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Sr. Integration Systems Analyst/etl Tester Resume

Columbus, OH


  • Over 12 years of IT experience in Software Testing, Client/Server and web - based applications.
  • Experienced with front end /back end and integration testing of data.
  • Strong experience in testing Mobile based applications.
  • Strong experience in online payments like PayPal, After pay etc.
  • Experienced in reporting bugs & UI flows using Defects tracking tools such as HP Quality Center (QC),ALM and Jira.
  • Validated the reports and files according to HIPPA and HL7 enforced standards.
  • Over 10 years of experience in Testing ETL software Test components of ETL data warehouse .
  • Strong experience in backend data-driven test.
  • Strong experience in building test cases to cover Source to Target testing, Metadata Testing, Application Upgrades, Data Completeness Testing, Data Accuracy Testing, Data Quality Testing, incremental ETL Testing and GUI/Navigation testing.
  • Experienced in Functional, Regression, Integration, System and UAT testing.
  • Well versed in Health Care with HIPPA, HL7, EDI and x12 data formats and 270/271, 276/277 , 278 , 820 , 834 , 837 and 835 Transactions.
  • Strong knowledge in ETL concepts.
  • Strong knowledge on shell scripting.
  • Strong experience in writing queries (SQL) to validate data at any stage of ETL. Mapping sheets are the source for the requirement.
  • Experienced in writing System Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Scripts, Documentation and Setting up Test lab environment.
  • Experienced in working with the QA methodologies and processes.
  • Extensive knowledge on Black Box Testing, Functionality Testing, Positive Testing, Negative Testing and Regression Testing.
  • Strong knowledge in databases Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, DB2.
  • Good knowledge of performance testing.
  • Expertise in Manual Testing of Applications.
  • Played a key role in CI/CD Implementation projects.
  • Working experience with EDI tools like Mercator and Ecmapper.
  • Expertise in handling the entire QA process documentation using Quality Center.
  • Expertise in functional testing Web Applications.
  • Excellent analytic and diagnostic skills, with a very small learning curve.


ETL Tools: Informatica, IDQ Informatica Data Quality, AB Initio, Talend

Business Intelligence Tools: Business Objects, Cognos, MicroStrategy

Project Management/Defect Tracking Tools: JIRA and confluence, TFS, MS Project, Test Director, HP ALM, Quality Center, QA Complete

RDBMS: Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, Teradata

Big Data Technology: HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, and knowledge on Cassandra, spark.

Programming Languages: C, C++, Java

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista, UNIX.

Automation Tools: QTP, Selenium and knowledge on Ruby

Performance Tools: Load Runner

Cloud Computing: Google Cloud Platform


Confidential, Columbus, OH

SR. Integration Systems Analyst/ETL Tester


  • Document the requirements to load data from various legacy systems/data stores for a data Conversion. Included data mapping using Informatica.
  • Executed test cases and test scripts for manual and automation testing. Defects are logged in HP ALM for tracking and reporting.
  • Involved in requirement gathering and design sessions.
  • Work with Dev/QA teams to get projects developed and implemented.
  • Identify the problem and provide solutions for potential issues
  • Led meetings with BA and ETL development teams to prioritize work, design solutions.
  • Strong analytical and critical-thinking skills and the ability to identify and solve complex Cognos BI and reporting issues.
  • Participated in Weekly User Story Grooming sessions and Iteration Planning meetings with Scrum Master, Product Owners, and Integration-Agile Team members.
  • Active listening skills with the ability to work both independently and in cross-functional teams.
  • Creating mapping documents for the conversions from EDI (832,852,856, etc.) to XML.
  • Creating mapping documents for the conversions from XML to EDIs which will be used as reference for development and QA partners.
  • Experienced in writing UNIX shell scripts for testing the counts and for processing the test data feeds and folder contents.
  • Used Unix server to upload interface input file and checked log files.
  • As part of High-level Testing-Validated informatica workflow and related objects are valid and workflow is getting completed successfully on running and data is getting loaded to target systems with expected file names (Example: If the workflow is creating a file) etc.
  • Validated the run duration of the Informatica workflow is as par with the estimated run time.
  • Designed Test scenarios for Sanity/Smoke Testing.
  • Participate in ETL Performance Testing and Tuning meetings.
  • Participate in Defect-Triage meetings.
  • Configured development and QA environments to meet data privacy, data masking and data sub-setting requirements using IBM Infosphere Optim Test Data Management (TDM) services.
  • Implemented Test Data Management and Data subset services for Oracle database.
  • Tested Unix jobs according to specifications and functionality.
  • Integrated with Continuous Integration tool Jenkins for running test on regular basis automatically.
  • Point of Contact for Business and IT teams for multiple projects.
  • Participated in architectural and database designs for Cognos systems and reporting applications as well as collaborated in developing and executing effective BI strategies or solutions.
  • Identify the problem and provide solutions for potential issues.
  • Used Erwin tool for creating tables and generating scripts.
  • Involved in writing Shell Scripts to load and extract information from files and tested the back end for data integrity in UNIX.
  • Helping QA teams in designing positive and negative scenarios In Detail-Level Testing.
  • Performed back end SQL testing through iterative incremental releases. Monitored all the Autosys batch jobs.
  • Performed Data validation on the Dimensional, Fact and look up tables to ensure Type1 and Type 2 Slowly Changing Dimensions are handled correctly.
  • Used Advance SQL queries to perform data reconciliation between source and target tables and validated data integrity.
  • Automated ETL-Interfaces using Talend tool.
  • Used Autosys to schedule jobs.
  • Prepared and executed test scripts to identify data retrieval issues and data load failures, data redundancy and data inconsistency issues.
  • Created effective test strategies, test plans, test cases and test scripts to validate Cognos reports based upon technical and functional requirements.
  • Work with the DW Development team to implement data strategies, build data flows and develop conceptual data models.
  • Profiling all the data to prepare test data specific to each test case and ensuring their confidentiality and privacy as required as well as conducting ETL informatica mapping and data warehouse testing.
  • Used Oracle-SQL Developer and Teradata (SQL Assistant) databases for coding and data validation.
  • Provide technical guidance to Development teams on data mining processes.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Sr. ETL Tester


