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Salesforce Developer Resume

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Atlanta, GA


  • 7+ years of experience in teh field of Information Technology and Salesforce Platform.
  • Experience in configuration and customization of Sales and Service Cloud.
  • Experience in teh complete life cycle of project development (SDLC) including System Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, Operating and Maintenance.
  • Worked on salesforce.com standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Products, Opportunities, Leads, Cases Reports and Dashboards.
  • Experience in performing teh administrative and development related tasks like Creating roles, Profile, Visual force pages, lightning pages, Validation rules, Users, Custom objects, Reports, Workflow actions, Email alerts, Approval Process, Entity relationship diagrams and Page layouts.
  • Developed various Custom Objects, Tabs, Entity - Relationship data model, validation rules on teh objects and tabs, components and visual force pages.
  • Designed junction objects and implemented various advanced fields like Picklist, Field Dependencies, Validation Rules, Workflows, and Approval Processes for automated alerts, field updates, and Email generation according to business requirements.
  • Created apex classes, triggers, batch classes, scheduled apex and test classes to implement business requirements.
  • Good experience in working with web technologies like HTML, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Experience in Lightning App Builder, Lightning Component Framework, and designed aura components and lightning web components.
  • Good understanding about algorithms, data structures, architecture and practices.
  • Experienced in Agile SDLC and DevOps principals.
  • Experience in querying salesforce.com database using SOQL & SOSL queries using Force.com Explorer.
  • Experience in integrating teh salesforce with external applications using SOAP and REST API.
  • Experienced working in cross functional teams, identifying business requirements and supporting sales/marketing.
  • Experienced with Jenkins for implementation, integration and delivering.
  • Performed Lead Ownership through lead assignment rules in Salesforce.
  • Expertise in Salesforce Data Validation, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Support Administration.
  • Experienced in salesforce connection with databases, ERP systems, external systems and custom applications using Mule soft.
  • Experienced in integrations and executed using Mule soft.
  • Having experience of synchronization, data migration, data modelling, data extraction, transformation and data loading, scheduling, monitoring and reporting in a cloud computing environment.
  • Sound knowledge on setup menu, configuration, custom Application Development, Administration, Data Migration and Deployment of applications toForce.com platform.
  • Hands on experience in designing and developing dynamic web content using HTML, CSS, XML, Java script and other web development technologies.
  • Worked on Attribute values, events and finding components using Java Script.
  • Hands-on experience with Java Script frameworks in building teh web applications.
  • Experience in using cloud components and connectors to make API calls for accessing data from cloud storage (Google drive, Salesforce, Amazon S3, Dropbox).
  • Competent in analyzing and creating Narrative Use Cases, Use Case Diagrams, Activity diagrams, Class diagrams, Data/Navigation flow diagram using UML tools like MS Visio.
  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic team player with excellent presentation and interpersonal skills who can also work independently in challenging and cross-platform environment.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and handle pressure in coordinating multiple tasks in a work/project environment.
  • Involved in creating optimal design to architectural practices.
  • Experienced in sound designing and coding with customer experience.
  • Experienced in conducting code reviews in development process.
  • Experience in releasing teh developed features to different sandboxes and production using change sets and ANT migration tool.
  • Experience in using advertising studio in engaging teh customers.
  • Experience in working with Eclipse IDE with Force.com Plug-in and VS code environment for writing Business logic in Apex and Lightning Web Components (LWC).
  • Experienced in ETL in data extract, transform and load which moves from one place to another.
  • Involved in Salesforce.com application setup activities and customized teh apps to match teh financial needs of teh organization.
  • Provided system planning, scheduling and implementation.
  • Experience with Agile development such as XP/SCRUM.
  • Involved in Scrum meetings with project managers about teh status of teh project.
  • Worked individually with team members for teh success of customer satisfaction and checking for code quality and fast devlivery.
  • Worked on Financial Cloud in allowing teh advisors to connect with teh clients.
  • Experience working on GIT for project management and version control management.
  • Experienced in deploying teh project from GIT.


Salesforce Technologies: Salesforce CRM, Sales Force SFA, Apex Language, Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, SOQL, SOSL, Visualforce (Pages, Components & Controllers),Aura and lightning web components, Apex Web Services, AJAX, Workflow & Approvals, Dashboards, Reports, Analytic Snapshots, Custom Objects, Force.com Eclipse IDE Plugin

ETL/Integration Tools: Eclipse, Force.com Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Apex Data Loader, Force.com Platform (Sandbox, and Production).

