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Sr. Cognos Consultant Resume

Ann Arbor, MI


  • COGNOS Professional with 8+ years of complete BI project life cycle experience - Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of business intelligence systems, report development and implementation with the primary focus on the Cognos suite of products.
  • Strong development and administrative knowledge of the Cognos environment and tools Cognos 10.2.1(Framework Manager, Report Studio, Active Reports, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio), Cognos 8.4, Report Net, Impromptu, Power Play, Impromptu Web Reports (IWR), Access Manager, Active Directory.
  • Expertise in building models and publishing packages in Framework Manager to the Cognos BI Server.
  • Hands on experience in deployment (Export/Import) packages, reports and cubes to different environments (Dev, QA and Production).
  • Experience in delivery of solution-oriented complex reports using Report Studio and development of ad-hoc reporting interfaces using Query Studio and analysis of reports from cube packages using Analysis Studio and creating agents for events using Event studio.
  • Assisted in the Design and Creation of Data marts using Star Schema/Snow Flake Schema.
  • Report Studio experience includes Dashboard Reporting using Master/Detail queries, Ranking, Drill-through, Cross tab, Bursting of Reports, Conditional Formatting, HTML/Java Script, building graphing and charting capabilities.
  • Very strong experience in Designing Custom Dashboard reporting solutions using Report Studio, active reports as per the business requirement.
  • Involved in administration of Access Manager and Active Directory to implement Security among Cognos applications and users.
  • Helped in Migrating and troubleshooting reports from Cognos 8.4 to Cognos 10.2.
  • Proficient in writing complex SQL Scripts to support the reporting activities. Efficient in using performance tuning and optimization techniques such as load balancing, table weighing and partitioning.
  • Created various multi-dimensional cubes using Powerplay Transformer.
  • Experience in Identifying and building business solutions using Cognos to support business needs.
  • Exposure to various business domains like Health Care, Insurance, Finance and Retail.
  • Strong experience in creating Cognos training Manuals and delivering training sessions to clients.
  • Ability to multitask, innovative with good problem-solving and trouble-shooting capabilities and work together in teams.


Operating System: Windows 2008/2003/NT, Windows 7/XP, MS DOS and UNIX

BI Tools: Cognos 10.2.1 FP2(Report Studio, Query Studio, Event Studio, Analysis Studio, Cognos Connection, Framework Manager, Cognos Workspace Advanced, Active reports), Cognos 8.x, Cognos Report Net 1.0/1.1 MR2/MR3, Cognos Impromptu 7.x/6.x, Power Play Transformer 7.x/6.x Access Manager 7.0,Informatica.

Databases: SQL Server 2008/2005/2003 , Oracle 11g/10g/9i, DB2, Teradata.

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL Programming, Visual Basic, Java

Utilities: HTML, XML, MS Office, Microsoft Outlook

Web Servers: Apache/ Tomcat 4.x, IIS 5.x


Confidential, Ann Arbor, MI

Sr. Cognos Consultant


  • Involved in design phase, gathered requirements from users and developed report specifications including report documentation for creating reports using Report Studio.
  • Worked on Cognos framework manager to import metadata from multiple data sources and to create subject oriented business models, create and publish packages to Cognos server.
  • Worked with Product owners, project managers for content development and reviewing the work on a timely basis.
  • Created relationships between query subjects to represent the logical structure of the business and the user requirements.
  • Implemented different levels of security in the Framework model like Data level security, Object level security and Package level security.
  • Designed List Reports, Cross tabs, Charts, Maps andused Repeaters, Master Detail Relationships, multiple prompts, tabular set and tabular SQL in Report Studio.
  • Cognos Active reports were used to develop interactive reports and dashboards using data decks, tab control items etc.
  • Developed Dashboards reports with multiple columns containing several Chart reports and list reports.
  • Extensively worked on IBM Workspace Advanced and created different types of charts like Combination charts, Gauge charts, Pareto charts.
  • Drill through functionality was provided to users where they can move between the reports using dimensional data and reports using relational data.
  • Training users on installing and generating reports in excel, word, power point using Cognos for Microsoft (Go Office 8).
  • Extensively used Conditional formatting to produce the desired outputs.
  • Created Value Prompt, Text box Prompt, Select & search Prompt, Date & Time Prompt, Tree Prompt.
  • Designed Transformer cubes using both Framework models as well as the IQD’s as the source.
  • Extensively involved in implementing security in the OLAP cubes using custom views.
  • Writing and debugging SQL scripts to load the data into Reporting tables.
  • Widely used Oracle for trouble shooting and testing the data level errors and cross-checking values by using SQL queries.
  • Scheduled and Distributed reports using Schedule Management in Cognos Connection.
  • Involved in improving the performance of the reports after migrating to Cognos 10.2 from Cognos 8.4.
  • Participated in each and every phase of the Software Life cycle process including analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance phase.
  • Developed, documented, managed, and coordinated all user acceptance testing.
  • Involved in the administration of all the Cognos servers and performing maintenance activities whenever required.
  • Trained the end users to effectively use the reporting tool to build and customize their ad-hoc reports.