  • Gather business requirements and work with the product team to convert them into technical specifications for vendor custom development.
  • Functions as the single point of contact for order management module between product team and Confidential internal teams.
  • Creating and executing Test Cases in JIRA to validate internal development team releases.
  • Defects are logged in JIRA for tracking and reporting.
  • Involving in BR to RMS Integration design sessions.
  • Involved in Integration, Regression, Functional and End-to-End testing on store and merchandising applications that interface with POS.
  • Customizing Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server according to the company’s requirements.
  • Used TFS to report bugs and to maintain product backlog items.
  • Assess vendor fix packages, test and coordinate releases across Cross-Functional Teams.
  • Validated the data extracted from different heterogeneous data sources like Oracle, using Ab Initio.
  • Involved in Testing of complicated graphs with various AB Initio components such as Join, Join with DB, Validate, Generate Records, Rollup, Partition by Key, Filter by Expression, Gather, Reformat, Merge, Dedup sorted and Scan to validate Business requirements.
  • Validating business rules Developed by Bamboo Rose technical team.
  • Involved in integration of Hive and HBase.
  • Ensured the Data quality using Query surge solution.
  • Worked on HBase where data from HDFS was moved into HBase for analysis.
  • Designed positive and negative test cases in Hadoop/Pig/Hive components to cover all business requirements.
  • Executed ETL processes and Batch process in UNIX platform.
  • Validating the data flow from Bamboo rose to downstream systems.
  • Develop and execute test plan.
  • Prepared the test strategies and discussed the testing goals for each Sprint with the team, assigned User Stories to document test cases, test data.
  • Prepared the test strategies and discussed the testing goals for each Sprint with the manager and documented test cases accordingly.
  • Involved in the requirement gathering sessions with Business teams to specify quality requirements for MicroStrategy product.
  • Designed Test scripts to validate MicroStrategy (Business Intelligence) dashboards, reports, and applications with the purpose of testing the end-to-end customer experience.
  • Provided comprehensive feedback to dev teams on how to improve the quality and customer experience on various reports and Bamboo rose application.
  • Involved in Integration and back end testing.
  • Validated MicroStrategy dashboards, reports and applications in the view of end-User experience.
  • Acted as a catalyst for change and improvement in performance and quality.
  • Used various test case designing techniques to monitor performance, scalability, and reliability of the MicroStrategy product .
  • Identify and Report product/customer Defects and work with the Product Managers and Product Owners on prioritizing issues in the product roadmap.
  • Creating the test data in Bamboo rose application and demo the users to help understand the functionality of the system.
  • Analyze, solve and work with the product team to solve vendor related issues.
  • Develop training materials for the Users.
  • Communicate with project management and users on all modules, tasks/status updates.
  • Coordinate offshore testing team and point of contact for offshore Dev team.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Sr. ETL QA Tester


