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Hana Bi Lead Consultant Resume

Savannah, Ga


  • Over 14 years of IT experiences wif 13 plus years of SAP experience wif an exclusive 13 years of experience in SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) and 8 plus years in Business Intelligence (SAP BObj).
  • 3 plus years of experience in SAP BW on HANA and SAP HANA modeling.
  • Experienced in developing dashboards using Tableau (on top of SAP BW and HANA).
  • Strong experience in End - to-End Design, Development, Enhancements, Testing, Performance Tuning, Documentation, and Production Support for Reporting and Analytical Solutions.
  • Worked closely wif business users and business subject matter experts (SMEs) to understand business processes and reporting requirements.
  • Strong experience in developing data models inSAP HANA platform and Creation of Native HANA Views. Delivered reporting solutions using SAP HANA models for FI, SD, MM, PM.
  • Experienced in data provisioning in HANA usingSDS, SLT (Real Time replication), SDA for remote data sources.
  • Well versed in usingSQL script in HANA for development of both script based calculation views and stored procedures.
  • Experience in creating SAP HANA information models wif skillful usage of Analytical, Attribute, and Calculation Views.
  • 13+ years asSAP BWconsultant wif experience in developing custom data models using SAP BW object forLogistics, FI-CO, FI-AR/AP/GL, PSfunctional areas. Experience wif activating and extendingSAP Business Content.Excellent experience in BW customizing.
  • Extensively worked in creation of InfoObjects, DSO’s, InfoCubes, MultiProvider, InfoSets, DataSources, InfoPackages, Transformations, Transfer Rules, Update Rules, Routines, and Data Transfer Process.
  • Experienced inGap Analysis,User Interaction, Requirements Gatheringand deliveringSolutions.Strong experience in setting up BW best practices,Performance Tuningto optimize overall user experience.
  • Strong understanding ofSAP Configuration and Functional Knowledgeto understand user requirements. Experience in converting business requirements to functional and technical requirements and design and implement. Experienced in creating Functional Specs, Technical Specs, Test Plans, user documentation and user training documents.
  • Good experience in creating Advanced DSO’s, CompositeProviders, Query in HANA Studio BW modeling tools (BWMT) and Exposed BW Objects as HANA views.
  • Well versed wif LO Cockpit Extractors, Generic Extractors, and FI/CO extraction methods.
  • Extensively worked on Real Time replication using SAP LT (SLT) Data Provisioning method.
  • Good knowledge wif MM, SD, FI/CO, PP, PM, QM, CS, HR, APO-DP, and AFS solutions.
  • Good experience in ABAP/4 wif User Exit, Start, and End Routines.
  • Experience in Open Hub (Info Spoke) to download data from InfoProviders to flat files.
  • Good experience in creating APDs (Analysis Process Designer).
  • Very good experience in Data Modeling, Extractions, Data Staging, Loadings, Transformations, and Reporting for Non-SAP systems data.
  • Well versed wif BEx components - Query Designer, Analyzer, Workbooks.
  • Experience in creating Variables, Calculated Key figures, Restricted Key Figures, Filters, Structures, Selections, Cell Definitions, Exception, and Condition.
  • Extensively worked on performance tuning using Indexing, Compression, Aggregates, and Partitioning.
  • Extensively worked on migrating 3.x dataflows into 7.x dataflows.
  • Good experience in creating Process chains to automate teh loading process.
  • Worked on Transports Management System and fixed if any transport issue.
  • Involved in production support activities like to monitor data loads, correct data-load errors, re-run loads, research end-user issues, communicating to effected business users, and assisting wif root-cause analyses for continuous improvement.
  • Very good knowledge of managing Hot/Warm/Cold data in SAP BW on HANA using SAP IQ database as an Near-Line Storage (NLS) solution.
  • experience in creating Reports, Dashboards, and Applications in Business Objects Tool suites (Dashboard Designer, Lumira (Designer and Discovery), Web Intelligence, Analysis for Office, Xcelsius (Dashboard), Crystal reports)
  • Proficient in using Central Management Console. Experience in CMC Administration activities like creating and managing repositories, monitoring/granting, permissions and rights to users, user groups through Central Management Server.
  • Strong experience as Business Objects Administrator including installation, configuration of BO tools, set up and maintenance of Business Objects Enterprise environment, creating and managing groups and user profiles
  • Experience in working wif BObj 4.2, 4.1, BO Enterprise, BO Edge and BO 6.5 servers.
  • Experience in defining queries, generating drill-down report in Crystal Report.
  • Participated in project planning sessions wif project managers, business analysts and team members to analyze business requirements and outline teh proposed solution.
  • Expertise in developing reports using Crystal Reports on top of SAP Cubes, Queries, DSO, Tables and Universes
  • Grouping, Sectioning, Summarizing, Filtering and Slicing and Dicing were carried out efficiently in teh reports developed using CR.
  • Various data connection were used in Xcelsius to bring in data (QaaWS, SAP Netweaver BI connection, Webservice, XML, flash variables, Live Office and static data (excel)).


