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Professional Service Consultant Resume

Vienna, VA


Experienced enterprise level storage infrastructure consultant, specializing in installations, deployments, migrations, and transitions to storage platforms. Extensive hands on experience with Confidential storage solutions and technologies that integrate with 3rd party applications and technologies.


Confidential, Vienna, VA

Professional Service Consultant


  • Transitioned customer from legacy SAN HP storage to a 4 - node cDOT via Data Transport Appliance (DTA) using an offline block based migration methodology.
  • Implemented intercluster SnapMirror solution that provided customer to asynchronously replicate data across WAN between separate clusters at collocated sites
  • Performed Heterogeneous CIFS migration of 7-mode legacy FAS3140 to 7-mode FAS3250 utilizing Snapmirror
  • Performed an Exchange 2010 migration from FAS2020 to FAS3270 that included Snapmirroring existing Mailbox data to preserve existing backups via SnapManager for Exchange (SME).
  • Deployed enterprise Exchange 2010 solution on cDOT system by assisting presales with properly sizing storage systems, mailboxes, and logs given user profiles; then configured storage layout to best practices and backup solution to meet customer RPO requirements to supplement DAG protection.
  • Designed and configured cDOT system for customer hosting private cloud solution in VMWare VSphere environment that enabled the customer to provide enterprise IT and business applications, collaboration and desktops with the ability to non-disruptively expand their cloud space
  • Assisted with a cDOT implementation of Citrix XenDesktop on FlexPod solution
  • Implemented Confidential Windows feature, automatic home directories, that allowed customer to reduce complexity of existing solution
  • Performed physical controller upgrades of a large scale tech refresh deployment
  • Deliver on consulting tasks that includes design and installation of Confidential storage solutions hosting 3rd party applications utilizing Confidential Best Practices
  • Understanding customer requirements to deliver solutions that meet the design and operation needs
  • Communicate and demonstrate Confidential technologies that integrate with hosting applications
  • Assist presales with design and architecting solutions to meet customer requirements
  • Solving individualized ad complex problems that requires in-depth analysis

Confidential, Seabrook, MD

Sr. Storage Engineer


  • Sr. Storage Systems Engineer responsible for Design, implementation, and tier 3 support for Confidential storage controllers in support of enterprise applications (Exchange 2010, VMWare, Oracle). Responsible for implementing RBAC, domain authentication, and syslog for Confidential storage devices for security auditing and unintentional/intentional operational disasters. Implement and Configure Confidential Filers (FAS 3000/3100/6000 ) to best practices to meet the needs of customer’s enterprise application requirements.
  • Designed and implented a multi-site data migration strategy for terabytes of data utilizing various migration tools: Snapmirror, Snapvault, and Veritas Volume Manager, CPIO, CP, VMWare cold/warm migrations with limited downtime.
  • Designed and implemented Confidential edge-core architecutre with Confidential DCX and HP Blade enclosure switches in support of redundent SAN, enterprise servers and applications utilizing Confidential DCFM software to centrally manage over 100 fibre channel switches across an enterprise.
  • Write Confidential and Confidential Design and Implementation documentation for operational support
  • Perform storage design and implementation test and verification of technical use cases and validate against customer requirements
  • Gather capacity, software, and hardware requirements for enterprise storage to meet current and future customer needs
  • Designed and implemented storage solution for Exchange 2010 DAG to meet resiliency, DR, performance, and capacity requirement utilizing Confidential SME and Snapdrive software

Confidential, Herndon, VA

Systems Engineer, storage/systems administrator


  • Implemented datacenter disaster recovery strategy for internal customers to protect mission critical data using Confidential ’s data protection capabilities
  • Lead project of enterprise storage migration of multi - terabyte data from FAS3050/3070 SATA attached drives to FAS3050/3070 fiber channel drives via snapmirror, storage vmotion, and cold migration of ZFS, NFS, and VMFS file systems
  • Implemented VMWARE/ Confidential best practices to increase data utilization and performance
  • Setup Clusters in VMWARE 3.5
  • Implemented Multipath High Availability (HA) to add resiliency/bandwidth to storage systesm
  • Perform upgrades of Data ONTAP and Firmware
  • Implemented DR solutions with snapshot technology: snaprestore, flexclone, and snapmirror. Familiar with snapvault, syncmirror, and metrocluster
  • Managed Confidential performance and storage allocation in Operations Manager
  • Implemented Confidential Health Checks to discover Confidential issues
  • Implementation of Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution for NFS and CIFS and Storage Area Network (SAN) for FCP

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