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Consultant Resume

Naperville, IL


I have been a data processing professional for 26 years dating back to January 1985, 12 years as an independent consultant. Have worked for and consulted at financial, insurance, retail, transportation, and manufacturing companies; analysis/developing applications that support a wide range of business functions, including: accounting, order processing, invoicing, shipment processing, personnel, etc. I have participated in all phases of the development life cycle from the conceptual stage through implementation.


Languages: COBOL II




Visual Basic (4.0, 5.0, 6.0)Crystal Reports (5.0, 6.0)FOCUS

EasyTrieve Plus


Utilities: Syncsort

IBM and Platinum DB2 utilities

Management Tools: ENDEVOR



Operating Systems: OS/MVS

MVSA OS/390 version 2.5


Windows XP


MS: DOS(6.22)

Hardware: IBM 3090

IBM 43xx


Web Technologies: VBScript





Productivity Tools: TSO/ISPF(5.0)

AQT 8.1.7 (Advanced Query Tool)







Microsoft VISIO


AFP (Advanced Function Printing)


IBM DataInterchange 3.1


Visual SourceSafe

STROBE 4.01.00





Microsoft Access



SQL Server 2000


CICS 3.1 (Command)

DB2 Connect

ADO (ActiveX Data Objects)




Confidential, Naperville, IL


  • Converted programs for the consolidation of CBT, NYMEX, and CME. It involved of coding 81 programs, 12 copy books, and 81 parameters.
  • Participated in the testing and installment of the ‘transaction fee’ application that include mass updates in DB2 - 300 million trade records and 600 million billing amount records
  • Duties included setting up production JCL and documentation and in corporate major enhancements that met the user requests
  • Mass updates in DB2 - 300,000,000 records trade record, 600,000,000 billing records. EFS system - Exchange Fee System.
  • Create one-shot programs that updated the DB2 tables
  • Participated in the installation of the mass programs.
  • Mentor JAVA developer on COBOL programs.
  • Maintained, developed, and supported the order fulfillment system (DB2/COBOL/CICS/IMS, Assembler) using Panvalet.
  • Easytrieve Plus used to create ad-hoc reports, verify test results and production data.
  • Analysis on the project of Lowe’s for ADF transactions 870. EDI is the background.
  • Created XML documents from Purchase Orders from various vendors (Home Depot, Lowe’s)
  • Enhanced EDI Pre-Edit Error Web application.
  • Participated in the testing and implementation of the IBM EDI 3.1 and creating XML DTD for purchased orders.
  • Created various JCL procedures that will receive purchase orders from major vendors and interact with IBM EDI 3.1 software. The translated output from the EDI software is used at various systems.
  • Enhanced a web-based Purchased Ordered Pre-Edit system and CSR Agent Time Management system. The systems were designed with HTML Web Pages using ASP.net, JavaScript, and VBScript.
  • Created Excel spreadsheets from ASP to Lowe’s (clients). Also email to Lowe’s
  • Create dataflow diagrams using Microsoft Visio 2000. It was the design of Sherwin Williams transferring data from EDI to USG.

Confidential, Oak Brook Terrace, IL


  • Maintained, developed, and supported a transaction fees system (DB2/COBOL/BATCH) on an IBM mainframe environment using ENDEVOR.
  • Created enhanced programs that in corporate accurate transaction fees for accounts that contain Confidential securities.
  • Created unit, string, and system test JCL implementing client’s standards that included JEM for JCL and its corresponding procedures.
  • Participated in the analysis of creating and enhancing CICS screens, DB2 tables, and COBOL LE Batch programs for the Federal Express project. Tools included such as Microsoft VISIO, Microsoft Word.
  • Responsible for writing specifications on 5 CICS online programs and 8 COBOL batch programs. Developed CICS screens using SDF II. Specifications were written for the less experienced programmers on the project team.
  • Coded, tested, and executed numerous batch COBOL and CICS DB2/VSAM programs on the Federal Express project. The most complicated programs, to implement the Federal Express business requirements, were hand over to me.
  • Coded and tested ‘Shipping Labels’ logic using AFP (Advanced Function Printing) on invoice statements. The AFP software using different fonts, character size, and formatting barcodes that met Federal Express and UPS standards.
  • Analyzed, developed, coded, and tested over 45 COBOL batch and 10 CICS online programs for financial and registration application systems. The purpose of this project was to accommodate the new fields that were added the VSAM files.
  • On the Student Withdrawal application system, participated on the analysis, coding, and testing of enhancing/creating CICS screens and COBOL Batch programs. The system, both batch and on-line, were using VSAM files as their main data source and running under IBM Mainframe VSE/ESA.
  • Prepared production/system test JCL that incorporates the new Student Withdrawal application system.
  • Documented the entire Student Withdrawal application system on Microsoft Word. Documentation included operations, program, users, and system flowchart(s).


