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System Analyst I Resume

Sunnyvale, CA


  • 4+ Years of IT experience in designing and developing iOS applications, integrating with various Database & Client - Server applications in iOS application development using Objective C, Swift, Cocoa Touch, UIKit
  • Areas of expertise include Objective-C, Swift, Xcode & Cocoa touch
  • Strong knowledge about Core Frameworks like Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Animation, UIKit
  • Created and customized Views, Table Views, Tab Bars, Collection Views and Navigation Bars which are most needed functionality in a multi-view application
  • Expert in making efficient use of Interface Builder, Storyboard and Navigation Controllers in building the Applications
  • Expert in using Auto layout constraints to develop applications to support multiple screen sizes
  • Experience in maintaining bridging b/w Objective C & Swift Codes for an iOS application
  • Designed and implemented Enterprise RESTful API services
  • Possess a good understanding of Debugging of issues, monitoring memory leaks, profile analysis to ensure memory management and removing compiler warnings
  • Experienced in working with data parsing forms such as XML and JSON, to dynamically display data on iPhone/iPad
  • Creating certificates and provisioning profiles required for development, distribution as well as App-store submission
  • Experience in various stages of Software Development Life Cycle. Capable of analyzing the business requirements, software requirement specifications, functional design documents to write technical design documents and unit test plans
  • Experience with multiple life cycle methodologies and design methods like Waterfall, Agile, Scrum and Sprint
  • Experience with source control tools like SVN and GIT
  • Used Third-Party APIs - AFNetworking, JSONModel, MBProgressHUD etc.
  • A very good understanding of standard design patterns like MVC, Delegation, Factory Pattern, Singleton Patterns etc.
  • Experience in designing & developing a project from scratch
  • Experience in Social Network Integration using Facebook, Twitter & Linked-in API’s
  • Worked on Columbo Reporting & Google Analytics Integration for showing analytics of the application
  • Hands on Experience in App Store Publishing of an app
  • Worked on Confidential Watch Applications & adequate knowledge of iPhone & Watch interactions
  • Motivated team player with ability to work under minimal supervision, possessing excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical and problem solving skills


Designed iPhone/iPad applications: iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9 & iOS 10

Built iPhone/iPad application: Objective-C, Xcode, Core Data and Swift iOS APIs and SDKs Cocoa Touch, UIKit Framework, Storyboard, Auto layout, Core Data, Core Graphics, Web services, Map kit, SQLite, Push Notifications, Rest API

Database: SQLite, SQL server, Oracle, Vertica

OS: Windows OS, Mac OS

Languages: C, C++, Objective C, Swift, Python

Testing Tools/Others: XCUI Test, SVN, GIT, Jenkins Build Deployments, Web Service Integration, Json Parsing


Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

System Analyst I


  • Design & build universal application for iOS platform
  • Maintaining an iOS application inside Container
  • Used Auto layout constraints to support multiple screen sizes for iPhones/iPads
  • Working on bug fixing and improving application performance
  • Communicating with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features
  • Requirement Analysis & Designing the architecture of the application
  • Attending business meetings to better understand the functional requirements
  • Create custom UIViews, UITableViews & custom TableViews for User Interface
  • Using UISearchController to implement Search functionality in the app & using custom predicates to filter out the search results based on user preferences
  • Used NUCCorePlot Library & Core Animation for plotting different type of charts such as Area Chart & Dual-Y Axis Chart like Stocks app
  • Using Agile Methodology & Actively participating in Scrum & Weekly Meetings & conference calls
  • Worked on implementing Web Service calls and JSON parsing including in the project and Multithreading
  • Publishing the app in Switchboard
  • Maintaining Server Side Code & Build Deployments using Filos

Environment: and APIs: iOS 10, Xcode 8.3.3, Swift 3.1, Objective C, Cocoa Touch and API, REST, Jenkins, GitLab, Source Tree, Filos


Programmer Analyst


  • Requirement Analysis & collaborating with different teams to understand the functionalities
  • Architecture Designing of the App & estimating the efforts for each module
  • Extensively used Auto Layouts to design a user interface which can support all iPhone screen sizes
  • Customizing UIViews to draw the horizontal bars to show different metric descriptions
  • Used Factory Design Pattern & MVC
  • Handled a difficult UI with dynamic number of TableViews in a single screen based on a few scenarios
  • Meeting the deadlines & providing quality product to the end users
  • Maintaining bridging b/w Objective C & Swift Codes in the app
  • Prepared an efficient logic in client to calculate the "Real-time Date" across all the Geo-Locations worldwide

