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Senior Obiee Consultant/obiee Admin Resume

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Clearwater, FL


  • Above 7 years of experience in gathering Business Requirements, Implementation of Business Intelligence (OBIEE/Siebel Analytics) and Documentation of various functionalities of Data Warehousing.
  • Expertise in developing Oracle BI Repository and Siebel Analytics Repositoryconsisting of three layers (Physical Layer, Business Model & Presentation Layer).
  • Knowledge in Informatica Power Center (8.1/7.1.4/7.1.2/6.1.1 ).
  • Expertise inOLTP/OLAPSystem Study, Analysis and developing Database SchemaslikeStar schema and Snowflake schema.
  • Extensive experience in configuring Interactive Dashboards withdrill - down capabilities usingglobal and localFilters, Security Setup (groups, access / query privileges), Metadata Objects and Web Catalog Objects (Dashboard, Pages, Folders, Reports).
  • Expertise in debugging and optimizing the OBIEE Dashboards / Reports.
  • Proficient in definingkey metrics, dimensions, hierarchies, attributes and building Star and Snow flake schema.
  • Customized and configured OBIEEapplication using OBIEE Answers, OBIEE iBots, OBIEE Dashboards, BI Publisher and Administration Tool.
  • Created Table partitions, Materialized views with query rewriting, creating appropriate indexes, re-building indexes, ran statistical analysis and query plans for tuning and enhancing query performance.
  • Experience in RDBMS like DB2, Oracle 10g& 11g, MySQL and SQL Server and PL/SQL.
  • Excellent Data Analysis Skills with ability to translate Business logic into mappings using Data Warehouse Tools.
  • Worked on Informatica tool Source Analyzer, Target Designer, Transformation Designer, Mapplet Designer and Mapping Designer.
  • Good Experience in Repository Administration, Backups and creation of User Groups.
  • Excellent problem solving skills with a strong technical background and good interpersonal skills.
  • Adaptive to team environment blended with capabilities of completing complex tasks independently under tight deadlines.



ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center (8.x/7.x/6.x)Data Modeling ToolsErwin 4.0

Database/Applications: Oracle 9i/10g/11g, IBMDB2, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008

Oracle Utilities: SQL Loader, TOAD, SQL Navigator

Web Technologies: HTML, XML, MS FrontPage, BLOX CMS

Operating Systems: Windows XP/7, Windows NT/2000/2003, Solaris, Linux


Confidential, Clearwater, FL

Senior OBIEE Consultant/OBIEE Admin


  • Worked with Business Analyst and analyzed the business requirements for developing the repository and extraction of reports.
  • Analyzed the specifications provided by the client, understanding the business.
  • Install, configure, and administer the OBIEE platform.
  • Involved in RPD Development, Oracle BI Administration, Oracle BI Answers, Scheduling IBOTS and BI Publisher.
  • Designed Star schema for fact & dimensional tables and created alias for the dimension and fact tables when necessary.
  • Created Views and alias for complex queries in the physical layer of OBIEE in order to improve the performance of the reports and to implement complex reports.
  • Developed Physical Layer, Business Model & Mapping and Presentation Layer using Oracle BI Administration Tool.
  • Specified Dimensional hierarchy, Aggregate levels for the dimensions.
  • Developed different brand level Reports, Filters, and Prompts using Oracle BI Answers.
  • Created various reports to fulfill the marketing needs and customized the views using Oracle BI Answers.
  • Designed and Configured Intelligent Dashboards in Analytics for different groups of users, which include like Managers, functional heads, Department Heads.
  • Implemented Multi User Development Environment (MUDE) for concurrent rpd development.
  • Developed and debugged many Dashboards using different Analytics Views (Pivot Table, Chart, andColumn Selector, View Selector), Dynamic / Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities, charts, tabular using global and local Filters.
  • Managed Security privileges for each Subject area and Dashboards according to user requirements.
  • Used the Catalog Manager and maintained the Analytics web catalog to manage dashboards&answers.
  • Used Filters (Global and Local) and provided customized prompts to avoid excessive data showing up in the reports.

Environment: OBIEE , OBIEE, OBIEE,Oracle 11g, BI Publisher, SQL, Windows XP, Windows 7, Toad

