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Financial Consultant-business Analyst Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Highly educated, attention to detail, deadline - driven leader (team environment) with many years of experience in Business Management, Project Management, and Customer Service. Self-Driven, solutions-oriented with experience in a broad range of financial and customer services.


  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Outlook
  • MS SharePoint
  • MS Teams
  • MS Project
  • MS Visio
  • Clarity
  • Skype for Business
  • Windows 10
  • Scrum
  • Agile
  • Waterfall
  • SAP
  • ServiceNow
  • WebEx
  • Zoom
  • Azure and Command-Line Experience.


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Financial Consultant-Business Analyst


  • Partnering with banking and investment companies to ensure ongoing self-education and viability of the products and services offered to the clients.
  • Working with clients and gathering and documenting personal financial data to create a tailor-made Financial Needs Assessment/Financial Road Map for wealth building, retirement, investments, debt elimination, and emergency fund preparation.
  • Creating and developing customized actionable steps that will help improve client’s processes for improving financial focus and optimizing long-term financial results.
  • Recruiting and training new consultants on industry financial standards and processes
  • Assist in the creation of various SDLC documentation, including writing use and test cases.
  • Collaborated on migration from Clarity to Service Now.
  • Collaborated on the implementation of NetSuite.
  • Creating user stories and PowerPoint presentations and managing the backlog.
  • Tracking quarterly and monthly reporting submissions.
  • Facilitate weekly IT and business sync meetings to ensure cohesion.
  • Serve as a liaison between the development and the stakeholders.
  • Facilitating educational training and seminars.
  • Performed various Ad Hoc duties as needed.

Assurant, Duluth, GA

Account/Project Manager


  • Verified properties had active and adequate insurance coverage, confirmed that insurance premium payments had been sent out of escrow in a timely manner to the correct insurance companies, making escrow information changes when there was a change to the insurance provider (often verifying directly with insurance agents), started property damage claims, provided multiple claim processes (depending on the client, amount of claim and status of the mortgage) via multiple client systems, verified the legitimacy of the contractors/construction companies selected to do the repairs/rebuilds (licenses, permits, etc.), requested and verified results of inspections, and ordered the release of funds (draws). Logged information across multiple client systems for future correspondence.
  • Stepped in and owned the call when the customer escalated (usually, because claim funds were not immediately released, premium payments were sent to the wrong insurance company, etc.), performed de-escalation (other solutions, empathy, and allow the customer to vent frustration, and etc..), for the purposes of making the customer happy in an otherwise terrible situation and keeping the team on one accord and at the top of the Quality Scoreboard.
  • Performed as a Project Manager on certain accounts which required specific handling due to unforeseen circumstances (ex. property suffered additional damage from a 2nd natural disaster prior to completed repairs from an initial natural disaster). In this situation, I would own the claim, and be the only POC for that customer, assist in choosing the correct plan of action, assist in vetting the contractor, be the POC for the contractor, confirm repair/rebuild timeline, verify the budget for the repair without allowing the contractor to know the amount the insurance company was willing to pay, request draw payments to contractor based on the required percentage of completed repairs (via inspections), update and verify any changes to the contracted amount (changes to the repair can occur when there has been unforeseen damage, such as mold, water damage, or if the customer decides to make upgrades during the repair), request and verify results of final inspection, request final draw to the contractor, and request any overage funds be released to the customer to officially close the claim.
  • Trained new hires on processes and procedures as well as supported team members in escalated situations.
  • Provided feedback (both positive and negative) to team members for improvement and praise while keeping them engaged.
  • Conducted annual and quarterly training on Governance, Risk, and Compliance.
  • Managed multiple small to medium-sized software development projects through requirements, design, and implementation.
  • Managed the retirement and archiving of outdated systems.
  • Collaborated on cutover planning, and post-cutover activities needed for decommissioning of outdated systems.
  • Collaborated on designing and implementing plans for the retention of data.
  • Collaborated with internal business and technical teams necessary to requirements and develop business workflows.
  • Assisted in creating various SDLC documentation.
  • Collaborated with developers to establish the technical vision and analyze tradeoffs between usability and performance needs.
  • Coordinated Project Management milestones and activities that were necessary to communicate status updates and project reporting details to corporate stakeholders.
  • Facilitated Sprint Planning meetings with Scrum Team.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Product Owner-Project Manager-Business Analyst


  • Business Analyst-Managed all business financial and functional aspects from forecasting and budget creation, data collection, and analysis, process management, process improvement, change management, risk management, benchmarking, client management, scheduling, and payroll. Created PowerPoint presentations.
  • Product Owner-Conducted Daily and Weekly Planning Meetings and interactions with hotel/convention center executives (General Manager, Director of Food & Beverage, Director of Sales, Director of Catering, etc.). Acted as a liaison between Property Executives and my Regional Vice President. Weekly meetings with RVP and other DET’s within the region. Conducted weekly meetings and daily plans of action with my team. Managed the backlog. Conducted training for new hires and additional training for veteran team members. Attended training on new products. Conducted an annual inventory.
  • Project Management-Received convention leads. Communicated with the points of contact (POC) to determine the purpose of the events, the budget for the events, and how much production would be needed for the events. With the help of my teams, (each team usually had between 3-35 members depending on the size of the projects) made suggestions to POC on how to better display the information the clients were trying to convey. My teams would build and diagram plans of action for the execution of the events. We would lease equipment (ex. computer projectors, larger screens, draping, moving lights, additional microphones, etc.) that was not already on-site and secured additional contract labor and specialists as needed for the events (often negotiating the contracted salaries). My teams would manage the setup of the events. Maintained daily face-to-face communication with the POC while the events were underway. Met with POC post-event to confirm clients were happy with the events and if there was anything that could have been done better. (All of this was done throughout the day and evening, 7 days per week, and with multiple events of different sizes in multiple locations at the same time).

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