Environment: and APIs: iOS 9, Xcode 8, Swift 2.3, Objective C, REST, Source Tree



  • Design & implementation of a container application which has 4 apps residing inside it
  • Used Cocoa Touch Framework for different components used in the app
  • Understanding the requirements & discussing with DB & Server teams to decide the structure of requests & responses for the services used in the app
  • Worked on Multicolumn Table View with dynamic no of columns based on different scenarios
  • Worked on Core Graphics APIs & Core Animation to draw Multicolor Gradient Rings
  • Used NUCCorePlot Library to draw Line & Bar Charts
  • Objective C & Swift Bridging
  • Leading a team of 6 people & maintaining a cordial relationship among the team members so as to have a seamless functioning & healthy environment
  • Used Auto refresh control & Timers to refresh the app automatically in 2 mins to provide real-time data
  • Customized UIControl to design “Range Slider” component in iOS
  • Profiling of the app using Instruments to handle memory consumptions & leaks
  • Worked on Crash Log generation for Issues in Devices in UAT as well as production. This helped in getting the issues raised by clients in Production app resolved

Environment: and APIs: Xcode 7, Swift 2.0, Objective C, SVN, NUCCorePlot



  • Worked on UI Design Revamp of the application & created a whole new UI with better UX
  • Used Cocoa Touch Framework for different components used in the app
  • Designing the architecture of the app & writing good quality code
  • Used Auto-Layouts to support different screen sizes of iPhones
  • Used Core Graphics API to draw different graphs
  • Customizing Navigation Controllers & Container Views to design interactive user interface fulfilling all the requirements
  • Communicating with cross platform teams to discuss the functionalities
  • Confidential Watch Integration with the iPhone App & syncing of the two
  • Writing test cases & bug fixing
  • Preparing Design Docs for the application & providing sufficient information regarding the UI Designs & Services to the client

Environment: and APIs: Xcode 6, Objective C, REST, SVN, Core Graphics


Software Engineer


  • Creating the app from scratch & participating in the design & architecture of the app
  • Created Login & Registration screens & created their templates so that they can be reused in multiple apps
  • Used MBProgressHud, HPGrowingTextView & other third party libraries to customize the standard iOS controls
  • Used NSURLSession for handling network data transfer tasks
  • Used Facebook & Twitter APIs to implement social network integration
  • Used Deep Linking to have cross platform sharing of the posts in Social Media
  • Worked on Google Analytics Integration for showing analytics of the app
  • Created a UI similar to Facebook to show posts
  • Collaborating with Testing & Designing teams to provide bug free & intuitive user interface
  • Used Core Data with SQLite to store data locally in iPhone
  • Ads integration using Google AdMob SDK
  • Submitting the app to app store

Environment: and APIs: iOS 7, Xcode 5, Objective C, REST, SVN, Google Analytics, Test-Flight, Google AdMob



  • Bug fixing & handling change requests
  • Making the app iOS-7 compatible using Xcode-5
  • Used Cocoa Touch Framework for different components used in the app
  • Worked on “Photo Album Creation” on Facebook
  • Used Facebook API for sharing the photos to Facebook
  • Uploading the ipa files to Test-Flight to share the builds amongst the testers/internal clients
  • App Store Submission of the App
  • Handling User & Admin controls for the app
  • Customized UINavigationBar, UITextView, UIView to meet the requirements of UI Designs
  • Used MBProgressHud to show animated progress bar

Environment: and APIs: iOS 7, Xcode 5, Objective C, REST, SVN, Test-Flight



  • Worked on Map View Framework to show annotations on the map & different locations
  • Used Cocoa Touch Framework for different components used in the app
  • Customized UITablesViews, UITextViews, UINavigationBars to make more fancy user interfaces
  • Bug fixing & handling change requests
  • Making the app iOS-7 compatible using Xcode-5
  • Used QLPreviewController to display preview of PDF files used in the app
  • Used SVN for code sharing & maintaining different versions
  • Used Core Data with SQLite to store data locally in iPad
  • Achieving the targets & completing the development on time
  • Learnt App Store Submission of an app

Environment: and APIs: iOS 7, Xcode 5, Objective C, SVN, Test-Flight

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