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Control - M Administrator Resume


  • A dedicated and self - motivated IT professional with around 10 years of IT experience in global IT companies. In my overall experience I have primary experience in
  • Control-M Administration and support for system services. I am comfortable to work in a corporate IT environment that lays emphasis on growth and career development thereby enhancing my technical and professional skill sets.
  • I have extensive experience in Control-M Administration, Installation, Implementation, Patching, Troubleshooting and follow up of issues escalated to product vendor Confidential .
  • I am currently working as Control-M Administrator v6/v8/v9 with additional experience on Unix, Windows, Database, different Ticketing tools and MS Office.
  • I have worked and having good experience on Computer Associate’s product - Confidential and Confidential ’s product CFT as well.
  • I have worked on project migration and been appreciated often for working and resolving
  • Control-M issues under SLA.


  • Control - M EM server installation & upgrade
  • Control-M servers installation & upgrade
  • Control-M unix / windows agents installation & upgrade
  • Control-M patch/fix-pack installation/upgrade
  • Control-M configuration manager / components
  • Control-M database management
  • Control-M user authorization
  • Control-M control module installation & plugin
  • Looking forward to work on Bigdata & Hadoop
  • Escalate issues & work with product vendor Confidential support
  • DRP, RFC, WIP, Outage support
  • Team support, training and documentation
  • Computer Associate product - Confidential
  • Confidential product - CFT
  • Control-M development / implementation
  • Understand business requirement
  • Team management



Control - M Administrator


  • Control-M architecture design.
  • Control-M environment maintenance.
  • Streamline new Control-M projects and delivery.
  • Work and fix reported Control-M issues / escalations.
  • Control-M implementation, maintenance and development.
  • DRP / WIP / Outage / scheduled activities.
  • Control-M license / report / data update.
  • Daily call with clients.
  • Understand business requirements.
  • Team management.
  • Control-M server installation and upgrade from v6 to v8.
  • Control-M EM server installation and upgrade from v6 to v8.
  • Control-M configuration maintenance.
  • Control-M database understanding and management.
  • Control-M agent v8 (Unix / windows) installation.
  • Latest patch upgrade (Control-M server / EM server / Agent).
  • Control-M components management / upgrade.
  • Fix Control-M issues, escalations.
  • Control-M Users and Group management.
  • Troubleshoot Control-M jobs scheduling issues.
  • Work on RFC / Incidents / RCA / SOP / Tickets.
  • Escalate issues to Confidential and follow up until resolved.
  • Plan and Support DRP / WIP / scheduled activity.
  • Control-M implementation, maintenance and development
  • Daily call with users / clients and meeting on upcoming projects.


Technical Lead


  • Control-M jobs maintenance.
  • Control-M server patch upgrade.
  • Control-M agents (Unix / Windows) installation.
  • Control-M agent (Unix / Windows) patch upgrade.
  • Control-M components (Server / EM components) management.
  • Work on reported Control-M issues and escalations.
  • Control-M Viewpoint, QR, CR, CCM
  • Support scheduled activity in weekends.
  • Documentation / Reports.
  • Control-M job scheduling / maintenance.
  • Create, modify and delete jobs.
  • Take actions on jobs through GUI.
  • Understand Control-M architecture.
  • Login to Control-M server and run basic utility.
  • Report / Outage / Scheduled activities.
  • Control-M job scheduling.
  • Create / Manage Control-M jobs.
  • Create QR / CR / for jobs based on request.
  • Create global condition for jobs.
  • Take care of Alerts through GAS.
  • Take proper action on jobs (Rerun / Kill / Force ok / Hold / Free)
  • Work on Service center tickets.
  • Update reports.
  • Learn new tools and implement

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