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Business Systems Consultant Resume


Programming languages: JavaScript, Node.js, Nest.js, C#, TypeScript, Python, Ruby

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS, Angular.js, Express.js

Data Management: DynamoDB, SSMS, PostgreSQL

Versioning tools: MS Visio, GIT, VSTS

Security tools: KeePass, Wireshark, Splunk, NMap, AWS CloudWatch, IAM, AWS WAF, AWS KMS, Amazon GuardDuty

Desktop tools: Microsoft Remote Desktop, IIS, Server Manager, SSMS, ODBC

Agile testing tools: MTM, Jira, JUnit, Selenium, Jest, Smartbear TestComplete

Data formats: JSON, XML, CSV



Business Systems Consultant


  • Develops user requirements and specifications for major business systems, integrating new applications or significant enhancements to existing software
  • Acts as a non - technical Team Leader on complex projects
  • Provides direction to business analysts and project team members in the planning and scheduling of systems projects, which cross functional line or are of a most complex nature
  • Works with business partners through coding and implementation to ensure product matches envisioned result
  • Formulates and defines small project/system scope and objectives and developing detailed systems specifications from which programs will be written and that fit with the Bank’s system architecture standards
  • Facilitates highly structured group sessions to gain a firm understanding of the business view, its problems and opportunities, and requirements
  • Devise overall testing strategy and test plans for each assignment
  • Manages the expectations of customers, stakeholders, peers, vendors and management


Software Developer


  • Responsible for the setup, configuration, and integration of AppDynamics into our webservice
  • Leveraging a NodeJS, ExpressJS, and NestJS stack
  • Customize Splunk dashboards and alerts by pulling in large data sets to analyze code, data, and investigate notable events
  • Responsible for engaging in cross-functional collaboration meetings and communicating future integration and feature plans to team
  • Responsible for monthly on-site or remote production support to respond to urgent product defects
  • Implements test-driven development using Jest and testing API endpoints using Postman
  • Leveraging AWS DynamoDB & S3 to manage data
  • Implements a CI/CD pipeline using the Atlassian suite - Bamboo, Bitbucket, & Jira
  • Implements mutation testing using Stryker to ensure code coverage and concise test cases
  • Implements PACT contract testing to ensure that all we are working in alignment with all of the webservices we are dependent on


QA Automation Engineer


  • Use my understanding of business systems and industry requirements to develop testing approaches and execute manual and automated conditions in mainframe and web-based environments using both Agile and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Communicate test issues and defects to other team members in order to initiate problem solving and ensure proper operation of the product.
  • Provide feedback and recommendations to developers on software usability and functionality.
  • Review software documentation to ensure technical accuracy, compliance and completeness, and to mitigate risks and also perform workflow analysis, provided recommendations and implemented quality improvements for test plans and processes.
  • Responsible for training and communication of guidelines with testing Progressive systems to new hires and tenured employees
  • Lead Sprint Planning, Daily Sprint, and Retrospective meetings for my designated Scrum Team.

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