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Tableau Developer Resume

Tampa, FL


  • 7 years of experience in creating highly interactive visualizations with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Public and Tableau Reader in various versions (2020.x/2019.x/2018.x/10.x/9.x/8.x/7.x) of Tableau Software using features such as Data Joining & Data Blending,
  • Extracts, Live Connection, Calculations, LOD Expressions, Filters, Parameters, Actions, Context Filters, Groups and Sets.
  • Strong experience in SQL Server development, System Analysis, Design, Development and Support of MS SQL Server 2016, 2012.
  • Expertise in Requirements gathering/analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Production roll over of Reporting and Business Intelligence Analysis projects.
  • Experience in gathering and writing detailed business requirements and translating them into technical specifications and design.
  • Expertise in designing and creating various analytical reports and Dashboards to help users to identify critical KPIs and facilitate strategic planning in the organization.
  • Created 500+ worksheets and 100+ Dashboards in large Business Intelligence environments using Tableau Software.
  • Extensive usage of Tableau Version 10.5 Hyper feature for faster data ingests and analytical query processing on large or complex data sets. Also, Viz in Tooltip, and Power Trendlines.
  • Used Python to manipulate the data and connect it with Tableau to build analytical dashboards and story points.
  • Used Python libraries for data cleansing and manipulation.
  • Used Python to import data and perform data cleaning and integrated it with Tableau to build visualizations.
  • Utilized all Tableau tools including Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader and Tableau Public.
  • Strong understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies including Waterfall and Agile.
  • Proficient in Building compelling, interactive dashboards in Tableau that answer key business questions.
  • Extensive experience in Tableau data visualization tool to analyze and obtain insights into large datasets, create visually compelling and actionable interactive reports and dashboards. Integrated Python dataset with Tableau to build visual analytics solutions.
  • Connected Tableau with Python to provide fast visual analytics solutions with data mapping. Established Best Practices for Enterprise Tableau Environment and application intake and development processes.
  • Experience in installing Tableau Server on both on - Premise as well as the Cloud, using Amazon EC2 instances in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Experience in Agile, Test Driven, Iterative, Scrum and Waterfall software development life cycle.
  • Proficient in creating different visualizations using Bars, Area, Lines and Pies, Maps, Scatter plots, Gantt charts, Bubbles, Histograms, Bullets, Heat maps, Geo Maps, Box and Whisker Plots, Highlight tables, and other making use of Calculated fields, Actions, Parameters, Sets, Quick, and Context filter according to the end user requirement.
  • Outstanding data analysis skills including Data mapping from source to target database schemas, Data Cleansing and processing, writing data extract scripts/programming of data conversion and researching complex data problems and generating analytical reports/dashboards.
  • Proficient in design and development of various dashboards, reports utilizing Tableau Visualizations
  • Expertise in using Trend Lines, Statistics, and Log Axes, Groups, Hierarchies, Sets to create detail level summary report and Dashboard using KPI's.
  • Expert in creating Calculations (Creating/using Parameters, Table Calculations, Totals) and Formatting (Annotations, Layout Containers, Mark Labels, Rich Text Formatting, Shared Encoding) using Tableau Desktop.
  • Experience on LOD expressions, Comparative Sales Analysis, Customer Acquisitions, etc.
  • Hands-on experience in the creation of users, groups, projects, workbooks and the appropriate permission sets for Tableau server logons and security checks.
  • Worked on different Administration tasks such as data loading, batch jobs, data uploading, backup &recovery, Log shipping, user and application table management, upgrades, creating database partitioning, databases/file groups/transaction logs.
  • Used tools like MS SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard, and Pervasive and Windows performance for monitoring and tuning SQL Server performance.
  • Strong experience in Trouble Shooting, Performance tuning of reports and resolving issues within source data and reports.
  • Expert in writing SQL Queries using joins, derived tables, sub-queries, and correlated sub queries for validating data on reports and also for generating data extracts to suffice source data requirements in Tableau.
  • Manage the application’s users, groups, and integration with Active Directory.
  • Automated monitoring & server job processes.
  • Experience in taking back ups and restoration of Tableau repository.
  • Experience in Tableau Metadata tables and Postgre SQL.
  • Experience in working as a Tableau Server administrator on a windows platform.
  • Install, configure and maintain Tableau Server in a distributed Environment.
  • Advanced knowledge of performance optimization and perform Upgrades whenever needed.
  • Develop and document any needed standards/best practices for the development and administration of the platform and communicate to developers as needed.
  • Set up Monitoring of Tableau server utilization and capacity planning.
  • Highly motivated team player with excellent Interpersonal and Customer Relational Skills, Proven Communication, Organizational, Analytical, Presentation skills, and Leadership Qualities. Demonstrated ability to self-motivate and be flexible within a fast-paced environment.


