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Bi Consultant Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Over 10 years of experience in Microstrategy Desktop, Microstrategy Web, Architect and Administrator and Data Warehouse.
  • Experience on Microstrategy Project Design and Implementing Microstrategy Projects
  • Expertise in Creating Schema Objects (facts, attributes, Hierarchies, Transformations)
  • Expertise in Developing User Objects (filters, prompts, metrics, Custom Groups, Consolidations, Searches) to develop Documents and reports.
  • Expertise in Administration tasks like creating user accounts, assigning privileges and Security Filters.
  • Expertise in Using Administrative tools like Object manager, Command manager, Integrity manager and Enterprise manager.
  • Created Complex Dashboards, Visual Insight and mobile Dashboards.
  • Created Intelligent Cubes for improving the Performance.
  • Expertise in using Pass - Through Expressions like Apply Simple and Apply Comparison to develop complex Filters and Transformations.
  • Knowledge on Tableau and Cognos.
  • Expertise in creating Dashboard Reports to view personalized reports based on user requirements. Expertise in creating Hyper Links in Documents.
  • Exposure in dealing with variety of Databases like Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server
  • Excellent knowledge and experience in creating Star and snowflake Schema.
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of SQL and ability to write SQL queries.
  • Quick learner, ability to work in groups or alone, ability to work on tight schedules.
  • Excellent team player with good analytical, communication and interpersonal skills.


Business Intelligence Tools: Microstrategy 11.X,10.X,9.X (Desktop, Architect, Web, Mobile, Office Intelligence server), Birst 5.3

Databases: Teradata, SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, LINUX

Tools: SQL Assistance, Data Stage, Talend, Toad, ERWIN, SQL Developer, SQL Loader, Query Analyzer.


Confidential, Dallas, TX

BI Consultant


  • Extensively worked on full SDLC projects to support MicroStrategy BI applications in Linux Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Gathered business requirement documents by interviewing users and translated them to technical requirements
  • Design data model and table structures in data warehouse using classical snow flake schema to support MicroStrategy reporting
  • Worked closely with ETL teams to understand data flow. Made recommendations to make the reports more efficient
  • Optimized Micro strategy reports to run efficiently by using MicroStrategy Intelligent cubes, aggregates, VLDB settings and database optimizations
  • Architected and integrated data models to MicroStrategy schema to support self-service BI Adhoc environment
  • Extensively worked in creating and integrating MicroStrategy reports and objects (Attributes, Facts, Filters, Metrics, Prompts, and Templates etc.)
  • Created Dashboard with multiple panels and panel stacks with different selectors.
  • Worked on debugging complex reports by identifying the issues and making appropriate changes.
  • Involved in Code Optimization and Query Tuning to improve performance of the reports.
  • Involved in UAT Testing and Defect resolution.
  • Worked on Administration tasks like Creating user groups, Object Migration, Providing Access, Events and Creating subscriptions for scheduled deliveries.
  • Proficient in defining pass through functions like Apply Comparison and Apply Simple.
  • Worked with MicroStrategy Technical Support and worked with them in finding the solutions and workaround for Product Related Issues.

Environment: MicroStrategy 2020/2019 Developer, Web, Command Manager, Object Manager, Oracle

Confidential, Irving, TX

BI Consultant


  • Collaborated with Business Partners and Subject Matter Experts to identify, define and document their reporting and BI needs consisting of objectives, current operational procedures, problems, input and output requirements, and levels of systems access.
  • Worked on designing Schema Objects like attributes, facts, hierarchies, transformations and Public Objects like metrics, prompts, consolidations, custom groups, drill maps, and templates.
  • Used Advanced Prompts, Conditional Metrics, Transformation Metrics and Level Metrics for creating complex reports and generated Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics.
  • Developed Dashboards, Documents and Intelligent Cube reports using Graphs and Grids and used Pass-through functions and OLAP services like Derived metrics, View filters to meet the End User requirements.
  • Supported Ad hoc User reports by creating an array of Metrics, filters and prompts for users to build their own reports.
  • Lead working sessions with Development and QA teams to help identify Test Cases and Defects and work on effective solutions.
  • Participated in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and testing of new system functionality.
  • Supervised business requirement and test case processes between development teams and management to ensure uniform project compliance with established user specifications and parameters.
  • Prototyped new procedures and trained new users on software enhancements.
  • Worked as Support Lead with offshore team.
  • Worked on migration project from Microstrategy to Birst.

