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Service Now Developer/admin Resume

Tx, DallaS


  • Over 9+ Years of professional IT Experience in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of Client/Server and Web - based N-tier architecture.
  • Worked in the Front-end development using technologies like HTML, JQuery, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Experience in Installation and Configuration of different modules of Service-Now.
  • Hands-on experience in technical implementation of Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management and Service Catalog.
  • Created Knowledge articles & Helpdesk users on Service Now platform.
  • More than 4+ years of experience in Configuring Applications using Service Now tool, used in ITIL Management. Deep functional and technical knowledge of the Service Now platform as well as experience-delivering medium to large-scale Service Now implementations.
  • Gathering requirements and converting BRD’s into technical requirements. Created design patterns & implementation plans for ServiceNow enhancements.
  • Design and engineer solutions leveraging all appropriate components offered by Service-Now to answer the needs for business workflows, ticketing or other ITSM requirements.
  • Developing JavaScript and configuring Workflows to implement additional features, customizations and enable the process flow.
  • Post roll out production Support. Experience of handling Bug Fixes and Enhancement requests.
  • Experience in configuring the Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Asset Management, Service Request Management applications and BMC Atrium CMDB.
  • Expert in Designing, Developing, Maintaining, and Optimizing the Universes using Designer module Configuration, Web Services, Catalog client Scripting, SOAP, Developing complex workflows.
  • Experience in designing User Interface (UI) applications and professional web applications using HTML 4.0/5, XHTML, CSS2/CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, AJAX, JSON AND XML
  • Good knowledge of latest version of object oriented JavaScript Libraries like Angular.js, Node.JS, Bootstrap, Ext JS 4.0, Require, Handel bars, and Dojo toolkit.
  • Working experience on CSS Background, CSS Positioning, CSS Text, CSS Border, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Table, Pseudo Classes, Pseudo Elements and CSS Behaviors in CSS.
  • Experience in Fixing CSS Cross Browsing Compatibility issue and web application scaling.
  • Extensive experience on implementing the AJAX features using JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Proficient in developing web page quickly and effectively using, HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Experience of Web 2.0, JavaScript, JQuery, W3C Standards and working with Responsive Web Design concepts.
  • Good Knowledge of ITIL Process and ITSM best practices.
  • Worked on CMDB reconciliation of datasets and Discovery Tools
  • Hands Experience on monitoring tool with Service Now integration.
  • Expertise in networking protocols and hardware operating systems
  • Excellent knowledge of developing web services and relational databases
  • Participated in workshops with Service Now partner teams to help companies implement Service Now using best practices in ITSM.
  • Create an access control rule (ACL). Use of scripting tools and Service Now functionality to create script to automate routine tasks being done in Service Now.
  • Good Knowledge of CMDB and IT Asset Management Services (ITAM).
  • Hands Experience on Business Rules, Client Scripts, Schedule Jobs, UI Actions, UI Polices.
  • Hands Experience on Page Duty integration with Service Now.
  • Familiar with Service Now Content Management System (CMS).
  • Worked on Agile and Scrum method environment and implemented the changes required by the business owners on a regular basis
  • Configuration Development and development of Requirement Integration components (SSO, LDAP).
  • Strong skill set in the Service Now suite development including SOAP/REST integration.
  • Web services, Discovery, Workflow, and CMDB. Implemented of Discovery from scratch, by installing MID Servers on remote desktops.


ITIL: ITSM, Service Now, ITIL, CMS

Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, ASP.Net, c#

Java: JDK 1.6, Collections, Multithreading, Networking, Generics, Exception Handling, Files and Streams, JDBC Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Ajax, EJB

