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Senior Organizational Change Management Lead Consultant Workday Resume

Plano, TX


  • A strategic & tactical (hands-on ), with 16 years of multinational EE, en terprise-wide experience from mid to large-scale, global ERP, & Process change OCM, utilizing ( SDLC, Agile, RACI, Training).
  • I enjoy a d eep knowledge and expertise in multiple Change Management and training strategies, methodologies, and frameworks.
  • My role as the change manager is to ensure that the project meet all business objectives from the people-side. By driving end-user Engagement, Adoption, higher Utilization, project Measurement & Sustainment.
  • My method is to create Buy-In including finding the WIIFM (for each impacted group).
  • I also b uild strong relationships with all people, using training, and communications.
  • I help coach sponsors, create KPIs and measurement systems for end goal success.
  • I design and implement Stakeholder, Impact, Change Readiness, Confidential and GAP assessments.
  • I create structured strategies, maximizing end-user readiness for change, even in ambiguous environments .
  • My ability to communicate and collaborate across all levels, leads to success.
  • Using the levers - Coaching, Sponsorship, Communications, Training & Resistance Mitigation. I see potential resistance risks and prevent them.
  • Agile PLM, Waterfall, SDLC, CAB, Six Sigma, RACI, Lean & Confidential Certified, SPHR, ASTD Training, & OD Certified


  • Change Readiness Scope Impact
  • SAP3/4-HANA, ORACLE, PeopleSoft
  • Waterfall, Sigma, Agile PLM CAB
  • Resistance Prevention/Mitigation
  • Workstream & Digital Transformation
  • Confidential -Dashboard Surveys & KPI’s
  • Project Management Partnerships
  • Role Mapping / Job Design/M&A
  • OCM Communications Strategies
  • Measurement-KPI’s track Adoption
  • PM/ SDLC & ITIL, Six Sigma Green
  • Multiple LMS Learning Systems


SAP-3, SAP/ECC, S/4 HANA, Concur, Ariba, SuccessFactors, SharePoint Microsoft 365, Azure, Teams, ServiceNow

Oracle R-3,4 12-Cloud Based, PeopleSoft, Access, Taleo, Workday

Microsoft 365, Azure, Teams, Project, ServiceNow, Salesforce.com, Clarizen



Confidential, Plano, TX

Senior Organizational Change Management Lead Consultant Workday


  • Hired as change management process designer for Workday and other process projects, also as an instructor for their own Change Champion Network.
  • Able to increase people throughout the organization ownership and buy-in through actual measurement systems, by 23%
  • Developed, distributed, and scored stakeholder and specific communications and training engagement deliverables
  • Wrote/ implemented Stakeholder, Impact, Change Readiness, and Confidential assessments, scored them to find resistance issues

Confidential, Hackensack, NJ

Organizational Change Management Process Lead Consultant


  • Designed and led execution of communication plans and materials based on detailed change impact analysis

Confidential, Houston, TX

Senior Organizational Change Management Internal Project Consultant


  • Reduced significant issues on a global software implementation using GAP Assessments and Road Shows finding large scope issues.
  • These that would have negatively impacted Adoption and Go Live and reduce Confidential and increased time and costs
  • Developed communications, sponsor, and change strategies to ensure business goals were achieved through multiple IT projects
  • Led the change strategies / plan for 2 application migrations Azure (TSS) across work-streams and ensuring adoption & usage
  • Created 2 new tools for change management .
  • One a measurement system which combines the Confidential Dashboard, Heat Mapping and Excel.
  • Gives an exactly accurate understanding of where you are at with regards to Adoption.

Confidential, Georgia

Change Management Lead S/4 HANA Consultant


  • Created a global Change design with a Confidential -ADKAR & Kotter method for 8 plants, CS, Finance, IT in 3 countries in just 9 weeks
  • Work with a specific project workstreams and assist in the design, using 10 modules including the STO module.
  • Created a heat mapped resultant documentation (using both the Confidential Scorecard) and my own Excel worksheet that significantly pointed the client toward the areas of concern and solutions that we could accomplish
  • Development and implementation of change management / communication strategies groups to form saving $1.2MM
  • Created sponsor roadmaps and provided sponsor coaching, impact analysis and organizational change readiness
  • 07/01/2014I created/implemented the Communication Plan along with FAQ’s, training and coaching plan in just 8 weeks
  • Designed/facilitated a comprehensive Change Lead training program and a Management Change team initiative

Confidential, Bethesda, MD

Lead Change Consultant


  • Developed & implemented communications, training and strategy using touch- points and addressed multiple audiences
  • Acted as the Project Manager and Change Manager at the same time saving time and money
  • Using Confidential & Deloitte prioritized IT Service Desk stakeholder groups; coaching defined population and roadmap for change.
  • Identify, analyzed, defined risk management plan using Confidential a methodology saving 3 months and millions of dollars
  • Designed, drove and coached the first "Real" sponsorship, coaching and resistance mitigation vehicles for 17,000 stakeholders
  • Design and implemented a strategy to sell the "Positives” of leaving an office environment and moving to a smaller compressed open environment with only minor turnover and opposition from government diverse groups

Confidential, Clinton, MA

Global OCM Manager for S/4/HANA


  • Built the tech change coalition using Confidential Leads for 5 countries increasing operational effectiveness by 27%
  • Communicated multi-functional change communications and process/technology changes to capture the process and organizational changes, develop the change impact ADKAR Assessments to maximize the M&A
  • Drove the implementation for Ariba for Finance, Supply Chain, Purchasing and Sales reducing the scheduled time by 3 months
  • Provide scope, team building, processes, communication channels/ feedback - Minimizing resistance & maximizing change
  • Using strategy execution of the Confidential -ADKAR & Kotter methods adopted - saving an estimated $2.M 1st year

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