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Tibco Consultant Resume

Wilmington, OH


  • Overall 7+years of distinguished experience in Enterprise Integration Platform under TIBCO portfolio working as a Software Developer.
  • Technology expertise is on TIBCO suite of products, mainly worked on TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO Business Connect, TIBCO EMS, TIBCO Administrator and TIBCO HAWK, TIBCO Adapters for ADB,SAP and File
  • Involved in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of all the applications both AGILE and Waterfall.
  • Handled the roles of a Business Analyst, Developer, Support Analyst and a Team lead.
  • Experience working with Service Oriented Architecture principles and Web services.
  • Experience in TIBCO File adapter, TIBCO ADB Adapter, TIBCO SAP Confidential /3 Adapter.
  • Hosted Web services using SOAP Over HTTPS and SOAP Over JMS protocols
  • Used External Load Balancers for Soap over HTTPS Web services to achieve Load Balancing.
  • Experienced in Using TIBCO CLE for application Tracking and Exception handling
  • Experience in B2B Integration using TIBCO BUSINESS CONNECT EDI and RN protocols.
  • Configured Partners, Business Agreements in TIBCO Business Connect.
  • Well experienced in version control integration and development Java, Web Services, HTML, DHTML
  • Deployed applications using Admin UI and AppManage Scripts.
  • Deployed Apps both in Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance Mode.
  • Hands on Experience in writing Hawk Rules in 4.x and 5.x
  • Migrated Hawk Rules from Lower environment to higher environments.
  • Written rules to monitor applications, servers and EMS Destinations.
  • Involved in Production Support solving the customer support tickets using Service - Now and JIRA.
  • Have fair amount of working knowledge in UNIX.
  • Worked on the process of a DB migration to the new hardware.
  • Worked both in Waterfall as well as Agile models.
  • Involved in writing Unit tests, Code review and bug fix.
  • Involved in branching and merging of code in version control tools like TFS and SVN.
  • Handled administration activities like Environment Setup, maintenance and monitoring.
  • Performed QA Activities as part of application delivery.
  • Extensive exposure with Windows and UNIX flavors.
  • Experience on 24/7 with on call TIBCO support environment after Go-Live
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate technical problems and design effective solutions.
  • Ability to manage changing responsibilities and deliver time critical projects on schedule.


Tibco Suite: TIBCO Rendezvous 8.4,, TIBCO EMS 6.x/7.x/8.x, TIBCO Adapters (ADB, File, File, DB2, Siebel), TIBCO Designer 5.X, Tibco SAP Confidential /3 Adapter, TIBCO Business Works 5.x/6.x, TIBCO Administrator 5.X, TIBCO Hawk 4.x,5.1.0, TRA 5.xOperating Systems Windows 2003/NT/XP, UNIX.

Layer7 Technology: Layer7 Policy Manager 6.X, Portal Builder 2.x.

Languages: Java, Unix Shell scripts.

Databases: Oracle 9i/10g, SQL Server 2000/2003

Web Application Servers: Apache 2.0, Tomcat 5.x.

Tools: Data Studio, Mule Soft, Aqua Studio, Soap UI, TOAD.

XML Technologies: XML, DTD, XSD, WSDL, SOAP.

Version Control Systems: Tortoises SVN, Perforce, XML Canon, Clear case.


Confidential, WILMINGTON, OH

TIBCO Consultant


  • Implemented Web services components SOAP, WSDL to interact with external systems by using TIBCO BW as part of SOA.
  • Developed HTTP/SOAP, HTTP, HTTP/JSON, HTTP/XML and SOAP/JMS Interfaces
  • Utilized several Transform XML activities to enable the transformation of data into EDI Format.
  • Developed XSDs, XPATH transformations and XSLT mapping using TIBCO Designer.
  • Configured the publication services of the ADB (Active Database) adapter to integrate with backend Oracle 11g database.
  • Pperformance Tuning and Optimization of the applications and Environment (TIBCO BW, TIBCO EMS) accordingly.
  • Configured Web services in TIBCO Active Matrix Business Works for customer interaction through SOAP over HTTP and SOAP over JMS.
  • Extensively worked on TIBCO Active Matrix Business Works palette like Service, WSDL, File, JMS, JDBC and SOAP.
  • Experience in using messaging standards such as EMS, JMS and TIBCO RENDEZVOUS for developing ESB solutions
  • Installed and configured TIBCO Active Enterprise suite of products and other plug-ins
  • Used SOAP UI to test various Web Services along with inter-Service calls.
  • Designed various WSDL resources by using WSDL palette activities.
  • Providing day to day support and handling change requests for overall application.

Environment: TIBCO Business Works 5.x, TIBCO EMS 8.x, TIBCO Administrator 5.x, SVN tortoise, Altova XML Spy, WinScp, Putty

Confidential, Northbrook IL

TIBCO Consultant


  • Involved in SDLC (Service development life cycle) of this project with hands on involvement in
  • Requirement gathering, Design, Development, Testing and migration to Production along with application Production Support.
  • Accumulated, automated and reviewed Use Cases of Business Requirements to integrate with current Allstate roadside service systems through TIBCOBW.
  • Involved in technical discussions with the Architect and prepared detailed Technical design documents.
  • Extensively created web services using SOAP over HTTP andSOAP over JMS.
  • Developed XMLs,XSDs, XPATH transformations and XSLT mapping using TIBCO Designer.
  • Used Common Logging and Error Handling (CLE) framework library and extensively implemented it in Business Works processes.
  • Created various processes using various palettes like File, JBDC, HTTP, SERVICE, JMS, WSDL, and SOAP.
  • Deployed Business Works processes in SUN Solaris server by Admin UI.
  • Involved in implementing the best practices in load balancing and fault tolerant part of deployed Applications
  • Created XML Schema Definitions to validate XML’s against their models.
  • Implemented Business rules in TIBCO Business Works and used SAP Adapter for data update in target system.
  • Extensively used TIBCO Administrator to deploy, debugging and troubleshooting, a development and management.
  • Created Deployment Instructions document, SOP document and End Users training guide.
  • Performed Development, Testing and Deployment of the application in different environments.
  • Implemented TIBCO Hawk rule base to monitor and test the BW engine, EMS Server, log files.