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ajax, XML


Databases: Oracle 10g, SQL

Database Tools: SQL Client, TOAD, SQL Developer

Web/Application Servers: IBM Web Sphere 6.x, Web Logic 10, Apache Tomcat

IDE: Eclipse, Net Beans, TOAD

Version Control Tools: CVS, SVN

Software Methodologies: SDLC, Waterfall, Agile, XP, Scrum


Confidential, TX, Dallas

Service Now Developer/Admin


  • Worked closely with product management teams to strategize design solutions, produced navigation flows and prototypes.
  • Involved in customizing the form design and layout for Incident, Problem and Change Management.
  • Involved in configuring the Business Rules, Client Scripts, UI Policies, Access Lists inServiceNow.
  • Created the new Applications and Modules, custom tables inServiceNow.
  • Involved in migration between various environments inServiceNowusing Update Sets and Import Sets.
  • Involved in setting up the SLAs as per the requirements.
  • Involved in creating various custom applications, modules and tables as per the requirement.
  • Created various workflows for Incident, Problem, and Change Management Service Requests.
  • Contribute to technical discussions, and be involved in the decision - making process with other senior engineers to resolve product issues.
  • Created web pages for the project using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Used JQuery to handle the client-side validations.
  • Developed Web applications that are cross - browser compatible.
  • Designed and developed applications using JavaScript and CSS.
  • Developed data formatted web applications and deploy the script using client-side scripting using JavaScript.
  • Worked on procedures, functions and queries.
  • Worked on gathering requirements, analyzing the given requirements and then gave an estimate to client on each of the tasks.
  • Debugging of complex procedures and functions in Oracle.
  • Used dynamic SQL to create views and triggers.

Environment: Oracle 10g, J2EE, JDBC, Java 1.4, Servlets, JSP, Struts, Hibernate, Web services MVC, HTML, JavaScript 1.2, XML, My Eclipse,ServiceNow, JavaScript.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Service Now Developer/ Admin


  • Worked with process owners and business stakeholders to translate business requirements into functional requirements withinServiceNow.
  • Uses JavaScript to create Business Rules, Client Scripts, UI Policies and UI Actions.
  • Assisted client in implementing the MSP (Managed Service Provider) instance forServiceNowand domain separation for Service - Now Instances
  • Worked on LDAP integrations. Very good understanding of integration with these varieties of protocols: SOAP, JDBC, and ODBC
  • Analyzed and validated scripts/code for successful migration between instances
  • Provided analytical and technical expertise forServiceNowconfigurations
  • Provided day-to-day administration of theServiceNowinstance
  • Personalized and created forms and fields, new applications, modules and labels, activated plug-ins, built reports, gauges and homepages
  • Sets up Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and monitored SLA workflows, created and tracked Service Catalog requests, and items with variables
  • Created, monitored, modified, and published Service Catalog workflows with approvals
  • Managed users and groups' access rights, business rules, controls and scripting
  • ConductedServiceNowtesting and UAT signoff for upgrade and release cycles from theServiceNowDevelopment team
  • Handled incident troubleshooting and resolution forServiceNowrelated issues
  • Developed, prepared and edited application administration documentation, presentations, training materials and manuals
  • Created reports and provided data analysis to support the program, processes and services
  • Configuration/Customization of theServiceNowsystem including workflows
  • Used scripting tools andServiceNowfunctionality, created script to automate routine tasks being done inServiceNow
  • Articulated technical concepts using easily understandable business language
  • Loaded, manipulated and maintained data between Service-now and other systems
  • Researched and deployed new releases and/or enhancements into theServiceNowlive environment
  • Monitored health, usage and overall compliance of the application
  • Integrated monitoring systems to collect and summarize data for the IT systems and business applications
  • Worked with business units to create and adjust synthetic transactions that help to gauge the availability and responsiveness of the applications
  • Monitored, troubleshooted, upgraded, retired, and expanded existing environments and performs software upgrades.
  • Implemented various script includes, and also used them in client scripts
  • Service Catalog and Request CMS Workflow Design and Configuration
  • Created Buttons and context menus both on form and lists using UI actions
  • Used import set tables to import CI's for the implementation of the data
  • Created data sources and loaded the Service-Now tables with different data formats
  • Also worked on Asset Management and loaded the data into it
  • Worked on the integration ofServiceNowwith Siebel, integrated Service Catalog and Incident module
  • Used JMS integration to fulfill this requirement, worked on Scheduled Jobs and Mid Server Script Includes to fulfill the requirements

Environment: ServiceNow, JavaScript, HTML, Web services, SOAP, SQL, SAML 1.1, XML, IFrames, AJAX, Shell scripting, Log4j, Integrations, e-Directory, Cloud services, ITIL, SCRUM.

