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Sr.cognos Developer Resume

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  • Over 8 years of experience in IT& Business intelligence Cognos reporting,Design, Development, Testing and implementation of Cognos applications and maintenance ofdata warehouses, data bases, data martsand providing solutions forRetail, Health care, Insurance, and Hotel Industry domains.
  • Experienced in various Cognos tools such as Cognos 10 BI Suite(Framework Manager, Report Studio, Cognos Connection, Query Studio, and Analysis Studio,Workspace Advanced,Active Reports), Impromptu, Power Play Transformer, Access Manager, and Cognos EP series 7.
  • Involved in Installation, configuration and administration of Cognos
  • Developed and PublishedPackagesusingFramework Manager - Connecting and testing the data source, created database layer, physical layer and presentation layer, defining appropriate relationship between query subjects and created filters, prompts, calculations, summaries, functions and security in Framework Manager.
  • Cognos TM1 Developer Financial Planning Solutions using Cognos TM1 9.5.2 Applications (Architect, Contributor, Perspectives andTurboIntegrator) from requirements through design and testing, implementation and production support (full SDLC).
  • Expertise inTurboIntegrator processes to load and retrieve data from database tables and other data sources,creating complex Active Forms.
  • Familiar with TM1 rules editor to create various calculations,What if analysis for TM1 planning, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Proficient in designing multidimensional Model in FrameworkManager inCognosBI version 8and as well as Strong knowledge and understanding of Snow Flake and Star Experience inDeployment(Export, Import) into environments ( DEV, UAT, PROD)
  • Complex Report building experience inReport studioby usingfilters customized prompts,conditional formatting, drillup & drill down and drill-through, Cross tab,Master details Reports andHTML Scripting.
  • Created Active Reports with Tab Controls using tab Deck and Tabs.
  • Created Parameter Maps for Data level Security
  • Created Session Parameters using Macro’s for Language Preferences.
  • Created Determinants for Necessary Query Subjects.
  • Deliveradvanced/ complex reporting solutionssuch asDashboardsand Standardized Reporting using Cognos. Created complexDashboardswith Area charts, Pie charts, Cross tabs and Multi promptsusingReport Studio.
  • Used MDX functions in DMR Modelling
  • Experience in DesigningPower play Transformer modelsand buildingMultidimensional Cubes
  • Involved in migration and deployment of applications from EP Series 7 to Cognos 10 and COGNOS8.4 to COGNOS 10.1
  • Created Estimation work Sheet,Test Plan and Unit Test cases .
  • Extensively worked on Relational databases likeSQL server 2008,DB2,Oracle 11g/10g/9i, Netezza..
  • Strong troubleshooting and production support skills and interaction abilities with end users.
  • Strong Inter personal communication skills, Ability to provide appropriate attention to details and effective troubleshooting skills, and ability to work as a team.
  • Provided extensiveEnd User Training, DemoandSupport.
  • Self-motivated and enjoy working in a technically challenging environment. Possess excellent.


BI Tools: Cognos 10 & Cognos 8.4 BI(Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Transformer, Framework Manager),Cognos TM19.4, 9.5.2(Architect, Contributor, Perspectives, TurboIntegrator), Cognos Series 7 Version Impromptu, COGNOS PowerPlay Transformer, Access Manager LDAP Server, Cognos connection, Frame work Manager, Query studio, Report studio, Workspace Advanced

Operating Systems: Windows XP/2000.

Languages: SQL*Plus,HTML.

Databases: ORACLE 9i, 10g, 11g, DB2, MS SQL Server 2000, and Netezza.

Software Packages: MS-Office 2003, Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.

Database Tools: Toad.

Other Tools: Motio C

Data Modelling: Erwin

Reporting Tool: Tabealu.