Confidential, Savannah, GA.

HANA BI Lead Consultant


  • Data modeled in HANA, developed Calculation view on core tables and used as source for Webi reports.
  • Replicated tables from S4 using SLT.
  • Efficiently designed model by developing many reusable calculation views and incorporated in meta views. Significantly reducing future development work.
  • Model included efficient usage of Functions, Column Views, and Stored Procedures.
  • 20 Financial reports were developed on Webi and on top of HANA views.
  • Few standard ones like Balance Sheet (balancing Assets and Liabilities), P&L, Cash Flow, GM (by Profit Center and Cost Center)…
  • Used SAP HANA View connection in webi to connect to teh respective HANA view to build teh report on top of it.
  • Scenarios involved using two different views as source for webi reports and merged them in teh report.
  • Various webi functionality was used to calculate values at runtime, dynamic visibility (hide and show) on objects were employed, coupled wif linking of objects.
  • Groups, Sections, Breaks, and Filters were used to make a complex formatted but pleasant looking reports.
  • Drill in and drill out capabilities was used where needed
  • Designed and developed 2 Sales Dashboards using Lumira Designer on top of teh calculation views
  • Migrated HANA view and reports across teh landscape.
  • Trained users on webi reports wif clear documentation on Technical spec and user guides for teh reports.

Confidential, Faribault, MI

BW/BI Lead Consultant


  • Worked on reporting solution implementation project using SAP HANA /BW hybrid solution. SAP BW/HANA is used to Model SD (Order to Cash), Purchasing, Production, PM, WM, COPA, and Finance modules.
  • Used ODP data source to extract data from BW and eliminated teh Infopackages and PSA staging.
  • Created and used Generic DS (for planning data), COPA DS (for budgeting data), and Vistex DS (Billback data (/IRM/LIS RM IPBBHDR and /IRM/LIS RM IPBBITM)) along wif standard DS.
  • Defined and developed reports to do Sales Analysis (Daily, Monthly, YTD), Sales Revenue and Margin Analysis, Open Order Analysis (determining revenue backlog, Fulfillment), Sale Activity…
  • Modeled BW for Discrete Manufacturing and consumed teh data in reports thru BEx query.
  • Complete modeling used HANA optimized object (Advance DSO, Composite Provider)
  • Modeled and maintained Hierarchies for Material and Product.
  • Replicated SAP data using ODP-SLT, and ODP-BW into BW system.
  • Used SAP SLT to deliver data from ECC to HANA using SLT trigger mechanism for delta loads.
  • Replicated SQL (JDE) data into HANA and modeled to pull master data non-HANA tables and eventually used in attribute views and further used in Calculation Views.
  • Used composite provider as teh primary source for teh queries.
  • Used SAP Hana connection to leverage teh hana views in Webi.
  • Pulled in Historical transaction data from legacy system (JDE), thru SQL where data was transformed, into BW using DB Connect.
  • Created information views (Analytical, Attribute, and Calculation Views) on Native HANA and teh same were used in BW to get feeds out of openhub for certain scenarios.
  • Established connection to old BW system to pull in Historical Transaction data.
  • Merged teh history (from JDE and old SAP BW) wif teh current data (from ECC) and harmonized in BW as a single source for reporting needs.
  • Calculated measures and restricted measures/columns were created and used on scenario basis in Analytical Views
  • More insight was obtained using Calculation view by combining Sales (revenue) and Finance date.
  • Usage of complex expressions (If conditions, Counter, filters, union, and Rank) were implemented to achieve teh needs. Reused Analytical, Attribute and also a Calculation view in Calculation views.
  • Combined facts from multiple tables in Calculation Views.
  • Developed Sales, Purchasing, Production, and COPA reports using BI reporting suite of tools (Analysis, Webi, Lumira, Design Studio) to Match existing reports from IQ4Biz and also developed newer and better reports.
  • Calculation Views were used as source for Design Studio for 2 Dashboard applications.
  • Efficiently linked object in teh dashboard application in Design studio by passing teh values between chart and filters.
  • Lumira Stories were created to supply overview of Sales and Production to managerial personals wif necessary filtering (objects) supplied for quicker analysis.
  • As a pilot designed and developed an application in Lumira Designer of Lumira 2.0 (just then it was released )
  • Reports were directly built on top of teh BEx queries and Calculation Views.
  • Developed and wisely used Restricted Keyfigures (RKF), Calculated Keyfigures (CKF), and Variables (User exit) in teh queries.
  • Managed offshore team of 2 for built by delegating and getting deliveries on time.
  • Worked on very stringent time schedule.
  • BW implementation was carried out successfully and in parallel wif ECC implementation.
  • Requirement gathering, designing, developing and delivery were done very professionally and in a smooth process by coordinating meetings and presentation wif teh respective business and functional teams.

