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Sr. Sap Fico S/4 Hana Consultant Resume

Manchester, CT


  • Experienced SAP FICO Functional consultant with more than 7+ years of implementation and configuration experience in FI and Co module, SAP S4 HANA Central Finance FICO.
  • Involved in two full life cycle implementations, upgrades & production support projects, participated in all phases of ASAP Methodology, Blue - Printing.
  • Experience in Analyzing business requirements, Configuration, Process mapping, Testing, Documentation and End User Training.
  • Involved with Business Process re-engineering/process improvement, multitask oriented and the ability to prioritize to meet deadlines.
  • Knowledge of S4 HANA Finance Enterprise Management 1909 and Central Finance.
  • Worked in the areas of FI-GL transactions and configuring accounts for General Ledger (G/L), Accounts Payable (A/P), Accounts Receivable (A/R), Asset Accounting (A/A) and Controlling (CO).
  • Responsible for I nbound/Outbound process House Banks, Bills of Exchange, Manual & Electronic Bank Statement.
  • Worked on Lockbox Processing, electronic funds transfer and Bank statement processing, Exchange Rates, and Translation Ratios, Bank reconciliation and Cash journal.
  • Expertise in creating Company code, Posting Period Variant, Assigned document number ranges, Tolerance groups for customers, G/L accounts and users.
  • Define required customizing in Accounts Payable. Configured for Payment terms, Vendor Groups, Number Ranges, and Automatic Payment Program.
  • Created & Maintained Customer Master Data along with, Customer Groups, Payment Terms, Reporting, Dunning, Down Payment, Discount, Over and Under Payment.
  • Worked for Configurations in Assets like, copying reference Chart of Depreciation, made required configuration for account determination, asset classes, screen layout rules.
  • Defined number ranges, valuation of assets in different depreciation areas, external asset acquisition, in-house asset acquisition, cross company code transfers in Asset Accounting (A/A).
  • Worked on Biller direct, Bank Settings, EBS Settings, Basic Treasury management settings- risk and securities management.
  • Responsible for the projects for A/R and FSCM and driving the blue print discussions for both A/R, Cash application Dispute and collection modules.
  • Worked on Dispute Management module which includes the designing and configuration of Check free case record model using FSCM.
  • Analyzed the existing credit control process of the business process and defined the credit control structure in SAP on Credit Management using FSCM.
  • Responsible for configuring the Status Profile for Promise to Pays, Number ranges, Case type for Promise to Pays and Text IDs for notes on Collection Management.
  • Configured New G/L for document splitting and provide Document simulation facility rather than waiting for period end process.
  • Worked on CO-PA (Profitability Analysis) reporting, forms, planning, derivation rules and structures, product and customer hierarchy, PA settlement, realignments, and integration issues with Sales & Distribution.
  • Made necessary changes to reconcile PCA to CO-PA for P&L accounts including modification of CO-PA user exits, and creation of new field status groups.
  • Configured controlling area - Activate components/control indicators. Assign number ranges to controlling area. Integrate FI and CO.
  • Configured operating concern and maintained CO versions, defined characteristics, value fields and attributes.
  • Worked on Controlling part which includes Cost Center Accounting CO-CCA and Profit Center Accounting CO-PCA, Profitable analysis CO-PA, Product costing CO-PC, WIP, WBS element, Multiple Currency, Recurring entries, Testing, Revenue and Tax management, New G/L, Budgeting, Automatic Payment Run, Cash Management and Investment Management.
  • Functional specification for Customized Reports and LSMW for conversion and transfer of master and transactional data from legacy to SAP system.
  • Significant knowledge in the integration aspects of SD and MM modules with FI/CO.
  • Extensively worked on Report writer/ Report painter, CATT, ABAP queries.
  • Strong technical, analytical skills combined with outstanding leadership ability, creative problem-solving skills in both strategic, tactical areas.


ERP: SAP R/3 Version, 4.7, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0, S/4 HANA

SAP: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Accounting, Bank Accounting. Cost Element/Cost Center Accounting, Profit Center Accounting, Internal Orders, Profitable Analysis, And Product Costing.

Technical: ABAP Query, Report Painter, Report Writer, CATTS, LSMW, ASAP Methodology.