Environment: s: Microstrategy 10.3/10.6, Architect, Desktop, Web, Birst, Netezza, Impala Hive.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Microstrategy Developer/Architect


  • Worked with the ETL team and Sales and business operational teams to understand data sources and implement new requirements.
  • Created a Database Instance for MicroStrategy and added all the tables, table prefixes and updated the table structure required for the Project.
  • Migrated legacy reports to Microstrategy platform.
  • Developed and implemented complex MicroStrategy KPI reports, Dashboards and Visualizations.
  • Created/Updated MicroStrategy schemas, reports, dynamic dashboards as per the requirements.
  • Created reports with various object prompts to generate various Ad hoc reports.
  • Handled all aspects of user security, including creation of new profiles, user change management, Security roles, and user group management.
  • Extensively worked on Intelligent Cube Reports for Creating Dashboards. Monitored and Governed Intelligent Cube for better Performance.
  • Created Logical Tables in Microstrategy to meet the Complex end user requirements.
  • Extensively used Pass through Functions.
  • Validate reporting results against requirements. Troubleshoot and analyze data issues within reports
  • Prioritize and multi-task concurrent projects; Effective in resolving all clients and development issues
  • Performed backend testing by executing SQL Queries.
  • Trained the users on developing their own VI Dashboards.

Environment: s: Microstrategy 10.3/10.6, Architect, Desktop, Web, My SQL.

Confidential, VA

Microstrategy Architect


  • Responsible for administration and configuration of MicroStrategy reporting tool, metadata design, development and testing
  • Interviewing the business customers to understand the MSHA (Mine Safety & Health Administration) business environment for technical implementation of new business intelligence system.
  • MicroStrategy 10 Enterprise Platform Installation and configuration with Oracle as a backend Database. Setup of development, testing and production environments on Microsoft 2012 servers.
  • Migration and creation of 71 reports and documents in Microstrategy
  • Developed the dashboards using Data Visualizations.
  • Close coloration with the Data Warehouse team to build a robust semantic layer of BI for information delivery.
  • Weekly meetings with functional members of the project team to capture new requirements. Understanding the root cause and coordinating with the vendor where required to troubleshoot issues.
  • Metadata design and development of BI. Schema modeling of around 500 attributes and facts. Key metrics/formulae development to create an efficient semantic layer for self-service analysis
  • Implementation of LDAP authentication (with Active Directory) for secure access to reports and dashboards. Additional security roles created to manage the rights and privileges of the user on the system objects.
  • Migration of SQL code, configuration and tuning of SQL to migrate standalone reports of old legacy BI tool to MicroStrategy
  • Interactive dashboards development for the management to show the key insights of the Mining operations. Year to year comparison and run-time filtering and drilling capability embedded in graphs
  • Making the training material and detailed documentation for the usage of the tool for the end user

Environment: MicroStrategy 10.0.0, Architect, Desktop, Web, Oracle Toad.

Confidential, CA

MicroStrategy Architect & Developer


  • Involved in gathering Sales business requirements and customer activity in order to make decisions that improve business performance and determining the appropriate facts, attributes and metrics.
  • Migrated the Reports from Actuate Tool to Microstrategy 9.2.1
  • Extensively involved in building and implementing Microstrategy schema objects and public objects by creating facts, attributes, hierarchies, reports, filters, and metrics using Microstrategy Desktop.
  • Interfaced with project managers during requirements phases to estimate time and effort associated with new project requests.
  • Developed executive KPI reports and Dashboards for the end customers.
  • Design and deploy complex and dynamic dashboards covering key performance indicators by using different widgets through MicroStrategy Desktop, Web and Mobile & Ipad .
  • Participated in performance and quality assurance reviews of new and existing reports and environments.
  • Used Microstrategy Object Manager to deploy the Microstrategy objects across Dev, QA and Prod Environments.
  • Implemented Microstrategy Integrity Manager to monitor the metadata object changes across all the development environments.

Environment: MicroStrategy 9.2.1/9.3.0/ 9.4.1 Desktop, Architect and Web, Oracle, actuate reporting tool.

