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Sr. Bo Applications Developer Resume

Nyc New, YorK


  • Fourteen Years of IT experience in Analysis, Design, Development & Implementation of Data Warehousing tools and Mainframe Technologies.
  • Experience working with different sectors such as Financial, Brokerage Services and Pharmaceutical.
  • Eight years of Experience in Business Objects XI 4.2/3.1/R2 (Designer, Info view, DeskI/WebI, BO Reporting, Broadcast Agent/ Scheduler, CMC, CCM, and Crystal Reports).
  • Eight years of Experience in developing, designing and Modifying Business Objects Universes and Reports with experience in Migrating BO 6.5 to XIR2 and XI 3.1 to 4.2.
  • Four years of experience in SAP BI, BW, ETL and system administration.
  • Expertise in creating InfoObjects, InfoSources, PSA, ODS/DSO, DTP, Transformations, InfoCubes, MultiProviders.
  • Nine Years of Experience in Oracle 11.2/10g/9i, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 .
  • Four years of experience in working with Data warehouse using ETL tools and Strong understanding of Data warehouse concepts such as Star Schema, Snowflake Schema, OLTP, OLAP and Multi - Dimensional Models for query and analysis.
  • Expertise in Report Generation - Worked extensively in BEX Analyzer in building Queries and saving in Workbooks (Excel work Sheets) and created Custom Queries using Conditions, Exceptions, Variables & Structures and created aggregates for frequently used queries.
  • Good experience in extracting data from SAP & non-SAP systems. Sophisticated skills to work on Flat File Extraction, Generic Data Sources, BI Content Data Sources, Full and Delta Extraction Management.
  • Expert in designing data sources for LO-extraction, generic extraction, Data loading (ETL process) based on business requirements.
  • Expertise in creating process chains, Data load management, Scheduling Start Process, event triggers, event chains.
  • Six years of experience on COBOL, DB2, CICS, JCL, S/390, MVS, VSAM, MQ Series.
  • Extensive experience working with End Users and Business System Analysts in understanding their requirements, assisting in providing technical solutions and implementing them.


  • Expert in planning, designing, developing, modifying, updating, maintaining and distributing Universes and Reports.
  • Proficient at using Business Objects Modules Designer, Deski/Desktop Intelligence, WEBi/Web Intelligence, Import wizard, Report conversion tool, Central Management Console (CMC), Central Configuration Manager (CCM), BCA/Scheduler, Auditor.
  • Experience in Optimization and Performance tuning of new and existing Business Objects universes, reports.
  • Worked on developing reports using Crystal Reports XI using Business Views and Universes as data providers.
  • Good Experience in Data Warehousing development using ETL tools such as Informatica, Data Integrator and understanding of dimensional, logical and physical data modeling for data warehouse/data marts.


BI Tools: Business Objects XI 4.2/ XI R3 SP3.4, CMC, Designer, Web Intelligence, Infoview, WEBI SDK, Xcelsius 2008, Live Office, Crystal XI, Crystal Reports 2008, SAP BW 3.5, SAP BI 7.x, ECC 6.0 and Net Weaver.

ETL Tools: Informatica 8.x, PowerCenter/PowerMart, Business Objects Data Services( BODS)

B.O. Functionalities: Master/Detail, Slice and Dice, Drill up/down, Conditions, Filters, Charts, Alerts, LOV, Context, Aliases, Universes, Reports, UDO, @Functions, Formulas, Scheduling, Cross tab, Joins.

Database: Oracle11.2/10g, MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 , DB2, MS Access


Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/NT, MS DOS, Z/OS and UNIX/Linux.

Windows: MS Office

Reporting Tools: BEx Reporting, Web Reporting, Report Designer, Crystal reportsBOBJ Universe and Info View.


Confidential, NYC, New York

Sr. BO Applications Developer


  • Interacted with Business Users and Business Analysts to gather and document the Requirements and translate these into Tech specs for Designing Universes and creating Webi reports.
  • Followed Agile methodology and worked independently with users to gather rqmts and generate reports based on JIRA items.
  • Created several Universes using Designer for Accounting Datamart (ADaM).
  • Designed and Developed PL/SQL procedures and predefined stored procedures and accessed them from BO and built reports on the top of it.
  • Owned and successfully did BO Upgrade projects (3.1 to SP 3.4 and subsequently to BO 4.2).
  • Used BO report bursting process called CBORE to generate on an average 1000 PDF client statements on a Daily basis and 11,000 on monthly (BD1 & BD4).
  • Developed Informatica Mappings/Workflows and generated csv reports as required. Created new Jobs (Daily/Weekly) on Control-M.
  • Extensively analyzed Informatica Workflows and respective mappings for trouble shooting and resolving data discrepancies.
  • Modified Unix Shell scripts to enable CBORE trigger process for performance optimization e.g. introducing sleep logic/pointing to new directories during space constraints/parse input files for BO SDK process/changing config file during BO outages from support perspective.
  • Scheduled the reports at a frequency of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and using Calendar on BO Scheduler.
  • Created various User defined objects including Dimensional, Detail, and Measure objects and tested them to ensure correct mapping of data.
  • Improved the performance and reduced the coding with the use of @functions (@aggregate aware, @select, @prompt, @where).
  • Created new and modified existing Hierarchies in universes to meet Drill Analysis of the user’s reporting needs.
  • Involved in performance tuning and optimization on Business objects Universes by creating Aggregate tables.
  • Defined Alias and Contexts to resolve loops and also tested them for correct results.
  • Performed integrity testing of the Universes (Universe Structure checking, Object parsing, Joins parsing, Conditions parsing, Cardinalities checking, Loops checking and Contexts checking) after any modifications to them in terms of structure, classes, and objects.
  • Created users/users groups in CMC (Administration module).
  • Updated and maintained existing Universes based on changing user requirements and changes in data source.
  • Created Cross Tab Reports and Sub Reports, insert sub reports, Share Formulas Between Main and Sub reports using Crystal Reports version 2008.
  • Designed queries in Bex query designer and created workbooks in Bex Analyzer using conditions, structures, calculated key figures, character variables, formula variables and text variables
  • Worked with business users for defining reporting needs, help design flexible queries, pre calculated reports using BEX reporting features like variables, conditions, exceptions
  • Creation and maintenance of OLAP universes source from BEx queries.
  • Writing and editing of SAP BEx queries using Query Designer.
  • Provided technical assistance/support to analysts, business community and responded to inquiries regarding errors, problems, or questions with programs/interfaces.