Confidential, Chandler, AZ

Service Now Admin


  • Supporting a newly implemented platform and maintenance of environments.
  • Responsible for code migration via update sets from non-production environments to production environments in a bi-weekly release cycle.
  • Participated in Regression testing and resolving issues during the upgrade of the instance from Eureka to Fuji.
  • Created new Service Catalog items as part of implementing OnBoarding/OffBoarding functionality within the service catalog with customized workflows and automating the user access requests and deactivation as well.
  • Enhanced the UI Appearance of catalog items by using Jelly scripting within UI Macros and adding contextual information on each item.
  • Worked on Order Guides to make it easier for the user to raise a request.
  • Worked on different variables and variable sets.
  • Assisting the user groups and other teams with configuring reports and creating new homepages for easy access to the end users.
  • Developed custom pages onServiceNow.
  • Created customizedServiceNowwidgets using Angular JS, HTML & CSS.
  • Worked on integration of LDAP, TIBCO using SOAP web services.
  • Created event based notifications for standard actions/updates on tickets.
  • Creation of new custom roles and configuring ACLs for restricting access to unauthorized users/groups.
  • Re-designed workflows using Graphical Workflow editor to make the complex workflows into simpler form.
  • Supporting inbound SOAP integrations with custom applications withinservicenow.
  • Maintenance/Clean up of existing data on - User Accounts, Approvers and Support Groups.
  • Designing, configuring, and customizing new applications and modules. Assisting in troubleshooting patch / release management issues.
  • Participation in the knowledge base lifecycle process and its implementation.
  • Created knowledge articles to publish them for user assistance.
  • Created new metrics on incidents to help reporting for users.
  • Writing Business Rules, Client scripts, UI Policies, and UI Actions to customize the instance as per Business Needs.

Environment: Service Now, Asset Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, HTML, Java script, CSS, CMDB

Confidential, Houston, TX

CMDB Specialist


  • Improved the accuracy of theCMDB by setting the Standard of Procedures(SOP) for each class and keeping the Automation through Discovery as the top priority, and hence maintaining the CMDBLock Down Model for each class
  • Modified and optimized allCMDB items including relationships, data views and tables
  • Applied Service Now Discovery using a well - defined SOP and keeping Infoblox as an authoritative source for Subnets
  • End to End User Interaction with Data Owners and coordination with the Network Security Team to confirm that CMDBPortal is providing the user defined usability requirements
  • Created and maintained multiple Dashboards on CMDBPortal, prioritizing User friendliness
  • Documented the Owners Standard of Procedures by creating the Centralized wiki page to maintain the Data with inputs from the Data Owners
  • Worked on SNOW Mirror to ensure successful data synchronization
  • Participated in assessment of existing processes and the development of target state use cases, functional specifications and reports requirements
  • Implemented Discovery from scratch, by installing Single and multi-host MID Servers on remote desktops and configured Threads, JVM Memory to run more effectively.
  • Addressed 700+ Missing Subnets from Discovery and balanced the load across the existing Discovery Schedules
  • Implemented and configured the Mid Server Cluster for Load Balancing and Fail-Over to run the Discovery Schedules more effectively
  • Continuous monitoring and troubleshooting Discovery Log Errors to ensure Discovery is accurately updating the CMDB.
  • Implemented the controls to keep the Infoblox, IP Network, Discovery on the same page.
  • Created a CMDB Health Check Dashboard to display the metrics on each class to allow close monitoring of each class in real time
  • Customized Discovery Identifiers on Hardware tables to minimize the risk of Duplication
  • Worked closely with Network Team to capture the changes to the existing subnets and Omit from Discovery Subnets.
  • Used data sources to migrate the data from excel sheets to Service-Now through transform maps.
  • Documented all implementations and best practices for CMDB defined within team.
  • Perform day to day administration of the Service-Now Tool Maintain Business services and Configuration item relationships in Service-Now tool.
  • Managed data with Tables, the CMDB, Import Sets, and Update Sets.
  • Maintained the Configuration Items and modified the forms and form Sections.
  • Wrote business rules to avoid empty configuration items to be stored in CMDB after discovery tool runs a scheduled job.
  • Communicating with end users, identifying their difficulties and changing the applications as per their requirements
  • Worked on Agile method environment and implemented the changes required by the business owners on a regular basis.
  • Supported the team with improvising the Discovery tool and the configuring the CI's.
  • Reported inconsistency of form fields and maintenance of CMDB CI's.
  • Maintained an active list of allCMDB data cleanup efforts and prioritized as needed to maintain the highest level of usability.
  • Handle the tasks of providing guidance to engineering staff on methods, procedures and requirements for entering Configuration items into the CMDB
  • Worked with windows team, network team and Asset team in order to check for the data collected through Discovery is accurate.