ETL: Informatica


Confidential, NJ

Sr.Cognos Developer


  • Interact with theBusiness users for requirement gathering.
  • Analyzing the specifications provided by theclients and Developingspecification documents for reports as per client requirements.
  • Used Framework Manager tobuild models, packages and publish packages to Cognos Connection.
  • Built models containing query subjects, query items, and namespaces from imported metadata.
  • Ensuring clear query paths by resolving ambiguous relationships (Role-playing dimensions, loops).
  • Determinants has been assigned for the respective Query subjects.
  • DevelopedStandard Templates, Dashboard Reports, Standard Reports, Charts,andDrill through Reports, conditional formatting reportsusingReport Studioand Query Studio.Working experience with different date functions inReport studio.
  • Developedfilters, calculations, prompts, conditions, and created various reports, usingCognos Report Studiofor users
  • Generated Active Reports using Decks and Tab Controls.
  • Created Interactive Dashboards using Active Reports.
  • Scheduled the Active reports for user offline access.
  • CreatedMultidimensional modelsusing Framework Manager Packages.
  • Used Dimensional functions to achieve Multi Dimensional Analysis.
  • Used DMR package in Workspace Advanced for Multidimensional Analysis.
  • Migrated the SSRS report to Cognos 10
  • Created Parameter Maps for Data Level Security.
  • Created Session Parameter using Macro Functions to achieve language preferences.
  • Achieved data level security and assigned groups and roles in Cognos Connection.
  • Created Dashboard reports, drill through reports, and drill up/down reports using cubes as a data source in Cognos report studio.
  • Created Dashboards using Workspace Advanced
  • SQL Server to Netezza migration on Framework Manager.
  • SQL Server to Netezza Migration on Report studio.
  • Deployed Packages,folders,Reports from development environment to Testing and Production Environment using Motio ci
  • Testedandvalidatedthe Report output against database to measure performance of reports.
  • SchedulingandDistributingReports throughSchedule ManagementinCognos Connection. Involved inPerformanceTuningthe reports in Report Studio.
  • DeployedReports,PackagesandFoldersfromDEVtoUATand fromUATtoProdenvironment.
  • Involved in writing Queries in SQL server.Trained end userseffectively to use reporting tool, to build and customize their Ad-hoc reports.
  • Security Implementation on reports and packages.
  • Design, develop, and implement Cognos TM1 9.5.2 Applications for Financial Planning and Budgeting models with complex rules.
  • Designed dimensions, hierarchies, attributes and cubes, creating cubes and cube rules associated
  • Created ETL(Extraction, Transformation & Loading) processes using TurboIntegrator in Cognos TM1 performing business rule mappings of relational data into dimensional model.
  • Used TM1 rules editor to create and edit rule to create various calculations.
  • Used Replication to copy the Cubes from one server to other server.
  • Created TI Processess to transfer currency data to currency cube.
  • Scheduled Chores and Monitored Data Loads on timely manner.
  • Created temporary Views, Subsets using Turbo Integrator and populated data for Actuals.
  • Scheduled Reports in Cognos connection.

Environment: Cognos 10.2(Framework Manager, Query studio, Report Studio, Workspace Advanced), Cognos TM1 9.5.2, Motio, Windows XP, Netezza Database.

Confidential, Dallas

Sr.Cognos Developer


  • Involved inRequirement gatheringfrom Business users.
  • Working with users and coordinating with application developers to understand and capture data/reporting requirements, and developing specification documents for reports as per requirements.
  • Used Cognos 8 BIFramework Managerto Build Models (Semantic layers, Cardinality, Relationships, Query subjects), Packages and publish packages to Cognos connection andimplemented securityfor the packages.
  • Createdcomplex reportsusingCognos 8 BI Report StudioandAd-hocreports usingQuery Studio.
  • Developed complex reports fromlists, Cross-tabs through Complex dashboards, Conditional formatting, Drill through, &master/detail reportsfor End users.
  • Created Complex dashboards and published to Cognos Connection portal.
  • Developed multidimensional models(DMR) and published packages using framework managerand then generated reports from these packages.
  • Created prompts, Calculations, Filters, Developing Prompt pages and Conditional Variables usingReport Studio.
  • Extracted the data fromRelational Database, Flat Files and Loaded into the target Data warehouse.

Environment: Cognos 8.4.1 Cognos Connection, Framework Manager, Query Studio, Report Studio, Analysis Studio,Oracle, TOAD, Windows XP.

Confidential, NC

Sr.Cognos Developer


  • Migrated the cubes from Cognos 7 series to Cognos 8 series
  • Cube refreshed using Batch files.
  • Published the Cubes in Transformer
  • Using Batch Script Cubes has been moved to Despatcher server
  • Published the Cubes into Portal
  • Created and assigned group and roles for user classes
  • Created Folder level security, Package level security and Report level security
  • Created analysis studio reports
  • Created UTP, UTC
  • Supported for UAT
  • Created Dashboards, standard to complex reports in Report Studio.