Confidential, Caremark, RI

MicroStrategy Sr. Developer


  • Actively participated in data gathering and requirement sessions with Sales and Business Users
  • Work with a Business Analyst to document and validate Requirements
  • Work with other technical resources to understand the Customer data structures and their data relationships in support of the complete BI solution
  • Importing Tables/views from databases and updated in warehouse catalog with the latest structures
  • Creating facts and attributes on need basis for existing and new requirement changes in reports
  • Creating Hierarchies on schema objects in order to represent data at different levels
  • Creating logical views on requirement basis to support data on reports
  • Update the Schema after creation and changes in schema objects
  • Performed OLAP services and MDX query design for advanced analytics and Trend analysis reporting
  • Created the requirements Documentation for the MicroStrategy projects and documented the MicroStrategy Environment.
  • Created reports based on various requirements using complex Filters, Compound Metrics and Prompts.
  • Created complex reports using Advanced Prompts, Conditional, Transformation metrics and Level Metrics.
  • Created the Report Specification document and had it signed of, after suggesting some useful alterations.

Environment: Microstrategy 9.2.1/8.2.1 (Desktop, Architect, Web, Narrowcast Server, Command Manager), Oracle 11g, Teradata, Informatica

Confidential, NC

Microstrategy Architect/Developer


  • Involved in requirement analysis by interacting with analysts for the creation of Data marts.
  • Involved in Administration tasks like creating users, assigning privileges, caching and Report optimization.
  • Played an important role in coordination with the entire team and managing the time estimates for the entire project.
  • Involved in up gradation of MicroStrategy from 9.0.1 to 9.2.1
  • Back up of metadata and restoration of metadata.
  • Worked extensively in MicroStrategy Administration like Creation of new users, roles, privileges, shared folders and access controls Lists.
  • Resolved many Production support issues
  • Used Transformations to perform time series analysis over various phases and also to calculate the variance and the growth percentage trends.
  • Involved in architecting Facts columns and development of hierarchies with related attributes required for reporting.
  • Extensively worked in developing Metrics and compound metrics, filters for complex reports.
  • Resolved many to many relationships in MicroStrategy using the relationship tables
  • Implemented security for different users to view reports for their regions using security filters.
  • Thorough research was done for required components and generated status reports to discuss the issues related to Warehouse tables, Metadata platform, missing columns and naming conventions etc.
  • Performed System testing, Unit testing
  • Used Quality Center to track of incidents and defects that are assigned and created.

Environment: Microstrategy 9.0.1/9.2.1 (Architect, Desktop, Web, Narrowcast Server, Object Manager), Oracle 11g, Informatica PowerCenter 8.6.1, SQL Server 2005, Unix, Toad 9.0, Windows XP, Quality Center 9.2.

Confidential, CA

Microstrategy Developer


  • Worked with the end users and internal business analysts for data requirements gathering, design, prioritized business goals and information needs.
  • Assisted Architect in creating Attributes, Facts and Transformations, and defined the Attribute relationships.
  • Designed and created reports using Attributes, Facts, Metrics, Filters, Consolidations, Custom groups and Prompts.
  • Developed Static and Ad-hoc reports using Prompts, Metrics, Filters, Custom Groups, Consolidations and Transformations.
  • Created interactive Dynamic Dashboards and Scorecards for different users with drill down capabilities.
  • Created all possible Metrics for users to build their own reports on Web by creating their own Templates and filters using the available Metrics
  • Created intelligent cubes for better performance of reports.
  • Extensively worked in designing and developing Interactive Scorecards and Dashboards.
  • Using the Microstrategy Excel, delivered the embedded reports to the end-users.
  • Involved in creating of the templates and design of the logical model.
  • Participated in review, sign-off and communication of all changes or modifications to reports
  • Conducted Data validation testing to ensure data quality.
  • Wrote standard and complex SQL Queries in Teradata to perform Data Validation and Graph validation to make sure test results matched back to expected results based on the user needs.
  • Conducted Unit/System/User Acceptance testing on the Microstrategy objects developed.
  • Providing technical support; troubleshooting report design; monitor system usage and proactive troubleshooting

Environment: Microstrategy 9.0.2/8.1.1 (Architect, Desktop, Web, Narrowcast Server, Object Manager), Teradata, Ab Initio, UNIX.

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