  • Created Test Scenarios to validate data from Source to Target.
  • Test status reporting and monitoring.
  • Responsible for writing test strategy and identifying test estimates.
  • As part of front-end testing, prepared and executed test scripts to focus different types of testing like browser compatibility, page display, session management, shopping order processing and purchasing etc.
  • Involved in End-To-End testing.
  • Tested hardware such as printers, scanners, POS cash drawers, credit card scanners, iPhone, and iPad application.
  • Experience of working with Payment Gateways.
  • Worked with POS System and involved in testing functionalities related to sales tracking, POS scanning, Store ISP, ordering forecast, adjustments, custom retail price and promotions in POS.
  • Involved in Payment functional testing to make sure newer established payments to make sure the application handles orders, calculations, taxes etc.
  • Prepared and executed test cases for Payment Integration testing to make sure the integration of website/online store working fine with the payment gateways (Validated the flow-place order, check if the funds are received in merchant accounts, and validated refunded/void transactions).
  • Validated XML translations.
  • Used TFS 2010(Team Foundation Server) for bug tracking, Tasks Tracking and published test results in TFS to share with the team members.
  • Test Plan /Test Schedule creation and monitoring.
  • Worked collaboratively with cross functional teams in different phases of testing.
  • Implemented end to end Enterprise Data Management using IBM Info Sphere Optim tool for Data Archival (Data Growth, Performance Archival and Systems Retirement Archival) and Test Data Management.
  • Involved in multiple Agile projects.
  • Involved in writing UNIX shell scripts to run and schedule batch jobs.
  • Involved in Daily Scrum meetings to report the status of the active working sprints.
  • Validated the functionality of Informatica workflow and its components and all the transformations used in the underlying mappings.
  • Designed Test scenarios to test if the projected data is getting loaded into target systems without any truncation and data loss.
  • Designed Test scenarios to test the Informatica workflows does not allow any invalid or unwanted data to be loaded in the target.
  • As part of Detail-Testing, validated the record counts and if the data is loading into target systems as per the transformation rules.
  • Monitored thoroughly elements like source qualifier and target in source/target statistics of each session.
  • Validated various rules developed by IDQ developer tool.
  • Used Autosys to run, schedule and monitor jobs and failed jobs are reported as defects.
  • Validated IDQ mappings to test data is consistent and standard as per business rules at all ETL stages.
  • Designed Test scenarios to cover End to End validation of informatica workflows.
  • Designing and executing detailed test execution and defect reports for senior management to track Cognos project status on a daily basis as well as monitoring all test phases such as functional, unit, regression and user acceptance testing to ensure Cognos systems and reports meet defined requirements.
  • SQL scripting.
  • Validated data in multiple databases. (Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server).
  • BO Universe validation and Adhoc reports validation.
  • Used advanced SQL to validate standard reports and Dashboards and BO universe.
  • Tested different transactions by using Credit/Debit cards on POS.
  • Created promo sales, returns and tested rewards information on POS.
  • Validate that Credit card TOKENS will be returned in the online authorization response and SAF authorization response transactions for all POS transactions.
  • Validated NFC (Near Field Communication) payment introduced to the stores (i.e. Apple Pay)
  • Worked with the Business team for clarifications in the requirements. Participate in daily defect meetings with NCR.
  • Performed split tender transactions on POS using Test Debit card and credit cards.
  • Validated the sales transactions in downstream after store polling is completed.
  • Performed store parameter maintenance operations in approving manual discounts.
  • As part of Integration Testing Involved in API testing. Used Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence Class Partition test case design techniques to validate API test cases.
  • Validated data using Data Profiling techniques.
  • Involved in (SOAP) Web Service testing.
  • Used Ready API to automate Web Services.
  • Performed the Mobile Testing for Mobile App, identify the Mobile Platform like IOS, Android by using Appium.
  • Executed the test plans on web and Mobile (IOS & Android) as per requirements using Appium .
  • Good experience in mobile testing using Appium in both IOS and Android applications using simulator and emulator.
  • Validated Target Master Tables in Big Query database.
  • Validated the data load process for Hadoop using the HiveQL queries.
  • Involved in Security based testing.
  • Involved in supply chain system testing (WMS, Inventory Management, and Order Management).
  • Validated data from multiple sources like Databases, XML's, Flat files, Excel.
  • Validated Rewards Management System.
  • Automated multiple integration jobs using Talend tool.
  • Delivered multiple projects independently.
  • Validated the data load process for Hadoop using the HiveQL Queries.
  • Analyzed the data using Hive Queries.
  • Performed integration testing of Hadoop packages for transformation, loading of massive structured and unstructured data into benchmark cube.
  • Validated the Map Reduce programs, Hive UDFs by using HQL queries.
  • Involved in OMS End-to-End Testing.
  • Created orders through QA website.
  • Validated the data translations and order load process in OMS.
  • Validated Order routing logic and order release process in OMS
  • Validated shipment process and updates back to OMS system.
  • Validated order rerouting process in OMS.
  • Validated invoice process in OMS.
  • Involved in Supply Chain End-to-End testing.
  • Set up a new Vendor, Product, POs and ASNs in MMS and verified that new data is loaded into WMS.
  • Process PO receipts in WMS (Vendor ASN and Internal ASN).
  • Allocated products to Stores using JDA Allocation and verified the data in MMS and WMS.
  • Validated Wave, Pick, Pack and Ship process in WMS.
  • Validated Store receiving process in Stores and updates to MMS.
  • Involved in Sales End-to-End testing.
  • Created Orders and Sales through QA website and POS system.
  • Validated sales processing in Operational data source.
  • Validated sales processing (Sales auditing) in MMS.
  • Validates sales processing and reporting in DW reporting system.