Confidential, Lake Forest, IL

BW/BI Lead Consultant


  • Handled BW-ProCo and BW-Pricing development projects from Analysis, Requirement Gathering, Development, Implementation, Reporting and Maintenance.
  • Acting as point of contact for business and also coordinating teh offshore team by delegating and getting teh tasks completed successfully.
  • Detail analysis on teh impact in BW due to teh addition of new company “ProCo” was carried out and captured teh BW objects which need modification so that teh impacts are eliminated.
  • Teh above was achieved by capturing teh requirement wif business and other technology (Teradata) group which had dependencies wif BW. Identified teh impacting objects, listed out their usage both at backend and at query level.
  • Removed teh impacts by applying necessary modifications to teh queries. Modifications were mainly on teh filters, restricted key figures, formulas, variable selection.
  • At teh BW backend, did identified where teh lookups were done on teh impacting new ProCo objects and revised those rules. Teh area mainly involved was teh master data lookup in teh transformations.
  • Documented teh work done and trained teh user on teh modification carried over, and on teh usage of teh queries and reports.
  • Gathered detailed information on teh extract that is to be provided from BW, eventually feeding to teh ODM engine that is been developed for teh determination of Pricing by pricing rules.
  • Had teh extract generated in two phases, Release 1 (pilot) and Release 2.
  • As a pilot used query and APD objects in generating teh extracts. Final extracts, containing 12 month, 6 month (wif simplify and save, and w/o simplify and save), 3 months, last month, and Month to Date bucketing aggregated by Customer, Track Code, and Subtrack code was designed and agreed upon.
  • For teh Release 2, took all teh calculation and conditions to teh backend by designing a data model involving DSOs, Infocubes, MultiProvider, and Openhubs coz of teh humongous volume of data involved.
  • Developed APO to determine stock at hand after combining teh invoices and in process quantity. Teh end records were staged to DSO.
  • TEMPEffectively used teh Data from teh existing DSO and loaded to teh DSO as staging and moved teh data to first level of Infocubes (12 month, 6 month, 3 and last month) further to aggregation cube which was connected to Multiprovider and obtained teh necessary view of teh extract. Openhubs were developed to generate teh extract from teh Multiprovider.
  • Complete automation and flexibility were introduced in teh data model from Process chain and abap routines on Selective deletion, full DTP selections and Transformations.
  • Teh Process chain executions are maintained by Cronacle for efficient run as to avoid overlapping of dependencies.
  • Teh generated files in teh application server was configured to be picked up and fed into ODM by unix scripting.
  • Three Lumira dashboards were built on top of teh infoproviders thru BEx queries.
  • As a pilot, developed Calculation Views (graphical and sql scripting) in HANA for Financial reports (Balance Sheet, Cash Flow).
  • Reports were developed directly on Hana views, using “SAP HANA” connection in Tableau.
  • Complete documentation on end to end implementation was done for easy and future reference.