Business Intelligence Tools: Tableau Desktop (2021.x/2020.x/2019.x/2018.x/10.x/9.x/8.x/7.x), Tableau server, Tableau Prep, Tableau Online, Microsoft Power BI, SAP Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Power BI, SAS, Quill Narrative Science, Quick sight.

Servers: Application Servers (WAS, Tomcat), Web Servers (IIS, HIS, Apache).

Operating Systems: Windows 10/8/7/VISTA/NT/XP, LINUX/UNIX.

Databases: Teradata, Snowflake, MS SQL Server …, Oracle …, HP Vertica, IBM DB2, MS Access, HANA, SAP BW.

Programming Languages: C, C++, SAS, Java, SQL, Proc SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, XML.

Other Tools: Metric Insights, Xcelsius 2011/2008, IDT, Alteryx, GitHub, Cyclops, Jira, Jama


Confidential, Tampa, FL

Tableau Developer


  • Converts business requirements and specifications into Tableau presentation and data layer application solutions through effective design, coding and testing.
  • Work with the business users in gathering the project specifications by conducting user requirements gathering sessions.
  • Contribute in all aspects of software development lifecycle (SDLC) including architecture, development, migrations, troubleshooting, Testing and maintenance of theTableau platform.
  • Work with enterprise-wide business and IT senior management to understand reporting and data analysis needs.
  • Optimize the performance of Tableau applications.
  • Gather requirements from clients. Analyze requirements and highlight gaps/inconsistencies in the requirements to the client. Presented dashboard to end users to demonstrate features.
  • Actively participate in initial and review meetings with business users to ensure that the development of projects meets business and system requirements for design development testing and production rollover of reporting and analysis projects within Tableau Desktop.
  • Provided support using Tableau desktop while developing test plan, test script and reports.
  • Worked in Agile development environment. Participated in daily Scrum calls for the applications development.
  • Developed scenario-based testing for theTableau Dashboards.
  • Created, scheduled and run the scenarios usingTableau server.
  • Created and executedDatabasescripts for performance testing of Tableau Dashboard.
  • Provided support in Tableau Web Application Performance Testing using Tab jolt.
  • Provided support functional for testing of Tableau Web Application.
  • Provided support and responsible for managing and tracking infrastructure requirements and software upgrade.
  • Used “JIRA” for quality management.
  • Supported in Testing status briefings for executive-level clients.
  • Worked with Tableau support people to work on out of box issues.

Environment: s: Tableau 2021.x/2020.x (Desktop & Server), Tableau Prep, Oracle, Jira, Jama, Mural, GitHub, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Confidential, Tampa FL

Tableau Developer


  • Performed Designing, developing, testing, and maintaining Tableau reports and dashboards based on user requirements.
  • Collected requirements and actively suggested designs and wireframes based on requirements.
  • Utilized Proc SQL, SAS to access and modify, update data sources.
  • Performed deduplication using Level of Detail calculations, Table calculations.
  • Analyzed missing values, data anomalies and performed data validation.
  • Improved performance of the dashboard using Performance Optimization techniques.
  • Utilized Tableau best practices to develop dashboards and handle data sources.
  • Utilized Color Blind colors and created contrasting custom color palettes to represent the data more clearly
  • Provided technical support to existing dashboards, data sources and BI tools.
  • Scheduled batch jobs using Cyclops, a workflow automation tool.
  • Utilized Narrative Science to describe the visualizations in a broad manner.
  • Performed Row level optimization to restrict data to Business users.
  • Worked on ETL with SAS by creating and accessing Teradata tables and ECW warehouse using libname statements.
  • Worked on Blue Care, Medicaid, Commercial data for multiple clients.
  • Worked on Medicaid, Commercial data to bring in and visualize PMPM, PEPM, Shock claims at various levels of categories.
  • Worked on bringing in and visualizing weekly, monthly and yearly Claims, predicted Budget for both Medical and Pharmacy, and Pharmacy Rebates.
  • Extracted data sources, performed Data Blending and published to the server for automated refreshes.
  • Developed Epidemic Surveillance dashboard to provide insights into the Pandemic to the leadership.
  • Performed Data Cleansing and joining data sources of multiple grains using Tableau prep.
  • Developed KPI dashboard to create alerts based on variations in KPI metrics to the users and leadership.
  • Utilized Action Filters and ‘Go to URL’ Actions to redirect the users from KPIs to the respective dashboard.
  • Utilized parameters to display multiple KPIs within available real estate.
  • Performed testing on various functionalities of dashboards.
  • Used SAS to import data and perform data cleaning and integrated it with Tableau to build visualizations.
  • Created complex reports utilizing the features like hierarchy, New Calculated Columns, Drill functionality, Tables, graphs, line Charts and Bar Charts.
  • Provided production and admin support of Tableau BI reporting solutions.

