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Technical Consultant Resume

Columbus, OhiO


  • Providing Rare Blend of Technical Acumen Communications Skills Problem Solving Techniques
  • Recognized as foundation for relationships formed with key clients as business core for previous decade; major provider of valuable contributions in all customer engagements and research/development initiatives.
  • Solutions - oriented expert with more than twenty years of achievements in software development supporting major retail chain companies.
  • Consistently exceed expectations while working in extremely demanding environments; demonstrated ability to quickly adapt to challenging and quickly changing atmospheres.
  • Adhere to strict personal policy of continuously updating technical and industry knowledge so as to satisfy commitments set forth by company and clients; in-depth technical knowledge of software tools and environments.


Rapid Application Development Agile Development

Systems Implementation System Integration Service Oriented Architecture N - Tier Architecture

Volume and Performance Testing Software Configuration Gap Analysis Needs Assessment

Project Development Project Lifecycle

Customer Technical Support Technical Troubleshooting Technical Training Business Software

Microsoft .Net C# C++/Microsoft VC++ Microsoft COM WCF WPF

XML/XSLT JSON SQL Server SSIS Visual Basic Microsoft BizTalk

TCP/IP SOAP ADO Perl Crystal Reports


Confidential, Columbus, Ohio

Technical Consultant


  • Systems integration and solution migration.
  • Recruited to return to Confidential to lead a multi-year project for migration of enterprise systems to Oracle’s next-generation Retail Merchandising System. Granted Application Development and Leadership awards during project and after completion.
  • Subsequently was heavily involved in multi-year migration project of store automation systems to Confidential ’s next-generation software.
  • Mentor to 6-8 junior developers that were added to the team over the course of these projects.
  • Scope of role includes analysis of then-current enterprise systems and applications, and planning, design, and implementation of applications and services that integrated with legacy systems, Oracle RMS, Confidential systems, and many new and legacy third party systems.
  • Integrations were outgoing from primarily two SQL Server databases, one provided by Confidential and one internal. All applications were written to be highly configurable and flexible, in order to be re-used if possible.
  • The Confidential database contained transaction data from the stores and eComm systems. Used SSIS to extract XML transaction data from the database and either generate files or send the transactions to APIs. Extracts often were transformed via XSLT to generate the format appropriate for the consuming system. Created both scheduled interval and batch processes, depending upon the consuming system. Batch extracts were consumed by loss prevention system, sales reconciliation system, authorized tender settlement, third party loyalty system, Puerto Rico treasury, and sales reporting systems.
  • Scheduled extracts were consumed by sales audit, inventory, and legacy transaction database. Also modified the legacy transaction processes with C# components to feed the new transaction database.
  • The internal database contained pricing data fed from the new Oracle pricing system. Created SSIS applications to extract the pricing data in order to generate files containing multiple record formats, to be transmitted to the store. Also modified the legacy Confidential batch apply process to consume the files and apply them at the stores.
  • These systems needed to support both legacy and new store automation applications simultaneously, thus these processes had to operate in multiple modes, depending upon which kind of store they were generating data for, or consuming data from. Additionally, I had to modify the Confidential enterprise systems to be able to communicate real time with either kind of store interchangeably, to retrieve transaction data for returns and other processes.
  • Created reports for use by the stores, fed by the Confidential transaction database.
  • Used C# .Net Core to develop applications that required .Net Core for third party components to function, particularly to interface with and AMPQ ESB and a Snowflake database.
  • Lastly, created additional applications using C# .Net to support other miscellaneous functions, such as encryption/decryption, data auditing, and testing.
  • Many of these same applications required modification and upgrade for the Confidential system migration, in addition to new development of integrations as part of that project.

Technologies used: C# .Net, C# .Net Core, SQL Server, SSIS, XML/XSLT, Web services, JSON, Control-m job scheduling

Confidential, Dayton, Ohio

Senior Professional Services Consultant


  • Responsible for next - generation software development and customization; and technical lead.
  • Returned to Confidential as a professional services consultant. Duties include spearheading migrations to latest .Net 4.0/WCF based iteration of the product, in addition to similar duties to previous contract and employee engagements for Confidential, with a focus on mentoring and technical lead.
  • Scope of role includes in-depth analysis of client requisites, development of detailed technical and functional maintenance specifications, coding, testing, technology research/development, integration with third-party software and host systems, creation of software internal/external training materials, support provided to existing base and customer-targeted systems.
  • Primarily created customized components using C# .Net for existing Confidential services, according to customer specifications. Examples are custom pricing components, transaction reports, and transaction data manipulation and consumption components for Confidential, DSW, and Dick s Sporting Goods.

Technologies used: C# .Net, Visual Basic, SQL Server, ADO, XML/XSLT, Web services, Crystal Reports

Confidential, Columbus, Ohio

Senior Programmer/Analyst


  • Responsible for developing in - house applications; additionally, because of long-time experience with the Confidential solution that Confidential uses, provide support and development on the Confidential store- and enterprise-level platforms.
  • Scope of role includes design, implementation, and testing of business applications based on requirements laid forth by the business, using the latest Microsoft development platforms; development of applications that integrate with the Confidential solution; enhancement and support of the Confidential solution; volume and performance testing; and integration of existing business processes and applications.

Technologies used: C# .Net, SQL Server, SSIS, XML/XSLT

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