Environment: Analyses, Service Now, Access, Excel, ITIL

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Java developer


  • Actively involved in architecting various Business Layer and Data Management components of this web based system over J2EE architecture.
  • Designed and implemented (SOA, SOAP) next generation system on distributed platform.
  • Developed web pages using Struts framework, JSP, XML, JavaScript, Html/ DHTML and CSS, configure struts application, use tag library.
  • WebSphere is responsible for transferring data to other queue managers.
  • Used Apache Struts framework includes the integrated AJAX calls from UI.
  • Developed Servlets and custom tags for JSP pages.
  • Followed best design patterns, practices & guidelines.
  • Involved in design (using RUP, Visio) and implemented (SOA, SOAP) next generation system on distributed platform.
  • Developed JMS Adapter to talk from EJBs to JMS objects.
  • Developed applications using angular JS.
  • Used JSF 2.2 for developing modules in this project.
  • Developed app using Front Controller, Business delegate, DAO and Session Facade Patterns.
  • Wrote Data transformation script using hive, Map reduce (Python Java).
  • Used AJAX, JavaScript and GWT to create interactive user interface.
  • Developed Web Services to communicate to other modules using XML based SOAP and WSDL.
  • Designed and developed Stateless EJB's for the service layer.
  • Implemented the iterative development process using the RUP methodology.
  • Extensively used XSL as a XML parsing mechanism for showing Dynamic Web Pages in HTML format.
  • Used JAXP for Xml parsing & JAXB for marshalling & un marshalling.
  • Implemented SOAP protocol to get the requests from outside System.
  • Used JERSEY API to develop restful web services.
  • Used CVS as a source control for code changes.
  • Used Maven tool to build project and JUnit to develop unit test cases.
  • Developed coding using SQL, PL/SQL, Queries, Joins, Views, Procedures/Functions, Triggers and Packages.

Environment: Java 1.5, J2EE, J2EE architecture, AJAX, Servlets, JSP, RUP, Eclipse, Struts, Validation Framework, JSTL, XML, DTD, XSD, CVS, Java Script, Hibernate, Maven, WSDL, SOAP, AXIS, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, JERSEY, SOAP UI, Log4J, DB2, WebSphere server 8.1, UNIX, DB2- SQL & PL/SQL


HP Service manager coordinator


  • Manages all aspects of the strategic planning, design, development, testing, implementation, upgrading, and support of new or modified Human Resources Information Systems.
  • Manages the integration of present Human Resources office procedures into electronic data processing systems. process between the company and third - party vendors ensuring the accuracy of Work with Human Resources leadership on the formulation and establishment of corporate-wide HRIS data standards and processes. Ensure the communication of these standards and the appropriate training/education of both corporate and field HRIS staff.
  • Researches, analyzes and recommends appropriate hardware and software.
  • Manage the interface the information
  • Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the corporate HRIS team including data input and reporting. Responsible for providing consultation to property HRIS teams
  • Manages payroll department activities to ensure the accurate and timely preparation and distribution of the organization's payroll.
  • Ensures appropriate withholding of federal, state, and local taxes; Social Security; employee benefits contributions; etc.
  • Ensures the accurate and timely preparation and filing of all legally required reports.
  • Acts as liaison in the resolution of payroll problems/errors.
  • Develops and implements approved changes to methods or procedures to improve the efficiency of the payroll function.

Environment: HP Service manager, excel, MS office.

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