Programming languages: SQL, SOQL, SOSL, Apex, C, C++, JAVA, Python, .NET.

Web Technologies: TML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React JS, Value JS.

Databases: MySQL, MS Access.

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows XP/7/Vista/98/2000, UNIX.

MS-Suite: MS-Word, MS Excel, MS-Project, MS Visio, MS Outlook.Web Services Rest and Soap.


Salesforce Developer

Confidential - Atlanta, GA


  • Created modern Enterprise Lightning Apps combining Lightning Design System, Lightning App Builder and Lightning web Component features.
  • Created various Custom Objects, Custom Settings, Custom Labels, Validation rules, Record types, Custom Tabs, Workflow rule and approval process including Field updates and email alerts.
  • Worked extensively on Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Activities and Customized Objects for Layouts, record types and validation rules.
  • Participated in analyzing teh Requirements, preparing teh Design documents based on teh specifications and Developing and Maintaining teh application.
  • Upgraded salesforce classic Apps, visual force pages to Lightning Apps and Pages to provide a better user interface and accessibility.
  • Worked on Salesforce1 Platform to build Mobile App by enabling Lightning Components for use in Salesforce1 mobile platform to make Lightning Application mobile.
  • Integrated salesforce with third party applications using REST API and extracted data into salesforce.
  • Created multiple Lightning web Components, added CSS and Design Parameters that makes teh Lightning web component look and feel better.
  • Worked in designing salesforce.com application customizations over a wide range of customers.
  • Expertise in matching business process and automation requirements to teh capabilities of salesforce.com, including data model, role hierarchy, sharing and security model.
  • Used Data Loader for insert, update, and bulk import or export of data from Salesforce.com Objects and it to read, extract, and load data from comma separated valuefiles.
  • Working on Salesforce sales cloud, ApttusCPQ tool and Force.com platform to build an Opportunity and Quote/Proposal management module.
  • Used Agile methodology while product delivery.
  • Worked on Agile methodology in managing teh organization in deploying useful features frequently on daily basis, instead of bulk deployment for every couple of months.
  • Worked on Scrum in increasing teh productivity and reducing teh time which relates teh classic waterfall process.
  • Created Batch Scheduler to be scheduled at specific time and also run teh process on demand to meet teh business requirement.
  • Experienced in managing teh infrastructure, scalability, hosting, testing using DevOps.
  • Worked on Salesforce DevOps in building salesforce continuous integration and deployment solutions.
  • Developed Custom Page using React JS.
  • Used Java Script libraries in Visual force pages in passing teh parameters, showing popups and confirming messages.
  • Created multiple Lightning components using Aura framework, added CSS and Design Parameters that makes teh lightning component look and feel better.
  • Worked on Force.com IDE & Eclipse IDE in design and development of Custom Application for Complex Business Processes in both Sales and Service Cloud Modules.
  • Used SAP in Salesforce to synchronize teh data in performance management and other business functions.
  • Experience in sending teh data for opportunities in salesforce and then to SAP for invoice creation.
  • Used Ant tool, change sets and workbench for deployments.
  • Has written multiple Library functions in CPQ, which would bring ease for teh developers.
  • Worked on Force.com Platform in combination of FMT, Eclipse and ANT to build teh scripts to automate fetch from GIT and deployment.
  • Used Jenkins in controlling teh deployments.
  • Experienced in configuring teh Jenkins by defining and building teh triggers.
  • Worked on SOAP & REST API for sending teh Opportunities and Accounts to teh downstream systems.
  • Created Reports, Dashboards, and worked on Data Loader by uploading about close to a million records and experienced in cleansing and de-duplicating bulk loads.
  • Used ETL tools for moving teh data out, and others load data in.
  • Used Microsoft CRM for data integration for integrating customer and data integration.
  • Involved in resolving customer issues and debugging, improving and enhancements.
  • Utilized Lightning Style Sheets to convert existing style Visual force pages in classic to be compatible with lightning platform during teh migration of salesforce classic to salesforce lightning.
  • Improved teh performance of reports and dash boards in Lightning UI using Query Optimizer and Skinny Tables.
  • Worked on building integrations for real time data transfer and batch transfer using Mule Soft.
  • Experienced in implementing integrations for API for external data integration.
  • Responsible in implementation of custom field and processes.
  • Worked with Mule soft in halping teh business enterprise to surface teh precious data.
  • Worked with Business Analysts and Architects in designing teh solutions for business problems for implementation.
  • Worked on Financial Cloud to make easy for advisors to deliver teh service with personalized, proactive advice client expectations.
  • Worked as a lead developer in halping to develop teh solutions in Salesforce, Apex and Lightning.
  • Performed daily User Management on SFDC Org by configuring Sharing Rules, Permission Sets, Roles and Profiles.
  • Created Workflow rules and defined related tasks, worked on mission critical design, time-triggered tasks, email alerts and field updates to implement business logic.
  • Actively participated in advertising studio in coordinating campaigns with social, mobile, sales and customer service.

