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Release Train Engineer/delivery Manager/agile Coach Resume

Atlanta, GA


An Industry Leader Who Provides Transformative, Innovative, Cost - effective Strategies and Solutions to Help Organizations Stay Competitive in a Technology Disruptive World.


Platforms/Architecture: Big Data, Hadoop, Data Lake, Teradata, SQL Server and Data Warehouse, Spark, Hive, Spring Oauth and Get, Predictive Analytics, Model Operations and Data Science, IBM Cloud, AWS Cloud, Google Cloud and Cloud Forge, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and UML, EDI, Vlocity, SalesForce, MuleSoft, QNX Autorabit, HP-UX, Linux, Sun Solaris, Mobile Development (IOS and Android) and Windows, Soap UI 3.5, XML, WSDL, XML Reader, PL/SQL/Toad, Tableau, Microstrategy, Crystal Reports, Business Objects

Programming Languages: JAVA, Bash, J2EE, C/C++/C#, Python, PERL, EDI QNX, .NET, JSON

Agile Toolsets and Concepts: JIRA/Administrator Role and power user, AgileCraft/JIRA Align administrator and, power user and configuration experience, Fun retro, VersionOne, JIRA Greenhopper, Trello, Pivotaltracker, Planning Poker, Github, Cucumber, Selenium, Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), Scale d Agile Framework (SAFe), Test Driven Development (TDD), Acceptance Testing Driven Development (ATDD), Kanban, Scrumban, Delegation Poker (Management 3.0), Lean Startup, Value Stream Mapping, Shift Left, Dev Ops, Continuous Integration, Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Personas, Empathy Mapping, Business Canvas, Wardley Maps, Digital Transformation, Management Consulting, PI Planning, Big Room Planning, Team Bonding Exercises, Agile Team Games, Agile 101, Product Owner Training, Feature Writing and Story Writing Workshops

Markets, Verticals & Segments: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Transportation, Retail, Retail Beverage, IT Billing, Point of Sales, Procurement, Healthcare and Healthcare IT, Telecommunications, Automotive



Confidential, ATLANTA, GA


  • SalesForce COE ART started with 13 feature teams that span across multiple continents and time zones with mix of employees, vendors, integration teams and employees grew to 16 teams with 150 people
  • Supported the ART through each quarterly PI Planning sessions involving all business stakeholders and scrum teams. Played the role of master of ceremonies during the 2-day PI Planning. A few of the Logistic responsibilities are listed below
  • Reserving multiple banquet rooms 6 months in advance, a must have
  • Creation of the PI Agenda and Speaker presentation collection
  • Ensuring that all electronic assets are entered and prepared before each PI Planning, such as PI objectives, Team Objectives and Preparation of Epics, Features and User Stories
  • Setup of the banquet room, tables and seating the day before PI planning, get help from 10 new developer hires
  • Setup of 13 physical boards with important Confidential dates and milestones a week in advance
  • Updating and creation of ROAM boards and Program Boards
  • Towing a suitcase of office supplies and a separate one for snacks
  • Ensuring all catering and conference room needs for 150 people
  • Creating PI themes to keep things fresh- previous theme was the 1980’s and it was enjoyable
  • Migrated the train’s JIRA boards into the JIRA Align (aka AgileCraft), the SAFe Portfolio tool that was used by most Confidential ARTS. Without this migration, we could not coordinate architecture runway or create portfolio Kanban across a value stream or set up Lean Portfolio Governance. JIRA Align migration entailed creating a brand-new project in JIRA Align. It was my responsibility to work with AgileCOE along with offshore technical teams to create a brand-new project in JA. Spearheaded the migration by mapping of roles, Board ID linkage, Data Migration, Data cleansing, troubleshooting, turning on features in JIRA Align, scheduling and training of all team members, creating user documentation. It was my role not only to migrate the teams but gather momentum for tool adoption and getting the entire ART comfortable with usage.
  • Used data-driven to change the behaviors of the ART was accountable for all work entry. In the SalesForce ART, there were 3,000 open JIRA requests from previous Program Increments (PI's). Taking several months to clean up this data resulted in creating a baseline for the ART as a whole. After that, we could use JIRA as the system of record and ran reports to determine the status of stories
  • Removed the ART blocker of dev ops scaling challenges. We had issues with tracking of deployments to upper and lower environments. Daily, there were 4 to 5 fires waiting to be resolved. Optimized the dev op process by creating an intake process in which we used the JIRA tool to track all development deployment (lower and upper environment) requests from the 13 feature teams. In addition to process creation, I had to "sell" the strategy to all stakeholders, and then followed up by training of all ART team members on the process. The result was 30% in production defects, production issues, escalation and smoother production checkouts on weekend releases.
  • Trained the entire ART as needed on Agile tools and process. Sometimes this would involve creation of training sessions or materials such as Agile 101, User Story writing 101, Feature Writing Workshops, EPIC writing workshops, running the program Backlog grooming sessions and provide coaching on best practices, Dev Ops Change Process, and Scrum Master COP
  • Keeping a pulse on the entire ART by facilitating team ceremonies such as Scrum of Scrums (S2), Scrum of Scrum with leadership (S3) for updates on status, risks and blockers. Run the Joint recorded ART demos every two weeks with over 100 stakeholders attending, also removing ART and team blockers while updating and keeping track of impediments