Environment: Cognos 10.2FP2 Suite (Cognos Connection, Framework Manger, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio), Cognos 8.4, Cognos Data Manager, Power Play Transformer, Oracle 11g, SQL Server2005, Toad 11.1,Windows 7/XP.

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Sr. Cognos Developer


  • Analyzed business requirements and prepared functional specifications/system technical design documentation.
  • Designed Framework Manager Projects, Model & Packages by importing the Metadata from various Data Source tables, Views, Data Marts and Macros.
  • Defined cardinalities between the data objects for ad-hoc query users and power users.
  • Worked extensively on relationships between query subjects to better represent the logical structure of the business and the user requirements.
  • Created several List, Crosstab, Chart, Repeater reports using Report Studio.
  • Developed Prompt Pages and used Conditional Formatting.
  • Developed the Drill Through Reports, Master Detail Reports Using Report Studio and Query Studio
  • Developed some custom report templates based on user requirements.
  • Designed summary and detail reports which involves the key functionalities of the report studio like conditional blocks, conditional layouts.
  • Developed OLAP cubes from the Cognos Power Play Transformer using IQD files that were generated from the Framework Manager.
  • Created Hyperlinks, URL’s to navigate from one report to another report using Java Script functionality.
  • Creating Analyses from the published cubes using Analysis Studio as per the Business needs.
  • Creating the scripts for the automation of cube building and publishing.
  • Writing the Java Script in Report Studio Reports to display default values in value prompt.
  • Bursting complex reports and scheduling them to improve server performance and delivered the reports through email.
  • Tested all the reports against UAT and Production from the test cases provided by Database team.
  • Provided extensive training to end users, how to use the Dashboard reports in Cognos 8.
  • Installation & Configuring the Cognos 8.4 on Windows Environment.

Environment: Cognos 10.1(Cognos Connection, Framework Manger, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Metric Studio, Event Studio), Cognos 8.4 FP2 Suite, Cognos Data Manager, Power Play Transformer, SQL Server2005, Toad, Cognos Access Manger, Oracle 10g, Windows 2003 Server, IIS, Informatica.

Confidential - Newark, NJ

Sr. Cognos Report Developer


  • Involved in providing both business and technical expertise in the requirements gathering, report design, report development, and support of all client/server layers and components of the data warehouse.
  • Participated in data model creation resulting in creating Star schema architecture, Snow-Flake Model and Fact and Dimensional Models as per project requirements.
  • Prepared demo reports, Report Studio canned reports that can be shown to end clients for approval and discuss technicality involved in their making
  • Created charts, list reports, crosstabs reports using Report Studio and ad hoc reports using Query Studio.
  • Created several complicated reports that involve multiple query joins, cascade prompts, conditional variables and report filters.
  • Created several Master-Detail relationship based reports that represented information pertaining to a certain identifier or master field based upon either User entered report-filters (e.g. Drop down lists, from/to date ranges, sorting options etc.)
  • Designed Cognos Transformer models using Impromptu Query Definition according to user needs.
  • Deployed cube security to give only specific users the access to specific hierarchies.
  • Worked on Analysis Studio to explore data which includes changing measures, Drill down operations, limiting data, calculations.
  • Worked with Data Security team to establish and implement security for the Cognos users across all environments and all roles.
  • Demonstrated excellent business writing skills, business process flow diagrams, comparison of current and projected processes and their impact, efficiency gains in implementing new technologies and processes
  • Worked with QA testers for the process of Test Script Development & Execution.
  • Suggested Performance tuning measures to the existing reports.

Environment: Cognos 8.4 (Cognos Connection, Framework Manger, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Metric Studio, Event Studio), Cognos Data Manager, Power Play Transformer, SQL Server2005, IBM HTTP Server, Informatica, Windows XP.

