Layer using Oracle BI Administration tool.
  • Build repository by importing the data, defining keys and joins, creating business model, defining complex joins, mapping columns and sources, creating measures, and developing subject areas.
  • Extensively worked on Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Tool.
  • Managed Security settings in OBIEE Administration Tool.
  • Designed and developed the OBIEE/ Metadata Repository (.rpd) using OBIEE Admin tool by importing the required objects (Dimensions and Facts) with integrity constraints into Physical Layer.
  • Created the star schemas, dimensional hierarchies, Aggregations, Fragmentation in Business Model layer in OBIEE Admin tool based on the requirements for these Subject Areas.
  • Developed various Reports, Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities, with various charts and views, and tables using global and local Filter.
  • Developed Reports and Dashboards with different Analytics Views including Pivot Table, Chart, Gauges, Column Selector, and View Selector using Oracle BI Presentation Service.
  • To track usage set up Usage tracking subject area and designed few reports in OBIEE.
  • In the Enterprise Manager created and set up Application Roles to implement data level security and updated Application policy as per requirement.
  • Implemented Object Level Security for the objects like Catalog Folder, Dashboards, Reports and Data Level Security for Unit, Region and Product dimensions using Session Variable.
  • Created various session and repository variables and initialized them in the Initialization Blocks to change metadata dynamically as the environment/user changes.
  • Migrated Development RPD to the QA and Production environment and used Catalog Manager to migrated catalog files like Dashboard, Reports and other object from one environment to the other environment.
  • I have used BI Publisher for reporting direct against the Data source or OBIEE RPD and integrated Publisher reports on BI Dashboard.
  • Scheduled reports and bursting as per the requirement in BI Publisher and represented them in OBIEE dashboards.
  • Created Shared Directory and projects to work with Multi User Development Environment (MUDE).
  • Integrated OBIEE with Essbase, developed RPD and reports against multidimensional database.
  • Upgraded from OBIEE 10g to 11g.
  • Developed Performance Tuning Strategies for optimized performance, by implementing Aggregate Navigation, Cache Management, re-organizing data, and implementing calculated objects into the RPD.
  • Involvement with ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) development team to communicate the specification for the required dimensional, aggregate and indexed data tables.
  • Scheduling and Executing Incremental ETL loads by using Data Warehouse Administration Console (DAC)
  • Created extensive documentation on the design, development, and implementation and provided Knowledge Transfer to the end users.

Environment: OBIEE, BI Publisher, BI Admin tools (.rpd), SQL, PL/SQL, OBIA, Oracle Database 11.1.0.x.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

OBIEE Developer/Administrator


  • Worked with business users and performed gap analysis.
  • Involved in the gap Analysis, worked on documenting the functional and technical specifications, development, deployment and testing of the project.
  • Involved in senior role to help lead the implementation and ongoing maintenance of data warehousing and business analytics solution.
  • Created connection pools, imported new tables and columns from the Data warehouse defined Physical joins in Physical layer and in Business Model Layer created Logical Joins.
  • Created Dimensional Hierarchies and Level Based measures, worked on Expression Builders and Calculation Wizards to generate certain expressions and formulae, created new logical columns based on the requirement, wrote Case SQL Statements to manipulate the data as per the needs.
  • Designed repository based on business requirements, followed design best practices for the RPD and Dashboard designs.
  • Responsible for creating additional Users and maintaining Visibility Privileges using Analytics.
  • Administration on Repository side as well as front end to display reports based on the business user for that particular area.
  • Created connection pools, imported physical tables and defined joins in the physical layer of the repository.
  • Used different filter conditions both in the repository and in front end based on business rules provided by the business users.
  • Worked on creating repository and session variables such as static and dynamic along with initialization blocks.
  • Created groups in the repository and added users to the groups and granted privileges explicitly and through group inheritance.
  • Worked with DBA’s to create materialized views and aggregates to improve performance.
  • Involved in setting up the environments for Development, Unit Testing, System Testing and Production for the developers and testing teams.
  • Migrated reports from existing database to new data base using Hyperion intelligence explorer8.5.
  • Installed and configured OBIEE 11g grand enhanced new features.
  • Involved in User for effective Use of Ad Hoc Querying.

Environment: OBIEE, BI admin tools (.rpd), Windows 7, Oracle 10g/11g, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, OBIEE, OBIA/BI APPS 7.9.6/7.9.5.


ETL - Developer


  • Interacted with Business Analyst to understand the data warehouse requirements
  • Analyzed Specifications and involved in identifying the source data that needs to be moved to DM.
  • Involved in analyzing scope of application, defining relationship within & between groups of data
  • Involved in developing dimensional data model for the P&C datamart using star schema models
  • Identified and created different source definitions to extract data from input sources like Flat files, SQL Server and load into relational tables like Oracle.
  • Created various database objects in Data Mart as per changing technical requirements.
  • Designed Reusable Transformations using Transformation Designer.
  • Tuned business rules into mappings to perform different logics
  • Scheduled Sessions, Batch Process based on demand, run time, run only once using workflows
  • SQL* Loader was used to load data from various sources like Flat Files, XML into target tables.
  • Extensively used SQL, PL/SQL and Shell Scripting.

Environment: Oracle 10g, SQL Server, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Windows NT

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