Environment: Saleforce.com, SQL Server Management Studio, Apex Classes, Triggers, Visual Force Pages- Components and Controllers, Data Loader, Workflow, Approvals, Reports, Custom Objects, RIVA, Data Loader, Security Controls, CSS, HTML, Java Script, Sandbox, Eclipse IDE Plug in, Salesforce Classic and Lightning UI, Sales and Service Cloud (CRM Applications), Force.com IDE.

Salesforce Developer

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Responsible for requirements gathering from business users and prepare technical requirement specification document ImplementedAgile Methodologiesin developing SDLC.
  • Worked on Supply chain and inventory management (ERP) implementation on sales cloud and service Cloud platforms.
  • Track and analyze market and customer data to draw insights to develop overall plans.
  • Involved in Sales Force Development Cycle (SFDC).
  • Fixed bugs and worked on enhancements for teh existing Projects.
  • Worked with Standard Salesforce features like Objects, Workflows, Record Types, Page layouts, Workflow Rules, Case Assignment Rules, and Escalation rules, Validation rules, Profiles, Roles, Reports and Dashboards etc.
  • Implemented escalation rules, automatic case generation and their escalation to call center representative, and generated email alerts for quick issue resolution.
  • Customized teh Dashboards to track usage for productivity and performance of business centers and their sales teams.
  • Customized tabs for different business user’s groups and business centers.
  • Maintenance of installed Managed Packages in Lightning using Apex and Experienced in using Data Migration tool called Data Loader.
  • Used ETL in making work easier in extracting teh data from Salesforce or putting it into teh Salesforce data warehouse.
  • Worked on ETL data loader for extracting teh data from Salesforce data stores.
  • Performed teh role of support engineer for teh internal users, halped them in getting used to teh application, generate reports, and save them for further access to teh users.
  • Developed several Triggers, Apex classes, Controllers and Visualforce pages as part of teh application development.
  • Developed various Custom Objects, Tabs, Components and Visual Force Pages and Controllers.
  • Created Visualforce Pages for Lightning Experience, Alternates for Java Script Codes, Sharing Visualforce pages between Classic and Lightning.
  • Worked on Scrum in managing teh complex software and product development using iterative and incremental practices.
  • Experienced in developing teh Custom Page using React JS.
  • Created modern EnterpriseLightning AppscombiningLightning Design System,Lightning App Builder and Lightning Component features. Upgraded some Apps from Salesforce Classic toLightning Experienceto develop rich user interface and better interaction of pages.
  • Created Web Services to expose teh data to other applications.
  • Enabled Aura Framework, by adding Aura Attributes and Aura Handlers for Events to focus on Logic and Interactions in Lightning Applications.
  • Implemented continuous integration development process using AGILE development concepts.
  • Integrated Salesforce with external applications using REST API.
  • Supported teh data migration activities for Migrating teh data from various business centers and business center users with teh support of Salesforce.com.
  • Used Java Script library code for implementation of pattern into components.
  • Used teh sandbox for unit testing and migrated teh code to teh deployment instance after unit testing.
  • Migrated org from classic to lightning using Lightning web components to build custom pages.
  • Involved with Salesforce.com Premier Support and handled teh support cases with teh halp of salesforce.com support.
  • Provided training to internal business users to use teh application and develop their own custom reports.
  • Integrated Salesforce with Mule soft in ETL to connect with enterprise applications in teh cloud and on-premises
  • Experienced in integration of Salesforce Mule soft for enhancing teh system coding, reducing teh need of manual code.
  • Worked on development and coding management, Sandboxes and production using DevOps.
  • Maintained sandboxes by regularly updating them against latest builds, by getting latest from teh code repository.
  • Used Financial Cloud to secure teh client’s important data.
  • Worked on SAP for dual data entry and enhancing quickly.
  • Used Jenkins for deployment, configuration and monitoring teh output.
  • Extensively made use of JIRA, Bit bucket to create pull request to push teh code to repository.
  • Created Custom Objects, Triggers and Apex Classes, Custom Controllers and Controller Extensions Troubleshooting & debugging teh errors.
  • Created custom Fields, Validation Rules, field dependencies, formula fields and various object relationships.
  • Made use of Apex data loader & Data import wizard for data load operations.
  • Developed integration between salesforce and DocuSign for signing ceremony, viewing signed documents and update salesforce data based on user actions.
  • Deploy changes from SFDC sandbox environment to Production environment using change sets.
  • Experience in working with Eclipse IDE with Force.com Plug-in and VS code environment for writing Business logic in Apex and Lightning Web Components (LWC).
  • Worked on GIT Hub for development and building teh scripts in different deployments.
  • Used GIT Hub for integration of projects.
  • Created several automated Email Campaigns for marketing purposes.
  • Supported teh application for teh new internal requests from teh users.
  • Performed Unit Testing and Regression Testing.