Confidential, Memphis, TN

Senior OBIEE Consultant


  • Worked on resolving various data consistency issues from both the ETL and UI perspectives. Fixed close to 130 issues involving both the ETL and Analytics Repository.
  • Actively involved in gathering business requirements and performing GAP analysis.
  • Analyzing the requirements and proposing the required changes to the database for performance tuning.
  • Fixed various reports by resolving the joins in the Physical and Business layer to ensure the vanilla model replicated the previous customized subject areas.
  • Configured Analytics repository by setting up database objects, connection pools and creating new repository files.
  • Created different report templates for BI Publisher.
  • Created Level Based Measures, new logical columns and enforced conditions on the columns in the logical layer for query optimization.
  • Importing physical tables and creating the required aliases, views and creating the joins in the physical layer.
  • Developing the Facts, Dimensions, necessary hierarchies and the joins between the logical tables, adding aggregates in the BMM layer.
  • Creating Presentation Catalogs in Presentation layer used for both ad-hoc and Dashboard users.
  • Specified aggregate levels for each source and created dimension sources for each level of aggregates.
  • Customized Dashboards, Administered permissions and privileges for Dashboard visibility and modifications to users based on their groups or responsibilities data showing up on the Analysis Reports.
  • Used Filters and provided Customized prompts appropriately to avoid excessive data showing up reports.
  • Implemented the delivery of iBots using Siebel Delivers to alert the associated teams.
  • Developed different kinds of Financial Reports (pivots, charts, tabular) using global and local Filters.
  • Tuning the reports by creating the necessary indexes and adding aggregate tables.
  • Managed security for groups in Answers.
  • Configured iBots to alert the management and sales teams as per their requirements.
  • Worked on resolving various issues with visibility related to the roles and responsibilities of an individual.
  • Fixed various performance issues after the upgrade by tuning the joins in the business layer. Slashed the running time of certain reports from 10 minutes to around 2 minutes.
  • Created shortcuts for flat files and relational sources and targets.
  • Extensively used ETL to load data from wide range of source such as flat files and XML to ORACLE.
  • Loaded the data having complex calculations using aggregator and router transformations.
  • Designed load the data by starting the batches using indicator files.
  • Analyzed the query performance and designed the loading process schedules.
  • Server Manager used for creating and maintaining the Sessions. Server Manger Also used to Monitor, edit, schedule, copy, aborts and deletes the session.

Environment: OBIEE , Informatica Power Center 8.1, Oracle 10g/11g, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2008, Windows XP/7,Toad 9.6.1

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior OBIEE Developer


  • Hosted and participated in various brain storm sessions with Business Analysts in requirement categorization, clarifying business rules and creating a requirement/problem matrix to confirm requirement completeness leading to a comprehensive business model using star schemas.
  • Was responsible for design, development and management of daily, weekly and monthly reports, extensively used OBIEE ( for generating web based sales reports for various executive and management individuals.
  • Extensively used Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Tool for customizing and modifying the physical, business and presentation layers of the metadata repository.
  • Used the Security settings in Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Tool to set up groups, access privileges and query privileges.
  • Worked Extensively on Oracle Business Intelligence Answers to create various reports like Formulary Report and Direct Sales Report etc. as per the client requirements.
  • Specified aggregate levels for each source and created dimension sources for each level of aggregates.
  • Configured Logical Layer, Created Logical tables/dimensions, columns, Created Logical Joins/keys, Set levels to support Drill-down, Aggregation.
  • Used Filters and provided Customized prompts appropriately to avoid excessive data showing up Reports.
  • Managed security privileges for each subject area and dashboards according to user requirements.
  • Created ibots and Delivers to send Alert messages to subscribed users.
  • Created groups in the repository and added users to the groups and granted privileges explicitly and through group inheritance.
  • Created and customized intelligence Dashboards in Oracle Business Intelligence to suit the client’s requirements.
  • Developed different kinds of Reports pivots, charts, tabular using global and local Filters.
  • Configured and administered existing subject areas and created new subject areas to include new Star Schema information.
  • Scheduled reports to different channels using BI Publisher.
  • Involved in extracting data and transforming the data before loading the data into target (warehouse) Oracle tables. The transformations include generating unique sequence numbers and aggregations for the star schema target tables.
  • Developed various Mappings and Transformations using Informatica Power Center Designer 8.1.
  • Worked on Informatica Source Analyzer, Warehouse Designer, Mapping Designer & Mapplet, and Transformations. Created Informatica Mappings with PL/SQL procedures to build business rules to load data. Using transformations like Source Qualifier, Aggregator, Sorter, Expression, Joiner, Connected and Unconnected lookups, Filters, Sequence, External Procedure, Router and Update strategy.
  • Developed mappings and mapplets using Informatica Designer to transform and load the data from source database into the target database.
  • Worked extensively on dynamic cache with the connected Lookup transformations for the update strategy.
  • Extensively used PL/SQLProcedures/Functions to build business rules.
  • Scheduled Sessions and Batches in the Informatica Server Manager.
  • Scheduled Workflows&Sessions tasks comprising of different mappings in order to load data into Targetdatabase.
  • Developed and unit tested Informatica mappings & Sessions for running the tasks based on business requirements.
  • Extensively used mapping parameters, mapping variables and parameter files.
  • Responsible to tune ETL procedures and STAR Schemas to optimize loadandquery performance.