Databases: MS Access, SQL

Applications: MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows


Confidential - Manchester, CT

Sr. SAP FICO S/4 HANA Consultant


  • Collected and analyzed user’s business requirements, identified and defined areas for improvements, prepared specifications for development, configured, troubleshooting and supporting for systems users.
  • Analysis of all open items, foreign currency revaluation, reclassification of payable and receivable, clearing of goods receipt/invoice receipt GI/IR accounts, performing reconciliation, profitability allocations by business area.
  • Configured company code which includes creating chart of accounts, defined posting period variant, retained earnings account, document types, and tolerance groups for employees, created financial statement version.
  • Followed ASAP Implementation metho dology and designed the business processes, wrote blueprint phase documentation and completed Configuration during realization phase.
  • Led the various phases of SAP S4 HANA 1909 Enterprise Management Implementation using ASAP methodology.
  • Deployed Central Finance to implement SAP S/4HANA Finance harmonized and standardized the data through SAP Landscape Transformation.
  • Designed the process of payment proposal approvals for different payment methods like ACH, Wire, Check and P-cards in A/P.
  • Involved in modeling of invoice processing, Disbursement run, check printing and bank reconciliation processes for A/P.
  • Eliminated Duplicated Inter-Company AR/AP Postings in Cross-Company Sales Orders, Ensured That SD Billing Document Invoices Are Posted in FI.
  • Worked on bill of exchange configuration and processing in FI-AR by configuring the reconciliation accounts in the special GL.
  • Worked on customer transactions, Master data, Payment terms, Cash application, Lockbox processing, Mapping Bank Lockbox format with Sap lockbox format, customizing payment advice notes on Accounts Receivable (A/R).
  • Worked on Correspondence types on A/R which means different outputs which can be printed and sent to your business partners based around customer G/L information.
  • Responsible for A/R customer transactions, credit management, check printing, payment terms, Cash application, Lockbox processing, Cash receipts, clearing and month end and Year-end activities.
  • Used Biller Direct in FSCM for electronic invoicing and payment collection.
  • Defined distribution for cash position and liquidity forecast, cash collection strategy in Biller Direct using FSCM.
  • Managed electronic customer billing disputes, receivables, collections and customer credit risk using FSCM.
  • Identified technical improvements in FSCM and the related interfaces focusing on application sharing and business process optimization.
  • Used FSCM to employ tools to analyze credit worthiness and establish policies. Enabled customer access to invoices, account status and payment information over the internet.
  • Used Collection Management functionality in FSCM for creating a collection work list, preparing and documenting customer contacts.
  • Cleaned Legacy Customer Master Data. Reviewed customer address data, Credit limits, Dunning, Line item displays and carry forward balances.
  • Configured Automatic Payment Program for Check, Wire and ACH payments.
  • Worked on Logistics Invoice Verification (LIV or GR-IR verification) in FI-MM (Procure to Pay) integration and configured account determination for FI-SD (Order to Cash) cycles.
  • Created Bank Master data, House banks, EDI, ERS, G/L accounts for each bank account and Reconciliation accounts for vendors, customers and assets.
  • Provided functional assistance in the development of RICEF (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Forms).
  • Created custom KE31 reports for the management and users in CA-PA.
  • Resolved end-user issues involved in cost roll, WIP calculation, variance calculation and period end settlement in different plants
  • By setting the status to TECO that were not billable, resolved issues in Product cost by S ales order / Production order.
  • Configured Cost component structure and roll ups, BOM. Set up material cost estimate with quantity structure.
  • Worked in PTP (Procure-To-Pay) business process.


