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Senior Architect Resume

Farmington Ny, CT


  • Delivered Multiple Dimensional Data Warehouses using primarily SQL server as the database and Various ETL tools Such as Informatica, Abinitio and SSIS.
  • Developed a Road Map and Data Strategy for the Re - platforming of the Current Reference Master Architecture (Security/Pricing/ Corporate Actions) Architecture.
  • Designed an Integration Architecture Between Legacy Systems and the New Platform.
  • Evaluated Vendors for Both New Reference Master and New Investment Accounting Products and Ran Multiple Proof of Concept Projects Successfully.
  • Started Developing Analytical Processes for Early Detection of Client Dissatisfaction.
  • Designed and the Architecture of the Asset management data warehouse, Managed a team of 3 Developers and Business Analysts


Data Warehouse: Design/Architecture, Dimensional Modeling, ODS Modeling, Star Schema, Snow Flake Schema

Cloud Architecture: Microsoft Azure

Business Intelligence Tools: Microstrategy 9, PowerBI

Data Modeling Tools: ERWIN All Fusion r7.2, ER Studio 8, Visio

ETL Tools: Informatica 5.x and 6.x, Abinitio GDE 1.14.33/2.14.102 , SSIS

Relational Databases: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/20162018 , SQL Agent, Oracle 8.i & 9.i, 10G, Toad 11

Data Warehousing Methodologies: Kimball, Bill Inmon

Statistical Software: SAS, SPSS

Exposure to: Python with PyTorch and SciKit Learn


Confidential, Farmington/NY, CT

Senior Architect


  • Working with Developers in Singapore to Define and Redesign the Existing Datawarehouse Architecture in SQL Server and SSIS.

Confidential, Hartford, CT

Director, Data Architecture


  • Was Responsible for setting the EDM (Enterprise Data Management, Security Master, Pricing Master etc.) and Data Warehouse Data Architecture/Data Science Strategy for Confidential
  • Security Master and Data Warehouse Product Selection/Current Vs Future States
  • Analyzed the Current Reference Master Data Architecture and Identified the GAPs
  • Developed Data Architecture Roadmap for Reference Master and Data Warehouse Implementation for the Replacement of the Current Architecture
  • Proposed a Future State Architecture Based on Current State Architecture Assessment and Recommended Off the Shelf Securities Reference Master Platform
  • Request for Proposal and Requirements Definition for the Vendor Proof of Concepts
  • Created an RFP by Meeting with Various Groups within Confidential
  • Defined Requirements and Success Criteria for the Proof of Concept
  • Answered Vendor Questions to Ensure Proof of Concepts Requirements and Success Criteria were Well Defined
  • Vendor Proof of Concept Set up/Requirements Definition
  • Coordinated Multiple POCs with Various EDM (Enterprise Data Management) Vendors, These POCs were Set up Either on the Cloud or on Site
  • Defined Requirements
  • Worked on Developing a Predictive Model for Early Identification of Confidential ’s Clients’ Dissatisfaction
  • Started Working on Last 10 years of Holdings Data to Identify Trends in Client AUM and Correlate that to Client Retention, so that Flags can be Raised Early Before a Client Leaves Confidential

Confidential, New York City/Wilton, CT

Data Architect Manager


  • Responsible for Defining Data Strategies and Implementation of a Valuation Data Mart using Confidential ’s Investments Data.
  • Designed and Developed Tools to Use this Data Mart to Support Reconciliation of Confidential ’s Fixed Income and
  • Designed a Staging, an ODS and Data Mart Architecture for the Pricing data Mart
  • Designed and Architected Various Daily, Monthly and Quarterly Reports that were Created from this Data Mart
  • Designed Fact-Less Fact Tables and Integrated Degenerate Dimensions into the Fact Table for Quick Reporting and Analysis
  • Daily Trade Blotter Report Design, Architecture and Development
  • Designed and Architected and Implemented in SQL Server 2008 an Automated Daily Trade Blotter Report for Post Trade Compliance Purposes
  • The Blotter Report Compared the Golden Copy Price to the Trade Execution Price to Look for Exceptions
  • Designed and Integrated Complex Rules for Structured Products such as CMBS, RMBS and CLOs and Back Dated Trades
  • Data Integration, Transformation and Standardization for Valuation Architecture for the Data Mart
  • Developed and Designed Data Integration & Transformation Architecture Among Various Data Sources - such as the Security Master, the Pricing Master Data, Several Other Pricing Databases
  • Designed and Developed Multiple Pricing Reports with Complex Business Rules and Pricing Hierarchy Based on Various
  • Balance Sheet Reconciliation, Data Audit & Controls
  • Multifaceted/Multilevel 10K/10Q Reconciliations by Asset Class: Created a Multi-Step Process that Reconciled the Marked to Market Fixed Income and Equity Securities from an Unadjusted Month End Market Value to the Adjusted Market Value that Reconciles to the 10k/10Q Market Value
  • Market Value Reconciliation: Identified the Factors needed (in addition to Price and Notional) to Validate the Market Values in the Data Warehouse.
  • Sovereign Short-Term Bonds Analysis & Price Derivation
  • Identified the Short Term Corporate and Emerging Market Bonds that might have had an Out of Tolerance Price
  • Used Algorithmics’s Risk Watch Software in Conjunction with SQL Server to Derive a Price for these Securities
  • Calculated the Impact of Due to Pricing Anomalies and Checked the Impact Against Tolerance to Identify Trades that Needed to be Looked at
  • New FAS 157 Rules Engine Development and Impact Analysis

Confidential, Hartford, CT

Information/Data Architect


  • Designed Staging Area, ODS, Data Warehouse, Data Mart for State Reporting
  • Created Data Warehouse Architecture containing Dimensions, Facts, Fact-Less Facts & Degenerate Dimensions
  • Designed and ODS architecture that is more normalized that enables us to store detailed member information
  • Designed a “Switch Table” technique to Convert Source Data into a Star Schema
  • Designed a normalized (Snow Flake) member dimension

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