Confidential, San Ramon, CA

Cognos Report Developer


  • Interacted with business users to gather business requirements and design functional and technical requirements documentation.
  • Imported data into Framework Manager from different Data Sources.
  • Implemented different layers (Name Spaces, Folders, Data Base Query Subjects, Model Query Subjects and Stored procedure Query Subjects etc.) for different teams like Testing, Reporting in Framework Manager.
  • Finding loops of different query Subjects and resolving them by using Shortcuts of Query Subjects.
  • Created and developed different relationships, Star Schemas and Snowflake Schemas between different Query Subjects and Query Items.
  • Create packages to suit the business needs and to improve the performance of the reports by defining filters, adding calculations and performing SQL tuning on the model and report level using Oracle database.
  • Used TOAD to run SQL queries and validate the data in Data warehouse and Data Marts.
  • Created standard Calculations, Filters, and Prompts for Ad-hoc queries.
  • Developed List Reports, Charts, Drill-Through Reports and Master-Detail Reports using Report Studio in Cognos 8.
  • Developed complex executive Dashboards with multiple charts and cross tab reports and drilling down from the graphs.
  • Developed some custom report templates based on user requirements.
  • Designed summary and detail reports which involves the key functionalities of the report studio like conditional blocks, conditional layouts.
  • Created the Cognos OLAP cube using power play transformer and implemented security using Custom views.
  • Performance tuning by analysing and comparing the turnaround times between SQL and Cognos.
  • Assisted users in troubleshooting their reports and provided them with all the support they need.
  • Involved in creating power point slides and documentation material for training user community on report studio and query studio.

Environment: Cognos 8.4 Suite (Cognos Connection, Framework Manger, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Metric Studio, Event Studio),Cognos 8.2 Suite, PowerPlayTransformer 8.3,Cognos Access Manger, Windows 2003 Server,Toad, SQL Server2005,Teradata,Unix, Tomcat/Apache,Cognos SDK.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Cognos BI Report Author


  • Involved in complete Life Cycle from Analysis to Implementation through Planning.
  • Involved in arranging meetings with business users and business analysts for gathering the requirements and document the business needs.
  • Extracting the data from different Data Sources and loading to data mart using Cognos Decision Stream as ETL.
  • Creating and enhancing business model by using Cognos Framework Manager. The metadata was imported from various data source tables, views and Data marts. Implemented Star Schema Grouping and Dimension Hierarchy in Framework Manager Model.
  • Defined cardinalities between the data objects for ad-hoc query users and power users.
  • Created different kind of reports like: Executive Dashboards, Daily/Weekly reports using List, Crosstabs and charts in Report Studio.
  • Implemented Framework manager security for Data access, Object level access and Package access based on the Organization Level.
  • Created reports with Optional filters and custom prompt pages (using HTML and JavaScript) in Report Studio.
  • Created Drill through reports from Dashboard to all Trend reports, Trend reports to Summary reports and Summary to Detail reports.
  • Created Query Prompts, Calculations, Conditions and Filters in the reports.
  • Developed Prompt Pages and Cascaded input Prompts to display only the selected entrees in the report.
  • Designing the Power play Transformer Models and publishing the cubes for the business users to analyse data.
  • Creating Analyses from the published cubes using Analysis Studio as per the Business needs.
  • Creating the scripts for the automation of cube building and publishing.
  • Installation of various Cognos tools in Development, Test and Production environments.
  • Implemented Security with LDAPand Group level security in Cognos Connection Portal.
  • Widely used Oracle for trouble shooting and testing the data level errors and cross-checking values by using SQL queries.
  • Coordinated with functional users for User Acceptance Testing prior to releasing system changes in production.

Environment: Cognos 8.3 (Framework Manager, Cognos Connection, Query Studio Report Studio, Metric Studio, Analysis Studio, Transformer and Event Studio), JavaScript and HTML, Oracle Data Integrator(ODI),Oracle Database 10g, Impromptu 7.4, Argus Safety 4, Cognos Power Play 7.3, Cognos Transformer 8.4, Windows XP Professional, VB Script, T-SQL, XML and HTML.


Cognos Developer


  • Involved in the entire life cycle of the application, which includes understanding the scope of the project, functionality, development and reporting.
  • Created modelsbased on the dimensions, levels and measures required for the analysis.
  • Developing reports in Report Studio as per the requirements by using objects like List, Crosstabs, combinational charts and maps.
  • Extensively used Conditional formatting to highlight certain outputs.
  • Cognos OLAP cubes were built using the Powerplay Transformer and were published to the Report Net Server.
  • Created multiple layer reports providing a comprehensive and detail reporting with Drill through functionality.
  • Scheduling the monthly reports with saved prompts using Job Wizard.
  • Created Impromptu reports based on the business requirements. The data was customized by using various calculations, summaries and functions.
  • Deployed the cube from Testing Environment to Production Environment using Batch script.
  • Creating and publishing packages to Cognos connection.
  • Validating the report outputs using Oracle scripts.
  • Created the user roles in Cognos connection.
  • Migrated Impromptu catalogues to ReportNet using ReportNet Migration utility.
  • Coordinated in training sessions and demonstration of Cognos tools to End-users.

Environment: Cognos Report Net 1.1, Framework Manager 1.1, Cognos Report Studio 1.1, Cognos Connection, Power play Transformer, Oracle9i, Cognos XML, Generic/Cognos JavaScript, BATCH SCRIPT, SQL Server 2000, PeopleSoft.

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