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Senior Programmer Analyst Resume


  • Technology Professional with 10 years experience in testing and maintaining software applications in mainframe and UNIX environment with financial background in Fixed Income Markets, Foreign Exchange, Commercial Lending and SWIFT messaging.
  • Excellent team player with good problem - solving abilities and technical proficiency.


  • CICS, DB2, VSAM, Utilities, COBOL II
  • PL/I, JCL, EZTrieve, Intertest, MQ seriesXpeditor, File-Aid, TSO.
  • C, KornShell, Perl, SQL.



Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Participated in development and enhancement of the dividend subsystem for dividend and income payments. The system gets its input from DTC announcements for cash and stock dividend and income payments and from custodian bank (BONY) for the income payments on Mortgage Backed Securities.
  • Analyzed vendor’s (SIRS, IDSI) documentation and their load information in order to create price, factor and dividend history files.
  • Created extract of Security Master File from mainframe to the Data Mart for the Fixed Income (Municipal Funds) reports.
  • Participated in development of various CICS screens presenting Securities information to the users in dividends and securities departments.
  • Analyzed data for the users with EZTrieve reports.


Application Engineer


  • Provided maintenance for VOX banking system, written on C/C++ on UNIX as a front office system for TVS’ back office.
  • Developed a set of KornShell scripts for group’ application developement. Scripts modified PL/I modules for TVSO in order to reduce requirements for disk space for the batch executables.
  • Participated in development and enhancement of several components of the TVS Banking System. The system is written in COBOL using CICS, DB2 and VSAM files and handles financial transactions through all aspects of their business life cycle, from inception through settlement. . Personally tested and managed test data for the Cash Flow system, allowing traders to watch their positions in real time.
  • Developed automated settlement matching procedure for Capital Market transactions that clear through Euroclear. It significantly reduced amount of CPU consumed by back office payment settlement procedure. Capital Market instruments included US Government Bonds (T-Bills, Notes).
  • Programmed the data base access modules for DB2: I/O programs which created cursors, made selection and update based on the parameters provided.
  • Coordinated test scenarios for modification of TVS Current Account system to accommodate International Bank Account Number (IBAN).
  • As part of a team developed European Monetary Unit conversion for Foreign Exchange component of TVS for European clients. Tested algorithm of conversion of the base currency to EUR and calculation of the Arbitrage Rates.
  • Designed, coded and implemented programs to accept external information from SWIFT messages to the on-line system and create on its basis Current Account transactions. These interface programs processed messages of MT100, MT200 and MT202 types. Took part in implementation team at a client site in Norway.
  • Developed the set of SQL Server querying scripts for data reconciliation and analysis of data integrity. Maintained database using DML.
  • Wrote reports for business users of ACBS DataMart in Oracle Discoverer 9i.


Senior Programmer/Analyst


  • Designed, developed and maintained Payroll System written in COBOL II, using VSAM files.
  • Designed and implemented a number of batch modules as well as catalogued procedures for Inquiry subsystem in the Customer Information System. Programs were using COBOL and VSAM files.
  • Evaluated user requests, designed, developed and maintained applications for the Synthesis System of electrical circuits written in FORTRAN & PL/I with utilization of VSAM files. Synthesis System is used for forecasting purposes in Radio Engineering.

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