Environment: s: Tableau 2020.x (Desktop Server), Tableau Prep, SAS Data Studio, Teradata, Cyclops, Quill Narrative Science, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Confidential, Beaverton OR

Tableau Developer


  • Developed and maintained Tableau reports and dashboards based on user requirements.
  • Involved in Tableau administration tasks such as providing row-level security to Tableau Dashboards based on user-specific groups, providing access/permissions to the users and adding them to the specific group and Monitor the schedules, tasks on regular basis and also schedule jobs based on the user request.
  • Using Databases like Snowflake and Teradata to create views that work as a single data source for dashboards.
  • Extensively used Level of Detail calculations, Table Calculations, Calculation fields to design highly communicative reports representing complex data.
  • Validated data using SQL and optimized workbooks in different environments.
  • Performed Statistical functions and calculations, advanced analytical functions, trend lines and forecasting.
  • Provided technical support to existing reports/dashboards and new reports/dashboards.
  • Performed Data blending, Conditional Split in Tableau to convert raw data into Business usable data.
  • Performed troubleshooting, performance tuning of reports and resolving issues within source data and reports.
  • Experience in collecting and understanding Business requirements.
  • Involved in analyzing data sources from Excel, Snowflake, Teradata for design, development, testing and production rollover of reporting and analysis projects.
  • Added columns to Snowflake views, extracted the updated view on Tableau Desktop and published the extracted data source to server.
  • Developed Push Reports in Metric Insights by collecting snapshots of existing reports/dashboards.
  • Developed an automated data refresh delay email notification to stakeholders using Metric Insights and Airflow.
  • Analyzed the delay in data source extract refresh time and reduced the refresh time to half.
  • Performed integration of data from multiple data sources.
  • Performed Data aggregation on data of different levels of aggregation.
  • Performed Data Scaffolding to populate data among all the rows.
  • Contribution to Snowflake Data Sources design, development and testing.
  • Extensive Interaction with Analysts, Data Engineers, Stakeholders as required to analyze and report key KPI’s.
  • Performed Tableau code changes based on functional requirements defined via Business requirements document, Functional specification and Technical design documents.
  • Tested Tableau server upgrade and new/upgrade features in Development and Production environment.
  • Developed and used a custom color-blind friendly palette using .tps file in Tableau.
  • Worked productively with the Business users to gather requirements, train the users to improve and maintain their reports and for a better understanding of dashboards.
  • Created Snowflake tables by accessing data from Teradata.
  • Scheduled data refresh on Tableau Server for weekly and monthly increments based on business change to ensure that the views and dashboards were displaying the changed data accurately.
  • Implemented Grand Totals, Sub-totals, and Changing Aggregation for Customizing the Data.
  • Identified critical KPIs and facilitated strategic planning in the organization.

Environment: s: Tableau 2019.x, 2018.x (Desktop Server), Snowflake, Teradata, Metric Insights, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).


Tableau Developer


  • Involved in Data mapping specifications to create and execute detailed system test plans. The data mapping specifies what data will be extracted from an internal data warehouse, transformed and sent to an external entity.
  • Analyzed business requirements, system requirements, data mapping requirement specifications, and responsible for documenting functional requirements and supplementary requirements in Quality Center.
  • Setting up of environments to be used for testing and the range of functionalities to be tested as per technical specifications.
  • Used Tableau Version 7 for easier date manipulation.
  • Tested Complex ETL Mappings and Sessions based on business user requirements and business rules to load data from source flat files and RDBMS tables to target tables.
  • Responsible for analyzing various data sources such as flat files, ASCII Data, EBCDIC Data, Relational Data (Oracle, DB2 UDB, MS SQL Server) from various heterogeneous data sources.
  • Resolve the batch monitoring related issues with respect to the purchasing module.
  • Followed company code standardization rule.
  • Performed ad hoc analyses, as needed, with the ability to comprehend analysis as needed.
  • Involved in testing the XML files and checked whether data is parsed and loaded to staging tables.
  • Responsible for creating test cases to make sure the data originating from the source is making into target properly in the right format.
  • Involved in gathering, analyzing, distilling and clearly conveying complex information to business and project team members through JAD sessions
  • Involved in analyzing the requests for new, enhanced, and modified systems, against user and business requirements using RUP methodology
  • Conducted interviews and facilitate requirements gathering, process analysis, and application design sessions with company staff across all levels and functions.
  • Performed extensive Requirement Analysis including data analysis and gap analysis. Designed and developed project document templates based on SDLC methodology.
  • Analyzed the Business and System Requirements of the application. Interacted with user groups to derive the functional requirements.
  • Extensively involved in Analysis, Design and development of Data conversion, Data migration and Integration process and procedures.
  • Worked with the database designer in data modeling through ER diagrams to identify tables, attributes and relationships between tables.
  • Actively participated in clarification meetings with the Clients.

Environment: s: Tableau 7.x/6.x (Desktop/ Server), Oracle DB, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL, Microsoft Excel 2007, MS Access, Windows 07/08 server, Microsoft office 2007.

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