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Sr.salesforce Lead Developer Resume

Dallas, TexaS


  • Ingenious and Competent Software Engineer with over 9 years of experience in programming world and Salesforce CRM
  • Doyen of Salesforce. Steered several new end - end implementations and configured, customized certain components in the existing functionality
  • In-depth experience of Salesforce CRM and traditional technologies which include Core Java, C#, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Jquery and J2EE technologies
  • Illustrious experience in Force.com declarative platform which includes Workflow rules, process builders, validation rules, permission sets
  • Eminent in Sales cloud, Service cloud and Marketing cloud, health cloud and financial cloud implementations.
  • Noteworthy Apex coding skills. Worked with several Apex classes, Controllers and test classes
  • Immense knowledge and working experience is Salesforce CPQ, Wave Analytics, Salesforce Lightning
  • Aptness in understanding the business requirements and translating them to technical and functional tasks
  • Unyielding in striving for completeness, perfection and appropriateness. Performed unit testing and ensured the quality of the deliverable
  • Hands-on experience in Integrations using REST and SOAP. Experience with Migrations, change sets, Visualforce components, data loader and Workbench
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Apex coding techniques. Proficient in integrations, deployments, data migrations and continuous integrations
  • Magnificent communication skills, interpersonal skills and problem solving skills
  • Scuffle in deadline driven environment, remediable . Adept in understanding the business process and following Agile methodology
  • Client facing role .Prompt sprint deployments


Salesforce.com administration: Custom objects, Standard Objects, Validation rules, Reports and Dashboards, Workflow rules, Process builders, Approval process, Permission sets, Sharing rules, Profiles and Users, DocuSign, SSO

Salesforce.com Development: Apex classes, VisualForce pages, Standard controllers, SOQL, SOSL, Custom controllers, extensions, Apex test classes, Apex Triggers

Salesforce.com Integrations: REST, SOAP, Open CTI

Salesforce.com deployment: Change sets, ANT Migration tool

Salesforce.com Implementations: Sales cloud Implementation, Service cloud implementation, Marketing cloud implementation

Miscellaneous: Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Wave Analytics, Salesforce Lightning, Data loader, Workbench, Force.com IDE, JIRA, Mulesoft, java, html, jquery,J2EE, Force.com IDE, Eclipse, Sandboxes, developer console


Confidential, Dallas, Texas

Sr.Salesforce Lead developer


  • Created Reusable Lightning Web Components to be used in Lightning Pages and Communities
  • Consolidated Triggers on several custom and standard objects
  • Worked on Integrations for translations and supported requirements from users all over the world
  • Worked on a project where we have developed an application for marketers to create their own forms based on the customer/farmer needs.
  • This application supports various customizations, includes several lightning web components, drag and drop functionalities etc
  • Created Several apex classes and Test classes for various functionalities like People search, registration, dealer look up.
  • Integrated with Google Recaptcha, IP Info, Briteverify, Google Maps.
  • Worked with Visualforce templates, email templates and visualforce components.
  • Participated in onsite demo at Dealer’s Location and trained them with the application functionalities.
  • Provided Production Support and lead a team of 7 developers

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Sr.Salesforce Administrator/developer


  • Created several lightning components, customer based sites using lightning framework
  • Developed Custom CPQ using Apex and Lightning web components
  • Worked with Data stage Jobs, provided on call support
  • Integrated Salesforce and LinkedIn using rest API. Built services within organization system to consume data
  • Built Batch jobs, consolidated triggers on objects . Hosted best practices meeting and code reviews
  • Followed Agile methodology, worked with FTP Servers, and built test scripts
  • Developed applications in python and node.js, hosted on Kubernetes and built a bullet proof integration with Freshdesk, Oracle CX and Jira .
  • Setup the partner communities for users and configured lightning pages withing the communities