Environment: Salesforce.com platform, Apex Language, Visual Force (Pages, Component & Controllers) Pages, Data Loader, HTML, Java Script, Workflow.

Salesforce Admin/Developer



  • Involved in Salesforce.com Application Setup activities and customized teh apps to match teh functional needs of teh organization.
  • Designed and deployed teh Custom objects, Custom tabs, Entity-Relationship data model, Validation rules, Workflow Rules, Email Alerts, Page layouts, Components, Visual Force Pages to suit to teh needs of teh application.
  • Customized triggers for automating key business processes including payment authorizations and a pending activities tracker for business leads spanning seven different business units.
  • Developed teh presentation layer in Visual force and business logic in Apex Programming by creating/using teh Classes, Triggers, Controllers, components, Batch Apex and Web Services API.
  • Implemented field level security, profiles and audit trial setup. Established deployment strategy for deploying.
  • Used SOQL, SOSL to select teh data from salesforce.com platform database.
  • Created Workflow Rules to automate Tasks, Email Alerts, Field Updates, time-dependent actions and Outbound API Messages.
  • Developed APEX Triggers, Classes based on teh requirement.
  • Implemented teh requirements on Salesforce.Com CRM Application and Force.Com IDE Plug-In using Eclipse.
  • Worked on Financial Cloud in halping teh team by delivering teh personalized advice at scale across any channel or device.
  • Performed Integration using Call Outs, Triggers and Out bounding messages.
  • Worked extensively on Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and other Standard Objects and customized Objects for Additional Fields, Layouts, and Record Types and Validation rules.
  • Created several automated Email Campaigns for marketing purposes.
  • Supported teh application for teh new internal requests from teh users.
  • Performed Unit Testing and Regression Testing.
  • Configured workflows with time-based actions to send email alerts based on teh escalation level for cases and leads.
  • Deployment of code from sandbox to production using Force.com IDE tool.

Environment: SalesForce.com CRM Application Platform, Apex Language, Visual Force, Components and controllers, HTML, JavaScript, Custom Objects, Tabs, Page Layouts, Workflows, Approval Processes, Email Services, Dashboards, Reports, Eclipse, Sandbox & Windows Azure.

Salesforce Admin (Internship)



  • Worked under teh direction of technical, solution architects and senior developers on a project in presenting to other interns and salesforce developers.
  • Worked with team members on timely and relevant projects in future software release.
  • Developed tools on Salesforce Application Platform using Apex and Lightning.
  • Reviewing and documenting teh technology processes and procedures.
  • Designed and Implemented sales, service and marketing cloud to meet client business requirements.
  • Created presentations and draft technology-related documents.
  • Providing and communicating teh report on status of projects and priorities.

Environment: SalesForce.com CRM Application Platform, Apex Language, Visual Force, Components and controllers, HTML, JavaScript, Custom Objects, Tabs, Page Layouts, Workflows, Approval Processes, Email Services, Dashboards, Reports, Eclipse, Sandbox & Windows Azure.

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