Environment: TIBCO Active Matrix Business Works 5.x, TIBCO EMS 8.x, TIBCO Administrator 5.x, SAP Adapter, Common Services (Error handling Service), XML Spy, SVN.

Confidential, Waukegan, IL

TIBCO Consultant


  • Actively involved in requirements gathering, business analysis and technical design document creation.
  • Developed several interfaces using TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO SAP Adapter, and TIBCO File Adapter to integrate SAP system, TLE, Maximo and other legacy systems.
  • Worked as a TIBCO Interface coordinator for the OTC (Order to cash) division of the company for testing/debugging TIBCO interfaces in different environments (dev and QA).
  • Developed processes in TIBCO Business works for the transforming the data to and from XML, flat file and proprietary formats.
  • Deployed and configured TIBCO applications in FT/LB mode in TIBCO Administrator.
  • Implemented various business processes with TIBCO EMS configuration, MQ Series, FTP, MQ-FTE and secure transportation protocols.
  • Participated in code merging activity- merged all interfaces from different divisions in a single project.
  • Used TIBCO BW Smart mapper and batch service configured in TIBCO CLE in several interfaces.
  • Used FTP protocol to transfer file from TIBCO to various legacy systems.
  • Implemented TIBCO Hawk rules for EMS queue and TIBCO BW applications.
  • Involved in installation and configuration of TIBCO products on UNIX and Windows.
  • Configured Pre-processing and Post-processing script in TIBCO File adapter publication service.
  • Created and configured queues, topic, bridges, users and assigned permissions to queues in TIBCOEMS.
  • Extensively worked on TIBCO file and TIBCO SAP R3 adapters.
  • Conducted Unit Testing, Functional testing and End-to-End testing of the components in Dev and QA environments by building test plans.
  • Extensively worked on Web Services using SOAP over JMS and SOAP over http.
  • Prepared Unit Test Plan (UTP) to ensure the developed functionality has highest quality/performance either by stub testing or by real testing.
  • Error Handling and logging was implemented to debug the process for synchronous service and to reprocess the transaction in case of asynchronous service.
  • Implemented replay mechanism to send data back in case of specified exceptions.
  • Created EAR Files for the BW processes and deployed them using TIBCO Administrator GUI in DEV, TEST, QA and UAT environments.
  • Coordinated with offshore Team to manage delivery and involved in the Code review process of the offshore developer's codes.

Environment: TIBCO Runtime Agent 5.7.0, TIBCO EMS 5.1.4, TIBCO Business Works 5.7.1, TIBCOSAP Confidential /3 Adapter 6.0.0, TIBCO File Adapter 6.0.0, XML, XSD, TIBCO Administrator 5.6.0, TIBCO Hawk 4.8.1, Web Services, TIBCO BW Smart mapper, Windows, UNIX, TIBCO CLE, SOAP UI

Confidential, New York, NY

Tibco Consultant


  • Support during installation, set-up and monitoring of TIBCO platform in DEV, TEST and PROD environments
  • Support in designing Tibco products architecture
  • Support for implementation and test phase of Tibco applications
  • Support to Development team
  • Code review in order to adopt Tibco best practices/guidelines for developed TIBCO Business Works applications
  • Developed new business processing and utilities with TIBCO Active Matrix Business Works
  • Performed the integration of TIBCO Common Logging Exception framework in TIBCO SAM repositories
  • Wrote technical documents about all the described activities and performed tasks

Environment: Tibco AMX BW, Tibco Administrator, Tibco EMS, Tibco BWPM, Tibco CLE, Oracle 11g, SOAP, XML


Junior Java Developer


  • System Requirements gathering for the project.
  • Preparation of the Detailed Design document for the project by developing business process flows, requirements definition, use cases, and object model
  • Designed and implemented a GUI framework for Swing. Developers using the framework define actions, popup menus in XML, the framework builds the graphical components.
  • Designed the class diagrams and sequence diagrams.
  • Developed the presentation layer and GUI framework that are written using JSP and client-side validations were done using JavaScript.
  • Use MVC architecture.
  • Creation Test plan. Development and coding of Test classes and Test Cases.
  • Execution of Test cases in Jbuilder.
  • Defect fixing. Client communication & Query resolution
  • Used IBM Clear Case as version control and workspace management.
  • Testing of the product: Unit Testing, Regression Testing, and Integration Testing.
  • Used Eclipse as the IDE and Struts Framework for developing the application.
  • Developed the JSPs for the application.
  • Created Struts-config file and resource bundles for Distribution module using Struts Framework.
  • Implemented Action Form classes, Action classes for the entire Reports module using Struts framework.
  • Worked on core java for multithreading, arrays and GUI (AWT).
  • Used Oracle 8i as the database and wrote SQL.
  • Deployed the application on to Tomcat server.

Environment: Java, J2SE, Struts, Servlets, JSP, Tomcat, Eclipse, Oracle 8i, XML, HTML/DHTML, Jbuilder, Clear Case.

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