Confidential, Naperville, IL


  • Designed and developed several COBOL II batch programs using VSAM files and EasyTrieve to verify test results.
  • The application involves of converting the old Consumer Relations System (CRS) into a more productive and accurate system that met credit bureau regulations.
  • Downloaded several files from an EXCEL spreadsheet onto mainframe via FTP.
  • Documented (in Word) the routine of downloading files (FTP) onto mainframe so other team members can properly download files.

Confidential, Oak Brook Terrace, IL


  • Designed and developed marketing & pricing (snapshot) applications for sales representatives. The application is written in Visual Basic (6.0) to replace the existing mainframe system. It simplifies and drastically speeds up data entry and reporting.
  • The Visual Basic (6.0) applications provided the client with the ability to create sophisticated reports that displays the most current sales and price trends of their products. Data access coupled with DB2 using DB2 Connect.
  • Created web-based reporting system. The system was designed with HTML Web Pages using ASP 3.0 and VBScript.

Independent Consultant

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Maintained, developed, and supported a complex management reporting system (DB2/COBOL) on an IBM mainframe environment using JCL, ENDEVOR and Panvalet.
  • Duties included setting up production JCL and documentation, converting IMS/FOCUS programs into production DB2/COBOL II programs, and in corporate major enhancements that met the user requests.
  • Easytrieve used to create ad-hoc reports, verify test results and production data.
  • Designed and developed several DB2/COBOL batch programs in a TSO/ISPF environment.
  • The application involved converting the old legacy system into up-to-date inventory system.
  • The critical system was designed for and implemented onto an MVSA OS/390 Version 2.5 environment.
  • Participated on a food cost project that involved in designing and developing several Visual Basic (4.0) screens.
  • Some of the screens (that included using Multiple Document Interface - MDI, so the screens can used the same menus) extracted ‘access’ tables and created temporary tables.
  • These temporary tables were used to create Crystal Reports (6.0).
  • Over 10 various reports were created, several of which were elaborate pie charts to be used by executive management.
  • Participated the full life cycle of the Withdrawal Liability System project using Visual Basic (4.0), Crystal Reports (5.0), and Access 97.
  • This application included creating modules, class modules, MDI Forms, and enabling the application to be ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)-compatible.
  • Wrote fourteen complicated screens and fifteen various reports.
  • Worked heavily with key users in refining the screens and reports to meet departmental needs.
  • Developed and maintained the Paid Accounting Information System using COBOL II and DATACOM for an international investment services organization.
  • Provided ongoing support for this stock and mutual fund market value application and interact heavily with the user community.

Confidential, Rosemont, IL


  • Participated in the full life-cycle development of the Warehouse Order Processing project.
  • Wrote functional specifications and coded both online and batch programs in COBOL II, CICS, DB2, and TSO/ISPF, JCL and EasyTrieve Plus.
  • Completed production installation and monitoring and performed post installation tuning and enhancements to increase volume performance.
  • Also responsible for the development of a complete test cycle while on the Customer Service Management project for the same catalog retailer.
  • Created extensive test specifications and made major enhancements to the Cobol II, CICS, IMS, and DB2 on-line system.
  • Easytrieve was used for ad hoc reporting and to verify test and production results.

Confidential, Oak Brook, IL


  • Designed, coded, and tested the Auditing Selection process within the Personnel System utilizing COBOL and VSAM.
  • Also participated in the design and development of the COBOL-based Employment Management System.
  • Designed, coded, tested and installed many COBOL I/II, CICS, and DB2 applications.
  • The systems, both batch and on-line, supported international operations and accounting, including Management Control & Analysis, Credit Monitoring, Prepaid Items, Aged Account Receivable, Traffic Channel Analysis and Registration Revenue & Expense.
  • Also participated in the development of several batch and on-line applications for the domestic division.
  • The Invoicing, Shipment Processing, Claims, Agency Performance Profile, Customer Opinion Survey, Distribution Center Performance and Paper Quality Standards applications used COBOL I and II, CICS, and VSAM.
  • Participated in all stages of the development life cycle for the Student Scholarships, Invoicing, Sales Analysis and General Ledger applications.
  • I participated in systems designing, program specifications, program coding, documentation, and implementation.

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