Senior Agile Coach

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Responsible for coaching and performing all scrum ceremonies, including quarterly planning which is similar to SAFe PI Planning
  • Assist with refining the Agile delivery process to reduce areas of uncertainty that become impediments for the team.
  • Continue to improve knowledge of Agile activities at Confidential as well as in industry
  • Experience growing agile competencies in dynamic engineering teams under significant delivery demands and pressure
  • Drive deployment velocity through multiple phases of growth by developing and implementing software engineering best practices to create a robust, predictable technology organization operating in an agile environment.

Agile Transformation Coach and Lead

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA


  • Responsible for initiation, adoption, ongoing management and evangelism of the organization's agile practices for 14 product teams, programs and portfolios.
  • Lead execution of agile transformation initiatives across IT and business operations teams to maximize economies of scale and scope in investment and optimize the effectiveness of new business architecture with 5 scrum master direct reports
  • Expertly coaching in Agile practices (i.e., Lean, Scrum, Kanban, LeSS).
  • Expert knowledge of the business implications of an Agile transformation.
  • Define training plans for new hires and teams (role based, boot camp, etc.)
  • Create training materials relative to specific agile training needs and conduct the training
  • Deliver customized training courses for teams to meet the needs of the portfolio(s)
  • Proven and demonstrable experience (10+ years) in working with agile to architect, design and implement enterprise-wide solutions while always meeting commitments and ensuring high quality outcomes
  • Health insurance experience and basic claims administration and business process understanding preferred, as well as experience working with highly confidential information
  • Drive deployment velocity through multiple phases of growth by developing and implementing software engineering best practices to create a robust, predictable technology organization operating in an agile environment.
  • Partner with senior leadership and line management to cultivate a culture that fosters ongoing excellence in software engineering

Independent Agile Coach and Trainer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Independent consultant, who took on several various roles such as agile trainer, senior scrum master, Agile Coach and Public Speaker
  • Assist PO & Delivery team to self-organize while maximizing Confidential value, train the agile processes throughout all levels of the product team
  • Coach and mentor step by step in the Agile Transformation process
  • Independent coach and trainer for Public and Private Agile courses
  • Assist PO & Delivery teams to self-organize while maximizing Confidential value
  • Train the agile processes throughout all levels of the product team
  • Coach and mentor step by step process in the transformation
  • Portfolio and Program level Coaching
  • Group -coaching for Executives and Teams
  • Non-certified Agile Training and Workshops

Business Systems Analyst (IT)

Confidential, Herndon, VA


  • Business Systems Analyst Designed and iteratively prototyped designs
  • Analysis included Conceptwave Velocity 5.1 API- web services
  • Created agile related artifacts diagrams, workflows, use cases, sequence diagrams and process flows
  • Merged document baselines and uploaded into Share-Point repository
  • Created technical design with SOAP UI/ Confidential Enterprise WSDL

Senior Project Manager & Business Systems Analyst

Confidential, Reston, VA


  • Used SQL(TOAD) to research customer data on distributed Oracle 10g billing databases
  • Continuous learning of J2EE Data Warehouse & Oracle backend payment application
  • Converted 1 million wireless customers from Converges to Amdocs Ensemble Billing system by performing thorough Impact assessments
  • Worked on Order Management System (SAGE) and tested for POS systems

Senior Project Manager (IT)

Confidential, Reston, VA


  • Worked with product owner to satisfied multimillion-dollar customer during an RFP
  • Saved company money by streamlining outsourced operations from IBM to GXS

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