Environment: Cognos 8.4( Report Studio,Analysis Studio,Transformer,Cognos Connection), Oracle

Confidential, MD

Senior Cognos Consultant


  • Involved inanalysis,designand gathering of requirements for project.
  • Gathered and analyzed user requirements. Created variouscatalogsbased on different data sources.
  • CreatedProjects,Models (layers, relations, cardinality, Query subjects, star schema and packages)and PublishedPackagesusingFramework manager based on cognos catalog.
  • CreatedMetadataModeling by using multiple data sources inCognos 8 BIModeling.
  • Created HLD and LLD for New Models.
  • Installed and configured DB2.
  • Defined User class Security for package and Folders.
  • Created Jobs and scheduled Reports.
  • Participated in Unit Testing.
  • UsedReport Studioto create standard reports and complex reports withdrill through, master detailrelationships,cascading prompt,complex layout, conditional formatting, and user interactions. CreatedCalculations, Prompts and conditionsin Reports.
  • Developedstandard reports, Ad hoc reports, jobs, events, Dashboards, andportalsbased on requirements.
  • Scheduling the ReportsusingCognos connection.Involved with testing and exploring tools usingQuery StudioandReport Studio.
  • Train/transition knowledge/documentationto the entireCognos team.
  • UsedFramework managerto develop the metadata model and the reports. Defining appropriate relationship between query subjects. Createddesign documentsfor Framework Manager and Report studio (Current reports details)
  • Developed reportswithDrill throughcapabilities.UpgradedCognos 7toCognos 10.1
  • Involved in defining the data, object and package level security in FM. Involved inUpgradingfrom old version to new version. ModifiedreportsinCognos 8.4using Report Studio, appliedbest practicesand newfeaturesavailable inCognos 8.4.
  • Involved inplanningandexecutionof Unit testing and UAT. Involved in end client discussions to make sureUATgo through successfully.

Environment: COGNOS 10.1 (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Query Studio), COGNOS 7.4(Impromptu) DB2,Netezza

Confidential, NC

Sr Cognos Developer


  • Gathered & analyzed the end-user business requirements.
  • Performing Report Rationalization during requirement gathering.
  • Installed and configured Cognos 8.4.1 on window server Environment.
  • Communicate to the business analyst, Data Modeler on a regular basis to be informed on changing requirements or data model design alterations.
  • Worked with Framework Manager to create Projects, Models and Packages and publish them to theCognos8 Servers.
  • Used Dimensional modeling (DMR) and Relational Modeling techniques technique to develop FM models.
  • Created Database Layer, Intermediate layer and Presentation Layer, defining appropriate relationship between query subjects and Fact Table in Framework Manager.
  • Implemented Third Party Security with Windows AD (Active Directory) and use those in creating Data Level, Object level, Package Level Security in Framework Manager Models.
  • Design and creation of Multi Dimensional Cubes using Transformer, so that all key performance indicators can be analyzed.
  • Developed detailed and summary reports using Cognos Report Studio.
  • Developed List, cross tab, drill through, master-detail, chart and complex reports which involved Multiple Prompts, Conditional formatting, Conditional blocks in Report Studio.
  • Involved in setting up Hierarchies, performing Drill UP and Drill Down reports and Slice & Dice operations and creating Cross Tab Reports.
  • Developed reports using different Joins, Unions, complex display logics using different variables and customized the reports by applying filters, calculations, conditions, prompts (text box, tree, value, date) and Cascading Prompts in Report Studio.
  • Deployed packages, folders and Reports from a development environment to Testing and Production environment.
  • Created several Dashboards based on the requirements and implemented drill through to dashboards.
  • Developing Analysis Studio views of analysis from dimensional modeled packages and made the reports using them in Analysis studio.
  • Created Technical design document for Report studio reports based on Functional specifications.
  • Used Cognos Connection for scheduling and bursting reports across the Business segments and providing additional security to published cubes as well as reports.
  • Trained the end users to effectively use the reporting tool to build and customize their ad-hoc reports.
  • Once approved the reports were signed off by placing them in the Network Drive and converting the database from Test Production.
  • Managed performance and tuning of SQL queries and fixed the slow running queries in production with utilities like Trace, Stored Outlines

Environment: Cognos 8.4.1 (Framework Manager, Query Studio, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, and Event Studio), Cognos Power play Transformer, oracle10g (SQL, PL/SQL),Change point, i-many, Flat files, Toad, SQL Developer,, LDAP, Quality Center 10.


Cognos Developer


  • Interact with theBusiness users for requirement gathering.
  • Creating Reports for end users analysis
  • Understanding existing business model and customer requirements
  • Changing the joins in the FM as per the business requirement
  • Used Iqd in Framework Manager.
  • Used Framework Manager to build models, packages and publish packages to the portal
  • Analyzing the specifications provided by theclients and Developingspecification documents for reports as per client requirements.
  • Used Framework Manager tobuild models, packages and publish packages to Cognos Connection.
  • Built models containing query subjects, query items, and namespaces from imported metadata.
Environment: Cognos 8.4.1(Framework Manager, Query studio, Report Studio, Analysis Studio), Oracle 9i, Toad

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