Confidential, Manchester, CT

BW/BO Senior Consultant


  • Gathered teh scope from business to be gone into teh dashboard and finalizing teh number and KPIs to be analyzed thru it.
  • Designed teh wireframe of teh dashboard wif through discussions and approval of teh business.
  • analyzed teh existing query used for conventional reporting, modified to fit teh needs of teh dashboard.
  • intensively used cell definition in teh queries to be stitched to teh dashboard thru BIC.
  • Analysed data which is to be used in dashboard for business using Analyser and BO Analysis.
  • Took care of teh performance by tunneling down teh data inflow thru teh query by filters and shifting teh workload appropriately between teh queries and at teh manipulation of data at dashboard.
  • Charts, graphs, selectors, containers were efficiently used and nicely placed for appealing looks and for ease-of-use.
  • Used BIC to pull in data to dashboard from teh queries which were built exclusively to serve teh purpose.
  • Took care of teh minor request s and changes from teh users as post developments perks.
  • Did create usage guide documents for teh users for their quick reference.

Confidential, Houston, TX

BW/BO Lead


  • Analyzed, Designed, and Developed Bex queries which suits better for teh Webi reports stitched to them.
  • Involved in teh data modeling discussion and halping out teh development team in building teh infoproviders for better performance on teh reporting front.
  • Reports development were majorly on SD, FI, and COPA modules.
  • Ingeniously created queries making use of RKF, CKF, Structures, finding teh common ground as multiple reports were built on top of teh query (super query)
  • Aggressive analysis was done in teh creation of BEx query filters, again to find teh compatibility to all reports that are to be built on top of teh query.
  • Developed couple of customer exit variables for specific business scenario.
  • Created 40 webi reports in various modules wif BEx query as teh source.
  • Involved in teh discussions wif teh business users for webi report wireframe and enhancements to teh existing reports to meet teh business needs.
  • Made use of various report elements like vertical table, horizontal table, cross table and chats.
  • Intensively used webi variables to manipulate teh incoming data and various formulations were incorporated in them.
  • Made use of teh features like query striping, merging prompts, refresh on open, etc.
  • Worked wif business to set standards of teh reports.
  • Defects were efficiently handled and rectified which were captured during teh UAT.
  • Met all deadlines wif TEMPeffective planning and coordination among teh team working offshore and onsite.
  • Documentation were maintained for all phases of teh project, from analysation, design, development, testing and user guide.
  • Raised couple of notes to SAP in related to webi as we experienced issue in 4.1 versions.
  • Step by step guides were developed and trained power users.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

BI/BO Senior Consultant


  • As a part of Break Fix team, was mainly involved in handling daily incidents of various priority.
  • Also took care of minor enhancements like adding new custom fields to teh existing reports, involving enhancement of Datasources and programming to populate teh new fields in ECC side till teh query modification.
  • Open Hub Services were developed to send out files to third party sys.
  • Throughout teh tenure, Involved in design and development of various objects as InfoObjects, DSO, Cubes, Multiproviders, Infoset, BEx query and its objects.
  • Involved in maintenance of Webi report, which included modification and minor enhancement of teh reports as a part of ticket handling.
  • Daily Process chain monitoring
  • As was handling tickets, interacted wif business folks on daily basis.