Environment: Informatica, IDQ Informatica Developer Tool, UNIX, Cognos, Business Objects, JESTA, Hadoop, HiveQL, Oracle, SQL Developer, Teradata, SQL Server. Jenkins, Teradata SQL assistant, Manhattan Warehouse Management System (WMS), NCR POS Systems, Yantra, GIS, Hyperion, SOAP UI, JIRA, Talend (Data validation Tool), JDA.


SAP Functional Consultant/Functional Tester


  • Validated HR data generated from Third party tool-ADP.
  • Validated ABAP-Reports.
  • Validated Human Resource management data generated from SAP-HR modules.
  • Created test scripts and scenarios and coordinated End user acceptance process.
  • Supported Users in solving Time management and access related issues.
  • Analyzed and tested the data and verified fields present in the reports to make sure the reflections as per ETL specifications.
  • SAP is used in testing the front-end changes reflection in the Master data.
  • Quality Center is used as a test management tool.
  • Tested several reports created using the Business Objects.
  • Loaded the data from various data sources like Teradata and delimited flat files.
  • Performed GUI, Functionality, Integration and Regression testing using Quick Test Professional (QTP).
  • Created Tests/Test Scripts using keyword driven methodology.
  • Helped the user in creating step-by-step documentation for UAT and helped the User to understand the business process better.
  • Analyzed results using LoadRunner Analysis tool and analyzed Oracle DB connections, sessions, Web Logic log files.
  • Developed and enhanced scripts using VuGen and designed scenarios using Performance Center to generate realistic load on application under test Validated data mappings and data loaded into the system.
  • Verified reports created from SAP Business Objects.
  • Verified Mappings and transformations in SAP BW.
  • Wrote extensive SQL on Teradata and Oracle.

Environment: Informatica, UNIX, Business Objects, Toad, Oracle, SQL Developer, Teradata, SQL Server. Teradata SQL assistant, QTP, Teradata, Autosys, ERP-OM, TM And ESS, MSS, HP-Quality center.


EDI Tester


  • Reviewed test cases written by the team and made modifications for better execution of test cases.
  • The transaction maps that were developed are ANSI X12 version 4010 820, 834, 835, 276/277, 837 are tested.
  • Inbound mapping was done from ANSI X12 format into Database tables and flat files.
  • As part of end-to-end testing, involved in testing the sub-components like receiving of 837 transactions from approved submitters, transmission of 277 responses back to Trading Partners.
  • Industry experience includes Finance, Insurance, Mortgage and Healthcare (EDI, HIPAA, and HL7).
  • Processed claims in Facets & QNXT and verified 835X12's are generated and sent to Provider.
  • Processed 837P, 837I & 837D transactions, verified those 837 transactions converted correctly to XML file format & XC keyword file format and verified the claims data loaded to Facets & QNXT for further processing.
  • Developed test cases for Functional testing, Security testing and System testing.
  • Tested the portal application to make sure the claims, members are loading to Facets & QNXT and Providers can check the member eligibility and claim status.
  • Expertise in EDI testing and verification of ANSI and EDIFACT transactions.
  • Responsible for testing the quality of that was generated by GIS and that the files were accepted correctly into the application.
  • Modified test scripts according to compliance map specifications.
  • Validated Flat files delivered from Mainframes.
  • Performed test script walkthroughs with developers.
  • Utilized Test Director to manage and fix errors found with the maps.
  • Involved with multiple test phases in the project lifecycle- including Unit testing, Systems Acceptance testing and end-to-end testing.
  • Interacted with developers to raise change requests for fixing errors with the maps.
  • Developed Requirements traceability matrix to relate High Level requirements to Use cases and Signoff and Test cases.
  • Analysis of responses from User acceptance testing (UAT) to recommend modifications to the product.
  • Reviewed and analyzed new user requirements and program design to modify the test strategy accordingly.

Environment: UNIX, COBOL(Backend), Sybase, Editors-Ultra editor and Beyond Compare.

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