Environment: SAP BI BOBJ 4.2,Designer, Infoview, CMC, Import Wizard, Publishing Wizard, Xcelsius 2008, Informatica 8.6, UNIX/Linux, SAP BI 7.0, ECC 6.0, Rapid SQL 7.6, Oracle 11.2.

Confidential, Rockville, MD

Business Objects Developer


  • Designed / developed Crystal reports from different data sources with a number of formats including PDF, spreadsheet, or graphic using Crystal Report XI.
  • Developed Standard, Summary, Cross Tabs, SQL, grouping, sub reports, summary detail reports, linking sub reports, Custom Formatting Techniques in Crystal Reports Environment.
  • Developed new reports using stored procedures, enhanced the existing reports for performance and data accuracy.
  • Developed reports in Crystal XI with Oracle, SQL Server, Stored procedures, views, customized SQL, Universe.
  • Coding and Design of User Interface, Business Logic, Integration Design Reports and Queries.
  • Responsible for Integrating Business Objects with SAP BW with Portal Integration kit to publish the reports onto the Enterprise using BW/R3 portal.
  • Worked with the business unit to define, develop prototypes for SAP BW reporting.
  • Modified BW queries in the Crystal reports using BW query designer with Crystal XI R2 professional tool.
  • Experienced in working with Business Explorer (BEx) and publishing the reports on web using Web Reporting tools.
  • Extensively work on Query Designer and Web application designer to create Queries for financial reports, budget and delivery analysis using Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Variables, filters and exceptions.
  • Developed queries from SAP Infocube using Bex Query Designer and applying filters, free characteristics for slice and dice techniques.
  • Created reports from SAP Infocube by using BEx Analyzer, applied filters, variables, parameters/prompts.
  • Worked on transports of BW queries, objects from Development, Test and Production Environments.
  • Responsible for developing test cases, business validation rules for verification and validation of data quality.
  • Experience in building Dashboards using SAP Netweaver BW connection to create metrics, scorecards, rules, alerts, goals and insightful analytics using Xcelsius.
  • Strong Knowledge in SAP BW, ECC 6.0, SAPR/3
  • Created Dashboards using Crystal Xcelcius & Implemented Row level security for BO Reports.
  • Migrated Reports from Business Objects 6.5 to XI version.

Environment: SAP BO XI R3.X (Designer, DeskI, WebI , Import Wizard, Publishing Wizard), Xcelsius 2008, SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle 10g/9i, PL/SQL, SAP BW 3.x, SAP BI 7.x

Confidential, Stamford, CT

BO Consultant


  • Designed, Developed and Maintained Universes by defining join cardinalities between tables applying contexts and alias tables to remove cyclic dependencies.
  • Developed various Complex Ad hoc and Complex Canned Reports Using Mainly Universe as the main Data Provider.
  • Created different types of reports such as Master/detail, Cross Tab and Charts.
  • Created graphical representation of reports such as Bar charts, 3D charts and Pie charts etc.
  • Used Alerts to draw attention to a particular block of data by highlighting it.
  • Created Analytics and Dashboards using Performance Manager to enable executive’s track progress and compare current and historical performance against established targets.
  • Migrated Business Objects 6.5 content (users/user groups, Universes, reports) in to Business Objects XI R2 environment using the Import Wizard.

Environment: Business Objects XIR1/XIR2 (DeskI, WebI), Import Wizard, Publishing Wizard, Repository Migration Wizard, Xcelcius, Crystal Reports XI, SQL server 2005.

Confidential, Herndon, VA

Business Objects Developer


  • Worked on SCBSL module with Business Analysts, Developers, Project Managers and Leads to provide them the feed back in various requirement and technical documents for Reports.
  • Reviewed requirement documents for Securities Based Cost Sub Ledger and Centralized Sub Ledger
  • Designing and Creating of Universes using joins, measure objects and aggregates.
  • Implemented Row level security for Business Objects Report
  • Developed Financial Reports and Management Reports of SCBSL module for Restatement Period.
  • Security implemented using Access Control Layer (ACL) in Central Management Server (CMS).

Environment: BO XIR1/XIR2 (DeskI, WebI), CMC, Designer, Import Wizard, Publishing Wizard, Repository Migration Wizard, Xcelcius, Oracle 10g, SQL server 2005, Rapid SQL, UNIX.

Confidential, San Francisco

Mainframe Programmer Analyst


  • Design, prepare Tech Specs, coding, development, maintenance and enhancements of the following applications using Mainframe technologies Cobol, DB2, CICS, JCL, MQ Series, VSAM.

Environment: OS/390, MVS-ESA, COBOL LE, Datacom, DB2, CICS, JCL, PL/I, VSAM, File Aid, Xpediter, TSO/SPUFI, NDM, Java, JSP, Java Script, Oracle 9i, SQL * Plus, PL/SQL, JDBC, MQ Series

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