Confidential, Kansas City, MO

BI/BO Architect


  • Involved in designing teh data flow and bridged teh gaps.
  • Developed Functional Requirement Document and Technical Document for teh objects that need to be developed in teh BI side for both back-end and front-end.
  • Leading teh offshore team and coordinating wif teh business to make teh ends meet.
  • Developed new data flows from DS maintenance in teh R3 side to teh data modeling in BW side. Mainly involving COPA, Logistics (SD, MM, QM, PM, WM) and Vistex (Billback condition, Agreement condition and Claim condition related objects).
  • Extracted information from CRM system for invoice reporting, consolidating vistex data to it for much more granular detail for teh same.
  • Scenarios included development of generic DS, enhancement of teh existing ones and also activation and usage of teh standard DS.
  • Generated feeds on invoices using APO involving conditions, ABAP routines, consolidations.
  • Developed queries in BEx designer fitting teh business needs.
  • Appropriate usage of RKF, CKF, Formulas, Selections, Conditions.
  • Involved teh usage of customer exit variables and extensive programming in CMOD to meet unique business requirements.
  • Maintained Indexes and fine tuned teh abap in CMOD on teh existing queries to increase teh performance.
  • Developed 6 Xcelsius reports involving various charts, tables.
  • Made use on Qaaws as teh data connector to transfer teh data onto Xcelsius.
  • Universes were built on top of teh queries, which were developed exclusively for dashboards.
  • Teh web services were built on teh defined universe.
  • Took care of teh security by grouping teh imported users from BI and assigning appropriate authorization to teh groups.
  • Assignment of authorizations was carried out on both folder level and as well report levels.
  • Migrations of teh objects were carried out efficiently using BIAR file concept.
  • Careful usage of formulas to manipulate teh data on excel sheet was carried out, also taking care of teh performance of teh entire dashboard.
  • Trained users on navigation and usage of teh dashboards. Also created and provided How-To documentations for future references.

Confidential, Hermitage, TN

BI Lead (DTT OIM Time and Exp Reporting)


  • Involved in designing teh data flow and bridged teh gaps.
  • Developed Functional Requirement Document and Technical Document for teh objects that need to be developed in teh BI side for both back-end and front-end.
  • Directly involved in discussion in designing teh Interface file formats of teh DTT Time & Expense Data received from teh MF. Teh discussion also includes teh setting teh frequency of transmission, naming convention, etc.
  • Developed customized InfoObjects, DSOs, Infocubes and MutiProviders.
  • Transformation, DTP, Info package, Process Chains were developed for scheduling, loading and transforming teh data.
  • Created Flat File datasources for teh Mapping data, Actual and Plan data. Also made use of standard datasources for teh Master data text, attributes and hierarchies.
  • Involved in teh development of teh start routines, field routines for teh transformations and routines for accessing teh files from teh FTP folders in teh infopackages.
  • CKF were formulated as per teh calculations mentioned b teh functional team.
  • Additional characteristics were provided in teh queries as Free-Characteristics.
  • Variables were used in characteristic restriction to narrow teh data that is been flown to teh report as per teh user specifications.
  • Involved in designing teh templates for teh reports using WAD which includes various web components.
  • Actively involved in discussions wif teh Portal team in designing teh portal pages for teh reports.
  • Worked closely wif teh Basis and teh Security team to access authorization for list of members both for portal and teh BI System (query components)
  • Scheduled meetings wif teh functional team and other members to get teh information for teh development.
  • Sticking to teh designed project plan and met teh respective deadlines.
  • Presented demos on every mile stone for teh members involved in teh project, this includes teh end user, QA team, etc.
  • Training Users and documenting on teh functionality and Navigations involved in teh reports.

Confidential, Waukegan, IL

BO Xcelsius Lead Consultant


  • Involved in teh requirement gathering, documentation and business discussions wif teh client.
  • Historical data wif current transactions were extracted to teh APO BW from BW box and ECC for demand based reporting and teh same is been used for dashboarding.
  • Flexibility on drilling was provided on teh reports at Material Group, Product Category, Product Line and Product Group levels as requested by business.
  • Designed and developed teh wire frames for teh dashboard reports.
  • Developed POC in Xcelsius for Sales, Production, Finance and HR dashboards wif teh output templates obtained from BEx analyzer.
  • Dynamically pulled data from SAP BI through Web Services (WS).
  • Enabled bi-directional data flow. Teh Xcelsius dashboards were input enabled and passed teh selection to teh BI queries through WS and teh WS populated teh resultant data onto teh Excel embedded in Xcelsius.
  • Refreshed teh dashboard automatically by using trigger logics for various selection made by teh user.
  • Trained end users development team for teh maintenance of teh dashboard reports.
  • Development and Training documents were prepared and furnished to teh team.

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