Environment: OBIEE, Informatica Power Center 8.6/8.5, Oracle 10g, Erwin 4.0, Toad, UNIX (Solaris, AIX), Linux

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA



  • Worked closely with Business Analysts in understanding the Business requirements.
  • Developed Mappings using various Transformations like Aggregate, Expression, Filter, Lookup.
  • Joiner, Sequence Generator, Stored procedure, Update strategy and Rank.
  • Used workflow manager extensively to create tasks, work lets, and workflows and executed the tasks.
  • Monitored database performance tuning and implemented the session partitions and made changes to database by re-building the Indexes.
  • Effectively managed ODBC connections and imported the physical tables, keys and foreign keys.
  • Customized and developed the OBIEE Business Model and mapping layer, implemented logical column measures and calculations.
  • Implemented complex requirements like dimensioning, time comparison and sharing measures along with rank measures.
  • Utilized session variables, repository variables and initialization blocks in the repository building and modification procedures.
  • Implemented caching and aggregate table techniques to improve the performance.
  • Worked extensively on OBIEE Presentation Services to create the reports as per the client requirements.
  • Created, modified and formatted requests, along with charts and filters in OBIEEanswers.
  • Created various user groups and assigned them appropriate permissions and privileges.
  • Utilized OBIEE Delivers for sending real-time personalized alerts via intelligence agents (iBots) to intelligence dashboards for subscribed users.
  • Setup the visibility of Dashboards to employees with respect to their responsibilities. Administered permissions and privileges for Dashboard visibility and modifications to users based on their groups or responsibilities.
  • Design and development of various Dashboards, reports that are dynamic and interactive with drill-down capabilities and local &global filters.
  • Development of interactive flash-based drillable charts such as bar charts, Pie charts, radars, bubble charts, etc.
  • Implemented dynamic dashboard prompts to zoom into particular segments of the business in a performance-optimized manner.
  • Created Dimensional Hierarchies and modeled Slowly Changing Dimensions.
  • Worked on cache purging strategy-using event polling table cache purging technique.

Environment: OBIEE, DAC, Oracle 10g, Windows XP, TOAD, ERWIN, SQL, PL/SQL.

Confidential, San Jose, CA



  • Configuring make file to define the object dependencies and make the compilations process as simple as possible in Test/UAT/Prod Environments.
  • Worked on both the User Interface (Siebel Answers, Siebel Intelligence Dashboards) and the Admin Tool.
  • Gathered business requirements and performed GAP analysis.
  • Worked extensively on Siebel AnalyticsAdmin Tool, Dashboards, and Answers.
  • Worked on the different layers in the data model (Physical, Business and Presentation).
  • Imported data into the physical layer and modeled based on business requirements.
  • Created Joins &Keys in analytics layers (i.e. Physical & Business) in the repository
  • Created&Distributed production reports using Siebel Analytics.
  • Modified existing requests and created new requests as per the user needs.
  • Created reports from different sources of data (Siebel, Avaya, and MCI).
  • Enhanced the results with different views (Compound Layout, table, title, narrative, static text, Charts, Pivot tables, Reports
  • Worked on and also modified the existing reporting change excel sheet document.
  • Reviewed and updated Siebel Analytics data dictionary
  • Created drill down reports for various reports to get into details from the base reports.
  • Created Navigation as well as Drill Down reports with Dimensional Hierarchies
  • Managing the data feeds from upstream systems by UNIX Cron tab.
  • Data cleaning and data merging from the multiple sources and build the OCP DB.

Environment: Siebel Analytics 7.5.2, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, TOAD.


Oracle/ Informatica Developer


  • Created relational schema objects.
  • Involved in extensive procedural scripts writing in oracle based procedural language PL/SQL.
  • Worked under business analysts to construct conceptual data warehouse application.
  • Responsible for the design and development of the system.
  • Created GUI for end users.
  • Stored procedures and triggers were developed for implementing business rules.
  • Query optimization in the existing code.
  • Used Informatica as an ETL tool to extract data from source systems to Target system. Source Systems are mainly flat files, CSV files, DB2 and relational tables.
  • Developed Mappings using various transformations like connected/unconnected Lookups, Filter, Router, Aggregator, Expression, Stored procedure, Sequence Generator, Update strategy and Joiners etc. depending upon requirement.
  • Used the Informatica Designer to create complex Mappings and Mapplets.
  • Used the workflow manager to create sessions and batches.
  • Created concurrent batches in workflow Manger to run the mappings in a scheduled manner.
  • Involved in debugging the mappings using the Informatica Designer.
  • Generated various types of reports. Involved in implementation & documentation of the system.
  • Generated specific reports using crystal reports.
  • Used the Catalog manager and maintained the Analytics web catalog to manage Dashboards, Answers.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 5.1, Designer, Informatica Server, PL/SQL, Erwin ERX 3.5, DB2, SQL Server 7.0, UNIX, Windows XP

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