Confidential - Atlanta, Georgia

Sr.Salesforce Administrator/developer


  • Integrated Salesforce with Slack for creating channels, Posting messages and retrieving messages from private channel into Salesforce by Consuming Rest API. Responsible for setting up Connected app and implementing OAuth 2.0 authentication
  • Worked on lightning Components in designing the UI for Custom pages and Community.
  • Worked on test classes and enhanced the existing functionality
  • Integrated Salesforce with SMS Magic third party application by downloading the app from app exchange and configured using process builder
  • Building Integrations between Salesforce and Box in seamlessly uploading the file, Creating folder and transferring the ownership from Salesforce
  • Client facing role. The environment has both Agile and Waterfall methodology .
  • Responsible for leading a team of 3 developers

Confidential - Richmond, Virginia

Sr.Salesforce Administrator/developer


  • Collected requirements from the business user and enhanced the existing projects functionality
  • Created app, custom objects, record types, profiles and assigned roles and users to each profile
  • Worked with field mappings, custom settings, different processes, validation rules, page layouts and field level permissions
  • Created custom reports and dashboards. Working knowledge of Salesforce Wave Analytics
  • Extensive experience with Workflow rules, Process builders, permission sets, sharing rules
  • Worked with DocuSign, created templates and generated power forms
  • Created Visualforce pages, apex classes, apex triggers, apex test classes and static resources. Fixed several code coverage issues during production and worked with inbound and outbound change sets
  • Client facing role. Delivered the deliverables on sprint basis and followed Agile methodology
  • Performed unit testing . Used data loader and Workbench for data migrations
  • Worked with SOQL and SOSL queries and worked with Query locator . Currently working with REST integrations and data migrations
  • Implemented call centre module using Open CTI Integration. Worked with custom settings, batch apex and integrated Salesforce with third part applications
  • Worked with data loader in uploading the csv files. Fixed various bugs, used Debug logs, SSO, and worked with Email services thoroughly
  • Worked with four different instances of Salesforce . Responsible for setting up Communities and migrated the org from Salesforce classic to Salesforce lightning
  • Client Facing role and followed Agile methodology

Confidential - Nashville, Tennessee

Sr.Salesforce Consultant


  • Collected the business requirements from the stakeholders and assisted the company with different licenses
  • Worked with Data security model to preserve the confidentiality of data
  • Created all the custom objects and custom fields to fulfil the requirements
  • Translated the business requirements into functional tasks and created several record types on standard objects and custom objects. Worked with sales and support processes
  • Worked with Workflow rules, validation rules, Process builders and Approval processes .Handled several exceptions from process builders and test class failures at the time of production
  • Create Apex classes, Test classes, triggers, email services, static resources controllers and Visual force pages
  • Worked with SOQL and SOSL queries, debug logs and queried using Query Locator
  • Working knowledge of web-case forms, implementing Jquery in Custom controllers and controller extensions
  • Worked with Change sets and ANT Migrations. Assigned Users with Roles to profiles and created permission sets to give addition access to certain users
  • Worked with page layouts, field level permissions, object level permissions, master-details and lookup relationships
  • Responsible for retrieving the data from cloud into Salesforce using Mulesfot
  • Followed Agile Methodology and continuously provided support to application
  • Trained business users with Salesforce.com platform


Sr. Salesforce developer Administrator


  • Collecting the requirements from sales team and was responsible for coining a Sales Cloud Applications
  • Requirement specification document along with project management plan were written
  • Performed end to end implementations in Sales Cloud and worked with Pardot to automate the Marketing process by creating Studios and builders
  • Created Custom App and Console App. Worked with Salesforce1 and App Exchange
  • Worked with forecasts, Reports, OWD, Sharing rules, Case Feed, Entitlement management, profiles & permission sets
  • Worked with Anonymous blocks by compiling them with Web services API and System Log Console
  • Responsible for implementing certain components of the UI using Salesforce Lightning Methods were created for updating the records
  • Invoked Apex triggers using Apex data types, Assignment statements, loops, Locking statements, Exception statements
  • Worked with Ajax toolkit, Standard controllers to display warning messages, automatic retrieval of records
  • Used simple workflows to initiate Emails alerts and automatic updates