Sr. SAP FICO Consultant


  • Meetings arranged with SME’s to obtain a snapshot of the company’s existing business processes and provide an easy alternative to their legacy system using SAP best practices.
  • Documented all changes, revised the Business Process Procedures to facilitate the changes from the client’s legacy system.
  • Performed an AS-IS study and came up with a TO-BE analysis, to have a complete GAP analysis.
  • Created a Detailed Description of the configuration that needs to be done in the SAP system.
  • Finalization of chart of Accounts and LSMW for upload of Accounts Group, Field status Group that existed previously in the company.
  • Configured various components in the SAP FI/CO like Accounts Receivable (A/R), Accounts Payable (A/P) and General Ledger Accounts.
  • Configured Adjustment Accounts for reconciliation postings and document number range for reconciliation ledger and worked on reconciliation accounts for A/R and A/P.
  • Worked on Credit Limits for customers, configured system for Partial/Residual/Dispute payments for A/R and A/P, defined ERS number ranges & criteria’s and performed Dunning.
  • Created Vendor transactions, Master data, Check management, House banks, Payment Terms, Deduction management, Clearing Inter - company Vendor/Customer open items, Logistic invoice verification, Evaluated settlement.
  • Significantly worked on AR -customer transactions, Master data, Payment terms, Cash application, Lockbox processing, Mapping Bank Lockbox format with Sap lockbox format, customizing payment advice notes.
  • In Fixed Asset Management, Copied Reference Chart of Depreciation, Assigned Chart of Depreciation, Specify Number Assignment across Company Codes & Account Determination.
  • Four Depreciation Areas are created to take care of Book Depreciation, Tax Depreciation, and Cost Depreciation, Management Depreciation.
  • Created a Chart of Depreciation and carried out settings for asset company code. Made settings for GL accounts for AUC, loss/gain on asset disposal/retirement, for posting depreciation under different Depreciation Areas.
  • Maintained Lockbox Configuration for automatic incoming payments, Cash Management, Planning levels in Treasury and EDI & Month End Closings.
  • Provided support for Configuration, Implementation and Testing of the customer master records and incoming payments, banking & Intercompany transactions.
  • Responsible for Configuring the Dunning Program and defined the layout and the functional specifications for creating dunning letters which will have the ability to be both mailed and emailed.
  • Involved in designing and configuration of HBI case record model, Attribute Profile, Case Types, Workflow, Status Profile, Function Profile, Automatic Write-off settings in Dispute Management.
  • Designed and configured automatic correspondences to Customers and workflow for internal business users in FSCM.
  • Controlled company’s accounts receivable processes and ensure cash flows through online billing, more streamlined handling of billing disputes and collections using FSCM.
  • Used Collection management in FSCM to ensure faster collection of delinquent payments. Resolved accounts receivable disputes faster and more systematically through prioritized collection management.
  • Used FSCM to employ tools to analyze credit worthiness and establish policies. Enabled customer access to invoices, account status and payment information over the internet.
  • Configured Dummy Profit Center for Statistical postings, Maintained Plan/Versions, Maintained the Master data, Defined profit center hierarchy, provided support for Account Determination for internal goods movement and for production variances.
  • Created Internal Orders for different order types, Planning profile, Settlement Profile, Settlement Rules and month end settlements to various cost and profit centers.
  • Maintained number ranges for Settlement and Controlling documents and for variance documents, defined posting rules for settlement to financial accounting with different G/L accounts.
  • Configured Valuation areas for Material Ledger, maintained number ranges for material ledger documents and assigned currency types to material ledger.
  • Ensured that the project and the WBS element followed a naming convention which allows them to be readily identified by the function and the department.
  • Extensively worked on both Order to Cash (OTC) process in association with SD team and Procure to Pay (PTP) process with MM and Manufacturing team.
  • Provided End -User training and prepared Documentation for the end-users.


SAP FICO Consultant


  • Worked on New GL in the areas of parallel accounting, document splitting and real-time integration between FI and CO.
  • Activated segment dimension to produce segment reports as required by IFRS/US GAAP .
  • New GL was configured, and the current ledger being set as leading ledger and updated rules for the multiple ledgers for parallel accounting purposes.
  • Configured Withholding taxes, payment advices, foreign currency valuation, financial statement versions and cross company code transactions.
  • Worked on asset classes, depreciation areas, assigned company codes to depreciation areas, created screen layouts and number ranges, configured depreciation keys, parallel valuation of assets, depreciation run, periodic depreciation posting and error handling, involved in uploading of asset data using LSMW.
  • Maintained asset master data for asset acquisitions, retirements, inter-company transfers, settlement of AUC to assets and configured leased assets.
  • Simulated asset reports, asset history sheets and depreciation to provide desired reports to the local accounting team.
  • Managed financial information dealing with Assets, liabilities, capital. And prepared B/S, P&L statements and other reports to summarize and interpret current and projected company financial position for department managers.
  • Configured the process of foreign currency valuation to evaluate the A/R and A/P open line items and balances of GL accounts in foreign currency to calculate the foreign exchange gain/ loss.
  • Designed, configured, and implemented accounts payable (A/P) check printing, periodic Sales and Use tax reporting, and related month end financial reports.
  • A/P Payment Program configuration: Company code data, Paying company code, Country payment methods, wire transfer settings, ACH payments, Dunning Notices.
  • Designed and configured Automatic Write off, Clearing, Late Fee for Accounts Receivable A/R including Manual Clearing and Refund Process.
  • Customized ABAP Z-reports for displaying asset account balances and developed special reporting capability for monthly depreciation forecast for future years.
  • Maintained profit center standard hierarchy, plan versions, planning layout, planning profile, periodic allocation functions involving assessment and distribution and defined account determination for internal goods movements.
  • Maintained segment level characteristics, characteristic groups, characteristic hierarchy, derivation rules, defined and assigned valuation strategy, value field analysis, maintained plan versions, assigned quantity fields and value fields, automatic account assignment, defined and executed assessment cycles.
  • Created product cost collectors at production version level in repetitive manufacturing, defined order types, results analysis keys, configured costing and valuation variant for preliminary and simultaneous costing.
  • Created and analyzed costing runs, customized quota arrangements in determining the vendors, maintained repetitive manufacturing profile and created cost object hierarchies.
  • Configured valuation areas for material ledger, maintained number range for material ledger documents and assigned currency types to material ledger.
  • Prepared functional specifications for conversions and interfaces, performed post go live trouble shooting in FI and CO and documented various business process flows and produced end user procedures.

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